Brothers Charged With Burglary Offences

June 21, 2011

[Updated] After being arrested and spending the long holiday weekend in Police custody, two brothers, Malik and Neko Cann, were brought before Magistrate Archie Warner this morning [June 21] to face charges.

Malik Cann, 21, and Neko Cann, 35, were charged with three counts. Two involving the alleged theft of jewellery and electronic goods to the total value of $5,715 on 17th June; and one count of being in possession of gloves and a screwdriver with intent to use them in the commission of burglary.

In addition the older brother, Neko Cann, was charged with two counts of stealing jewellery and electronic gear on 27th May; and two counts of receiving goods knowing them to be stolen, on 28th May.

After a short bail hearing, Neko Cann was remanded into custody until a hearing on 30th September.

His brother, Malik Cann, who was unrepresented, argued for his own release and was granted bail of $5,000 with a like Surety. Malik Cann must report once a week to Hamilton Police Station between 8:00am and 6:00pm. He, too, must appear for trial on 30th September.

[Updated June 28: We apologize for the error, however Mr Dismont was not the lawyer]

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  1. Terry says:

    You see….it ‘Cann’ be done………

  2. No food for the children this time?? Such an idiot!! Lock him up!! The other one…just a follower – another idiot!!

  3. whoyafoolin says:

    They ‘Cann’ and will be dealt with in a Court of Law!

  4. WTH???? says:


  5. Tickled Pink (and Blue) says:

    Should’ve stuck to lifting Hennesey off the shelves at Lindo’s, less consequences.

    Give ‘em an inch and they will take a mile.

  6. freeupdeherb says:

    “Malik Cann, who was unrepresented, argued for his own release and was granted bail” Sounds like he’d make a better lawyer than he is a thief.

  7. Armed with a baseball bat! says:

    If they are guilty these two should have gotten their azzes beaten like the other scum bag!! Arm yourself Bermuda – what happens in your house with only your family as witnesses is your right!

  8. justaguy says:

    am i my brothers keeper?! smh thanks for nuffin neko cann Thanks For F”in Nuffin!

  9. SMH says:

    For every theft…REMOVE A FINGER! If they contine to steal then they wont have any damn fingers to lift the goods. Gotta make these idiots pay somehow. I say CHOP AWAY!!!!