Over 600 STD Cases Reported Last Year

February 13, 2012

From February 13th to 17th 2012, The Department of Health will be observing its second annual Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week.

Last year, over 600 sexually transmitted infections were reported; 468 of Chlamydia, 79 of Gonorrhoea, 8 of HIV, 41 of Herpes, and 4 of Syphilis, with 52% in persons under 25 years of age.

A statement said, “This observance is held around Valentine’s Day to encourage persons to consider the importance of sexual and reproductive health. During the week there will be radio advertisements, trivia challenges and distribution of condoms and sexual and reproductive health information.

“The Department of Health is continuing its campaign of “Have the Conversation” which encourages persons to talk about sexual health with their partners, relatives, and healthcare providers.

“The Department of Health advises use of “The Five P’s of Sexual Health” to guide the conversation. This includes discussion about Partners, Practices, Prevention of pregnancy, Past history of sexually transmitted infections and Prevention of sexually transmitted infection.

“In 2011, over 600 sexually transmitted infections were reported to the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit. This includes 468 cases of Chlamydia, 79 cases of Gonorrhoea, 8 cases of HIV, 41 cases of Herpes, and 4 cases of Syphilis. The majority of cases (52%) are in persons under 25 years of age.

“The Department of Health also recognizes that the international themes underpinning the goals of this observance are pleasure, safety and respect. We encourage every sexually active person to have these important conversations with their partner and health care professional.

“During Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week, and throughout the year, take charge of your sexual and reproductive health by talking with your doctor or calling the Communicable Disease Control Clinic at 441-278-6442 or the Maternal Health and Family Planning Clinic at 441-278-6441.”

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  1. FREDDY G says:

    Wake up people ! Life is too short to play…….

  2. reality check says:

    smh..sort it out condoms are free at the clinic!