Four People Charged with Fraud

March 15, 2011

Four defendants faced Magistrate Archie Warner this morning [Mar.15] in Magistrates Court. All four were charged with various offences, ten in all, and all involving allegations of fraud against the Bermuda Government; with one charge relating to concealing money which was said to be the proceeds of criminal activity. The four charged were:

  • Mr Greatfield Carmichael, 61, of Hamilton Parish
  • Ms Delcina Bean-Burrows, 48, of Southampton Parish
  • Mr Kyril Burrows, 48, of Pembroke Parish
  • Mr Calvin Waldron, 43, of Devonshire Parish.

Mr Burrows faced all ten charges involving various counts of providing false documents, obtaining money from Government by the use of those documents, and of concealing money which was the proceeds of criminal activity, while his wife Ms Bean-Burrows was named in only some of the charges, Mr Carmichael was named in three of the charges and Mr Waldron was also named in three of the charges. The defendants were previously employed by the Government.

Because the offences are indictable and can only be tried in the Supreme Court, none of the four were required to enter pleas.

After lengthy arguing and agreeing and disagreeing of dates between the Magistrate and the three defense lawyers who were juggling murder trials and holidays and other Court commitments, Magistrate Archie Warner set 13th July as the date for a Long Form Preliminary Inquiry. In addition the 16th and 17th July were also set aside.

The DPP’s Prosecutor said that there were as many as 25 witnesses and that the DPP would be joining this matter to other matters involving the same defendants.

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  1. Terry says:

    Well the irony is…Murder nd fraud is the way to go. Tie up the Judicial system.

    Mustbe serious to higher such high profile lawyers.

    Nah me? Jinx Davenport would get me off…….

    • Bottom Line says:

      When it comes to the little guy, it would seem that the DPP has no issue with Bermuda’s legal framework. But when we work up the food chain, our laws suddenly become “archaic”. What the hell is that Bermuda?

  2. BDA says:

    now if the government could take their house that they built illegally and probably with governments $$$. it would seriously have a big decline in our mosquito population this summer.

  3. itwasn'tme says:

    man, first it was the little BHC middle manager, when is the now more small frye???? when is BPS gonna head out to the banks & chum for big game instead of dropping a line of de rocks an catchin yellow grunts or cow polly

  4. Jim Garlic says:

    We are all very aware of the Grand Scale of pilfering and unabased raiding of the Gov. coffers by He Who Shall Not Be Named and his Band of fellow misers,however,as always, it’s the Bottom Feeders,Who shall pay in full and than some for their small crumb grabbing.

  5. Terry says:

    Well Mr. Garlic, this gives a new meaning to “Brown Bagging It”…

  6. OMG says:

    I really don’t care if they are bottom feeders, if they broke the law they should be rightfully punished….. I am tired of some these civil servants thinking that the Government is their personal bank. Hopefully there will be more to come.

  7. Jim Garlic says:

    LMAO Terry;OMG , My point is, highlighting the glaring hypocrisy of it all.I totally agree with your take on on this problem.

  8. Observing In BDA says:

    OMG I agree with you 1000% and as there personal banks(Government Coffers) has eyes back watching them to account for every penny more heads will roll. Instead of them rolling around getting over on there fat stomachs that they take from the people who are struggling out there the real way.

  9. KIckback says:

    SMH Guilty till Proven innocent

  10. Been Watchin says:

    No sin will go unpunished…thou shalt not steal! The guilty know who they are, let their conscience be their guide!

  11. Malachi says:

    ….I know this is Bermuda and the natural thing to do is to jump to conclusions. In this case, however, I am confident that at least one of the individuals named above is completely innocent and I am 100% certain this will come out during the trial.

    • Savyy says:

      @ Malachi, I agree with you. One of the men are INNOCENT!!!!! And the law states @KICKBACK Innocent till proven guilty. Be careful what you say about people because you don’t no the truth!!!