Butterfield vs Burt Vote Under Dispute

September 22, 2011

burt neletha[Updated] Constituency #18 Pembroke West Central started their candidate selection meeting at 7:00pm at West Pembroke School this evening [Sept.22], with incumbent Minister Neletha Butterfield facing a challenge by Senator David Burt.

The five previous candidate selections this week, the winner has been declared in a timely manner.

As of 11pm this evening, there has not been a result declared for Pembroke West Central.

Bernews attended the meeting earlier this evening, and immediately afterwards it appeared that Minister Butterfield had won, and she was mingling and smiling with supporters.

However, hours later the official notification was not forthcoming due to what we understand is some form of dispute..

While not confirmed by official sources, it appears the end result was only one vote apart – sources telling Bernews the result was 35-34, with some saying it should be a 35-35 tie.

Various versions are beginning to filter out, one saying there was issue with a spoiled ballot, while another source indicates that there may be some issue with determining whether person[s] who voted were eligible. Bernews understands allegations may have been made that an underage [17-year-old] relative of one of the candidates voted in the primary.

A t 11:08pm this evening, a PLP spokesperson said, “At this time, there is no certified result that can be released by the Party,” and declined to give futher information. We will update as further information comes to light.

Update, Sept.23 10:30am: Situation remains the same, with no official word yet on the declared winner. Unofficial sources indicate that there may not be a result declared, and the entire process may be repeated.

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  1. Congrats says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the victory of my friend!

    • just me says:

      Yup they are my friend too and I hope and pray that everything goes ok!!!

      • Black Soil says:

        Burt is better than Butterfield. Best of luck to him.

        • Just for thought says:

          I’m all for the younger generation taking over, however I’ve dealt with Mr. Burt and if he is going to be in my neighborhood I’ll look at the OBA’s candidate and if they seem just as bad I’ll be abstaining!

  2. Leisurely says:

    Shocking if Burt beats out Butterfield to be honest.

  3. Face the Nation says:

    What part of Florida are we ?

  4. Poetic justice says:

    Looks like voter fraud is still very much alive in the PLP

  5. your joking says:

    Seriously….they can,t take a simple vote from 70 people…….and this party is expected to run a country properly……lol

    • LMAO says:

      OBA took sample from less and had family members and underage?

      • Ignorant says:

        there could not have been underaged voters because all persons who voted had to be on the voting register list.

  6. Oh no says:

    These young turks are starting to become a corn in neletha and paula’s $575 stillettos, long live democracy!

  7. Rick Rock says:

    Oh no, was the outcome not the one that was pre-arranged?

  8. navin johnson says:

    mistake number 1…the same people who have been conducting the census are counting the ballots……who supposed to win again? Neletha? David? 1, 2, 5, 11,start over 1, 2, 5,

  9. 32n64w says:

    If the PLP can’t properly facilitate and administer a simple democratic voting process with fewer than 70 participants what reasonable voter would/should continue to give them the opportunity to run Bermuda (even further into the ground)?

    PLP – more spending on ourselves leaving taxpayers with less and less … since 1998

  10. On the fence says:

    The people who supervised the election last night did well, the venue was hot and some of the voters uncooperative making a simple vote count result in what we now see. Dont blame if you werent one of the 120 people in the room.

    Better still go talk to the candidates and get their views on what happened

  11. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Dead easy…MAJORITY RULES! Sounds to me like someone doesn’t like the results. Good luck Burt!

    • LOL (original) says:

      35-34 you must be right I see a winner majority rules one man one vote she won fair and simple.


  12. relevant says:

    uh…why isn’t voting electronic? Let’s get in teh 21st Century BDA…with all the backstabbing we need an electronic process.

  13. navin Johnson says:

    the venue was hot? poor babies….sounds like The Central Committe is not sure who they want….are the ballots displayed for all to see or put in a box and counted in the back room….this government.? anythings possible…

  14. Bloggers & readers:

    It is simple to me – - There was some form of problem with either a spoiled ballot or an ineligible voter. The branch needs to sort it out and award the win to the candidate who will best represent their interests – - whomever they may be.

    However, I do find it interesting that there would be some “problem” in this branch with Min Butterfield going up against the young Senator Burt. This is an example of the “old” guard not realizing that if the PLP is going to be successful in the next general election, THEY MUST DEMONSTRATE THAT THEY ARE WILLING TO CHANGE AND PROVIDE FRESH IDEAS AND FACES.

    But it may be too late now – - – Rabain was a good start, but they have really put themselves in a hole with Rolfe (you are a fool if you think otherwise – he is a liability to the government – period).

    And as a young black voter (the same vote that is critical to the success of either party in the next election), my comments above should really be a concern for the PLP going forward. Heed my warnings – - we are tired of your “excess”, your “waste”, and your “disrespect”. We will either vote for the OBA or not vote at all – - I will leave you to decide which . . . but don’t complain when it is all over.

    Yng Black Mind (those who know understand)

    • In General says:

      I totally agree with you on all counts – as a swing voter – I am at a loss of where to go.

      I hope Burt gets in – He seems like a good guy with good intentions.

    • Speaking out says:

      YOUNG BLACK MIND, why not consider voting for the independents because the OBA have NOTHING new to offer!

      • bermyshotta says:

        @ speaking out – ain’t no point in votin for de independents cuz well 1. wat do them guys have to offer? 2. if you dun kno or havn’t heard of them already…dey aint doin nuttin and 3. ain’t no point in votin for dem anyways cuz they won’t ever get in considerin the amount of votes de PLP/OBA/UBP people will get…so pick a party and vote.

        • Speaking out says:

          Independents, with no party affiliation can proved to be exactly what Bermuda now needs. No strings to the party in power, that have let us down and no strings to the oba who want to recontrol and only support big bucks.

      • @Speaking out:

        Independent candidates are a viable option; however, their influence in the House is very limited due to the 2 party system in the country. I will gladly vote for a person who I believe has the heart and passion to assist my country – black, white, old, young – - it doesn’t matter.

        BUT they need to have a clear view of what are the problems and how they are going to tackle them. Right now, neither party seems to have a clear view on anything.

        Yng Black Mind (those who know understand)

    • Truth says:

      Well said!

    • star man says:

      I’m sure you can find better suited PLP candidates than ‘Bud’ Rabain.

  15. MinorMatters says:

    The delay is probably caused by delegates trying to figure out how to re-jig the numbers to allow their preferred candidate to win, whoever that is.

  16. sad says:

    a few things come into question:

    why is this process not electroinic
    why was there not a system that checked people’s ID to verify age and identity.

    if Minister Butterfield’s Grandson, is under 18 why does she not come out and say it before they do an investigation after all she knows his age
    She was in the room when his name was read out as a potential voter on the night why did she not say to her grandson, don’t vote you are not 18 (the assumes he is 17).
    (if he in fact is 17) This is a gross act of Dishonsty because, that young man, and his family knew that, his mother and Grand mother were present and did not say anything. I was in the room, I voted and I saw this guy vote, I saw him put up his hand when they did a name call for all persons listed in the area to vote. At no time did his mother or grand mother say, boy don’t vote because you are too young, there were at least 2 occasions as there were a few gletches witch caused for them to do a few things over (dont want to say to much about that) and this young man still went through, so if he is 17 (and I hope I am wrong and he is 18) this is a calcuated systemic attempt at manipulation.

    • star man says:

      “… this is a calculated systemic attempt at manipulation.” So what else is new? That’s what the PLP is all about, manipulation & BS!

  17. Wow dirty tricks used. The time has come for patty politics to stop we need change and David Burt is the man for con.18. Min. Butterfield has served her country well helping educate prisoners and students young and old. That was many years ago and I think over the last few years she has lost herself and doing the people business. Maybe she couldn’t hear being she was sitting in the back row of church but we as a country are in trouble. We don’t need dishonest people in our cabinet or public office. Can’t wait for the outcome of vote. All members of con.18 get out and vote support change in Sen David Burt.

    • LaVerne Furbert says:


      I just wanted to let you know that Minister Butterfield continues to “educate prisoners and students young and old”. Both Minister Butterfield and Senator Burt are excellent candidates and I consider both of them my friends. One thing you should always keep in mind, you too will grow old (unless of course you die young). Respect has nothing to do with age.

  18. Winnie says:

    @Yng Black Mind real talk,real talk.

  19. duh says:

    i know Miss Butterifield’s Grand son he is 17…..

    he was in my class……if i know it……….she knows it

  20. Chart says:

    Name that tune: Don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the PL Party!

  21. 32n64w says:

    The PLP central committee already interfered (at least) once already with the election of Rolfe (http://bermudasun.bm/main.asp?SectionID=24&SubSectionID=270&ArticleID=54337

    … so it should come as no surprise that other factions of the PLP hierarchy would attempt to ensure the gravy train keeps running so the old guard can continue sucking on the taxpayers’ teet.

    PLP – Doing more for ourselves and progressively less for Bermudians since 1998.

    • haterade says:

      You are such a hater. You sound like another poster called JSM JSM.

  22. Fools and Children says:

    Minister Butterfield’s Times Has come and gone

    Min Butterfield has served our country with dignity, she is a good woman and should be proud of her accomplishments BUT it is time for her to step down. The fact that she has put her name forward as candidate is sad. Min Butterfield does not have a clear vision for our future. I was present at the Primary last night and she looked like tired. She had no passion, no new ideas, no vison for the future.

    David for the Future

    David is ,young Ivy League educated, gifted, and committed to working in Bermuda, he represents the change that we so desperately need in Bermuda. David’s politics will not be determined by RACE… He will will focus on the issues.

    Last night’s election:

    35 Min Butterfield
    34 David Burt
    1 Spoiled ballot

    Minister’s Butterfield’s grandson is 17 and he voted in last night’s election, he was not eligible. The party constitution says theat a person under 18 can only vote at the party conference if they are a delegate. (clearly this was not a party conference).

    Minister’s mistake

    Min Butterfield made a tactical error, she should have known the constitution and should have been cry
    stal clear on the postion before asking her grandson to support her with his vote. She has now cast a dark cloud over he elections and her integrity.

    The PLP must conduct another primary (re-vote/do over) to rectify this problem

    I am amazed that after over 15 yrs in that constituency the Minister could only muster up 35 Supporters (if you include her grandson). If the minister was working and in tune with her Branch she should have had at least 120 people signed up and ready to support her. None she is left to fight for her political life with her legacy left to wane in the balance.

    I like the fact that young talented Bermudians are challenging sitting MP’s, it goes to show that PLP supporters are vested in making Bermuda better. It goes to show that whilst we love the PLP, we love our Country More. It goes to highlight the fact that it is time for Change… And the change must come from within….

    • mba qlq says:

      what degree did d. burt receive from an ivy league university? don’t obfuscate mate

      • change says:

        who cares! the man is educated; however, he has become arrogant of late.

        • star man says:

          Typical PLP disease, arrogance… Oh! but there are more, truthiness and avarice quickly come to mind.

    • CFA???? says:

      George Washington is not Ivy League, but he is a vital member of the PLP propaganda machine with his various business and consulting interests. His senate seat was his reward for his services….now is he a real junior finance minister we will see…seems to me his experience suggests he will fall short.

  23. Real Deal original says:

    George Washington is an Ivy League institution, Mr. Burt does not wear it on his sleeve because he comes from hard working parents, still hard working parents – who made sure their children get the best education. Isn’t that what we all want for our children, those of us that don’t have trust funds nor priate profiteering profits.?

    • Ole says:

      Sorry Real, it really isn’t. While it is a fine institution it is ranked between 35th & 53rd depending on the ranking associations…

      Yale – Darmouth – Cornell – Princeton – Brown – Stanford -Columbia – Harvard…

      • Stanford is not part of the Ivy League.The University of Pennsylvania makes up the list along with the seven you mentioned.

        • jah says:

          Standford is out west, the Ivy League is made up of schools in the northeastern United States….Mr. Marshall you are correct!

      • HELP says:

        WTF – he graduated from an accredited institution and he is smart, he is kind and he is beautiful

    • 32n64w says:

      “George Washington is an Ivy League institution”

      It’s a very good school and Mr. Burt should be commended for his successes … but GWU is not an Ivy League institution.

    • Shut Up says:

      George Washington is not Ivy League…its not even properly accredited. You are getting confused with Georgetown University perhaps…

  24. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    Minister … The Jig is up .

  25. Jim Bean says:

    My god this is funny – they cant run an election with less than 100 people and you want the PLP to keep running the country!!

  26. Next says:

    @ JIM BEAN yes – and next aunties to go Pamplin and Jackson

  27. Fools and Children says:

    My internet chums, you comment on the most obscure elements of my post. Did you miss the meat ?

    David is a man how has consented to serve the people of Bermuda, David is a man of highest esteem. He holds his light high, and is a servant of all …..

    The Minister is a wonderful woman, who has made solid contributions, her time has past, we should honour her efforts but not elect her again.

    • Truth (Original) says:

      Please correct me if I am wrong. I do not know Mr. Burt. He seems to me, to be a bright individual and do not mean to disparage or impugn his integrity. However. I was under the impression that Mr. Burt owned a construction company (amongst others) that have benefitted from Government contracts. If I am wrong, then I accept that.

      I am not saying that Mr. Burt is in any way corrupt but given what we have seen from this Government and how they have issued Government contracts in the past, if will raise some questions. What I think is needful in Bermuda is for candidates to hold a series of public debates that are open for all. Candidates need to declare their interests in Government (if any) so as to remove any doubt. I believe that the public have a right to know when MPs (would be or current) and the Opposition are benefitting from Gov. business. It is pertinent because not without it we cannot always gauge the intent of MPs when they are fighting for certain things in the house.

      Again, not trying to disparage Mr. Burt in any way but we desparately need more transparency through and through.

      By the people, for the people.

      • Vote for Me says:

        @ Truth (original)
        This has to be one of the most shallow postings of all time. Are you really saying that an allegation of corruption should be hinted at for everyone that receives a government contract? Or just PLP parliamentarians!! Before you answer, note that BOB Richards and others also have governmetn contracts via companies they own or have ownership interests in.

        From my perspective, postings like this are either totally immature or totally irresponsible since they intend tp taint the reputation of the affected party. Whilst I am all for the cut and thrust of political debate, such infantile postings should not be allowed to masquerade as anything but irresponsible drivel.

        • star man says:

          You sleep with dogs, you get fleas.

          Everyone keeps bringing up Bob Richards contract with the PLP Government to justify sitting PLP MPs (or F&F) construction companies consistently KNOWINGLY ripping off the People of this Island. Look what happened at Heritage Pier as a result of lousy construction techniques and/or poor quality concrete.

          We will NEVER again be able to trust the PLP to do what is right. Do they even know what is right?! Not so sure they do.

        • Truth (Original) says:

          @vote for me- Your knee jerk reaction in amusing.

          1. You clearly didn’t read my post accurately. I am obviously not suggesting that Mr. Burt is corrupt. Actually, I said that. I am however, for MPs and Opposition declaring their interests (that would include Bob Richards as well)

          2. You didn’t even bother respond to the validity of the suggestion. Should MPs AND shadow MPs have to declare their interests?

          3. It has been a typical PLP tactic to attack the messenger and not address the message at all. You have done exactly that whilst simultaneously offering nothing useful.

      • Jazzy says:

        Senator Burt does NOT own a construction company. Burt Construction is owned by family members but not by himself.

  28. Experienced Member says:

    ……..i witnessed this election last night as a general member and from what I saw there were members of the Branch who were being very difficult and not working with the people at the front of the hall who were running the election. i have to assume that these people volunteered there time to help the party so not sure why some Branch members were not answering their names and not even willing to walk their ballot to the front like in the other elections i have seen recently.

    on the matter of Butterfield versus Burt time will tell if the PLP is mature and transparent enough to its membership to deal with this the only right way which is allowing another vote to occur in due course after the voters list has been properly vetted for 17 year olds.

    if the MP knew of family members who were underage she should do the right thing and bow out now instead of pretend that this was not a major moral failing on her part.

    sad that the PLP did not deal with this particular seat behind closed doors with a smooth transition for a lady who has worked hard but is now at the sunset pass in politics

    my 6 cents.

  29. Voter fraud???? Not in the PLP……no way!!!

  30. God Son says:

    Godma Paula is gonna cut you lots behind when she comes back as none of you have achieved any ofthe objectives she left for you, and you have made a mess of C18 where she wanted to get ride of the young Turk David Burt

    She is gonna be mad and not even talk to you jokers in Cabinet next week, your performancein Cabinet

  31. What Next! says:

    @ LMAO I voted in the OBA Leadership contest, an under age persons could not have voted.Three scrutineers at each table. There was a complete voters list on the table, you had to be a registered voter, have photo ID. drivers licence, voters card, Special persons card et al, the register was checked against the ID, and you got your ballot. So CAN your urban myth.

  32. LMAO says:

    @what next – ok so you say. now tell us about the amount of taxpayer dollars earned by your UBP now OBA MPs

    • star man says:

      A simple deflection from the rampant issues inside the PLP. Don’t forget, LMAO, a certain gentleman Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned allegedly, along with other MPs and his Friends & Family, looted our Island of so much money he does not have to work again for the rest of his life! He actually said that to an ex-Premier whom I know.

  33. LMAO says:

    oh & I heard some PLP went there an paid $5. so Cannonier would win but would never vote OBA – just repeating a rumor – don’t shoot the messenger

  34. hopeful says:

    time will tell