Spray Paint Covers Pembroke Road

April 21, 2011

Scrawling words in red and blue have recently covered part of Friswells Hill Road, with some of the wording appearing to be in reference to murder victim David Clarke, who was fatally shot on North Shore on April 17th. A section of the road in the area previously contained some spray painted words, however in the past few days the additional graffiti has appeared.

friswells hill grafitti apr 21 (2)

friswells hill grafitti apr 21 (1)

friswells hill grafitti apr 21 (3)

friswells hill grafitti apr 21 (4)

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  1. Real Talk says:

    WTF is going on in this country!?

  2. mixitup says:

    Foolishness!! Who spray paints on peoples walls? This ghetto mentality needs to stop!

  3. mixitup says:

    Hold on.. “you made us Rich Boss”( painted on the wall) there’s a hint right there… hello?!

    • Notice the Obvious says:

      Note to all, let’s note the obvious.

  4. Stayin Down 'n' Dirty says:

    Where the hack is Ashfield Devent ? Probably still chasing the dream of decriminalization , with his bushy head in a cloud , while his childhood neighbourhod goes to rack and ruin .Shame on him ,he should be on the front line shouting from the rooftops .
    It is most unfortunate that a pack of vipers have been let loose so close to police headquaters .Every since Nelson been gone I’ve watched that street just disintergrate into a proper hell hole .
    Sorry for the oldtimers up there ,than , again , maybe not . Reason , cause they spoiled thier offspring and now the grandbabies are tearing up the place .

    • Dragging A Lure says:

      To: Stayin Down ‘n’ Dirty,
      Where the hack do you think Ashfield Devent was? Whoever sprayed that graffiti was extremely talented and had a little background in some form of art. Also the person/s was not Superman and the art exhibition must have taken some time to complete. Before we start blaming the politicians, we must ask ourselves, if any neighbours witnessed the blantant disrespect shown to them with the spoiling of their beautiful properties. Should I say the obivious?



      • Stayin Down 'n' Dirty says:

        I will repeat myself ,Pack of vipers and let me include the adders .Those neighbours are so afraid that they have allowed themselves to become prisoners in their own homes . However Ashfield is supposed to serve and lawfully protect them .
        MP Devent is sure to be hiding behind his mommas’ long skirt

        Peace out

        • Dragging A Lure says:

          To: Stayin Down ‘n’ Dirty,
          ” However Ashfield is supposed to serve and lawfully protect them” Explain how Ashfield suppose to protect them? I’m under the impression that we take the necessary steps to protect ourselves through the many security applications that are available to us. The Police Services and Regiment are the lawful bodies that provide protection under the law. So why are you demonizing Ashfield?



          • Stayin Down 'n' Dirty says:

            Surely you are confused Drag , MP Devents’ relative proximity to the aforementioned disrespect automatically qualifies him to intervene and discourage such behavior .
            We must hold our elected officials accountable . Clearly the on the one hand the electorate is complaining that the MPs’ are not taking their jobs seriously enough , while here , you Drag , are challenging me because I’m attempting to enlighten a huge oversight and to hold a once very vocal politicians feet to the fire.
            I will placate you for pointing out personal responsibility though ,however, this was a perfect opportunity for the resident politician to excert his vested powers and restore a sense of calm to an already shattered community .

            • Dragging A Lure says:

              To:Stayin Down ‘n’ Dirty,
              Your last post was certainly different from your previous and I was holding your feet to the fire.



  5. Whistling frog says:

    What a crying shame!

  6. SOMERSET OG says:

    Ignorant @ss3s! They should just leave candles and what not! Destroying property is so rbackwards. I bet none of them lived in that orange house. This is the result of poorly educated youth with no respect for people or property. A memorial is fine but doing it like this is rediculous!

  7. bermyshotta says:

    Nuttin wrong wit expressin a lil emotion. Just get de white paint for de orange house and paint it ova…as for de road..wateva man. it ain’t de end of de world so stop cryin. half of u lot wouldn’t undastand neways. RIP David

    • Terry says:

      “it ain’t de end of de world”. Bermyshotta, do you actually comprehend what you jsu wrote?

      White paint and for the road also. This is not the Wizzard of OZ. Then again after your comments your probabley just a “BET” guy/Gal.

      “it ain’t de end of de world”……

      What an a^&$ole you are. It’s the end of Mr.David Clarke’s world or are you realyy that stoopid and selfish.

      Take your gold chains and melt them down or go seek help. Yes it’s there……

      • bermyshotta says:

        @ Terry – ya course i do…dats why i wrote it lol. Ya just puttin otha meanins to my words now. Whats wrong wit watchin some videos on BET? What an a#$#le you are for assumin trash bout me…I meant it’s not de end of de world when ya remeberin ya loved on in de same neighborhood, and its not de end of de world when ya call govt come powerwash de road eventually?!!? Ya selfish for not gettin what i wrote. Neva golds 15 an ounce…you do de math!

    • Brock Samson says:

      Well Bermyshotta, there is a problem with your asinine logic. Although one could probably argue your complete raping of the English language and lack of basic education is worse.

      Defacing private or public property without the consent of the owner is a criminal offense no matter how you spin it. Are you actually saying some that can range from a misdemeanor to a felony act is a good thing? Maybe someone should come along and spray paint all of your clothes and shoes with utter disregard. Hey, who cares right? “Bu..bu..but you can cover up the damage” isn’t a valid excuse. Want to honor this guy? There are hundreds of ways to do it without breaking the law and leaving a ugly mess behind.

      I’d let you help me “undastand” vandalism and how it’s beneficial, but since brain power isn’t on your side, I’ll pass on it.

      • Brock Samson says:

        *something that can range from

        It sent my reply before I could edit that mistake. Oh well.

      • bermyshotta says:

        @ Samson – it ain’t logic…read de comment above. seems to me you could undastand what i wrote?! you dun need consent when ppl in de neighborhood support it…celebratin someone bra. would you have rather had a sheet up?? not everybody celebrates de same. if you stayed up der then you’d undastand. rip David

        • STFUSeriously says:

          @ Bermyshotta you should seriously be quiet !!!

          • ParentsStandUp says:

            We should listen and not shut BermyShotta Up. Maybe we could learn something from his postings. He obviously is connected one way or the other. And, STOP labeling and critizing the grammer etc. we know the deal if you are interested in helping read between the lines and encourage the postings………you get it???

  8. Malachi says:

    It must have taken hours to write this stuff…….were there no police patrols of the area after the fact? Heck, even a neighbour could have video-taped the painting spree (especially the part about “you made us rich Boss”).

    By the way, I am loyal to NO political party but I do not feel that Mr. Devent has any control over gang related behaviour. Remember, gang members do not care about the make-up of a neighbourhood.

  9. Terry says:

    Well, apparently, Dragin a lure has has snagged a ‘down and dirty’ piece of local coral.

    It’s unfortunate that most of these henious crimes have been committed in the Central area. But then, one (1) and one (1) is still 2 (two).

    I was but am not now a fervant supporter of the PLP. Mistakes have been made, mismanaged et al at ‘differant levels’ in the past 6 years. These current events are not of their making but could have been handled better if tough love by families and a beter management had occured. Thats another thread.

    People are scared crapless. This will not stop until ( as we have discussed/moaned about) until it affects other areas of Bermuda.

    The great pundits will say yes it has already, and I would agree to some extent.

    Government, Police, Special Branch know the underlying causes of this. Of course, it is hard to deal with as most incidents are in reality, crimes of opportunity, well planned. These are not random shootings and anyone that thinks such is a ………….

    Look at the stats. The area’s, background, color of skin, heritage, it all adds up to more than most will admit.

    All this spray painting, grafiti is a sign of “CONTROL”.

    Can you imagine, these people who have busted their ass over all these years, working two jobs, raising a family, paying a mortgage comming out with a video camera and calling names and saying “stop” will do it?

    Look at the deaths, the cowardly acts.

    One individual can atke it upon him/herself to confront but they will pay a price but some are and will do it. Will you?

    These thugs have the whole of the central area under their control. People are hurting, their lives have changed, their habits, their walks, their fishing off the rocks, their walks with their children and their pets.

    Other area’s enjoy some semblance but all look over their shoulders and venture out when they know the risk is a bit lower.

    The end of this carnage is not near. All those “Their’s” I used in my comments. Irony is, it’s their’s and our’s. Our’s ?

    The sooner these supporters of violence and their…..spray cans say enough we may have a chance.

    Bermuda is being held hostage by frustration and fear. Yes fear. The fear of if you speak up you’ll be next.

    Come together. Lets break this chain, take it to the shop, fix the links, put it back together because reality is at this rate the children and soon to be born will have naght.

    When you have 5 guys doing what they did, be sure they looked around and up but knew that knowone would question. Intimidation and future losses will determine when spinal fluid returns.

    Bermuda belongs to us. Knowone else…………………………………


    • bermudasupshitscreekwithnopaddle says:

      this is the 1st time i can truthfully say i agree fully with terry…

    • Agreed says:

      I also agree with Terry!

  10. VoT!!! says:

    An African proverb states…”Unless we continue to initiate our boys, they will burn down the village just to feel the heat.”

  11. Ha! says:

    Its at times like this that I really miss Nelson Bascome, he was a product of the community that fought for his community. The island needs more true leaders like him.