Videos: 2011 Premier’s Christmas Tree Lighting

December 4, 2011

A large crowd gathered on the Cabinet Grounds last night [Dec.3] to attend the Premier’s Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Shortly after arriving, the Premier approached a seated crowd and invited the children to join her in decorating the trees. Primary 5 children from schools across the island were invited to attend the event. The Premier and children went about decorating the trees with balls, bows and candy canes while the Steel Pan Group provided music.

Premier Cox addressed the crowd and the tree lights turned on before performers entertained those gathered; including saxophonist Shine Hayward, violinist Latannia Ellerbe, the Precious Melodies Youth Male Choir, as well as a performance by the “Cabinet Office Choir.”

Children help Premier Cox decorate Christmas trees:

The “Cabinet Office Choir” performs:

Shine Hayward performs:

Violinist LaTannia Ellerbe performs:

Precious Melodies Youth Male Choir:

Premier Paula Cox and Lighting Of Trees:

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  1. Excellent Tree Trimming, good community spirit
    keep up the good work Madame Premier..

  2. mediaguru2 says:

    Ahh… you can feel the spirit in the air…not just the Christmas Spirit…great election fodder.

  3. hmmm says:

    I love it Madame Premier!

  4. GrassRoots says:


    Well done. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  5. youngbermudian says:

    Great to see something positive like this happening!

  6. drunkenUrsula says:

    Thank God.its gonna be her last Christmas in office …she and her brunch can now pack for the North Pole…….good bye…

    • Spikes says:

      Drunken Ursula is just upset because they didn’t give out free black rum lol

  7. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    More waste of tax payers money^^

    • Somebody's Momma says:

      Here here Mr Scrooge!

    • Spikes says:

      Graeme how can you be so cynical. It is a Christmas program for God’s sake. Didn’t you see the video that shows the children enjoying themselves? Does everything have to be political. Since you want to go there I would like to say this. I know you want the OBA to win the next election. I would not suggest that you hold your breath. That goes for the rest of you OBA jokers. The slate of candidates that your party put forward recently couldn’t win an election for a school PTA. You are just going through the motion of an election .

      • star man says:

        I wouldn’t talk… the new PLP candidates with all their so-called “business experience” are just window dressing. The true power lies in the hands of the core group of haters (ex-Black Berets) within the PLP Central Committee. They have all the power. Nothing will change if the PLP get re-elected, nothing! And you’ll be heading further down the road to financial slavery if they do get in. Cuz they have no clue how to govern.

        • Spikes says:

          Star man Bermudians could see through that shallow Rhetoric that you folks put out there about the PLP. Europe is coming apart at the seams and America is having a lot of problems as well. Of
          Course, a black Government is suppose to perform miracles, beyond and above everyone else. You intimated “black”so I’m responding to your racist innuendo. If a head of lettuce was put up as a candidate UBP/OBA fans would vote for it because you folk wouldn’t vote for a black Government. Plain and simple.

      • youngbermudian says:

        I agree with you 100%. and LOL @ ‘couldn’t win an election for a school PTA’!!

  8. Oh My Loving Heart says:

    Damn I missed the turkey give-away ..

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    A nice little bit of pre Christmas electioneering. I hope that, in the spirit of Christmas, all those present donated their services.

  10. Makai Dickerson says:

    Well done Madam Premier…..You can always tell how good a thing you have done based on the desperate reaction of the haters.

  11. freddyg says:

    Wish i were in BERMUDA to share in SPIRIT !!! God Bless !

  12. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    It’s the season of taking^^