OBA: Glen Smith Selected As Candidate

February 3, 2012

[Updated - Mr Smith seen canvassing in C#14 Devonshire North West] Deputy Mayor of Hamilton Glen Smith has resigned from the Council of the City of Hamilton, and will stand as a candidate for the One Bermuda Alliance in the next General Election.

Mayor of Hamilton Charles Gosling said, “Deputy Mayor Alderman Glen Smith, J.P. met with me on February 2, in the Mayor’s Parlour at City Hall and presented his letter of resignation with effect immediately. I reluctantly accepted his letter.”

Mayor Gosling added, “Mr. Smith has been selected as a candidate for the One Bermuda Alliance in the upcoming general election. Glen shares the view of the entire Council that municipal politics must remain apolitical.

“To ensure the City of Hamilton is seen in this light, individually, we may support a particular party but none of us will publically campaign on the behalf of, or run for, that party; a practice we would like to continue. Which is why, prior to any official announcement, Glen has taken this particular stance.”

Update: Mr Smith was seen out canvassing in Constituency #14 Devonshire North West, and has been leaving brochures like the one below with area residents.

The PLP has not made a formal announcement of who run in Devonshire North West, however the seat is presently held by Premier Paula Cox who won 69.59% of the vote vs the UBP’s Alan Marshall [492-215] in 2007.

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  1. Wandering says:

    Congratulations Mr. Smith and to the OBA. Keep the Candidates coming – I love it.

    • specialgirl4you says:

      CRONYISM, at the highest level…..no doubt, why you think he is now running for the OBA? When they do it…it is called business……when the PLP do it…..it is name as corruption. It is a form of direct “CRONYISM’ that ensure their interest.

      • YES MATE! says:

        Being a PLP supporter I’m sure you know all about CRONYISM.

  2. LaVerne Furbert says:

    Is this cronyism?

    “The City of Hamilton yesterday approved a pilot car washing programme for one of its parking lots.

    Alderman John Harvey told a Corporation meeting that Echo Car Cleaning hoped to eventually rent several parking spaces in a specified area of ‘key’ parking lots to run their operation.

    Echo Car Cleaning co-founder Donte Hunt said he was excited by the news, saying he was ready to move forward as soon as he has the Corporation’s approval.

    “We have got the truck, we have got the equipment and the staff. We are ready to roll,” he said.

    He said he hopes the company can eventually move into all of the Corporation’s parking lots, hiring two to four staff for each lot.

    Staff will use what Mr Hunt described as “state of the art steamers”, which are capable of providing a superior clean while using a fraction of the water.

    • ooops... says:

      simply put Laverne, No.

    • Gvt Mechanic says:

      eh? What kind of nonsense are you spouting now? What has this to do with the story – please enlighten me!

    • Victor says:

      Cronyism? Well Ms. Furbert, I would have thought that you and your party are the experts in that field.

    • Legal Reasons? says:

      let’s ask Walter Roban and Zane DeSilva for their view on the topic.

    • What is going on? says:

      Here you go again…. as I said in another article that you commented on… you are tiresome…. and now, all I do is laugh at your comments.

    • jt says:


    • Baltic Fury says:

      You are on a different planet, my dear.

    • Solidarity says:

      No this is transparency — the opposite to cronyism. He resigned from the corporation to be transparent and separte himself from the CoH before cronyism becomes a question. This appears to be a simple example of ethical behavior. Nothing to do with exploiting what is legally permitted. Everything to do with not being unethical and not demonstrating immoral Christian behavior. Everything to do with empathy for the ordinary Bermudian, their pensions and their children (and maintaining the bda$ at par with the US $)

    • wtf says:

      you are just pissed that you did not get it. Ask your bunch of retards thats in power for favors and go get at brain for your self and the rest of the clowns you hang your self with while you are at it!

  3. Friends helping Friends says:

    PLP help the PLP

    UBP/OBA help the UBP/OBA

    It’s called politricks.

    “Cronyism” is partiality to long-standing friends, especially by appointing them to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications.

  4. SamD says:

    Ms. Furbert. I don’t get it. The story regarding Mr. Smith is about the importance of keeping seperate the Corporation and national political parties. I am sure you agree this is a good thing, but are you suggesting that there is something wrong with the car cleaning agreement? If so, exactly what is wrong. It could be a legit story but you provide no details.

  5. LaVerne Furbert says:

    You’re slow. Glen Smith is the Deputy Mayor of the City of Hamilton. It is the City of Hamilton that is giving Donte Hunt, another OBA candidate the go-ahead for the car cleaning service in the City of Hamilton parking lots.

    • Tired says:

      And you are an idiot. It’s a car washing service…A CAR WASHING SERVICE.

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      And is he being paid by the taxpayers to do so? He actually has to pay the corporation for the designated areas.

      Now if you want to talk about cronyism lets talk about untendered contracts. Lets talk about the cruise ship pier, the attempted issuance of SDOs for sitting MPs, the award of a multi-milliondllar contract to Global Hue, the BLDC “consultancy fees” whcih cost $160k for a 16 page report that teh Govt refuses to let the taxpayer view, the smash and grab of the cement silos in Dockyard that were conveniently ended up in the hands of a certain construction boss. Lets talk about the awarding of taxpayer contracts regarding the new police building. Lets talk about the contracts for those infamous LED light in the new building…

      Lets talk…

      • PEPPER says:

        Wow…Tired of nonsence, you are so right…and guess what there is so much more to come…

    • star man says:

      Oh, so because it’s not another PLP F&F business, so it’s not okay. Really?! Get a grip, LF.

    • BermyGuy says:

      So should The Corporation Of Hamilton have given this to The Public Works Crew that washes the G.P. Cars Tuesdays outside The Cabinet Office and support The B.I.U. instead ?

    • What is going on? says:


    • Rick Rock says:

      Is the Deputy Mayor paying himself $160,000 to write a 10-page report for the Deputy Mayor to read?

    • OMG says:

      Not a slow as you are to figure out that Donte has other businesses in town and has submitted a proper legit business which will get rid of the rif raf that makes town a mess

    • Not distracted says:

      The only thing you say that is correct is THE CITY gave a local vendor a contract. The fact that the vendor proposed his idea to the technical staff of the city who then review and table for a committee to review and recommend AND that in a PUBLIC OPEN meeting this was recommended in principle subject to final assessment of the technical staff on some concerns raised, seems to have slipped your comment . Possibly because an open TRANSPARENT process cannot be seen in our national projects you may not know what you are looking at. Bermuda is small sometimes small minded but that is why things need to be done in the OPEN.
      As an FYI. The staff are not directed by the elected members (see code of conduct) Oh that’s right that does not exist elsewhere either. Before you cast erroneous comments implying underhanded methods you really should read what’s already in the public domain.

  6. Assinine says:

    UM… OK, so the former UBP Campaign Chair becomes an OBA Candidate for Parliament.

    OBA is looking fresh and different…. (sarcasm)

    • Love the facts says:

      Remember this was an announcement by the Corporation, not the OBA. Glen Smith is not a candidate until the OBA confirms it.

    • Love the facts says:

      In fact, Bernews made an error by posting the headline as coming from the OBA and using the logo. They should retract the headline.

  7. d-reader says:

    does anyone have a picture of this gentleman?

    • Vegas says:

      I’ll bet you the next election he’s a white man!

      • Nate albert says:

        Damn right he is

      • observer says:

        I wouldn’t care if he is blue, as long as he can help get us out of the mess we are in. We as black and white bermudians need to stop the race thing and judge a person on his merit. He will be a great addition if he has been picked? Unfortunately, many of us would look at his color and not his integrity and ability. So sad!!

      • LOL(imposter) says:


  8. LaVerne Furbert says:

    It’s only cronyism when it concerns PLP MPs. You all are jokers.

    • jt says:

      Jokes on you LF. You just admitted the PLP are guilty of it.

    • Solidarity says:

      Cronyism is best illustrated by persons who refuse to resign from any position because of potential financial gain. Smith has resigned from a voluntary position without pay to contest a seat for Paula Cox who gets several high paid salaries and is currently the queen of cronyism. He is contesting the finance minister who has made the poor people of Bermuda hopeless and powerless and pathetically without potential during a debt crisis of $1,200,000,000 for minimum 5 years. The poor in Bermuda do not read politics, they do not differentiate between money, government and business, and they are being emasculated, devalued, and abused by a tenous feminime domination in politics that is continually threatened by the male chauvinist behind the scenes government structure. Black women may be the figureheads for the country, but they are victims of male domination and male chauvinist thinking and they are too weak to stand up against it.

    • PEPPER says:

      Lavern, think about it you were a senator for how long ? the people of Bermuda have enough of you…so old girl get a life…..the people of bda have had enough of your hate..when you call the talk shows we all turn you off.

  9. LaVerne Furbert says:

    Cronyism exists when the appointer (City of Hamilton Deputy Mayor and OBA candidate) and the beneficiary (Donte Hunt, OBA candidate)are in social contact.

    Get it yet?

    • Rick Rock says:

      Wow, you’re suddenly very exercised about suspected cronyism.

      Hypothetically, would it be cronyism for someone to give $28m government contracts to their friends overseas in return for nothing of value?

    • jt says:

      BIU meeting must have been a real hum-dinger.

    • jt says:

      BTW – when our trash is collected will it be before next Tuesday and at regular pay?

    • jt says:

      This was a singular decision by Glen Smith or required a vote by Corporation?

    • Whatever says:

      I doubt the Deputy Mayor has the authority to unilaterally approve contracts.

    • LOL(imposter) says:

      Got it. It’s kinda like Dr. Brown and the owner of Globalhue, 28 million non-tendered dollars later…

    • Neighbour says:

      Donte Hunt is paying the Corportation, not the other way around. Its not an important position, and its not a political boost or favour. We are talking about a car washing service so Im pretty sure you cant say that he is not qualified. So explain please how Cronyism fits what you are talking about?

      Below are the definations I found for the word>

      Cronyism: the practice of appointing friends to high-level, esp political, posts regardless of their suitability


      1840, “friendship,” from crony + -ism. Meaning “appointment of friends to important positions, regardless of ability” is originally Amer.Eng., from c.1950.

      Cronyism is partiality to long-standing friends, especially by appointing them to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications. Hence, cronyism is contrary in practice and principle to meritocracy. ..

      Cronyism exists when the appointer and the beneficiary are in social contact; often, the appointer is inadequate to hold his or her own job or position of authority, and for this reason the appointer appoints individuals who will not try to weaken him or her, or express views contrary to those of the appointer. Politically, “cronyism” is derogatorily used.

    • still not distracted says:

      The challenge you have is that you cannot see past the chip on your sholder. The fact is the Deputy Mayor did not appoint this contract. He was one of an eight person committee including a representative of the EEZ, that recomended the proposal to the full Board for review. He was one of NINE elected members who reviewed the recomendation and approved only in principle and the final go / no go would be from the assessment of the proposal and process along with the concerns raised by the technical staff of the City. The dealings with the final recomendation review were handled only by the technical staff.

      If you only want to see a connection that suits your purpose then Bermuda is the perfect spot. I doubt whether there are 2 degrees of separation for most people in the island which why any deliberation has to be in the open.

  10. What is going on? says:

    LOL…… yep, we all “GET IT” LOL again.

  11. haha says:

    Wonder where he is running?

  12. GMS says:

    Were there other parties interested in providing this car wash service?
    If yes, were these parties not given the chance to bid on the concession?
    And, if yes, were these parties not members of the OBA, like the former Deputy Mayor?

    IF the answer to those questions, all three of them, is yes, then you can call in cronyism.

    Please provide evidence to support your supposition, Laverne.

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      GMS, I take it you are Glen Smith, the former Deputy Mayor, now OBA candidate. My information tells me that that you have been intimately involved with the OBA/UBP for some time now, however if you choose to remain anonymous, I have no problem with that as the majority of posters on Bermuda’s blogs choose to hide behind aliases as you have done.

      I find it interesting that the City of Hamilton (The Corporation of Hamilton) has now decided to allow car washing in its parking lots, when it was outlawed some years ago. However, when frustrated car cleaner Andre Simmons raised the issue at a Corporation public meeting, he was bascially shot down.

      Maybe you can tell us at what point it becaame a “concession”. I don’t recall seeing RFP (Request for Proposal) advertised by the Corporation of Hamilton.

      Additionally, what is the plan for the numerous independent car washers throughout the City of Hamilton?

      • Neighbour says:

        Cronyism –

        Definintion: A practice often used by unions on small islands.

      • still not distracted says:

        If you had attended the Town Hall meetings you would have been aware that both the City and the EEZ have tried ( this is the second time) to get the persons illegally washing cars in the City car parks to be organised in an approved form. The SBDC drew up a suggested structure and guideline – it was simple and a one pager.The city secretary actually met with persons reportedly representing the group of car washers but the fact is the washers never moved forward inpspite of the efforts of the secretary and the director of the SBDC.
        You can beat the drum LF but there is nothing there but the mists of days gone by.

  13. Cleancut says:

    You fools all fell into Laverne Furbert’s Trap. In one short blog she stole the thunder from a great Business man Glen Smith, and DIVERTED it into a car wash. VOTES LOST!!!

  14. Hmmmm says:

    Did the PLP decide to take a 10% cut in salary? If they did it now, why couldn’t they do it when the majority of the public were asking them at Paula’s “Do more with less” campaign last year. PLP doing too little and too late. Oh sorry, after reading LaVernes schoolyard nonsense, I thought this was a free for all.

    • so-n-so says:

      because it is close to an election, closer than if she anounced a pay cut last year. its so all the faithfuls will forget all the wrongdoings of the past 4 years, and still vote them back in.

  15. Maddog says:

    Well done Laverne Furbert they all fell for it.

    • Rockfish#1 and #2 says:

      I am amazed at how easily The Defender/8 votes can get some of you to take her bait! I forgot, what was the initial subject about again?

    • jt says:

      Fell for what? You’re suggesting she knew she was lying. Interesting. I think there is a legal term for that.

  16. Trident says:

    the oba just don’t get it:

  17. Rick Rock says:

    Bernews, is there a reason why two of my posts in response to LaVerne are still ‘awaiting moderation’? Quite a few others, mostly supportive of LaVerne, have gone through in the hours since I posted them. Thanks.

  18. Victor says:

    Cronyism Ms. Furbert? Who cares? Let’s applaud Mr. Hunt for being in business and not simply another politician looking for another Government sinecure! Let’s applaud Mr. Smith and Mayor Gosling for being men of principle and following proper protocol and being transparent! Their’s is an ethic Cabinet would be wise to study – it’s never too late to learn about honor and honesty.

  19. Honestly says:

    If their was a tender for a car washing service I believe anyone shouldve been allowed to put in a contract. Anyone in the public, not just Hunt! Mmmmm. So the OBA are starting to do underhanded things just like what the PLP is accused of. So. That makes them on the same page of, All about me! The OBA want to get their hands of the purse so they can do damage while getting bonus pay. I’ve heard it all!

    • star man says:

      There were no other tenders because this car washing concept was an innovative new idea of Donte Hunt’s. The car wash charges too much and needs some competition. He had something new… the City liked it. End of story.

      If this idea was presented to the PLP F&F likely would have stolen it. It wouldn’t be the first time either. The PLP are plum out of original ideas! That’s why there are so very few entrepreneurs presenting their ideas to our Government.

      BTW I’m extremely pleased the City did not cave into the outrageous demands of the PLP when they were attempting to take over Hamilton, politically.

  20. specialgirl4you says:

    laVern, Yes it is Cronyism exists when the appointer (City of Hamilton Deputy Mayor and OBA candidate) and the beneficiary (Donte Hunt, OBA candidate)are in social contact. But, you must remember the termiology and definitions change when the OBA is doing it. It that were any PLP members/supporters/MPs OBA/UBP would be screaming out loud……CRONYISM. “YOU see when they do it, it is called “business,” when the PLP do it it is called “corruption.”

    Get it yet?

    • Rick Rock says:

      So Betty, between Roban, DeSilva and Furbert, was it cronyism or corruption?

    • Cleancut says:

      The reason it is PLP “CRONYISM” is because the public usually end up loosings millions!!!!!!

    • jt says:

      Special Girl – you’re suggesting the Deputy Mayor has unilateral power to make this decision.

  21. Victor says:

    I admit my naivete and ignorance. Ms. Furbert, you were right all along. This is an outrageous case of cronyism. These are surely the type of folk who hold public office for all the wrong reasons. I give Thanks to The Good Lord that we have the PLP to protect the public purse and interest. Indeed, imagine how bad things would now be if the UBP cum OBA had charge of such valuable and important national/public assets such as the Bermuda Housing Corp, L.F Wade International Airport, Bermuda Land Corp, the West End Cruise docks, etc. Even worse, imagine how much worse off we would all be if they had been in charge of say the tourism budget; they would never, never, never have hired as reputable and qualified a firm as Global Hue. I would be remiss not to mention public transportation; no doubt in my mind that the PLP Government purchased the best fast ferries at the best possible price. And public pension funds, I’m sure they are all as well run as the hospital’s. All in all, well done PLP – You Are Shining Beacons Up On The Hill. Finally, lest I forget Ms. Furbert, Thanks to The Good Lord for you too for making it all so obvious!

  22. Itsaboutallofus says:

    I would be very interested to know if this was put out to tender, how many people applied for it and what the process was in granting this contract to Mr. Hunt.

    In regards to Mr Smith running for OBA…just more of the same.

    • Freedom says:

      itsallaboutyou and people that look like you tough guy….you’d like to know who…….we all would like to know who YOU are too? Maybe somebody powerful in PLP that wants a hand out from a venture capitalist? There are only so mant venture capitalist’ on this island, so leave this one alone, hes black, ;m white….good for him for taking the initiative and working hard to better his family!

    • Neighbour says:

      Remember, people – this is a test case. All it implies is that he has been given approval to test the waters and he is paying the Corp, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. If it works out, perhaps others can submit proposals and a do the same at other parking lots. People, think ahead next time and start putting your proposals together instead of being misdirected from the true story.

  23. YES MATE! says:

    De Docta and Dennis DeDockbuilda have been aceboys for years and Dennis DeDockbuilda gets the untendered contract to (sloppily) build Heritage Wharf along with a few other government contracts. So, Spashulneedsgirl and LaWerne is this cronyism or not?

  24. d-reader says:

    oh well he dont stand a chance…maybe a nice chap and all..but political canon fodder @ this point
    plp stronghold..

  25. Stick to your “guns” Ms. Furbert and continue to let Bermuda know what “you and the PLP Govt. stand for”! There is no doubt that you truly embody the real character, values and vision of the Progessive Labour Party.

  26. Freedom says:

    next word Laverne…Nepotisom……..Laverne Furbert/Chris Furbert……….xoxox

  27. Flip says:

    Just ignore laughVerne she’s gone off ?!¥€&! Lol

  28. Triangle Drifter says:

    So, what if it is Mr Hunts idea? He goes to the COH & submits HIS idea. The COH likes Mr HUNT’S idea & makes a business agreement with him. Whats the problem?

    But no, lets do it the PLP way. Somebody, not a PLP member or assumed supporter goes to the PLP with an idea for a business to be conducted on Government (the peoples property). The PLP committee dealing with the area turn the person with the idea down. More than likely don’t even respond.

    Next thing you know a prominent PLP insider has an ‘IDEA’ for a business. Same business, same location. Grand announcement in the media. “Look at what WE thought of!”

    Sound familiar???

  29. Triangle Drifter says:

    With regards to Glen Smith, in any advanced democracy where candidates are judged on success or failure Mr Smith should unseat Paula Cox by a landslide.

    Mr Smith has a record of business success. He has been accountable to himself as a business owner & his many employees who rely on him to make sound business decisions.

    Paula Cox has been a huge disappointment & utter failure as Finance Minister, PLP Leader & now a dismal failure as Premier. She has never owned or run a successful business in her life. She has been accountable to no one.

    Alas, Mr Smiths chances of of winning the seat are slim, no matter how much time he spends out canvassing the district. It it is not likely Paula Cox will go out canvassing at all. The voters are nowhere near mature enough to vote on issues & ability. It will be vote party, no matter the hopeless performance, & vote based on other reasons would be non issues in an advanced democracy.

    • hmmm says:

      Some of you fail to realize that just because you hate the PLP and you dislike Paula Cox or Ewart Brown or whoever the PLP runs, there are many people who are not on the same page as you. You will see on election day!

  30. Trident says:

    Glen Smith, Michael Fahy, Michael Dunkley, Grant Gibbons, Trevor Morris, smh

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Your point???? Is there one? I see the names of 5 capable, successful, credilbe Bermuda men. What are you shaking your head about.

    • PEPPER says:

      Trident ,this is a great team to take over the governing of this Island,and don’t forget the twenty five year old female who has joined the OBA,and also Ras Makal.
      The OBA, have my favorite politician Pam Gordon,sad to think we wil not have Mrs Jacksonon on board this fantastic train that will drive us out of this mess we are in.
      I hope Kim Swan and Charlie Swan,team up with these fantastic candidates..

  31. Trident says:

    less we forget, this was what the blogosphere was saying about the fake scandal du jour during the run up to last election almost 5 years ago:

    Re: Letter from BHC Whistleblower…
    « Reply #2 on: June 13, 2007, 11:19:17 AM »

    Not only is there enough to get this gov’t thrown out of office, but there’s enough (by the sounds of it) to have half of these guys/gals thrown in jail! If they get voted back in after this there is NO hope what-so-ever!

    Unbelievable stuff.


    the blogheads were wishful thinking then and they’re wishful thinking now. c u @ the polls

  32. Trident says:

    the blogheads day after the 2007 election:

    Re: 1st counts
    « Reply #14 on: December 18, 2007, 10:31:50 PM »

    Looks like the PLP have won by about 22/14.



    Re: 1st counts
    « Reply #22 on: December 18, 2007, 10:48:39 PM »

    Actually, in the raw vote total, the UBP is doing worse than it did in ’03, I think; latest is:

    UBP: 13651
    PLP: 15652


    hmmm, where will the oba get 2000+ votes

  33. Barracuda says:


  34. Blake Burgess says:

    You think all your bickering is going to go anywhere on here? News flash, it’s not going anywhere..

    So why can’t we be nice? and maybe just agree to disagree.. is that too hard?

    You all can’t even put your names in your comments because you don’t want to be recognized.. Bicker on a news website and stay hidden behind your computers.

    In reality, your bickering goes nowhere. People, like myself, read them and laugh at all the ignorant people in Bermuda who think they know what they’re talking about and actually think their word means more than someone elses.

    Lay down people…

  35. LaVerne Furbert says:

    From the RG – March 31, 2011
    Mr (Andre) Simmons explained he’s held a range of jobs in the city for more than 30 years, including as a carriage driver and entertainer, but times are hard.
    “I went in the last four years from working six nights per week to what may this year be one night per week. I’ve had to use different avenues to support myself and my family,” he told Mr Gosling.
    “I’ve had to struggle to make money these past few years. I have a small car cleaning service. It’s mobile, but right now I can’t afford to license my van or get it insured.
    “Over the last few months I’ve encountered situations with the police and the Corporation with car washing within the city. If I operate a business, is there any avenue for me to do my work in car parks? If not, how to we have a designated area?”
    Mr Gosling told Mr Simmons that the ban is still active, but he is willing to reconsider the issue.
    “Given the state of the economy I would be remiss not to hear you. Come in and make representations to the Corporation. We will certainly give you that opportunity,” he said.

    • jt says:

      So it appears that persons were afforded opportunity to make application and receive consideration. Are you privy to the content of the applications LF? Did Mr. Simmons follow up?

  36. specialgirl4you says:

    Itsaboutallofus this is an important question that you asked: “I would be very interested to know if this was put out to tender, how many people applied for it and what the process was in granting this contract to Mr. Hunt.” If not it is “CRONYISM” at the highest level. But, you must remember the termiology and definitions change when the OBA is doing it. It that were any PLP members/supporters/MPs OBA/UBP would be screaming out loud……CRONYISM, CRONYISM….. “YOU see when they do it, it is called “business,” when the PLP do it it is called “corruption.”

    Get it yet?

    • star man says:

      People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Get it yet?

    • LOL (original) says:

      For a car wash that’s the highest level of cronyism you can come up with? Do you live in a padded room only to let out to blog when the PLP masters tell you to do so? You’ve been cage for 13 years poor girl……………


      • specialgirl4you says:

        “I would be very interested to know if this was put out to tender, how many people applied for it and what the process was in granting this contract to Mr. Hunt.” If not it is “CRONYISM” at the highest level. As normal resort to name calling, as your argument is extremely weak. It is CRONYISM at an extremely high level, yet it is consider okay as it is the UBP/OBA doing it, which they did for many years. No Auditor General report for over 10 years and more during their time in powder. They were and are the Masters of CRONYISM.

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          Wrong cronyism is giving LV a post in the senate ex premier’s cousin, the Listers, have the PLP MP’s are related. Some are qualified but others are not. You call people names and put others views down on a regular PLP MO but my argument is weak lol, back to your padded room……………


  37. Jim Bean says:

    plp please leave parliament

  38. Real Talk says:

    @baracuda,@jim bean…um…okay…see u at the polls – my church has rented 3 minibuses to take voters to the polls all day. bwaahahaha

  39. ishta says:

    Cronyism…The practice of appointing friends to High Level,esp political,posts Reguardless of their suitability…World English Dictionary.. for those who dont know the meaning….Peace to ALL

  40. Pastor Syl says:

    This is so ludicrous! So Donte Hunt gets to WASH CARS in a parking lot and is given permission by a committee, and because ONE person on that committee is an OBA member – who has resigned from the Corporation, by the way – it’s cronyism?!? Cronyism is appointing people to high level, political positions where they are able to make lots of money, usually out of the public purse. Washing cars really doesn’t cut it, and LaVerne, it makes you look like you are grasping at straws.

  41. Don't get it says:

    please help me with my ignorance, why would anyone contest or be upset over a car wash that could possibly employ persons that do not have employment. Why is it always about color and politics and not about getting people back to work.