Minister Wilson Addresses Today’s Job Losses

September 29, 2011

kimwilsonIn response to today’s news that 150 jobs will be lost, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kim Wilson said, “The reality of the harsh economic climate cannot be ignored. The fact is that the economic challenges that we are facing as a Country are indiscriminate.

“It is being felt across all sectors of our community, and as Minister responsible for labour and economic matters, I want assure the community that I remain steadfast and committed to seeking and implementing solutions which we are optimistic will stimulate an economic turn around.”

Earlier today [Sept.29] Citigroup [Citi Hedge Fund Services] confirmed that 100 jobs will be relocated overseas, while Willowbank Hotel announced it will close in November, resulting in the loss of 46 jobs.

Specifically addressing the Willowbank closure, Minister Wilson said, “I too like the rest of Bermuda was quite saddened to learn about the closure of Willow Bank. This is one of the Island’s long standing tourism icons, and I’m sure this was not an easy decision for the management of the hotel to make. Willow Bank has been a wonderful tourism ambassador on behalf of Bermuda, servicing tens of thousands of guests over the past five decades.

“Without question, our priority of concern is for the local members of staff who have been made redundant, as I’m certain this must be a terribly distressing time for them.

“I can confirm that the Department of Labour and Training is liaising with the management of Willowbank and Citigroup to lend its assistance, and we will do whatever we can that is within our resources to assist.” Minister Wilson did not specifically address the Citigroup job losses.

The Minister reminded the public that next Thursday she will join other local businesses in hosting an economic debate, and said, “In light of today’s job loss announcements, we see this forum as incredibly timely. This event is a first of its kind and we see it as an innovative way of involving the public to address our challenges.

“While the main thrust of this event will be a discussion about our economy as it relates to the value of foreign revenue and the steps Bermuda must take to retain and grow its earnings, we are also keen to create an atmosphere of understanding, cooperation and partnership with all stakeholders to change the mind set of what we face as a community.”

Minister Wilson concluded, “We clearly see this as a national issue which can only be tackled collectively.”

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  1. The Messenger says:

    “I can confirm that the Department of Labour and Training is liaising with the management of Willowbank and Citigroup to lend its assistance, and we will do whatever we can that is within our resources to assist.”

    Willobankers….dont hold your breath. Go out and look for yourselves. I’ve been there (DoL&T) and I’m still unemployed.

    • Black Soil says:

      The legacy of the PLP is this. They perpetuated a black underclass (shame on them!). They also treated IB like sh!t (thank’s to all the Col. Burch’s out there). Now the chickens have come home to roost and PLP are now managing our demise. I am very disappointed!

      • Rob says:

        Yes, Burch was very damaging! but IB still continue to leave, its frightening, i am sure i am not alone in thinking that if the PLP win the next General Election some of the Big Boys may follow. its all up to the general public now to make an intelligent decision.

  2. Terry says:

    The damn places are closing. “Liasing”. Whats that.Were deceiving you again. Lord have mercy. What a day to give up Viagra……………………………Hard times ahead.

    • MUFC says:


      “What a day to give up Viagra……………………………Hard times ahead.”

      OR NOT!! LoL

  3. DISGUSTED says:

    Bermudas money is in Grand Turks titled “IN YOUR FACE”

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Is that where it is now? Last I heard it was in Florida.

  4. Jus' Askin' says:

    Let’s face it, we as a collective sealed our own fate. UBP and PLP along with the global economic climate had major parts in our down fall. You can add International Bussinesses, Foreign Workers and Greedy Landlords, to the list as well. But at the end of the day, we the people of Bermuda are at fault. ONLY WE, CAN AND WILL, HELP US.

  5. Family Man says:

    ““It is being felt across all sectors of our community, and as Minister responsible for labour and economic matters, I want assure the community that I remain steadfast and…” and well paid, thank you very much. Fortunately it hasn’t affected my pocketbook so that I can continue to send my kids to private school, and I enjoy the privileges, er, umm umm, responsibilities of driving around in a nice car and parking wherever I damn well please.

    • The 411 says:

      Thats so damn unfair. Kim Wilson put her own damn self through law school so that yes she would always have job security. You can’t knock her for that. You can’t knock anybody for ensuring that a proper education is had. And if she wants to send her kids to private school and she and her Dr.husband want to do that, then so be it! Fact be told she would earn twice to three times what she currently earns in the private sector but yet she CHOSE to serve.

      Having said all that, Kim continues to demonstrate that she has a level of compassion and committment that unfortunately is very rare in our politicians these days.

      • Portia says:

        I am putting myself through law school, too. Will I always have job security here? By the looks of things, I don’t think so. I know of lawyers who have been out of work for months. What makes you think she will be earning twice as much in the private sector – do you mean the dwindling private sector where businesses are leaving? Kim’s “security” comes less from her education than her dedication to the PLP – she will always have a job with them, doing whatever. If she had real compassion and commitment, she and the other government ministers would have taken a pay cut, to ease the burden on the taxpayer, and understand what regular people are going through.

      • Rockfish#1 says:

        @ The 411,
        Wilson would earn twice to three times her Ministerial salary if she joins the private sector?

        Simply put,that is false!!

  6. Time says:

    Minister Kim for Premier, no joke, no sarcasm. her presence, warmth and intellect is what we need more of.

    • Prospero says:

      I don’t disagree with any of what you say about her. She’s a bright, energetic and engaging woman. But I’d like to see her economic recovery plan, though — we’ve put too much faith in personalities and buzzwords in recent years: not enough in practical ideas for resuscitating our flat-lining economy. “Platinum Period” plus “Resetting The Dial” have added up to the worst fiscal crisis in Bermuda since the outbreak of World War Two. Factoring in “Understanding, Cooperation And Partnership” isn’t going to change that grim fact.

    • PEPPER says:

      I agree with you Time..Kim has leadership qualities … Premier Cox needs to step aside for the good of the party….

  7. SMH says:

    this is crazy…for every department that gets “out sourced” that’s at least 20 bermudians that lose their jobs. Maybe we’d stop losing our jobs if the Government stopped allowing companies to out source and contract out work when we have fully capable persons here that can do those same jobs. Stop paying these “consultants” to tell us what any Joe off the streets can tells us… get a clue!!

    • Soooo says:

      There is no way that Government can stop a company from out sourcing jobs. What Government need to do is to assist in making the economic and political climate in Bermuda such that companies don’t mind spending a little more to keep their staff here. (and they will always pay more for the ocean view)

      One of the issues is that Goverment has always looked at term limits as a way to employ Bermudians… NOW we see the result of these limits, Bermudians losing jobs in droves…

      Companies hire someone to do a job, that person does a good job (maybe setting up an entire department that is critical to that company)… and what happens… The Bermuda Government says “time to go” so they do… move the entire department somewhere else!!!!

    • The 411 says:

      Government cannot stop a company from outsourcing. The company has a responsibility to its shareholders only (not to the Bermuda government or its people) to maximize profit. That means maximize revenues and reduce expenses. And they will settle in the optimal jurisdiction that allows that. Outsourcing is a trend that will continue. It is here to stay….have you called 411 lately? Where is your Operator?

    • Rick Rock says:

      Interesting that you think Govt should “stop allowing companies to outsource” using consultants outside Bermuda. Perhaps it might be an idea for the Govt itself to stop paying tens of millions of dollars to outside consultants. What about the $50m+ that was spent in the Brown years to Kuron etc? What about the $1m we’re going to spend to get a Tourism Plan (because Patrice is apparently too busy having her photo taken pretending to work)? Is that the kind of outsourcing that should be stopped?

      Here’s the problem. This government has plainly been telling IB that it is unwelcome. This has gone on for years. IB is getting the hint. It is leaving. Have you noticed how little traffic there is these days on East Broadway at 5.30? Have you noticed how easy it is to park at City Hall? People are leaving in their hundreds, leaving Bermudians unemployed. This government has destroyed the economy it inherited 13 years ago. Cox and Wilson might be starting to realize the golden goose is dead, but they have left it too late to revive it.

  8. Soooo says:

    “It is being felt across all sectors of our community”….. Except for the well paid Government Ministers!!!!!

    • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

      Maybe Wilson and Co will tell us exactly how they are being affected financially.

  9. next? says:

    Abolition of term limits must happen if Bermuda is to retain any semblance of the lifestyle she now enjoys.
    It’s a fact of life that IB is the lifeblood of this nation.
    I’d like to see Minister Wilson and the Premier publicly acknowledge and apologise for the outrageous treatment IB received at the hands of Col. Burch.
    This apology might go some way to improving the chances that further large companies will not ship out.
    By the way, I can’t believe the naivety of the poster ‘SMH’ above who believes government can control these companies in outsourcing jobs!!!

    • Sad for Bermuda says:

      Please someone clarify what the abolition of term limits will do? I think most people in the IB community are fully aware that the people that these companies WANT to keep here they are able to through the various “exceptions” which they are able to utilise. Please stop using this as a smoke screen for why these companies are really “relocating” jobs – it is too expensive here PERIOD.

  10. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    Hemorrhaging , say it again , Hemorrhaging … Good , Now class dismissed . Bermuda has slipped her moorings and is well on her way drifting south toward economic chaos .

  11. killarblaze says:

    More jobs gone. Who didn’t see this coming? Or is that a stupid question.

  12. YES MATE! says:

    Thanks Kernal Sanders! I would move my company out of here as well if I had to be constantly finding new staff every day. When you employ 50 to 100 expats all hired at different times then you have to hire at least two more people to keep track of expiring work permits and have new people lined up to replace all the term limits. If I move my department to a country where there is no such thing as term limits I can instantly drop two salaries from my payroll! We need to make our grass greener but all the Pee el Pee have done is make our grass Browner.

  13. No need to ask, he's a Bus Operator says:

    Willowbank was a religious destination. They had no booze (thats a sin) and for many years they took no credit cards (sin sin sin). Were they expecting God to save them???????

    Wake up Bermuda. Very Sad for Willowbank – but – Bermuda has no product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What says:

      What happened to Faith based tourism. A match made in heaven surely!

  14. OK….here we go. I will speak slowly for those who have difficulty keeping up. Colonel Burch was a one man wrecking crew in leading to this slow motion dismantling of Bermuda’s international business sector. Did he not think that his xenophobic, anti foreigner, my way or the highway rantings went unnoticed all those years by IB CEO’s? Term limit policies that slowly and surely killed the Golden Goose, intranscient red tape and general nastiness directed towards job creators has brought us to the decidedly uncomfortable “new normal.” How’s that workin out for ya?!! The Premier needs to follow Cayman’s lead and turn back the term limit policy TOMORROW!!! We may…just may….be able to undo some of the damage that has been done over the last 4 yyers. If not….there is MORE to come!!! I am begging the policy makers in govt to bite the bullet and do what has to be done asap. Our future and that of our children depends on YOU….for now!!!

  15. hopeful says:

    I hope when Government Departments process more cutbacks, they utilize and keep on board staff with qualifications. Minister Swan, Premier Cox & Ministry Heads must check into this, prior to Department heads decision making.

  16. MinorMatters says:

    …here we go again, on the back foot. Reactionary as usual. What I want to here is this: the minister with her mouthful of words is actively canvassing all employers with more than say 25 employees to see what needs to be done to ensure that they remain domiciled and happy in Bermuda? I am going to guess this is not the case, instead what do the PLP do? They react with ‘sadness’. Get a grip people, Be Proactive, or how about the buzz word: “Progressive”?? Think out of the Box, Do something! Dammit.

  17. Joya says:

    What Government did or did not do, what Wilson did or did not do, or is or is not

    Those who lost their jobs and have no job now need their basic needs met.

    cloth them and medicate them WHILE JOBS ARE BEING FOUND…


    • Rob says:

      Fortunately most employers give advanced notice of termination. Employees need to prepare themselves and not leave everything to the last minute, seek employment immediately and do not rely on your severance package to support yourself when you terminate.