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November 4, 2011

Last night [Nov.3] PLP MP Dale Butler hosted a public forum at Warwick Workman’s Club, with the theme of “You, Me & The Economy.”

Mr Butler introduced the panel which included Premier & Minister of Finance Paula Cox; newly appointed Attorney General Kim Wilson; and Bermuda College lecturer Craig Simmons.

Minister Wilson previously served as Minister of Economy, Trade & Industry, but was switched to the Attorney General position in Premier Paula Cox’s recent Cabinet shuffle, with former Tourism & Business Minister Patrice Minors taking over her old portfolio.

Mr Butler addressed the appearance of Minister Wilson rather then Minister Minors saying, “It gets a little ticklish when it comes to protocol, because the former Minister responsible has been moved to the AG department. So the Ministers had a chat and it was agreed because the change was just recent, that the Minister who was responsible for the past year for establishing policy and having public meetings, would be best to come along and share some details with you.”

“I am sure at future meetings the new Minister – Minister Patrice Minors – will be the one that you will see here. So that is why Minister Minors, in 24 hours, will not be able to, would probably read a speech, but you want some detailed answers in return. So I am glad that the two Ministers worked this out in the best interest of the community.”

13-minute video of Mr Butler’s introduction and Minister Wilson’s presentation:

13-minute video of Craig Simmons’ presentation:

8-minute video of Part #1 of the Premier’s presentation:

10-minute video of Part #2 of the Premier’s presentation:

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  2. Jus' Askin' says:

    Thank You Bernews. Are there any QnA videos?
    I hope people watch the videos and really pay attention. There is hope for the PLP after all ;-)