Minister Butterfield: MBE From Prince Charles

June 22, 2011

Minister of Government Estates and Information Services Neletha Butterfield was presented with an MBE today [June 22] at Buckingham Palace by His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales.

The MBE [Member of the Order of the British Empire] is awarded for achievement or service in and to the community of a responsible kind which is outstanding in its field or, local hands-on service which stands out as an example to others

Pictured below from left to right: Minister Butterfield’s daughter Bry-leetha Williams; the Minister and her brother Roger Butterfield.

Minister Butterfield's Investiture Ceremony

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  1. People's Poet says:

    Neletha to UK she went
    For an MBE she was sent
    There were no seats
    She exclaimed “F***king sheet”
    “I’m Bermudian, entitlement speaks”.

    • Overly Concerned says:

      Seen that happen on flight before – you’re not talking s@#t poet. I would amend it to “There were no front seats”…

      Jus’ Sayin’

  2. Big D says:

    Lol I wonder where she sat. I know it not the front.

  3. Shaking the Head says:

    Regrettably, but not surprisingly, we see another example of the hypocrisy of a PLP MP. No doubt she wanted to refuse it but “her family persuaded her”. So that makes Dame Lois, Dame Jennifer and now Neletha MBE. Shortly, no doubt Dame Paula. Toe the Independence line in public, but cling to the Empire privately. Another example of not walking the walk, and the eliteism of many PLP MPs.

    • Mike says:

      Spot on.

    • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

      Dont forget David A Burch OBE! I can’t wait for Sir Ewart F Brown.(perhaps in the New Years list)

    • well... says:

      Your comments make no sense. Even countries that are independent have citizens that are awarded these honors. Many nations seek independence but remain part of the Commonwealth and maintain ties with the UK, albeit as a sovereign nation. Independence doesnt mean cutting the cord and there being no relationship ever again.

      • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

        That is common knowledge! However, it is another matter when a politician/political party adopts an anti colonial position and then jets off to the UK to accept awards from those who they refer to as “colonial masters”

        • sandgrownan says:

          What he said.

        • Cleancut says:

          No, Nele is a nice lady, do not associate her with the Burch’s or the Brown’s of this world. Congratulations Minister Butterfield.

    • randy says:

      Well said Head That Shakes ( sorry – I went to the Mohawks Pow Wow and I guess was affected ) : )

      You forgot however to include the original anti royalist, Rolfe Commissiong, aka, #1 Queen Basher…He accepted for his fam as well,, awwwww!!!!

  4. Plantation Nation says:

    OMG an award from her Colonial Master & Overlord.

    The hypocrisy if this group is just unbelievable.

  5. Itcouldhappen says:

    I guess she was ticked off that it was the Prince and not the Queen who presented her with the medal. Plus she had to walk from the back of the peanut gallery. SMH.

  6. Peoples_Laughing_Partay says:

    Despite all of the wonderful comments, what was she thinking with that WHITE hat and purple glove combo??! MBE, Must Be Error!!!

    • itwasn'tme says:

      does that mean that she will curtsy (spell check) on the next royal visit?

    • Congrats! says:

      I don’t think the hat is white…it looks like it may be a ligher shade of her suit-you just can’t see it properly in the light. Besides, do you see how the British dress for formal occasions? Princess Beatrice-say no more.

      I know all about the controversy over the church situation and know some say it makes them look elitist but respect should be paid where it is due. Even in church, Her Majesty is given a place of honour and nobody complains about that.

      With all that aside, Ms. Butterfield has done a lot for many young people in our community when she was running Care Learning Services-and she never rang her own bell or tried to get credit for it. Do you know how many young people were able to get their GED on Ms. B’s dime if they didn’t have the money? Ms. B helped a lot of people and my daugher loved both her and her school. My daughter struggled at a regular school but was able to get her GED after just ONE term at CARE due to the kind and patient teachers there..don’t let her hear anything bad about Ms. Butterfield or she’ll set you straight!

  7. Notorious says:

    Congratulations Ms. Butterfield!

  8. Terry says:

    Well, I’m just a simple person but I did serve my country and unbeknown to all I did receive my KFC from (cannot name due to security reasons) 21st June 2009.

    Being a member of KFC, we do things right.

  9. Warrior Queen says:

    Congratulations Aunt Honey. Grow up all you HATERS. If the British Empire did not think that she deserved it, they would not have awarded it to her. If she had declined to receive it you all would be saying that she is disrespecting the crown. DAMNED IF YOU DO AND DAMNED IF YOU DON’T. Obviously you people have no happiness or love within you as all you spout is nastiness everyday. And we wonder why our youth are out of control when all the adults spew forth is HATRED EVERYDAY.

    • Terry says:

      Warrior Queen, were not “Haters”. You must remember that it’s not up to the “British Empire” to ackowledge it comes from local “Goverment” who/whom reccomend people for these deserved awards.

      Neletha has done much and I do commend her for her service to our country. But get your facts right.

      You have a great day.

      Ps. Your comments about “Aunt Honey” are very real in your relationship. I am sure she is but you know me……..I make assinine jokes about everything, have too.

      Wizard of OZ……..”Auntie N. Toto….”I’ll get you my pretty”……….

      • joonya says:

        Blame the youth’s being “out of control” due the encouragement of hatred and spitefuilness from the likes of Doc Brown and Commissiong who unfortunately spew forth in the public eye.

    • star man says:

      What do you mean by “you people?” What “people” are you referring to…? As if I don’t know….

  10. joonya says:

    Yeah I dont get it. Why does this government send its people on taxpayer dollar to the UK to accept awards, when they have clearly supported anti-colonialism? Even to go as far as calling UK politicians visting our island “fools” and ordering them back to their country. Smile in the UK, and face of contmept back home. Jokers.

  11. the truth says:

    Did she get her rightful seat at the front of the church this time?

    On another note, I love how members of the PLP stamp their anti-colonial feet….right before bowing to the Queen for their ‘colonial’ honor.

    LOL….LOVE the hypocrisy.

  12. Paw Paw says:

    Man..she wore de hat! LOL LOL

    • Hilarious.... says:

      hahahahahhaha thats the funniest comment i’ve EVER read!!…well done.

  13. Persia Monet says:

    @ Joonya….get it right……The Government does not send people on Taxpayers Dollars to receive their awards. The trips they make to collect them are on their own accord. And furthermore Col. Burch was right to lambast Andrew Rosendell MP on his unofficial visit to Bermuda.

    All I’m saying is know your facts before publicly broadcasting your comments!

    • joonya says:

      Ok, fair enough. But who cares. The core of my point still remains. Dont go accepting awards if you or the group you fraternize with have so much contempt for the UK.

  14. Sally Smith says:

    WOW ! ! CONGRATULATIONS !! to the Hon. Minister N.Butterfield. You have achieved a milestone in your life !! May God continue to bless you for the services you have gave to mankind.

  15. Paw Paw says:

    Tell me…who makes de hats for dem PLP damsels?

    I ain’t seen nuffin’ like the ones that Miss Paula and Miss NeNe wear!

  16. Bill says:

    Confirmed, the PLP really are Royalist. After years of huffing and puffing and blasting Black Ubites and Blacks period, for accepting queens honours, we have yet another in a long list of PLP folk proudly accepting honours from THE QUEEN.
    The good Col. Burch,Dame Lois, Dame Jennifer, Rolfe Commissiong O.B.E., and now Minister Butterield M.B.E., yes I know there are others but the point has been made.Hypocrites of the worst order!

  17. FutureLawyer says:

    Congratulations Aunt Honey!!

    • precious says:

      Congratulations Minister Butterfield!!


  18. The Hon Minister N. Butterfield,

    At this time I give all the glory and praise upon the honour that has been bestowed upon you.

    His lord said unto him, Well done, [thou] good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

    Matthew 25:21

  19. Face the Nation says:

    In the early to mid Eighties I really admired two people ;Russ Ford for the work he was doing for AIDS victims , And Ms.Neletha ‘Honey’ Butterfield who consistently visited and tutored otherwise forgotten Men and Woman inmates at the old Casemates and newly opened CO-ED prisons . Well done Minister …

  20. Jimmy says:

    I’m just waiting now to see Dame Laverne.