Valentines Video: “What Not To Get Me”

February 14, 2011

Courtesy of StyleBermuda and Mr Fotegenik, the video below featuring locals discussing an important point for the day – what NOT to get them for Valentine’s Day.

Hosted by local models Brittany Fox, Trikeita Outerbridge and Danielle Smith, with videography by Shawn ” Mr Fotogenik” Simmons, listen below to what people on the street had to say about what they don’t want to receive today [Feb 14]:

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  1. True Dat says:

    Please don’t make a part two!!!!!

  2. White Jesus says:

    The subliminal valentines’s heart symbol is the shape of a woman’s breasts and buttocks from many different angles and also the male genitilia. The worst artist could draw a naked woman using this symbol or a man’s special member by simply drawing straight lines. Last time i looked at a human heart it wasn’t shaped like that. It is just another holiday to market the sexuality and objectification of women as tools of men’s sexual gratification, nothing more. True love and romance is not based on breasts, penises, or the shape of a woman’s buttocks.
    I’m all for gift giving and romance but valentine’s is just another cheap and dry cookie-cutter commercial stunt exploiting and distorting the true nature and beauty of love and relationships!

    • Who What When says:

      White Jesus you sound like a Black Man speak the truth Brotha…!!!

  3. Curious George says:

    Good job ladies!