Videos: Round The Island Race On-Board Cam

August 16, 2011

[Updated] During this past weekend’s Round the Island powerboat race, David Selley and Andrew Osborne’s D33 was equipped with cameras, and the videos below show a look at the top speed spin around the island from the view of a powerboat racer. The videos were filmed from a camera placed on top of Mr Osborne’s helmet, as pictured below.

David Selley and Andrew Osborne finished in a time of 49:46, with the onboard cameras catching the action of them flying through the waters around the island.

Bernews would like to thank James Anfossi, David Selley and Andrew Osborne for the footage. You can switch to 720 or 1080 for a higher quality view. If you specifically want to see the ‘speeding’ footage once the race is underway, jump directly to video #2.

Part #1:

Part #2:

Part #3:

Update: Part #4:

Update: Part #5:

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Comments (23)

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  1. james a says:

    The rest of the race is being uploaded to youtube now, should be up in a few hours

    part way through video 1 the race starts

  2. Scott says:

    lol nice stuff!!! is that gopro on the bow gettin posted too?

  3. Great SHow says:

    thank you for the online experience, no thank you… it looks scary!

  4. superdave says:

    I want more! That’s some sick s&#%!!!!

  5. Terry says:

    Made my day. Something positive and exciting. Thanks to all involved and thanks Bernews for being the front runner…..

  6. joonya says:

    Awesome footage! I can really appreciate how fast you guys go. You got massive b@lls, especially going over those reefs!

    Cant wait to see how long it takes the diddlybops to mount these on their helmets and race around our roads….

  7. next? says:

    what’s the top speed of these boats in mph?

    • james a says:

      the boat in the video was doing 63-68 down south shore and elsewhere was touching 70mph with a top of 72

  8. Triangle Drifter says:

    Great posts. Never done the around the Island like that. Been around lots of times making it an all day affair in a 30 plus foot boat running much closer to shore.

    Very pretty ride. I’ll stick to less than 10kts thankyou.

  9. jovon says:

    nows thats what im talkin about. nice footage guys

  10. 1minute says:

    Great videos – See, they went around the 2 buoys at Whites Island… Good going…

  11. phibda says:

    Man this is gooooood s**t..where is part?… gotta seethe finish…lol

  12. great job david, you sure drove your ass off boy.

  13. jus sayin says:

    this is the wickedest $@$% i ever seen….mercy!

  14. james a says:

    bare with me, getting the finish soon

  15. Arthur - Atlanta says:

    Great job on the video tech side of things.
    A real roller coaster ride experience from the comfort of my home.

  16. Paul Clinton says:

    Absolutely, positively stunning. Magnificent driving David. Well done for posting this and kudos
    to all who participated on Sunday cause the ‘Round the Island” is still the most mind blowing
    example of sports excellence Bermuda has to offer. Nothing else even comes close. One can
    only imagine how far 11 million would have carried these consummate mariners.
    Again, many thanks.