Perinchief Loses To Walton Brown

September 27, 2011

walton brown plp bermudaConstituency #17 in Pembroke held their candidate selection meeting this evening [Sept.27] and Minister Wayne Perinchief was ousted for Walton Brown.

Walton Brown is President of Research Innovations Limited, and has previously served as a lecturer at Bermuda College [1988-2000]. He served in the Senate from 2007 to 2010, and was Junior Minister of Education, Energy, Telecommunications and E-Commerce. Mr Brown recently released the book ‘Bermuda and the Struggle for Reform: Race, Politics and Ideology.’

Minister Perinchief, who presently serves as Minister of National Security, was first elected to the House of Assembly in November 1998. A career Police Officer before going into politics, he retired as head of the Criminal Investigations Department in 1995, after attaining the rank of Assistant Commissioner.

Minister Perinchief joins fellow incumbents Ashfield Devent [C#21] and Darius Tucker [C#7] in not retaining their seats, and is the first Cabinet Minister to have lost at branch level.

In 2007 Minister Perinchief won with 56.5% of the vote [439 votes], over the UBP’s Austin Warner [308 votes] and Harold Darrell who ran as an Independent [24 votes].

The PLP has been holding candidate selection meetings islandwide in recent days and the winners so far are; Diallo Rabain in Hamilton South [C#7], Rolfe Commissiong in Pembroke South East [C#21], Zane DeSilva in Southampton East [C#29], Randy Horton in Southampton West [C#32], Kim Wilson in Sandys South Central [C#34], and Dennis Lister in Sandys North Central [C#35].

Update: The vote count was not officially released, however is unofficially said to be a total of 25 voters; 17 for Mr Brown and 8 for Minister Perinchief.

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  1. In the Know says:

    Oh my goodness. Who on earth will replace Perinchief as Minister? Since his appointment, crime has gone down. This Is a shame. It is a result of a little conspiracy in the party, they younger plp members are ousting ALl the current ones. Watch- Jonathan Smith will replace Perinchief! It was the plan all along, put Perinchief there temporarily to lower crime, then oust him and give Johnathan the glory. They used Perinchief.

    And guess what, of the 25 people that showed up to vote, about HALF were the family of Walton Brown, and David Burt, “the young crowd”.

    • And... says:

      And if what you say is true re numbers attending, whose fault is that. Surely that means Perinchief didn’t do enough to attract his supporters…

      • PEPPER says:

        Perinchief is an old man….he needs to retire enough of his crap…
        I do not like Walton Brown..he is so full of #$%^ Bermuda we are in a serious mess..we have a leader that does not know how to lead..and we had the fool from England come here and tell us that Bermuda is in great shape !!!!!!!!!and why did he come here ? He came here all the way from England for three days ????? I smell a rat….

        • LMAO says:

          Pepper you are just so so sad a person. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. I think you have loss your cotton pickin mind. You obviously have a pea brain, or next to no brains at all.

          Agreed you have a leader that does not know how to lead, what has cannonier lead? What has he stood for – remember he was at Ewart’s $500. a plate farewell and said that his ideology is nearer to the PLP. So what out he may just be a plant and cross the floor as Wayne did.

          • LOL (original) says:

            Once again PLP useing personal attacks. Did not Specialgirl4u say that was a sign of a weak opposition to an argument my my my… you guys remind me of cheerleaders what’s it like being a B………….


        • Maddog says:

          What you wanted to here something bad,to bad.

          • star man says:

            “… he may just be a plant and cross the floor as Wayne did.”

            LMAO, you obviously have a pea brain, or next to no brains at all.

    • Wicky Chooper says:

      Conspiracy within the party??

      Obviously you dont know.. First of all, how do you know whether or not the speech that Walton Brown appealed more to the members who would vote? Were you there? Obviously not.

      Second of all, who says Wayne will have to step down as Security Minister.. the Government has had non-elected persons hold ministerial positions so again I ask.. what conspiracy?

      And tell me how many younger PLP members have ousted sitting PLP members?

      Who is to say that Perinchief was solely responsible for the reduction in gun crime? Police have been making arrests from before he came into play.. its only now their trials have come up and they have been tried.. they have been in jail waiting trial way before April when Perinchief was sworn in as Minister…

      Most of the shooters are locked/arrested up hence a reduction in crime.. and they were arrested before Perinchief was Minister some after… it was the police who deserve the credit IMO

      • In the Kniw says:

        Are you really gonna sit here and act like Perinchief had NOTHING to do with the reduction in crime?

        And the point I’m making is,
        why is it that Perinchief can win hundreds of votes in a general election, and then TWENTY-FIVE people come along and decide whether or not he can serve his country?! Not only are the PLP screwing their own people, theyre screwing THEIR OWN CANDIDATES, MINISTERS, ETC.!!!

        • Wicky Chooper says:

          Because those 25 people understood that by participating in their party’s branch, they have the power to vote who they want to represent them. Its called democracy.

          Unfortunately people in most countries vote party instead of voting for person.. hence why one can get 000s of votes even if they have never personally seen the man before

          • Constructive critism says:

            Thank you Wicky Chooper! I am open to anyone’s opinion but boy oh boy the junk, yes my opinion of the previous comments “junk” are based on a lack of knowledge. I also give Perinchief his credit; he had done a good job. However, I do agree that the PLP is under rough cicumstances but the people, you and I also need to be more positive and make an effort in helping the situation (not going in to detail) but keep the negativity to yourself or stop being so negative altogether. To add, So what if all of Mr. Browns family voted for him, family support is what matters most. Hence, Congradulations Brown. The country shall await your worthy contributions.
            Ps. fill free to reply to my non-existant email. :)

        • A. Trask says:

          Agreed – and while doing so they look confused and desperate. Not good, my frind. Not good. I have nothing against any of the candidates that won thus far. My sentiments are directed at this contrived dance we are seeing displayed by the party’s executive – to facilitate these proceedings, then go public with ‘unelectable’-type comments.

          Maybe its just me. But I’m a registered voter.

        • LMAO says:

          68 people blindly led by Dunkley and Barritt closed up the UBP? and your point is?

          • Michael Dunkley says:

            @LMAO…give me a break…spin, twist and prevaricate all you want. I stand up to serve because I care. We have serious issues that impact and effect all of us, it is time we support and elect those with the experience to get the job done.
            Do you want a future for our children?
            I do…

            • Get Real says:

              Mr. Dunkley, it’s not “…effect all of us”. It may have an effect on all of us yes, but in this case, it should have read…affect all of us.

        • tradition says:

          It’s called democracy

      • LOL (original) says:

        And by extension the governor then should get the credit as he is the head of the police is he not?

        LOL PLP try to talk all the credit…….LOL LOL LOL

      • too bad says:

        Having lived in that constituency, I can tell you he did nothing for the people there. He lost due to his own lack of attentiveness, same as Ashfield.

    • Rich says:

      Just because crime goes down after his appointment, it doesn’t follow that one led to the other.

    • Real Talk 4 real says:

      It doesn’t pay to sulk when you can’t have your own way as far as who will replace him as Minister a Minister doesn’t have to be an elected Member of Parliament

  2. Terry says:

    The plot thickens.

    What do they not want the public to learn…………………………………..

    I smell a Brown Rat………

  3. Rhonda says:

    Congrat’s……Mr. Brown

  4. Prospero says:

    The plot thickens? Don’t you mean the thick plotten … and get away with it.

  5. Face the Nation says:

    HOOOOLLLLYYYY SHIITTAKE …. Now dats a fat lip ..

  6. Vall….ain’t dat sumptin!!!!! HHHHHHAAAAAAA!! The ‘yunguns’ are wreckin shop!!! And yes 50 is the new 40.

    Real talk though. I did not think Walton would win this selection process. He is far too honest publicly about the PLP’s dismal record! I thought the PLP didn’t tolerate open critisism….someone’s loosing grip of the reins……

    • Prospero says:

      “Oh what a circus, oh what a show …”

      • VOTE says:

        oh you saw the show 2. I did on the news with the non opposition leader naming 3 candidates – with Moniz, the lite skin one getting a safe seat.

        • Maddog says:

          All of the white people that were UBP will get a safe seat.

          • star man says:

            I’m sick & tired of PLP supporters’ blatant RACISM against whites here!!! SICK!!! SICK!!! SICK of it all!!!

            Nevertheless, the PLP will only run black people in safe seats.

            So what’s your friggin’ point?

            • Ole says:

              Blatant versus discreet and subtle.. From where I sit, can’t really see the difference…

              • LOL (original) says:

                Blatant is provable the discreet is perception of those that are viewing it. Not saying your wrong but perception is the key.


            • Wrong says:

              Last time I checked, Zane DeSilva won a competitive primary for a PLP safe seat!!! The PLP welcomes all people. The problem is, almost all white people not only reject the PLP, but, spew poisonous venom toward it.

              • LOL (original) says:

                Looking at how the PLP have publicly acted towards Whites both in the past and in the present why should that surprise you that whites don’t join. I did try it out and that’s what I got. Can any of you say you tried the opposition doubt it.


  7. Red Flag says:

    All you OBA People need to get off of this story. You have no room to talk because you don’t even hold Primaries. Your candidates are dictated to you. Terry the bar called you left without paying your tab.

    • LOL says:

      Agree with you red flag… they are just hypocrites, speak out both sides of their mouths, can’t trust dem lot.

      • LOL (original) says:

        Yes they do not have primaries yet and y’all just started doing it after your party “had to decieve you” which party said that again………..

        LOL cheeleaders…….LOL LOL

        • Hope she's safe says:

          LOL Original…….You have a lot of nerve calling somebody a cheerleader. Thats all you do besides hate on everything PLP. You clearly are a joke. I remember your back and forth with another poster from the PLP on another story. You were destroyed and your “time in the PLP” was exposed for what it really was. Yet here you are pertending again like you know what your talking about. At least we’re being honest about our views your views are on the lines of a child in an imaginary relationship.

          • LOL (original) says:

            Please save the drama. I deceived to save Macki the embarrassment and ended the conversation. What I said was true and if you think I’m lying I can direct you to a bunch of people who know, infact I can get you a link to the rg about the subject we were arguing about. I never said I was a member, I said I joined progressive minds which I did and the conversation you read confirmed that I was there did it not? Here’s the killer I have supported Mr. Weeks and others in the PLP as good candidates in the pasted. I downed the PLP on senior members views on race which we all know exists. I was genuine in trying out the PLP that’s what PM was about for me as I do believe in a labor movement ideology. It was apparent to me being white was an issue with these senior members as evidence when I had a conversation within the walls of Alaska hall about a “KKK in the Police” head line in the RG that the late Mr. Hall penned with blessing from the PLP one which Starling over came despite the remarks from the senior members who sat in on some of our meetings. These are all facts. I did not care and continue not to care for fame or reward hence I post under LOL point out BS when I know it is BS. I have nothing to prove just trying to keep people truthful and on their toes to earn votes though actions rather than let them rely on BS. Honestly if you know who I am and who I’m related to even if it is threw marriage as I spend more time with them than my own family you might see things differently and might start to understand where I come from. Alas this is politics and character assassination is the primary weapon many use in Bermuda (hence me burrowing SpeacialG4u’s comment from an other thread) one which applies to you right now which is why you responded to me in the first place.
            Maybe you should stop stalking kids at the nursery and trying to be in a relationship with them……..

            LOL was that you in the paper the other day………………..LOL either way you come at me your as much a hypercritic as you say I am. Welcome to the bucket fellow crab.

            • LOL (original) says:

              Oh and no were have I endorsed the other parties. They do not effect me as they do not have the ablity to pass laws here.

              • Makai Dickerson says:

                LOL (original) Plese keep my name out of your post. How would you like it if I named you Red Flag said another poster he did not say the name.

                You saved me no embarrassment you were embarrassed that I called you out on every lie you were telling. I know the truth to your visit with Progressive Minds and you were no member because you have to be a member of the PLP to be a member of PM. You came took a peek and left nothing more nothing less. No one can get a true view from a peek. You can not speak on the inner workings of the PLP because you were never a part of it. You never made it past the door of Progressive Minds and spoke only to PM members when you were there (all 3 meetings) First meeting we spoke of the community clean up, the second was the clean up, the third was a post clean up discussion. We may have had talks on different topics but they were general discussions with everyone giving their own opinions, so you can’t even say you got to see where the party stands on things. Let it go you lied and have been exposed.

                • Hope she's safe says:

                  Actually Makai that was me who made the comment to LOL(original) not Red Flag but its cool, your correct I did not say your name I said another poster from the PLP. Lol (original) is a sad person. He will try to spin and mix peoples words to make it seem as if he has an argument. Look at how he took what I said and twisted it even going as far as saying I prowl on children. How did he get that from my saying his reference to himself being an ex Progressive Minds member is on the level of a child in an imaginary relationship smh it shows that he will go to the lowest level when his backs against the wall. That’s not even funny as children are being hurt by worthless people and he see fit to make a joke out of it. He has no morals and should just stop posting as he adds nothing to the discussion.

                  • LOL (original) says:

                    Firstly you can’t embarrass me. Second Makai you are lying. 1. Never said I was a party member I send I was a part of PM face it that is a fact. 2 I came as a guest of another person the same person you told ” Look at the white boy trying to sit up front next to the senator” you did not say it to me you said it to the person whom I came with hence the racist connotation as you thought it was safe to do. You are a member of the PLP are you not beside some of the individuals that post sensibly and talk about issues (note I rarely interject when the issues are being debated as I agree with some of them such as “411″, “Young BlackMind” and some others. I usually jump on racist comments or contradictions to what is seen to be party line comments like the plp is open to everyone yadyada. I have also jumped on things I considered to be racist to blacks as well). In the last post discussion we had you thought it was something you said that I took as racist but that was not the case it was the older members who sat in the discussions that gave that perception even though what you said was a racist comment I did not hold it against you till now. Truth be told I showed up to about 5 meetings but hay the only person counting is you. Further if you can’t tell you not wanted around the place by then then you powers of observation are week. So to recap I have told the truth and I can back it up as stated re: PM website) please let me know if you would like me to post the link and I will.

                    Now as far as Hope she’s safe is concerted don’t worry about my morals I assure you they are of a high standard as I have been to many places and am fully aware what is permissible and what is not. Maybe you should learn as many even me sometimes (never said I was perfect) to treat others as you wish them to treat you. Might be worth your while (WWJD). You are you to Jude me anyway. I feel I have add what needed to be added balance. Or are you just upset that I don’t let comments that are hypocritical and/or race related go as many white people do in Bermuda I voice my feeling on it. I am entitled to my option you don’t like it skip it as others no doubt do.

                    LOL I will not be continuing this pointless posting with you or “Truth be Told” (two posting names? Dude and you call me a lair nice:)

                    • Makai Dickerson says:

                      Lol (original) I’m not about to go back and forth with you for days like the other time. I’m just going to be direct with you here and now.

                      1) You WERE NOT a member of Progressive Minds, as you stated in your post above you were there as a quest the person you are referring to was not even a member at the time he was also a guest.

                      2) You did NOT attend 5 meetings no one that was in PM recalls you attending any more then 3 meetings not even the person you came with who is now a very active member.

                      3) No Senior members “sat in” on any discussion you took part in. (Name one) They past through going into their executive meeting (we met the same time they did) and said hello but that’s about it. When we asked for them to come in some came but it was never at a meeting you attended.

                      4) I did not make that statement in the way you describe it. I admittedly made a comment along that line however it was clearly a joke (in poor taste) which I said out loud for you and everyone there to hear and both you and your mate laughed. Let’s be real about it. The next it was even brought up was when your mate told me you were not coming back because of that comment. He couldn’t even understand your issue as the joke was more in reference to how you jumped up by her when we were about to take the photo and less about you being white. That was the only time a comment like that was made by anyone towards you during your visit with us.

                      5) You were treated no different then anyone else and we welcomed you with open arms we listened to your views and were happy that you were interested in joining us. We told you that and showed you that by including you in what we were doing. We could have said hold up you can’t just come up in here and get in our shine when we go out to work in the community, but we allowed you to come right in even though you had yet to be a member. We were open to you.

                      It is clear that you never had any intention to join us and on paid a visit so that you could say that you tried it out and give people the impression that you know what goes on behind the PLP doors. Like I said you never made it past the doors of Progressive Minds. You never attended a Central Committee Meeting, a Delegates Conference, not even a branch meeting. So show all the proof you clam to have because you poker face is weak and I can see your bluff from here. You can try and fool others with your “I was in PM” gimmick but I know the truth and so do you so please stop because I will speak the truth on it. But like I said bring on this so called proof so that I can so how much of a lie you truly are. I have nothing to hide. You on the other hand well the proof is in the pudding.

                    • LOL (original) says:


                      It’s a bit#h when it your own you calling them liars to. You know your stretching your story about me every time we do this.

                      LOL like I said before you this should end this discussion.

                    • Makai Dickerson says:

                      Lol (original) Let’s be adults here and stop flip floping. That link you posted has nothing to do with what we were talking about as far as you being honest about your visit with Progressive Minds. Why post something that has nothing to do with what were talking about? If anything all it serves to do is prove that everything you have said you know because of being a part of PM was just BS as all you did was speak about what you read in that article. You said nothing of your own but merely cut and pasted what you read. So actually yes it does end this conversation because it proves that you don’t know what your talking about and simply go off of one sided hear say. There’s the pudding and it shows proof that you were no Progressive Mind.

  8. Honourable says:

    Dear Walton,

    well done, you got some help and went to talk to people, the Bermudian way.

    the incumbent felt he was too big to canvass and has paid the price. simple.

    all the other posts are irrelevant, bps working hard, mirfield, rivals killing rivals and a few convictions led to drop in crime.

    reset the dial


  9. Get Real says:

    Just how I like my steak…WELL DONE!! What goes around comes around!

  10. In Mark's opinion says:

    The real vote comes from Mr and Mrs Bermuda .

  11. I'm Amazed says:

    A PLP supporter? Yes, I am. Are they perfect? No they are not. Of all the primaries held thus far, this result is the most disappointing (well okay – along with DeVent/Commissiong). A Minister who is doing a fabulous job in a role that perfectly matches the skill set is being ousted by his own team! My fellow supporters – look at the big picture and wisely make your choices for the greater good of the country! Eager egos are getting in the way, and will hinder, not help with the overall goals and objectives. No offense to Walton or any of the other challengers, but are you looking at the big picture? Imagine the clapping of hands by the OBA supporters who are celebrating and saying “Golly gee and yippee!! A well liked, effective big gun from the PLP – GONE and they did it for us”! It’s a plus for them and a minus for us.

    • Get Real says:

      It’s like shooting in your own goal, isn’t it? Similar behaviour to crabs in a bucket.

      • LOL (original) says:

        That seems to be a Bermudian past time from the ubp to the plp to today. You just got to the bucket or something? You should see the Bermudians where I work talk about co*k blockin you own.


    • too bad says:

      The point of all of this is, if you don’t represent your constituents (like you are PAID to do), you’ll get the boot.

  12. 1minute says:

    Sorry Wayne, I guess you shouldn’t of lied to me, one of your constituents, when you said you would help, then I never heard from you again

  13. Time says:


    we havent seen you in years thats why we didnt come out and we could have brought 15 votes, you got drunk on the power, like Phil, who’s also now on the outside.


  14. RealTalk says:

    Perinchief is probably the most effective Minister thus far. This is a shame. 25 people decide the fate of the country’s national security? I think that Perinchief and Devent should run as independents. Period.

    • In General says:

      I think it needs to be clear that he still holds his seat until the next election. (I would gather that would be soon). In addition he can still hold the Ministry without bein in the Lower House….Look at David Burch – he was NEVER elected – yet was a Minister of two portfolios for many years!

      • smh says:

        No but the plan is to replace him with Johnathan Smith. That’s what Paula wanted to do in the first place. She wanted that in the first place.

  15. March Hare says:

    Bermuda is too small for party politics, the way forward is for each constituency to vote in their MP, then all elected MPs to vote for their leader who will be Premier, who then in turn will select his/her cabinet ministers. Only then can we end the regressive bickering party politics brings, and actually move forward.

  16. Yes I says:

    The lovely circus of politricks…Thieves and crooks will forever be rewarded in this system (as long as they don’t get caught or get their “boss” in trouble). Don’t believe this was the act of honesty and fair play. Bermuda, we’re on our own.

  17. My Shree Cents says:

    Also be aware that the new group of candidates for the PLP are all Ewart Brown people Rolfe….Walton….Kim Wilson….Zane…..He may be gone but still got his fingers in the pie maybe.

    • Goodluck says:

      Oh please…you guys are seeing the PLP Lineup take shape and you are getting scared. Gotta throw the good ole doc’s name out there to ruffle some feathers…

    • 32n64w says:

      Not sure I would include Kim Wilson in that group.

      • The 411 says:

        Ewart did appoint her to the Senate. But no, I don’t agree with the insinuation that she was an “appointee” carrying the same definition that would apply to Rolfe or Walton, who frankly rely greatly (solely) on a government appointment / ministry and paycheck. Kim is a fully qualified lawyer and obviously very bright and undoubtedly would earn twice what she is earning now in the private sector. She is politically motivated clearly. And obviously has learned some lessons as she has now been elected as a representative now that her skills and intelligence are known and able to overcome what some have called her abrasive and brash deportment. I have a lot of time for Kim. Stay tuned. She may just be your next female Premier.

  18. lol jokes says:

    Wayne P. is an awesome public servant, he came in at a time when the island was beset by violent crime. He has worked very hard and we are now seeing the results, no, he did not do it by himself but he was an effective agent in the process.

    How can you effectively canvass, if you have a weighty ministry like national security. The petty responses the speak of revenge on this blog is a sign of the immaturity of most Bermudians in politics. Wayne, well done, when we lost Col. Burch, we gained you. Your leadership style was much more inclusive, and team orientated. IT was not about you but more about the island.

    You have served us well.

    • Right Thinker says:

      Don’t discount him yet. I agree with your comments and I think the electorate at large and the Premier would agree. But my only reservation or concern is that I think Jonathan Smith is gunning for his job and the Premier and her inner cabinet may be thinking that JS would work more effectively with the Governor / foreign agencies etc and definitely attract the upper middle class vote…so this undeserved result may be just the ticket to get JS in there / appointed to that Ministry…
      I am mixed on this..Ideally, I’d like to have the benefit of both as they both have a significant contribution to make…

      • LOL (original) says:

        “JS would work more effectively with the Governor / foreign agencies etc and definitely attract the upper middle class vote”
        Wait would that be the UBP old statigie put a white face on it. Where is Special and the crew>?


    • Terry says:

      Wayne has always had obsticles in his family life and career to overcome. He has served well for well over 40 years. Wish him well.

  19. Same old Same Old says:

    What a shame!

    Those speaking about Mr. Perinchief and implying that there has been and continues to be some conspiracy are the same ones who complained of his appointment. Walton Brown defeated Wayne Perichief, okay fine. People we continue to live in an age of democracy get over it!

    Congrats Walton!

  20. I'm Amazed says:

    To TIME: It’s the politically immature attitude like yours and the ’15′ votes that you would have added that are the classic example of being our own worse enemy. In any given consituency, do you think the OBA would rather face Brown or Perinchief? You have given the OBA and/or UBP a phenomenal gift, and they couldn’t be happier! Across the political spectrum, all can agree that Mr. Perinchief is an excellent politician, leader, is well respected and the best person for the job he currently holds. So you haven’t personally seen him in a while and now your feelings are hurt? Voting for our politicians should not be based on hurt feelings (emotion) but on capability, effectiveness, and the best person for the job. Which of Mr. Brown and Mr. Perinchief would fare better in the House, in debating, commanding attention and in working/dealing with the other political parties? Mr. Brown may be intelligent, but does he possess strength, street smarts, respect, cross appeal and the like? I’m sorry Walton, but you always appear ready to cry – not stand and fight. Some people are better on the front lines (Perinchief) and some people are better suited for the ‘behind the scenes’ work (Brown). Brown – if you are going to be entering the House, stand straight and tall, walk and talk like a real man, grab a big dose of confidence and self esteem, and quickly learn to toughen up.

    • LOL (original) says:

      “Voting for our politicians should not be based on hurt feelings (emotion) but on capability, effectiveness, and the best person for the job.”

      So you weren’t around or voting in the 2007 electtion then?


      • I'm Amazed says:

        LOL (Original) – The late Freddie Wade once said that when the PLP gains power, the ‘naysayers’ will ALWAYS have a problem with the ‘person or the process’. In other words, regardless of the problem solved, issues resolved or the progress made, it will be a problem in the eyes of non party supporters with either the party/person who achieved it, or the process itself. To answer your question, of course I exercised my right to vote in 2007, and I will do it again, and again, and again…………..I believe that every person who has a right and is entitled to vote should do just that – vote. Freedom of choice is a gift, and I accept mine.

        • 32n64w says:

          So what are the “problem solved, issues resolved or the progress made” since 1998 exactly?

  21. Anyone says:


    • UM SAYING!!! says:



  22. Just Curious says:

    The point is:
    It is the peoples choice READ PLP, no the party choice READ OBA!

    you all have a wonder politics day!

  23. Cancer says:

    As a question states above… Which party had to deceive it’s people? I still ain’t seen know answer? I think this was stated by the then premier himself! Someone correct me

  24. Red Flag says:

    OBA you may as well get to work on your platform because you are getting nowhere with your tired rhetoric.

  25. Legal Eagle says:

    As someone who has been involved in law enforcement and public safety issues for many years, I assure you that the loss of Wayne Perinchief as Minister of National Security is not simply a loss to our Party, but an even greater loss to ALL of the people of Bermuda in general!! It is quite sad that ‘Walton and his family vote’( like ‘Rolfe and his 21)have under the pretense of democracy in action superseded have sacrificed the best interests of BOTH the Party and the county to serve entirely their own personal best interests–”Party and Country be damned”—right boys??!!.

  26. Malachi says:

    As I have said before, I do NOT belong to a political party. For me, our party system leaves a horrible taste in the mouth.

    Furthermore, it boggles my mind when I keep hearing the word “Democratic process” after a candidate is chosen by a group of a few dozen individuals. My feeling is that under the party system as we have it, there can only be true Democracy if EVERYONE is a member of a polital party.

    I find that, well, un-Democratic!