Burgess Brothers: Virginia School Sailing Win

April 12, 2011

Bermudians Blake and Kyle Burgess helped propel their school to victory in the 2011 Spring MASSA District Fleet Racing Championship and Mallory National Qualifier, which was hosted by the Coast Guard Academy. Blake is pictured below on the left, Kyle on the right:

Family 009

Blake and Kyle Burgess represented Virginia’s Christchurch School in the Regatta. Christchurch School placed first, with Maryland’s Severn School in second, Maryland’s Annapolis High School in third, and New Jersey’s Rumson-Fairhaven Regional High School in fourth.

The winds were slower when the day started but eventually filled in as the day warmed up, and 13 races were completed in each division. During the 2011 Spring MASSA District Fleet Racing Championship and Mallory National Qualifier, 18 schools attended represented A & B Fleets.

Winning Team Christchurch School Sailing for Christchurch School, A Fleet Skipper Blake Burgess, with crew Matthew Wallin racking up six wins, three 2nd’s, one 3rd, one 6th, 8th and 11th place finishes. B Fleet Skipper Kyle Burgess along with crew Archer Ruffin racking up Two wins, one 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th,7th, 8th and three 6 place finishes.

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  1. S Brown says:

    Well done. i think Bermuda should invest in sailing as a national sport. it seems to be the only sport we tend to get good international results in.

    • James says:


    • Bob says:

      Didn’t we only recently see artciles that spoke of Bermudian boys (4) playing on the South Kent School soccer team that won the New England Championship and another three of our young men playing for another Prep school that was ranked number 1 in the Unted states. Don’t we have young men doing amzing things at Berkshire School and Hotchkiss School in soccer. I like you am thrilled that these two kids have done so well as sailors. I just wish that at some point some of you will accept that many (MANY) young football student athletes are performing incredibly well at top prep Schoola and at the College level.

  2. A-non-no-mas says:


    Too much money is being thrown to sports that preform badly on a regular basis, cannot pass a drug test as a team, and have poor leadership.

    • Ricky says:

      Be specific with which sports you are referring to. Is it football? That sport which continously assist dozens of boys and girls each year to secure Prep School and College scholarships and has several players playing professionally? For some reason we like to focus on the negatives but stop me if I’m wrong, didn’t one of the islands very best sailors get convicted for drugs? Yes, I think that I’m correct with this. Please stop with the one sided BS.

    • Bob says:

      Poor Leadership–sigh!!! Here we go again.

  3. anonymous says:

    Bermuda just like anywhere else in the world has amazing athletes! And just like everyone else we face difficulty with drug abuse. Our sailors have done excellent, and so have our football players. Each sport faces their challenges and overcomes them. Lets not put any more negativity on this achievement.