$3.4 Million Drug Case: Five Men Plead Not Guilty

August 1, 2011

Today [Aug 1] five men appeared in Supreme Court, with officials alleging the five conspired to import cannabis said to be worth $3.4 million. They all pleaded not guilty, were released on bail, and will stand early trial next year.

Carlos Rogers, and Kwesi Hollis  -who had sailed from the Dominican Republic, were charged alongside three other men – Bilal Shakir, 39, Kinola Simons, 30, and Shaun Johnson, 27. File photos from their court appearance earlier this year: top row left is Kwesi Hollis, with Carlos Rogers on the right. Bottom row left is Shaun Johnson, with Bilal Shakir on the right.



Mr Rogers and Mr Hollis left the Dominican Republic on December 2010 on the Carefree IV yacht, and were due to arrive in Bermuda that same month. On Friday January 21, seven weeks after leaving their destination, the Carefree IV sailed into St George’s Harbour, having been boarded by armed Police officers.

Police arrested both Mr Hollis and Mr Rogers and searched the boat before hoisting the boat ashore, and transporting it to Southside Police Station. Earlier that same morning, the Marine Police stopped a Boston whaler in the North Shore area, seized a quantity of suspected narcotics and arrested three men.

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    You don’t really expect these guys to still be here when their trial date comes up… IN 2012 DO YOU!!

    • Point Boi says:

      Have you seen the NetGeo ‘I ALMOST GOT AWAY’? The producers would neva run out of material if they use our goofy Bermuda Criminals

      • sandgrownan says:

        I heard they’re being charged with “First degree stupidity”….

  2. sandgrownan says:

    What they going to do…sail away…?

  3. andre says:

    Innocent till proven guilt or maybe we are a Police State already.

    • It is what it is says:

      I’m with you Andre..Innocent until proven guilty..

      @ Kim Obviously they are not considered a “flight risk” or they would have been denied bail…..

      • sandgrownan says:

        Aren’t they a “sail away risk”..?

      • skinnydipper says:

        I think they should be let free,after all remember the bad weather they went through for 7 week no food ,turned over just so some people could come home after work and relaxe with a smoke of weed

    • You got me says:

      Say it again…whats wrong with you people?

  4. mixedup says:

    where’s the pic of #5? named, but not shamed!

    • bernews says:

      That’s due to logistical issues. Those are file photos from their first appearance and if you have ever tried to get 5 usuable photos of 5 different people’s faces in a timespan of under 60 seconds it doesn’t always go exactly as well as you want. Especially when they are surrounded by police officers who block a clear view, and you are trying to get video as well in the same 60 seconds. All 5 are shown on the video however: http://bernews.com/tv/video/713/5-Men-Charged-in-Magistrates-Court-Jan-25th-2011

  5. will says:

    why dont we ask the people who brought it in how much they expected from this sale.. because police tend to beef up the profits in these cases and i doubt they intended on making 3.4 mil