24-Yr-Old Man Shot On North Shore

December 17, 2011

[Updated] At approximately 3.30am this morning [Dec.17] there was a shooting outside the Gravity Nightclub on North Shore in Devonshire.

We unofficially understand that a man in his early 20s was shot multiple times and rushed to hospital via ambulance for treatment. As of 4.15am the hospital had a police presence outside, and a security guard restricting access at the emergency door.

Police officers converged upon the area, blocking access to North Shore from the Barkers Hill roundabout. There were multiple police cars in the area of the Gravity Nightclub and the old Clayhouse Inn.

Police officers can be seen walking up and down North Shore, searching the area with flashlights, and both the Canine Unit and Forensics Unit are on scene. Details are limited at this early juncture, however we will update with additional information as able.

Last night Gravity Nightclub was hosting a party billed as the ‘Hottest College Students Party’, with ‘$5 entry and $5 drinks all night.’

This is the second time a man has been shot outside Gravity in recent months, following after an incident in October 2011 in which a 24-year-old was shot, with the bullet grazing his head and striking his ear. Two men have been charged in connection with that incident.

There has been a surge of shooting incidents in recent days, with this shooting following after gunfire in the the Border Lane East, Devonshire area [Dec.11], Cambridge Road, Somerset area [Dec.10], and the St. John’s Road, Pembroke area [Dec.8].  No one was injured in the three previous shootings this month.

Update 5.19am: Unofficial reports indicate the victim was shot in his upper body – sustaining multiple wounds in his back and arms.

Update 5.47am: A few minutes ago the police cordoned the parking lot next to Gravity Nightclub off with crime scene tape, pictured below.

Update 5.49am: A Police spokesperson said, “Around 3:25am on Saturday, December 17th police received reports of gunshots in the North Shore Road, Devonshire area. Officers immediately responded to the scene and found a 24-year-old man injured as a result.

“He was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance. The severity of the victim’s injuries is unknown at this time. The scene has been cordoned off and a full investigation into this incident is underway.

“Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

Update 6.40am: North Shore has now been opened to traffic. Video of the crime scene, and a statement from Police Spokesman Robin Simmons is below.

Update 8.10am: As of 8am, the parking lot is still cordoned off with crime scene tape, with two police officers stationed at the scene. Traffic is flowing freely on North Shore.

Update 8.35am: The victim is presently listed in stable condition.

Update 9.45pm: As of this time, the victim is in the Intensive Care Unit, listed as stable

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  1. Kami says:


  2. idiots says:

    you would think that after all the recent violence at gravity nightclub, the police would think to always park there on nights that there are events on to try and prevent the gun violence, but they do not think. It is not rocket science.

    • Mack says:

      “idiots”….your name must refer to yourself. The police are not security guards and this was at 3:30am, which is well after the cub should have closed. If a place is having lots of violence, then it should be shut down, plain and simple. And in case you missed it, they found a gun by gravity a few weeks ago…

      • Same S*** Different Day says:

        You are wright they want to cary on then shot the club’s down if there is always trouble their like Bootsy did for him & his staff safety and the safety for others. Bunch of DAM idiot’s out there.

        • Mack says:

          Well, he had other issues at hand, and the gang line was a easy way out. Should be any place that has fights and non sense going on that they close early….granted, the issues would spill over to other places….but at least have some tough standards to stay open past 12.

      • Enough already says:

        I agree it’s in a residential area for one people don’t want to put up with this in their neighborhood
        Especially if it’s a club where these guys frequent and think they can get away with it. It’s always fights and disturbances that flood in the street from the club last time I went there it was like a riot that’s why I no longer go there! Now it’s escalated to shootings I do NOT want to be in the danger of being shot just because I want to go out and have a nice night it’s not worth it!

      • Jus Sayin says:

        Firstly, It’s not the Club who is at Fault. The Blame is on the STREETS .. The GANG WAR !!! Why are you all taking a shot at the club?? This is someone’s means of salary. Someone who has a family and who is making a living the right way. The hasn’t been any shootings INSIDE THE CLUB… WHY?? Because they have the Proper Security as you enter the club. Too the Gravity Business. Stand Firm. Continue to put food on the dinner table and a roof of your families head.


        I don’t like to make comparisons to other countries. But I use to go school in the States and at every club , you will see police presence to deter violence. Don’t give me that excuse about we don’t have enough man power…. As its very stranger to believe that you have a million and one police officers at the end of a FOAM PARTY OUT SNORKEL PARK!!

        Just saying.
        Have a good day Bermuda.

        • bermyboy says:

          Im a US police officer and to your second point the clubs pay for the police officer to be there its not part of ones regular duty.

    • Just Saying says:

      Yes Idiots. I fully agree… Police should sit there all night! As well as spinning wheel, swinging doors, docksiders, the beach, moon, rangers, gombeys, somerset cricket club, cafe ciro, woody’s and any other party venue.. So thats at least 11 police vehicles that should be parked all night to make people feel safe when they hit the clubs.. Because all of those places have had lots of gang activity recently. But then you would complain that there are no police on the streets stopping people from killing themselves or deterring housebreakers.

      PS Your name is quite fitting.

    • DIABLO says:

      @ smh. I agree with you. Never give these small minded losers a reason to hurt others. If these clowns want to play bad ass to impress others @ these areas we know are recurrent problem areas well stay away from these areas and keep your loved ones away too. There are better places to go out and have a good time besides hanging in a spot where you don’t feel comfortable but just want to be seen. Stop trying to fit in/follow. You can bet that its gonna get worst. Just sit back and watch the fire woks people stop trying to analyze what has been prophesied. I just wish these disrespectful #!$&s had better aim!!

      • Maddog says:

        O my god we need police at the club. I won’t be going in that club one way out, you come down the steps and get shot no way.

  3. ignorance says:

    Kami thinks she’s cool because she posted first? Wow Ignorance at it’s finest. Bermuda needs to get smart, posting cars where previous ‘attempted murder’ locations in RECENT months seems to be confusing concept. Jesus H Christ. No offense to any hardcore church goers who think religion will save this island. A memo to them… There AINT NO CHURCH in this wild.

  4. Kami says:

    @ignorance i’m not a girl stupid! Do you even know the meaning of the word Kami?? Guess not…

    • Twinkles says:

      yes …. kami means divine and kaze mean wind ..and what kamikaze …. anyway ya name has no solution to bermy violence.

    • Back says:

      I think you’re cool Kami…LOL

  5. shawn says:

    lol ya he knows all i know–kami is a girls name

  6. Kathy says:

    @ idiot.. Which Your clearly not lol! I totally agree with you! At least post a police car with police in it as a deterant to these silly criminals. Hope the young man is ok?

    • Just Saying says:

      Did you not read the article last week when gunmen actually shot at people with a police car coming toward them?? They don’t care. if all you can come up with is sit a police car out there than we are in a sad state. This club advertised $5 entry and $5 dollar drinks all night. Maybe they need to make it less convenient for these thugs to want to hang around.. Don’t know the young fella who was shot but there are a few pics of him circulating strongly suggesting he himself is a gang member. How about these guys who are being shot actually name the shooter?? Which in most case they don’t.

  7. Moto says:

    @idiots – totally agree! The Bermuda Police force is a reactionary force. They are not a proactive police force. If they were more proactive in their plannng, thinking and actions, we would get the guns off the streets and the real idiots behind bars.

    • giggity_giggity says:

      OK I find a trend in this country to want to throw police at every single problem that arises. People say things like if the police were this and that….tell me something if you have the answers or even a tad bit of info to help them….do you? Or do you just sit back and make comments like the one I cited above?

      I agree that you have a place that has had gun activity recently but that’s not al,l fights and the lot happen there and of course police are suppose to play security guard. I have a solution that I hope those in government see. Close the place DOWN….then the innocent will whine about it and hopefully grow some courage and give info when needed so this doesn’t affect their nights of going out getting hammered and high doing the ‘new york new york’ I agree the owner shouldn’t suffer but look at the people the place attracts, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who goes there.

      Further more I don’t understand how we as Bermudians can comment through this medium and cut down all the comments we don’t agree with. Its like the disrespect is through the roof. Bernews gives us the platform to voice our opinions and everyone has the rite to say what they wish but ease up on cutting down peeps, it just goes to show the mentality that runs rampant in this country….peace and I hope all have a quiet Christmas

      • Moto says:

        Thanks for the reply, giggity. I stand by my opinion that the Police need to be more proactive than reactive. With regards to the idea that Bernews permits users to say whatever they like, I don’t agree with as that would be acting in an irresponsible manner. I believe Bernews is trying to freely encourage open ideas, opinions and responsible commenting. I had a second read of Bernews’s “terms of use policy” and I have copied the following sentence from that policy to better communicate to you my interpretation of the Bernews policy – see below:

        “While attempting not to hinder free speech, we do hold comments in an effort to prevent libelous, racist or extremely malicious content. Should you find a comment offensive, please do not hesitate to contact us for removal.”

        Hope this is helpful to you.

        • Just Saying says:

          Please define more proactive.. Because I am pretty sure that the latest statistics have shown that the Police have recovered 11 guns all linked to murders and shootings this year. and there have been a number of people convicted and handed lengthy sentences this year. Sitting out side the club is not proactive. Its free security for worthless careless night club owners.

          • CYGNET says:

            @ Just Saying. You sound real stupid saying “Worthless Careless Night Club Owners”. Shootings and violence has happened everywhere. Ice Queen 24 Hour gas station, Front Street, Bermudiana Road etc. so what is your point? Sounds like you may be on curfew and can’t go out to a club. Life is about choices and if people choose to go out to clubs the rules must be adhered to. Don’t be a hater. Night Club owners have been around forever and will continue to be.

          • Moto says:

            Thanks ‘Just Saying’ for enlightening me on the recent success of the Police. That is very encouraging. I don’t know how many of the 11 guns recovered were the result of proactive policing or good old community assistance, but nevertheless it is worthy of reminding persons including me of the success that has been made by the Police. I guess for me, I grew up in a time when Police just appeared to be more visible i.e. on foot patrols, in neighborhoods, and in schools. My idea of proactive policing would include more presence in neighborhoods, targeting frequent trouble-spots, police raids and more use of the unpopular stop and search procedures. I know with the recent budget cuts, this may not be possible. But again thanks for the response and information provided.

  8. Merry Christmas Bermuda!! God help this island!! SMH…

  9. Crystal Smith says:

    things are going to get much worse for us watch because no one thinks they are part of the problem!!!

    These boys need to know they are fighting over tiny crumbs!

    Too bad they won’t transfer their anger to the ones who are truly holding them down!

  10. Crystal Smith says:

    I also predict that in 5 years time….Bermuda will be just like the rest of the islands….bars on all their windows and doors.

    • TWINKLES says:


  11. SMH says:

    Are you serious Crystal? So you ARE advocating gun violence, “Too bad they won’t transfer their anger to the ones who are truly holding them down!” People like you are the reason these clowns are acting like gang wannabes anyway. That’s right, give them any excuse to gun down a member of YOUR family!

    • Crystal Smith says:

      Nothing in my statement advocated gun violence. These young brothers have a choice on how to express their deep anger with society…they only choose to use this stupid way.

      you can express your anger in positive ways too, you know! e.g. voting, strikes, demonstrations, etc!!!

      I remember when the present government refused to believe gangs existed on this island despite evidence, even now when various persons have complained about prostitution on front street…..quit brushing the issues under the mat because sooner or later…!

      • Maddog says:


  12. TonyB says:

    Very sad situation…….

  13. nicky 23 says:

    Good morning I think its very sad how we can’t even feel safe in our own island many prays go out to the families

  14. Bye Bye ex-pats & Tourism says:

    The shooting continues and the fear grows among residents Tourism dwindles and ex-pats are leaving Bermuda like rats leaving a sinking ship. 10 Years from now Bermuda will be a little spot in the ocean that no one will bother to visit. Britain will bail it out because of massive unemployment and its huge debt.

    • Bermudians jus Talk says:

      Every time its a shooting some a$#hole refers 2 IB or tourism!SMH,f%$k off wit dat b*llsh%t

      • Mike Uterhertz says:

        you just don’t understand how the world works ya cabbage .

      • Rick Rock says:

        People don’t go on vacation to crime-ridden drug ghettos.

        • mixitup says:

          They don’t? I wonder how Jamaica & Puerto Rico can log over 2 million visitors per year then, let’s not mention Nassau.

          • smh says:

            look at the size of those countries and the size of bermuda. kingston is the main place for havin a ghetto rep in jamaica but tourist visit other places. bermuda is too small for tourists to avoid the violence

          • Rick Rock says:

            OK, in that case the Bermuda government can’t blame crime or the economy for its lack of success in tourism then, if those places get 10x Bermuda’s air arrivals numbers.

  15. Twinkles says:

    We are already that little spot, what makes it look bad is that this island is small, to be having all this madness, but you all see how people come here like missionaries to visit with guns and then leave, and get a slap on the wrist.. well what does that tell you all… and your prediction is wrong crystal.

    • Common Sense #2 says:

      ……… Please tell me the connection between some idiot boy in Bermuda feeling like his d**k is bigger cuz he has a gun and can shoot people and a man traveling to a foreign country, unknown to what dangers may be there, traveling with a LICENSED, concealed weapon, who did not wave his gun around in public, pull it out in public, or shoot it in public.. That man shouldnt have been charged in the first place! You let these idiots out of jail who you know have weapons and walk around hurting people, but you wanna make it illegal for people to have something to protect themselves?! Get the hell out of here

  16. Truth (Original) says:

    Close the nightclub down. It clearly attracts gangsters and violence.

    Shut it down

    • Bermudians jus Talk says:

      Close ur house down,Ya probly got gangsters in and out ya spot,they mite even sleep there

      • jredmond says:

        lol. this made me giggle. for real though, you can’t just go around shutting down businesses all willy nilly. This violence sucks but the owner has just as much right to operate as anybody else.

    • real is real says:

      Truth you are an idiot, guess they should close down the movie theater which was jus in the news for a shooting also inna? oh and don’t forget close the primary school also. If the club is not having issues INNNNNNN the club well police have no right to shut it down, and 2 of the 3 incidents was not even on their premises.

      • student says:

        i agree. y shut it down? thats jus lettin these wankstas think they got power on the island which they dont. tryna act all big n bad and then they go up westgate cryin for they mama like the sissies they are snitchin to get less years. these boys are just PUNKS wit weapons.

  17. Bermudians jus Talk says:

    All u everyday ppl jus be careful how u handle the next person remember u see me but u dnt know me and yes be VERY afraid!!!

  18. stfu says:

    Stfu wit all dat close the club down BS y should the owner have 2 suffer cuz of sum thing that is out of his control?

  19. Rudy Rocker says:

    Well lets see….we have the Bermuda Parole Board letting these a$&holes from Parkside and 42 out and then everyone wonders why all of a sudden there is a sudden upsurge of shootings….Thank u Mr Burch and the rest of the PLP govt for ur wise decisions in contributing more to the damage ya’ll have done to this island by not keeping your word and in allowing these demonic, heartless beings to roam the streets without fear of ever being fully charged for their crimes. This may piss some people off but frankly I dont care. This is not a gang thing, nor a crime thing that has to be addressed, its an issue to where how many people have to be hurt or killed before u arrogant and pompous ministers of govt get up off your loins and start doing ur jobs. This island is literally being over run by a bunch of uneducated ignorant knucleheads! So what are ya’ll offering the next generation then? I hope people start to wake the hell up and realise how deep rooted the damage is and may G’d bless this country cuz this is getting sickening!

    • Crystal Smith says:

      …especially when you hear 8 year olds talking and walking the same way…so sad. And the cycle will continue (unless of course we come together and do something first)!

      • wondering says:

        the public would cringe to see pics of little kids being brainwashed into gang life from 2 and 3 yrs old with their daddy and uncle’s big chains on…dressed like doll babies in hip hop gear which is a STYLE that is unfortunately associated with a lifeSTYLE that is mostly negative from my viewpoint. 8 is too late, they are accustomed to the lifeSTYLE by then ansd many expect to live a certain negative way by then

    • saddened bermudian says:

      Clearly yu guys dnt knw wat a GANG is………
      Cuz 42 is nt a gang so get ya records straight and get ya facts straight cuz yu all sound lyk a bunch of damn idiots arguin on here.
      Also, the club shouldn’t hav to close bcuz of sum idiots that think they got balls wanna go around n shoot ppl dat d club has no control of. If dey r so bad y can’t dey fight man-to-man n e more instead of using weapons. Dey r jus a bunch a sissies dat needa grw sum balls n grw up n nt run to der moms afta dey get caught. If dey can shoot at or kill sum1 den dey r man or woman enuf to stand trial n do d tym.

  20. SM says:

    Come on guys! Stop this ignorance. Enough is enough already. This gang rivalry has to be stopped. What will it take for these young men to understand what they are doing to our island and to families with their total disrespect for life. So very sad.

  21. Kraken says:

    How about the police simply park outside the homes of the know Gangsters and not allow them to leave, but then the same posters complaining about the police would be upset that the lights are shinning in their windows as they post their garbage on the internet.

    Seriously, it’s like that movie quote, “you can’t handle the truth”.

    • CYGNET says:

      Kraken. You hit nail right on the head. Yup they wd be complaining. No worries with the ankle braclets coming in to place and the curfew/probation home checks things will get better.

  22. CYGNET says:

    Prayers for the young man. FACT: The incident happened after Gravity was closed. The police come to check on the club when they are open and go in and do checks etc. a welcome from the club. The Security Guards there know almost all their customers and will turn away anyone who they feel may be a nuisance, if one arrives drunk or just loud and obnoxious. Why is it that some people feel Gravity is responsible for any of these shootings. The neigbors need to ask the owners or Works and Engineering to have the Old Clayhouse cleared of big boats, trees cut down on road side and water side and containers moved when emptied right away so that there is no where for anyone to be cowardly hiding to do bad. Gravity always has a nice vibe and all the staff are very friendly, but firm and will toss any idiot/azzhole out in a heart beat. Go Team Gravity and again for BPS with their persistent checks. BTW no bitching about Front Street fights this morning around 3.15am Oh my bad it was a white club on Front Street.

  23. I say water board all known gang members or anyone known to have used a gun. Make them cry out for there Mommas and squeel like pigs. WE WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE GUNS ARE WHO HAS COMMITTED THE CRIMES. As Draconian a measure this may seem, unless we do something as drastic as this to rid our streets of this kind of behaviour we will be held to ransom by these children. Remember Osama Bin Laden? thats hos they nailed that SOB For Gods sake lets quit muckin about. Once we break there already twisted sense of Vengeance then we can talk about rebuilding these children As for the Drugs we should do what Bob Barker does on the price is right. 2 buildings. Behind door number 1 All the Crack you want All the Coke and Heroine you want. Behind door 2 the finest rehabilitaion clinic in the Atlantic. Those are your choices. If you wish to kill yourself be my guest just dont steal from my house or hold up my children with a gun to do it. If you wish to be free of your addiction then we can help. tough loce and all that.
    As for the media …..how could they dare photo some ignorant a$%hole with his finger stuck up to the camera and print that on the front page?? are they out of there friggin minds. Oh Yeah, Im a bad ass, going home to Westgate like he’s proud of what he did. that boy clearly needs a lashing and waterboarding. I could go on and on……

  24. freddyg says:

    So very sad ! Merry Christmas Bermuda ! God bless the victim and his family….

  25. The Ridiculist says:

    Praying for you my brother!! Hope you have a speedy recovery!!! :(

  26. real is real says:

    CYGNET i agree,

    Gravity is not @ fault, when these known gangsters are IN the club they act respectfully and obey the rules, it is not gravity fault that ppl target ppl after gravity has closed. If gravity is obeying the law with security requirements, their own dress code, and supporting police crime fighting i dont think Gravity should be at fault. ALLLLLLLLLLL venues have their issues, seems like the only issue gravity has is BECAUSE the PREMISES is safe these guys come there however they are also being targeted there.

    I go gravity on a regular, love the vybes, people and respect the owner. they run a tight ship, i even get vex when they turn on the lights for ignorant smokers but the doing their part and dont tolerate anything, alot of places in town cant even control the average drunks let alone gangs but gravity has earned the respect from these boys. and the owner dont smoke or drink so they not being friended just old fashion respect fro security and d staff

    and for the RECORD bootsies did not shut down due to violence he used it as a cop out and media excuse, 2 he was the face of the business and not the owner, 3 he did not enforce rules, 4 he had no back bone when parkside showed up. 42 respect gravity and obviously gravity allows them but when they act up believeeeeeee me the lady owner acts up. i like her vibe

    if you have a target on ya back and went to ya corner store lets say arnolds every day for a pack of cigarettes your rivals are gonna know your safe zone and come looking for you and your friends to instigate so in this scenario should arnolds be closed cus they provide a service or product that you want but your rivals know where you are?

    cygnet ya right gravity does have staff so they are helping to provide food on peoples table weekly. whats that like 5-15 less thieves on the street cuz they making their living honestly, take away their jobs and see what people have to do to put food on their table.

    Dont shut down the only club I go to. Do you realize if gravity shut down the violence jus gonna move to new place maybee front street. solve the main problem and get guns off the street.

    • wondering says:

      i hear a gang supporter here….so the gang bangers are respectful………….so what?

      the 42 guys respect the rules….who gives a sh*t? you live by the sword you die by the sword, how about you get aggressive about the gang bangers like yu are about closing down the only club you go to…..who wants to go out and hang with wanna be gangstas and hope that some idiot doesn’t pull the trigger on a defenceless person

      • S Brown says:

        I fully agree with Real is Real and I dare you call me a gang supporter… Question, have you ever been to Gravity?? They are very strict when enforcing rules in their club and they do run a tight ship. In fact several times I’ve been to that club the police have come in to do an inspection.

        How are they supposed to control what happens to their club after it closes? Is it their responsibility?

        I have seen known gang members in Front Street clubs but yet no one complains. I recall back in the day when I used to club ofter there would be anti-social behavior outside a club i.e fights and yet that club is still up and running.

        If anything I commend Gravity owners for having the balls to enforce rules in their club, how are they supposed to control what happens after hours? I used to frequent that club because it is the only true reggae club on the island…. and I am a educated professional who detests gangs.

        I even remember up until recently a club on Bermudiana Road that seemed to be overrun by a particular ‘crew’ a few years ago someone even stashed a gun outside that club and was caught and even today that club is still running.

        Why should hard working club owners who uphold the law and rules in their club, employ people with a part-time job be forced to close due to something out of their control?

  27. SMDH says:

    Praying for the young man and his family! Hope your recovery is fast and well!

    As for others, relatives and friends would not want to come on here seeing you dicussing all this other “business”! Please have respect for others regardless of the situation! Put yourself in the victims families shoes – would you like to come on here and see this and have it add to the already turmoil they/you are going through??!! I doubt it! There’s a place and time for everything!

    #just sayin – have a blessed day!

  28. solution man says:

    we need special ops guys to neutralise every known gang member

  29. Vent says:

    When is enough going to be enough for Bermuda to do another clean sweep? The same way that football game was cancelled a few days ago due to the threat of violence breaking out. I think a lot of events should be cancelled until there is a thorough and severe clean sweep in Bermuda.
    When is this going to happen?
    The people that are too young to remember clean sweep don’t know what I am talking about but i clearly remember.
    Time for another OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP drag drug addicts out of their parent’s homes.
    And the last one happened when the violence was nowhere near where it is today. And you mean to tell me there is no plan for a mass Special ops. ,,
    It’s time to get serious or Bda in a whole will be ruined.

  30. Politely Pompous says:

    I am a black female and I am really, really sick of these guys-I really am. They are nothing more than terrorists. If they have issues, why should the rest of US suffer through this crap? Are we going to wait until a totally innocent person just minding his/her own business gets killed? All this country talks about is money, money, money-and that will be our downfall. Yes, we need money to survive but there is more to life than that.

    TPTB need to get proactive and stop this mess! I’ve told people for years that we should ship our dangerous criminals off the island and Minister Perinchief (I believe) mentioned it as well. I’m sure there are lots of legal issues but I’m sure a way could be found. These guys should be sent to either Jamaica or Cuba-aren’t we an associate member of Caricom? I’m sure a way could be found.

    Since we seem to care so much about the almighty dollar, we should be happy to save some money here. It costs-what-$80 k per prisoner here? I’m sure it would cost us 25% of that to keep them elsewhere. These momma boys gangsters would cry their eyeballs out if they get sent there away from their mommies. That would be a BIG deterrent to anyone thinking about doing this ignorance.

    In the meanwhile, cut out the perks in prison! Do like what some of these prisons do-even in the U.S.-give them two main meals a day with a bologna sandwich in-between for lunch EVERY DAY. Make all the food as tasteless as possible. Cut out all the recreation etc. I know they give them a lot of this stuff to make them easier to deal with in prison, but cut out the perks anyway! It sounds cruel but we need to do it! Make prison the most boring, dreadul, unappealing place possible and maybe some of these guys will think twice about going there.

    • your joking says:

      agree totally…..but the rest of our country don,t have the balls to do this…….and to those who think this is just a handful of kids ……..there are hundreds…..just go out to the bars and night clubs after midnight…there are two stories of guns being flashed on Front street this week…..but went un reported because the clubs don’t want the police involved…

    • PEPPER says:

      this is the best post Bernews has ever had !!! well done pompous, Bermuda needs more people like you.

    • solution man says:

      I agree.

      Except they should get dry rice and a few drops of water a day

    • Rick Rock says:

      I completely agree with you. We are all sick of them. I wonder if they realize, as they walk around Hamilton with their stupid asses hanging out of their stupid baggy jeans, that we all hate them for ruining the country?

  31. Reform says:

    gun crime – 40 years

    no parole before 75% of sentence is served

    we can break the will of these young men who ave chosen guns over civil society

  32. Whenever a gang banger is let out on early release by the parole board gun crime spikes. There is a direct correlation between gun crime and the timing of these idiots being released from westgayt. THEREFORE, the po po and the parole board must talk to each other. Why is this so difficult to coordinate? Oh yeah…this is Bermuda and the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. And who sits on the parole board? Check the names. Incompetence at its best. At the moment we have stupid pompous people ‘running’ this country.

  33. Shame says:

    I heard the gunshots at 3:15 am, and before you blame the police, blame the parents for failing to raise their children. School is not supposed to train and raise your kids, parents are…YET so many young teen girls still think it’s cute to get pregnant…Place blame where blame is DUE! I really don’t care who the fault belongs to, I just want it to stop…it’s hit home now, and it is FAR from fun! Bullets don’t have eyes…I’d rather a stray NOT catch my window. Shame Bermuda’s young ignorant youth…shame on you!


      its a shame that the 5% of bermuda’s ignorant youth have to give us ALL a bad name, lets not forget about the Bermudian youth, studying, trying to better themselves and their lives and aren’t getting involved in all this pointless behavior. we are not all “young ignorant youth”

      • Mike Oxlong says:

        Educated where? Punctuation and capitals please.

        • Elitist suck says:

          Mike, you are a JACK#SS! How’s my punctuation and capitals?! Was I able to communicate effectively enough to satisfy your arrogant ass?!

  34. Truth is killin' me... says:


  35. Born Again Bermudian says:

    When a certain ex Premier set out to inflict harm on Bermuda, not even he in his wildest dreams could have imagined how Bermuda would destroy itself from within. Destroy itself with a few ignorant youths doing what he started. He must be laughing out loud 24/7.

    • PEPPER says:

      and look what the life our ex premier what he has now !!!homes all over the world ..thanks to Freddy Wade, who said you need to come back to BDA and join us in the P.L.P. and to think that the international airport is named after this idiot !!!! Wade should be turning over in his grave…for bringing Brown back to Bda….think about it Brown screwed us…because he knew he could get away with it..

  36. rightious vigilant says:

    Bring captial punishment back!! Public ass whippings for underage offenders and the death penalty for the heartless criminals who get charged for attempted murder or murder!! No mercy for the heartless str8 up!!

  37. the victom fro this shooing says:

    would like to thank the people who have showed they care & those who say anything just keep it like that cause you dont know my story…..I am doing good thank you……I am still away doing therapy & gettig better day by day……Thank God for what he as done for me by keeping me alive to see another day…..I am going to try my best to help young people to see life in a different way & not become a gang member cuase that life is not a good 1……I was not into that gang life but because i try to change my life from what it was this happened to me but everything happens for a reason & God has been by my side the whole time…..Thank you God for all you have done & will do for me…….Amen