Robbery Attempt: Assailants Flee Empty Handed

April 12, 2011

Yesterday morning [Apr.11] a passing motorist came to the aid of a 16-year-old who had been accosted by two men on a motorcycle in Middle Road in Warwick.

The assailants fled the scene empty handed, and the Bermuda Police have commended the actions of the motorist who came to the aid of the victim.

A Police spokesman said, “Around 10:45am on Monday, Police responded to a reported attempted robbery on Middle Road in Warwick. It appears that around 10:30am that day the victim, a 16 year old young man from Hamilton parish, was riding an auxiliary cycle along Middle Road near the junction with Tamarind Vale when he was accosted by two unknown young men on a motorcycle.”

“A passing motorist saw what was taking place and came to the assistance of the teenager. As a result the assailants fled the scene via motorcycle riding in a westerly direction. The 16 year old was not injured, nothing was reported taken and the auxiliary cycle was not damaged. Inquiries into this incident are underway.”

“Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information to contact the Somerset Criminal Investigation Unit on 234-1010. The Bermuda Police Service would like to commend the actions of the motorist who came to the aid of the victim in this incident.”

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  1. W.T.F.??? says:

    Cowards! real easy to pick on a young kid of 16…
    hope you pick on me next time!

  2. Not Suprised says:

    WTF!? are you kidding me. First a women get moelsted and now they try to rob someone all with in a matter of days? This is now beyond pathetic!

  3. Bermudian says:

    Glad to see that we’re starting to help each other out. Puts a little bit of faith back into the people of Bermuda. We need to snatch these punks and beat them like our parents did back in the day to discipline us. That’ll teach the,

    • Terry says:

      Well, if you got beaten ‘Bermudian’ my heart goes out to you. When I came up we had nothing except a family that depended on Mom and Dad to provide which they did through basics and discipline.

      Irony is everyone wants to blame the parent. Fact is outside influence is even more and pressing now.

      “Shut up and eat your dinner” and then lets talk”.

      “Shut up and eat your ‘words/deeds or your Momma gonna find you….detz rite niggar…..

      Too common and too frequent. Home or BET………….

      I’ll ‘BET’……………………………

      • Bermudian says:

        I was never beaten by my parents. I was disciplined. But back when I did get disciplined it sure felt like a beating. Of course now I know that it wasn’t abuse. Maybe my choice of using the word “beat” means something different to you than myself. These kids now need to get a cut ass. You didn’t see any kid back when I was young acting like this. Now parents are to afraid of hitting their kids that the will be charged with child abuse. When I eventually have kids, I will discipline them the same way my parents did. They did it to teach me a lesson that doing something wrong ended in me having a red bum.

        This isn’t rocket science people…why it is that so many people can’t see this???

        • mixitup says:

          I agree with u 100% I got my ass whopped numerous times by mommy, as did many black kids. We werent sent to no friggin naughty corner, what foolishness is that?!

  4. A good beat down says:

    Well to each its own.. I got cut behinds from family, neighbours and anyone who i disrepected thn they called the parent and by the time u got home itw as anotha beatin .. At least my parents talked after the beatin to make us understand its needed to show us we were untouchable .. U You did bad, well suffer a beat down.. LOLO !!! I can laugh now cause I do the same to my child .. Nothing wrong with a good old fashion beat down at time when needed..

    • A good beat down says:

      Plus I didnt want my mama to embrass me in front of any of my friends hell to the NO !!! She wasnt jackin me up for me to get teased ..

  5. boston baked bean says:

    Terry – could your comment possibly make any less sense?

  6. wondering says:

    when will people understand that we are just another form of evolved animal who learns from both seeing and feeling……….to all the anti “licks” groups (note licks not ABUSE) get over it…….we were better off with licks than we are with pacifying the youth who turn into spoiled adults who then water it down some more, pass it on to another generation and BAM!!! uncontrollable society. spare the rod spoil the child

  7. Hutrin Tourism says:

    These thugs should be tarred and feathered when they are caught. How about a good public whipping at the Flagpole in Hamilton?

  8. john says:

    i pray this happens to me one day,, sounds crazy ? well i do
    none of these guys have lost a limb yet see