St George’s & Somerset 2011 Cup Match Teams

July 23, 2011

[Updated] Somerset Cricket Club has selected their team for this year’s Cup Match Classic. Both Somerset and St George’s held their Final Trial Matches today, and met at their respective club houses this evening [July 23] to decide on their teams. St George’s have called in their members are we are expecting them to announce their team in a short while.

The 2011 Somerset Cup Match Team include Jekon Edness [Captain], Stephen Outerbridge [Vice Captain], Dion Stovell, Terryn Fray, Janeiro Tucker, Deunte Darrell, Malachi Jones, Joshua Gilbert, Kamau Leverock, Kevin Hurdle and Jacobi Robinson.

Reserves will be Kamal Easton, Shaquille Jones, and Tre Manders. Terryn Fray and Kamau Leverock are colts, while Kevin Hurdle and Dion Stovell have been recalled.

Update 11:47pm: The 2011 St. George Cup Match Team is Oronde Bascome [Captain], Rodney Trott [Vice Captain], Jason Anderson, OJ Pitcher, Lionel Cann, Delyone Borden, Stefan Kelly, Damali Bell, Fiqre Crockwell, Justin Pitcher and Allan Douglas Jr. Reserves are Onias Bascome, Lateef Trott and Shea Pitcher.

St Georges Cricket Club Cup Match Team Bermuda July 23 2011-1_wm

Neil Paynter, President of St George’s Cricket Club, said last night he is announcing the “team that will not only retain the Cup, but win it.” Mr Paynter said the team is a well balanced team, with both all rounders and specialist bowlers.

Calling Lionel Cann the “elder statesman” of the team, he said the veteran brings the seniority to the team, and that Captain Oronde Bascome will be well supported by Vice Captain Rodney Trott – with the two not only being good friends, but having played cricket together since they were children.

To finish off our interview, Mr Paynter sent a clear message to Somerset, holding up the trophy and asking them to “come and get it”:

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  1. Great Job says:

    Thanks Bernews!!

  2. Sticky says:

    I’m A St. Georges fan but somersets team looks to be a lot stronger on paper den the st. Georges. Hopefully dis will make the game more interesting.

  3. The Truth says:

    Ok Bernews good work start writing your headline St Georges defeated Somerset and hold on to the cup!! GOOO St Geo!!! Blue and Blue through and through!!

  4. Bermudian. says:

    I just want to thank you guys for all the info your but out all year.

  5. Organic Bermudian says:

    Congratulations Oronde!!!!!

  6. EastSide(St.David's) says:

    no Gj Obrien in tha team…’s gonna lose…nobody on that team taken more wickets or has tha potential 2 tek more wickets…Jus Sayin

  7. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Ready for another Draw…..the odds always seem to work this way in recent years. By putting my mouth on it..maybe it will jinx things into a clear result. If we went by run rate over the two days or time played beyond one innings…WE WOULD NEVER HAVE ANOTHER DRAW^^

  8. second says:

    We fully support you Somerset!!! Nice young players and the time is ripe!! Go for it!!!!!!

  9. bermyshotta says:

    St. Georges gonna tek de cup outright dis yur!!!! BERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMP!

  10. freddyg says:


  11. Scott P says:

    St. George’s all the way and I am excited about the match this year.

    Is it just me or is anyone else disappointed in the presentation of the team? A chalkboard in 2011??? C’mon guys. We can do better than that. LOL And the dude in the white tie looks totally disintersted.

    Anyway, GO ST. GEORGE’S!!!!!

  12. Ricardo says:

    Go Somerset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will listen to the game on the internet all the way from Qatar in the Middele East. I have told my Indian, Sri Lankan and Bang friends all about Cup Match here and they are giong for Somerset as well. Enjoy the holidays Bermuda as i miss family, friends, the atmosphere and love!

  13. Ganja Mon says:

    Both young fairly young teams with only 2 or 3 over the age of 30. Definatly a changing of the guard. Go St. geo!!! BLUE&BLUE !!!

  14. For Real says:

    Do SOMETHING to avoid the Draw. How about a new rule that if the cup is not won outright it will sit on display at city hall until it has been!! Give BOTH teams a reason play a good game and not shoot for a draw! We are tired of the constant draw; we want a winner every year no matter who wins!!