Police: Person Who Photographed Murder Victim

February 4, 2011

The Police have issued a statement this evening [Feb 4] about the murder today saying they have received “information of persons circulating the picture of the deceased at the scene in a blood drenched shirt,” and they are hoping to speak with the person who took the photo.

The Police, in a point many will agree with, said that passing the photo around is very insensitive to the family and friends of the deceased, and also said they believe the person who took the photo may have some very valuable information that the police may find useful. The Police have asked the person to contact Chief Inspector Nick Pedro on 2950011 or the confidential crime stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

The full Police statement is below:

As a result of the shooting death of the 29 year old man that took place today, a full investigation has commenced by Serious Crime Unit of the BPS and there has been some information that has come to light.

Police have received information of persons circulating the picture of the deceased at the scene in a blood drenched shirt.

Firstly, this is very insensitive to the family and friends of the deceased as some are yet to find out the identity of the 29 year old Warwick man and others are coming to grips with the new reality of his passing.

Secondly, the Service would like to talk with the person who captured the image on what we believe to be a camera phone.

We believe this person may have some very valuable information that the police may find useful. We are asking you to contact Chief Inspector Nick Pedro on 2950011 or the confidential crime stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

We are asking anyone who receives this very disturbing image not to pass it on but to simply disregard the image.

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  1. 177BC says:

    This is a sad thing to happen (although strangely i want to see the picture)!!! I couldn’t imagine how i would feel if a horrific picture of my loved one being drained of life, floating around this island. My heart goes out to this family!!!!!

    • All wankers you R!!!! says:

      Serious, let me find out who started the trend with the picture. I find out who you are Imma —-

    • sick n tired!!!!! says:

      WHY??????????????????? Why would seeing his picture in that state intrigue anyone? Whoeva you are if this is true, you’re sick, insensitive and down right callous!

    • spoons says:

      if you want to see this picture you are as sick as the individual who took it.

    • 1234 says:

      whoever left that comment isn’t sick – it’s the same reason we slow down at traffic accidents and watch gory movies and tv shows. it’s a compulsion. it’s a disturbing human trait but one we all share so don’t get down on the commenter for being honest.

      regardless, the thought that someone would be so callous – to take a picture of someone dead or dying – is obscene. it’s a terrible trend and it comes as more evidence that bermudians are losing their morality.

      how can we turn this around?

  2. Sorry this happened says:

    My condolences to the family. I was shocked and saddened when I found out who was murdered. Those who are sending the picture please stop!!

    • spoons says:

      There seems to be no ‘off’ switch in certain sections of this communities brains, no sense of self-awareness, no sense of right and wrong. The inbred who is passing this image around is a sick pervert who needs locking up. I wouldn’t be surprised if when the police do track him down, they find images of child pornography, snuff movies and videoed rape on his computer. You have to question why someone felt the need to do this. Attention seeking? Or just proof they committed the crime? Either way, they have got to be incredibly stupid if they think they are not going to be caught.

      • Arthur Raynor - Atlanta says:

        True with the ‘off’ switch of the brain comment.
        We recently had an incident here in Georgia where a fireman took a video of a girl killed in a vehicle crash and the pictures got sent to her parents. A few people got fired for that incident as they were on duty when it happened.
        Not sure about your comment on police ‘tracking down’ the person and searching their computer. Sure they were highly insensitive in sending the picture but ‘WHAT’ crime did they commit to warrant a police search of their computer, which as you may or may not not know, a computer has nothing to do with sending a picture or video from a cellphone?

  3. Terry says:

    Not being a computer person, theoretically the police are capable of tracking this incensitive individual by their ISP etc. Wherever they were shown would and should cooperate.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if this was done to send a message to others.

    • Call as it is says:

      Whoever took the picture has committed NO Crime at all Mr Know it all Terry!!

      maybe broke a moral crime by circulating it is all.

      as for having it tracked by their ISP…on what charge???
      you really have not thought that out at all.
      (Typical Terry,you DONT think before you type your usual tirade of garbage)

  4. Obserwant in BDA says:

    I love sitting here and listening to all the LOCAL CSI agents we have on Bernews’ blog.
    If the photos is being sent around that means someone got on the scene before the long awaited (oh wait a minute JUST AROUND THE CORNER POLICE STATION) police arrival on the scene and took a picture. The fact that it is being circulated like it is is just wrong.
    Just shows out right insensitivity. Hope the person that started one of your loved ones doesn’t have the same fate.

    • White Jesus says:

      I agree this is insensitive. I disagree with your criticism of the police department. You have absolutely NO idea if police were already responding to something else, when they recieved the call after the crime, or how long iit actually took them to get there now do you? Think about this for a second because this next statement will require you to abandon your idiocy. Phones have cameras nowadays and it is just as easy to whip out a phone and take a snapshot of the scene before the police arrive as it is to whip out the phone and dial 911. This lowlife perhaps chose to snap a photo instead. Grow-up and stop looking for every opportunity to disparage the law enforcement.

  5. Reality says:

    Insensitive as this is, it is not against the law to take a picture and pass it on (unless it’s child porn). The police need to make this clear to the person who took the picture if they want him or her to come forward.
    People take pictures of accidents and crime scenes all the time, you see people get blown to bits and hit by cars and shot by the police. It is natural for people to be curious. It is insensitive to pass it around but it is ‘their’ picture that they took to do with as they please.
    Note….Bernews does it all the time just short of photographing (posting) the actual person involved and we get excited to see the scene.

    • BermyLove says:

      The police didn’t say it was a crime, they just said its insensitive to the family and friends and they want to talk to the person that took the picture because they may know something.

      • Reality says:

        For slow people like yourself, what I am saying is that it can be misinterpreted that it is against the law and the police need to make it clear that it is not. The person taking the picture may believe that they are in trouble.
        I understand what the law is but others may not.

        • BermyLove says:

          First of all, your rudeness is uncalled for. Second, I am not slow, the message in the statement is clear. Maybe the person that reads the message and interprets the message for something else is “slow” because law is not even mentioned in the statement for them to be confused.

  6. Nicki says:

    It’s human nature to be curious to see something like that. I don’t think it’s against any laws, you may find it insensitive and immoral but I’m sure if given the chance you’d want to look as well. The same thing happened a few years ago after a traffic fatality. It’s of course, ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE for the family but many others don’t have a problem with viewing something like that. TV and movies have really desensitized us to these things. The only reason the police would need to find that person if to gather any info, if any they have regarding the murder. Do we even have a law about non-cooperation if they do know anything? I know the U.S. does.

  7. ijuswannabefree says:

    Police don’t help people. People help police and end up with the s…. End of the stick. At any time your picture can be taken an published. Its messed up but we all sinners an the devil is around every corner. Haiti an september 11 ppl where taping ppl killing them selfs. An it was big news nuff pictures . I’m jus sayin …. I guess it depends where your heart is … I’ve seen the picture its not that graphic. Its a picture of 2pac on his death bead on the net…. But I understand the face that its disrespectfull to the family an friends. With that said RIP to the departed, an police don’t help, they got a warrent on any black man wif a chain or chrome rims. Or tint. Got catch some criminals ……

    • ok says:

      You are unbelievable. You are basically saying someone going into a crime scene with the purpose to take a picture while the victim lay recently shot is ok?? In the same breath you say RIP you are a real joker. Just another person using their computer screen to hide behind to bash the police.. All I can say is WOW!!!

  8. Very inconsiderate says:

    It amazes me how someone can walk into a crime scene take a picture which means tempering with the evidence. And you all think this is O.K. This is not the same as an accident that we will drive down the road and look out of our car windows or even stop. Some one litterally walked into the scene of a damn crime to take a picture n then had the nerve to send it around. Innocent or not I hope them n the shooter burn in he’ll. The almighty knows the sincerity of the person that took the photo. All I can say if the photographer went in with bad intention, them and the shoot have 1 person to answer to and they both will get vailed on Judgement Day. Stand Firm Smith Family…