Golf & Blood Donation Promotion Launched

January 24, 2011

This morning [Jan 24] at the Riddell’s Bay Golf and Country Club, Southampton the first ever golf and blood donation promotion was launched. Minister of Health Zane DeSilva, representatives from Riddell’s Bay Golf & Country Club [RBGCC] and Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB] gathered on the golf course for the official launch.

When you donate blood and bring a friend between 24 January and 29 April of this year, you and your friend will each receive a certificate good for a free round of golf at Riddell’s Bay Golf and Country Club with the purchase of one round of golf. Participants will get two greens fee for the price of one when they bring a friend who also donates blood.

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Minister of Health, Zane De Silva, on hand to officially launch the promotion at Riddell’s Bay, said: “Blood donors are literally saving lives. The health and wellness of our community depends upon the generosity of those who choose to give the gift of life. Making sure the Bermuda Blood Donor Centre can effectively serve the needs of our community is critical to our healthcare system. The Ministry of Health extends its gratitude and appreciation to Riddell’s Bay for partnering with the hospital for this first-ever golf and blood donation promotion. My thanks to the organizers for encouraging more residents to become blood donors.”

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Dennis Paul, General Manager of Riddell’s Bay Golf and Country Club said: “Staff and management at Riddell’s Bay are delighted to be supporting a drive to increase the number of blood donors in Bermuda. We hope everyone interested in playing golf will consider becoming a donor. Providing a free round of golf is our way of asking those with a passion for the game to give blood. And if you aren’t already a regular golfer, what better time to finally give golf a try than when you can also help save a life? It is a pleasure for Riddell’s Bay to participate in a promotion that encourages more people to give blood.”

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Dr. Betsie Lombard, BHB Medical Director of the Blood Transfusion Service, said: “The Bermuda Blood Donor Centre is thrilled that Riddell’s Bay has offered to help increase the number of blood donors in our community. Giving blood only takes about 30 minutes and can help save a life. We are grateful to our existing donors and thank each of them for returning time and again to ensure Bermuda has a sufficient supply of blood products. However, we also need to increase our donor pool. Over 2000 patients a year need blood and when someone becomes a donor, they are giving the gift of life to another person. We are very pleased to launch this promotion in partnership with Riddell’s Bay and ask golfers and non-golfers alike to consider becoming donors.”

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BHB Deputy CEO, Venetta Symonds comments: “Blood donors are vital for running the hospital and assuring we can respond to patient needs. We would not be able to care for many of our patients if it were not for the generosity of our donors. BHB thanks Riddell’s Bay for sponsoring this first of its kind promotion and encouraging people to give blood. We look forward to a successful campaign and a good response from the public.”

Blood donor clinics are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8.30am to 3.00pm. Please call the Bermuda Blood Donor Centre at 236-5067 to schedule an appointment to donate. When people donate blood and bring a friend who also donates, each donor will be presented with a certificate. To receive a free round of golf, contact Riddell’s Bay at 238-1060 to book a reservation. Please quote the certificate number when you call to make your reservation. Pay for one round of golf and the second greens fee is free.

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  1. Truth is killin' me says:

    Nothing like taking our money with all these taxes and price hikes…now they want to take our blood! What about the people that don’t like golf!?

    • peaceful says:

      Is it possible for ppl try do something positive without negative feedback ?? If you don’t like golf simply donate and give to someone that does? Or get out and come up with something better/else?

  2. Truth be told... says:

    Give the gift certificate to someone who does like golf and be happy you were able to donate blood to someone who needs it! It’s sad people need to be bribed in order to do something good for others.

  3. Terry says:

    Haven’t even read the whole story. Maybe I will but I must admit…………………………………………………

    When I saw the “Cool Aide Kid there in the photo I knew there was more to being a vampire………………………

    Come on Call……bite me.

  4. bda says:

    i think im going to do it. forget the golf! save a life. you never know when it may be you that needs it

  5. Terry says:

    Well lets see where you mouth is besides the money. I gave blood on a regular from 1967 to I believe 1980-84.

    Couple of cookies and a “Cup-a” as the colonialist would say. Did my part and received many pints in return after a serious gastro bleed.

    It won’t happen too me went out the window and so should reflect on those that think the same. You? Your spouse? Your child?

    Too hell with the Gold thing and getting a free round.

    What about a free meal at a resturant. They need the business and at this time of year, the courses are empty anyway.

    Hell,…… Free bus for a week….tink about it.

  6. Penelope says:

    I would happily give blood and did from the age 18 through to 38 when I hit Bermuda. Since then, my blood is not wanted. Why?…. because i’m from the UK and somehow it is felt that a risk is presented when we donate our blood.

    I know lots of fellow brits who used to be regular donors but can’t do so over here in Bermuda. When is the Bermuda health board (or whoever is responsible foro this decision) going to realise that they are losing out on a lot of donors. (and no, I don’t care for golf, just want to give my donation – one day it might just be me in need!).

    • In General says:

      It is actually the Red Cross Guidelines set down from the region we belong to. This has nothing to do with Bermuda Regulations. It is international regulations. I know the Blood Donor Center have tried to see if Bermuda can get an exception.

  7. Terry says:

    Well Penelope, I won’t out you but back in the 60′s-70′s 85 % of blood doners were English, Irish, Welsh Cops.

    Guess the bloods not dark enough these days.

    Just my appendix talking.

  8. S says:

    Terry your a c*&t… your over 50 find a new retirement hobby bud..

  9. Terry says:

    Nothing said about the subject, period. Just a personal attack from someone that knows me. Just shows the frustration and the one sided view. Having to stoop to such levels proves that you and I were never friends and have nothing in common.

    Actually, your true colors show vividly to stoop so low using a “S” and having a big mouth, shinny teeth avatar and the use of such profetic vulgar language speaks volumes. Actually, I guess thats freedom of speech and thats why Bernews printed your comments.

    Personally, I would have not and asked for an explanation.

    But life goes on.

    And yes, I can be very C*&t at times, and am quite Curt, often.