Bermuda Author Launches First Erotic Drama

November 18, 2011

A Bermuda poet turned novelist’s debut erotic drama is being published next month.

Born and raised on the island, Bermudian author LyriQ — a Chewstick Foundation favourite — fostered a love for all forms of art but was particularly drawn to the written word.

She has now taken on the role of story teller and lyrical artist with her first publication, “Bitter Sweet.”

The characters, their experiences and roles in each other’s lives are all inspired by and fashioned after the true events and amazing scenarios of the people who surround LyriQ — making their personalities and lives as believable as yours.

Each suspenseful page of the novel pulls you into a web of erotic fantasy and will keep you on edge till the very end.

A self-professed bookworm, LyriQ is both excited and honored to be joining the ranks of her heroes as a fellow author. The official “Bitter Sweet” book launch will feature readings, door prizes an opportunity to meet the author. Cocktails will be served.

It is being held on Friday December 2 at MySTique’s on the corner of King Street and Reid Steet from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm

“It’s the most amazing feeling to complete something you have always dreamed of doing. It’s unexplainably surreal, I still can’t believe it!” said LyriQ.

“Bitter Sweet” is recommended for mature readers.

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  1. PAULA BURGESS says:

    Congratulations Lyriq!

  2. wow says:

    just what we need……….. NOT!!!

  3. True Dat says:

    Yes I Lyriq!! looking forward to reading your book!!!

  4. LyriQ says:

    Hi All,
    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing and for all the love regarding Bitter Sweet. But please note that I am not a rapper (laugh).
    Have a great day!!!

  5. Secrets says:

    Can’t wait to read it. And locals on the cover too. Great job!

    • LyriQ says:

      100% For Bermudians by Bermudians…Yes on the Cover is Mo’Nique Stevens, Lamelle Paynter and Aaron Brown. 3 Very talented models!

  6. Tiffany says:

    I don’t read….But I will be definitely be reading this book. Job well done Bermudian author. I encourage everyone to support our local talented authors.

  7. Adia says:

    look at my uncle on the cover of Bitter Sweet GO UNCLE! Congratulations to Ms.LyriQ

  8. Bookworm says:

    From what I have been told, the book has amazing detail and is invigorating from start to finish.
    I believe this may be the start of something big for Bermuda. Let’s all do our best to support LyriQ as we did for Collie Buddz and see if we can make another international celebrity.