Photos: CCTV Images Of Armed Robbery

March 22, 2012

The Bermuda Police have released CCTV photos of the armed robbery at Serpentine Liquors last Thursday [Mar.15].

The police said they are releasing the photos to seek the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect, who may possibly have a limp or be bow legged.

A police spokesperson said, “The Serious Crime Unit continues to investigate a number of robberies in recent days.

“Members of the public will recall that the Serpentine Liquors shop on Serpentine Road, Pembroke was robbed at what appears to be gunpoint at about 4:25pm on Thursday 15th March, 2012.”

“A man in a blue hooded coat with a black helmet & full face visor entered the store and stole a quantity of cash before escaping on the back of a waiting motorcycle that was being ridden by a second suspect.

“To date, detectives have interviewed several witnesses and reviewed CCTV footage of the incident, from which we are releasing the attached photos.

“We are taking the step of releasing these photos to seek the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect shown. It appears that the suspect in the shop is holding a silver coloured firearm, and may possibly have a limp or be bow legged.

“Anyone that can assist the Bermuda Police Service in identifying this man or provide any information that can bring these offenders to justice is urged to call the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the independent & confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

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  1. Ronell Landy says:

    Looking at the ccv photos you could almost think it was a small framed woman.
    There are young girls out there doing these terrible things to. I cant wait untill they recover that gun and any other. Bermuda you need to continue to stand up for right and talk. Tell what you know, share what you see. Our country can be safe again if we all pitch in.

    • Truth says:

      No, it’s a guy – a Sissy of a guy. A poor excuse of a man. We should give him a name and shame him publicly. Any ideas?

      How about:

      Sissy Robber
      School Girl Gangsta
      Femme Not-so-Fatale
      Serpentine Sissy
      Purple Coat Perp

      Have fun with it ppl – I could go on all day. Make him wish he had worn big boy clothes.

  2. tricks are for kids says:

    Finally! I commented when the first article appeared as to why the Police wouldn’t show the CCTV footage like they do in the States!!! This is a move in the right direction….

  3. Concerned says:

    Someone out there knows who this is… do the right thing please…

  4. just a thought says:

    the actually video would be even better….someone may notice the persons gait.

  5. Grace Bell says:

    Since there was a report of someone seeing 2 persons dressed in black going at break neck speed within minutes of what occured at the liquor store on Serpentine Rd, and also the incident of the rider who road that dirt bike to Sandys’ so might it be time to add some cameras in the lanes that leads down to Devonshire and Orange Valley.

  6. karen says:

    He/she has been in there before at some point to know what the layout is. Tall order to look back at all the previous cctv but…………

    • bermyshotta says:

      everyone who been in der before kno de layout lol

  7. Shaking the Head says:

    That’s not a guy. The footwear does not look like the type worn by the bros. More like a sista.

  8. Observer says:

    I agree with Ronell and Shaking…looks like a female to me. The legs are wicked slim and the way the person holds his/her body makes me think this is a woman…

  9. hmph says:

    Those skinny little bow legged legs…. somebody should have tripped that lil a$%! I must agree tho. That does kind of look like a female

  10. Shaking My Head.. says:

    Check out the b%tch a$$ sneakers.. You know who where’s them now say yo peace..

  11. nelly says:

    why aren’t dark visors banned??? come on Bermuda Government!!

    • hmph says:

      They don’t need to ban dark visors, because that would just be an inconvenience for people like me, shades are not enough. Perhaps they should ban full face visors. Because I have this helmet but my tinted visor does not come down that far, it only covers my eyes.

      • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

        Just because you ban it doesn’t mean criminals wont use it…

        Criminal: “I want to rob this store in my shaded full face visor, but its against the law so I will just leave it home…”


        • Tommy Chong says:

          If its banned someone ridding down the road with it on looks awkward. Thats why its easy for police to spot people using mobile devices in transit now BECAUSE ITS BANNED SO ONLY A FEW DUMMIES DO IT.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Oh yes! Let’s sacrifice our safety for your convenience. RIDING A MOTORBIKE IS A PRIVILEGE & A NON NECESSITY! GET SOME SKI GOGGLES FOR YOUR POOR EXCUSE!

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          Then they will ban them too, just like they wanted to ban hoods, in the US they tryied to ban gang colors no of the above worked.


          • Tommy Chong says:

            The U.S. is bigger & the street layouts are different where they have hundreds of alleyways a perp can dock down where no one goes. It cant be compared to here.

            In Bermuda they wouldn’t need to ban ski goggles for those with “sensitive eyes” because as long as they made it a law they had to be clear people could still see the shape & colour of the eyes.

            As for hoods yes it should be banned that hoods are worn up because we don’t live in the tundra so why would you need to wear it up. Someone who is allowed to walk around with their hood up if they wanted to could use it to disguise themselves not just to mug but also to shoplift or remain at large if a warrant is out for them.

            The gang colours is not an issue here because gang members know who rival members are & most gang members from any area here choose to where all black or jeans & a white tee.

            Its not unknown for us to have dress code laws here. Back in the 30s it was a misdemeanor to wear shorts that were an inch above the knee hence Bermuda shorts. I do think this law would be ridiculous but just making a point that this isn’t something rare to happen here.

            Of course no law works if police presence is not a regular occurrence & if they are not enforced by the police. @enough if your trolling I did type IF & didn’t make any accusations so take it easy & don’t jump to conclusions.

  12. sickening says:

    What about the neighboring businesses, did you pick up this wicked person in these clothes. The shoes do look girlish though, it looks like a male

  13. joeshmo says:

    I am sure that the person wasnt silent.. therefore the cashier should be able to tell if it was a female or not… becuase from the pics, i am kinda convinced that it is female

  14. Tommy Chong says:

    I also agree this does look like a female by the build & stride but could be a skinny male. Also the sneakers look like a brand called supra which is only sold at choices in Bermudiana Arcade or online. The sneakers are white but don’t look that dirty which could mean they’ve just been bought. Actually even the jacket looks quite new. Maybe someone could identify the jacket brand but I’m almost certain from how high the tongue is & the shape those sneakers are supras which are quite popular at the moment & pricey. This person doesn’t seem like a ruffian type hanging on the street who doesn’t care about their clothing.

  15. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Definitely a girl. If not he walks like a girl. Perhaps a – you know. A PLP minister in the house! A homosexual. A bender. A brownie. A Stubbson. A late autograph hunter. Wears comfortable shoes. Likes tennis and ice skating. Drinks campari & soda. Comes from Orange Valley. Anybody got the idea yet?

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      You’re stupid

    • Grizz says:

      Your comments are so disrespectful and out of order….why not stick to the subject…(I’m sorry you are entitled to an opinion…no matter how ASININE they are – and just in case you don’t know what that means…it’s ridiculous, lacking common sense!)

    • Paula Cox's Orange Pippin says:

      Yeah nice work Cedar, reinforcing the homophobic Bermuda idiocy. Not even funny either.

  16. Sista says:

    I will agree with everyone. I looked at the photo by way of using a magnifying glass. This really looks like a female. Skinny jeans plus look at the foot wear. Bernews, do you know if we the public can hear the video footage. May be a voice can also help find this low life.

    • Concerned Retailer says:

      There’s no way Serpentine Liquors has audio recording on their security system.

  17. Hmmmm says:

    That is a guy, the perspective of the camera is fooling you. Someone shoukd definately recognize this clothing as someones or their own. It could be borrowed or stolen. Think hard. Who have you seen with this stuff , then call the police. If hey are innocent, great, then it is one less erson to question.

  18. Tricia says:

    How are you supposed to recognise someone from this? But I agree that it’s definitely someone trying to hide their sex (like boobs) with that baggy jacket.

  19. James Goodfellow says:

    It is probably a future PLP politician. Don’t they rob banks in their youth, go into politics a few years later, exercise in the gym with their shirt and tie on and work in some phony government consultancy role?
    The police should also focus their attention on the children of PLP politicians, they tend to be pillars of society with their shootings, drug dealing and sexual assault.

  20. James Goodfellow says:

    It is probably a future PLP politician. Don’t they rob banks in their youth, go into politics a few years later, exercise in the gym with their shirt and tie on and work in some phony government consultancy role?
    The police should also focus their attention on the children of PLP politicians.

    • Really?? says:

      Or maybe it’s a future OBA politician, don’t they steal drugs from evidence lockers to resell on the streets, go to jail, come out and go into politics. The police should also focus their attention on OAB politicians.

  21. Death to party politics says:

    Gonna join the chorus who say it looks like a female. Particularly the top and bottom pictures to the far right….

  22. White Belt says:

    That is no female. look at the white belt. Pants falling off.

    • Woahh says:

      There are females who wear their pants falling off…

      • Can't Take It Anymore says:

        The woman said it was a man who robbed the store and so did the police fools!

  23. cant believe it says:

    show the damn footage not freaking pictures in bermuda we can identify a persom just by looking at them from the back an how they walk…come on yall should know how we as bermudians are, show the dang on footage and i bet my life that a person would be like oh thats so an so

  24. Think First says:

    Yes the footwear, body build and TIGHT jeans suggests female, but there are way too many guys out there, buying girls sneakers cause they like the style and colours as well as wearing VERY TIGHT jeans!!!! just take a walk around town at what the guys of today are wearing…..its a crying shame

    Mind you I AM NOT saying that this is not a female I’m just stating it could very well be a dude.

  25. Mad Dawg says:

    It’s either a chick or a very dainty man.

  26. Dude says:

    Fella is guaranteed to be wearing these clothes on another CCTV camera this same day…

    Good luck reviewing the tapes…

  27. Tommy Chong says:

    I don’t like blaming the kids since the majority I know & see are on the right track. After this being stated maybe the reason this person seems to be a female is because they are a teenage male. Not stating that teenage males here are girly but they would be lighter on their toes than an adult. Also the skinny jeans & hightops plus white belt is trendy for teens at the moment.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Another thing I forgot to add is the shoulders are a bit brood for a female.

  28. trees says:

    Cameras also needs to below eye level as even without a helmet it’s hard to get clear definition of a person.

  29. United says:

    I have an idea. When it comes to any business in Bermuda, keep the doors locked and when someone comes to the door, buzz them in and if they have the helmet with the visors or they are wearing a hooded jaket and they do not take it off they are not allowed in. Just an idea.

  30. Nafwa says:

    Male, female or shemale. It makes no difference. The madness has to stop.

  31. Joanne Kippax says:

    Unfortunately, it looks like ALL stores will have to have a Security Guard out front and ask anyone with a helmet to take it off BEFORE entering?

  32. REALISM says:

    my thing is now days everyone wears coats everywere. so more than likely he or she was somewhere say walking in that coat. people need to speak up. its common sense. it may even be a co worker..not many people wear bright blue jackets thats hard to spot! i believe its a guy though. from the pics..but then again its someone standing right next to them in the middle pic of the second set that you can clearly see. im sure someones got a description by now come on BDA!

  33. Bank Rolled says:

    Like Bounty Killer sang….Can’t Believe Say Tight Pants Come In Again….Can’t Believe My Eyes, Can’t Believe My Eyes.

    Jay-Z sang…I Don’t Wear Skinny Jeans Cause My Nuts Don’t Fit…




    • Tommy Chong says:

      WHATEVER MAN!!! All this gangster mentality started with the baggy pants looking like you came out of prison NWA mindset. Both Bounty Killer & Jay Z are frauds preaching their gangster ideas especially Jay Z with his all black everything I used to sling yay lyrics. He wants to rap about tight pants but his producer is the biggest tight pant wearer out there. Jay Z also said if he had a daughter he’d name her Brooklyn Carter but did he!?!?!?! His kind have killed the REAL HIP HOP & implanted the disease of gangster rap. Now hip hop is trying to revive itself with intelligent talented artist who don’t care about looking gangster or what you homophobes think.

      Like tight pants wearing more creative & intelligent than Jay Z would ever be Lupe Fiasco says,
      “No mentioned in the history of the chained, the enemy No Hennessy sentiments in its name Just an unmarked grave that menaces have defamed With the propaganda, and images of the gangs A lost art, no apprentices in the trained And they brainwashed, no interest in this thing Then the minds weary, only adrenaline and a dream While the wrecking balls is disassembling things”

      Wear what ever you want young brothers become a NERD because it stands for No One Ever Really Dies so unless we stop the HATER mentality & give birth to the LOVE the cycle will never break. Don’t be scared to be intelligent & open minded because that will take you to intelligence levels & places where the HATERS clipped wings will never take them & soon they will become bitter & stagnant while you live on fresh as ever.

      • amen says:

        Yeah I mean let’s blame all the actors too for the violence they glorify in their movies. Smh.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          The actors are not going around like the rappers do proclaiming to be gangsters & brainwashing the young with this mentality to sell their image. Although the majority of the new school gangsters like John Gotti have admitted they’ve learned the gangster code from watching The Godfather. I’m sure the gangster wannabes in Bermuda are not walking around listening to Bruno Mars or have a dvd collection of Tyler Perry movies. Just look at the historical increase of gang violence in America that started with the release of NWAs first album. African descended children aren’t born wanting to be gangsters but after constantly being bombarded with images of gangster culture they get affected. Just take our history of gangs in Bermuda for example which didn’t come about till the late eighties when cablevision was introduced & along with it was rap tv. Before this it was all about break dancing & beat boxing now its about calling each other by the N word & wearing the most expensive coke white sneakers. Even Reggae has transformed from Bob’s One Love to Vybz Kartel’s Pass Mi Gun.

          • amen says:

            It doesn’t matter. They are both entertainment, don’t blame one and not the other. Yeah let’s blame rappers for why parents can’t raise their bad ass children properly. Music is worse than visual images or violence/drug use/sexual promiscuity? They are the same thing, just expressed differently. I, along with many relatives and friends listen and love Hip Hop and aren’t into the gangster lifestyle. In fact we hate it but we can recite Jay-Z songs word for word. You want to know the common theme among us and why we aren’t into that lifestyle? We all had good parents who raised us properly. NO CHILDREN are born wanting to be a gangster! Are you serious with that comment? Who raised those children is the question? The parents. NOT Jay-Z so who does the responsibility fall to? Get real. When your parents are drug addicts and heavy drinkers, out doing it big in the clubs and condoning your bad behavior or the children rebel from lack of guidance and love of course that will create these monsters. Hip Hop has nothing to do with Bermudas problems especially. We have parents who are not much older than their own kids wanting to relive their youth and partying with their own children. It’s the parents who are ultimately responsible and glorifying the thug lifestyle. I’ve seen it my whole life in Bermuda. Hip Hop changed from break dancing and beat boxing because like everything else in this world-it evolved. Hip Hop is a beautiful art form that’s deals heavy in hyperbole, kitsch, parody, double entendres, signification, etc. Most people don’t understand it and thus hate it and label it “bad”. People fear what they don’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer. Shouts out to Nas. Your reference to Jay-Z proclaiming he’d name his daughter Brooklyn based on his song shows me how you take all rap lyrics literally and also don’t understand them. Like Jay said “Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?”

            The influx of gangster culture in the 80′s, in the United States, came about from the crack epidemic. Parents were strung out and leaving their children to be raised by the streets. Which is why rappers talk about that-that was their reality and things changed. It’s reality of the black experience for them growing up. You have a problem with reality? It’s okay so long as they don’t talk about it? They did’t create it they were given it. Funny enough you mention Bruno Mars…who is a coke addict. Google it. Vybz Kartel is also a dancehall artist, there’s a difference. That’s not to say some idiots out there take it literally and may be misled into unhealthy forms of behavior. Yes Hip Hop/Rap needs to be called out for it’s lesser qualities and failures but even the strongest of criticisms of it comes from within it’s own community. With that said you are simplifying such a major issue and misdirecting the blame. Bermuda’s social ill’s are much larger and more complex than to simply say rap music is at fault. I could go on and on but I’ve already said too much.

            • Tommy Chong says:

              Get your facts straight Jay Z music is not Hip Hop it is Gangster Rap. Just put a C in the front of the rap word & thats actually what it is. You say WE can recite Jay-Z songs word for word. I hope WE doesn’t include you’re kids cause that would be just sick that you kids would be rapping “You know I thug em, F em, love em, leave em Cause I don’t Fin need em Take em out the hood, keep em lookin good But I don’t Fin feed em” Do you really think that kids should have thoughts like that rolling through they’re minds.

              • amen says:

                Tell Jay-Z he isn’t Hip Hop. You are definitely the clueless, most likely elder I thought you were. I suggest you get your facts straight, you’ve been wrong more than once already. Like I said people hate what they don’t understand. You don’t understand rap so you hate it. Stick to your Elvis gramps, that seems to be more of your speed.

                My future children(when old enough) will definitely listen to it because there’s more to this world than cotton candy and rainbows. They will be well prepared and knowledgeable of this world we live in and the harsh realities of the places people like Shawn Carter come from. I will guide them well through life and teach them to stay away from people like you who will only hinder them with your close minded, condescending, hate-filled, ignorant, culturally isolated ideologies. You can keep your kids in a bubble and let them fall prey to the world’s darker elements. Open your world up to knew experiences buddy, you just might learn something.

                You chose 1 song that’s 12 years old out of Jay-Z’s hundreds of songs, that again is not necessarily literal but telling a story. How is Big Pimpin any different than a movie about sexual promiscuity and partying? Jay has himself said, as he grew and matured that he regrets some of the things he said in that song. If you know better you’d do better. Ever heard that? He’s not worth half a billion for no reason, how about you?

                I said ‘I’ listen to it. I am not a child. Do you not read and comprehend on an adult level? Parents have the right to control what their children listen to and rap music has “explicit lyrics” warning labels on them. You can’t seem to grasp that it’s a parents responsibility to raise their child not a rappers, not singers, not actors. You said no child is born wanting to be a gangster and no child is born wanting to listen to Jay-Z. I’m not understanding why you can’t grasp that concept. I guess I shouldn’t expect someone as intolerant and culturally insensitive like you to “get it” though. You picked two minor parts of my comment and left a totally mindless reply. It clearly went over your head. I guess it’s easier to blame a rapper that doesn’t know your child, let alone raised them instead of the ignorant lazy parents.

      • Focus says:

        Uhhhh….u do realize that we’re talking about a dude that robbed a liquor store at gun point right? Not some school nerd trying to do the right thing. Y are u so waaaaaaaaay off the subject matter bro?

        • Tommy Chong says:

          I know what we’re talking about but my comment was directed towards Bank Rolled homophobic prejudice comment of those who wear certain clothing. This is the same type of comments those who are “school nerds” hear daily from small minded kids who grow up to think like Bank Rolled. This is why our young men don’t do as well as our young ladies in school because when they do haters bully them. The most twisted part of it all is that some young ladies in Bermuda are attracted to bullies & not to the good boys.

  34. Bullseye says:

    It’s getting so bad. I work in a store and we get thieves almost daily. Men, women, children, and even elderly. Havent seen a gun yet but we have encountered physical violence. The few bad are making life so difficult for the good, but the bad seem to have more pull.

  35. BABS says:

    Yes if we saw the footage someone could probably identify the walk, or the sway or even how they moved a body part that is only unique to them. BUT How many people that know that kind of a person that would do an armed robbery is going to turn them in???

  36. amen says:

    Hmmm I know of a female criminal who was bailed out earlier this month on another matter who has a propensity for theft and violence. Dresses like a boy too. Just saying.

    Btw the guy in the store looks cool as a cucumber despite the fact that someone just ran in with a gun and is robbing the store.

  37. incognito says:

    Don’t see why it had to take a week for this to be released. And why isn’t the actual video being aired? We could then see his limp as he walked, which is something he cannot hide, and then should we spot him on the street we could call the police.

    There are few frail black males that walk with a limp or have bowed legs on this island; therefore it can’t be that difficult to find him.

    What a pathetic scraggly little punk. If you don’t have to give all of the money that you stole to your pimp then I suggest you go buy your scrawny a** a burger and bulk up a wee bit. Perhaps you should upgrade your bargain basement clothes too.

  38. Just sayin says:

    Crazy, if he joined the PLP, he wouldn’t have to wear a helmet, he could just walk in and take everything, no problem.

  39. Dee says:

    Why do people keep saying over and over to ban the visors? Listen to the description of the perps and it’s always the same. Dark colored clothing, riding a motorcycle. Should we ban dark clothing and bikes too? Tommy Chong said why should we sacrifice our safety for someone’s convenience. I say if I am using something for it’s legimate purpose why should I be inconvenienced because someone wants to use it to commit crimes? We are giving into these thugs over and over and why should we? I heard today of one of my favourite annual functions being cancelled because of thuggish behaviour last year. Its outrageous that we are letting these boors just ruin everything for law abiding citizens. If we let them have their way soon we will all just be locked behind closed doors afraid to live life…..

    • Tommy Chong says:

      @ Dee you asked why should I be inconvenienced because someone wants to use it to commit crimes. The thing is we are already inconvenienced by crime in Bermuda in many ways. Unless the government does something very liberal & considered very drastic for those who have conservative minds we will have to live with highly conservative laws. Laws that prohibit things we consider freedom from what we wear or what we do. I’ve lived in places that are conservative & places that are liberal & I prefer liberal but we are set in old ways so highly conservative is our only option. We cannot have our cake & eat it too because this allows the criminals to have what they figuratively have termed as their cake. This may be hard to understand for some have not lived or been to fully conservative worlds but an example of worlds like this you can research are Japan, Cuba & Saudi Arabia. These are some places with very low crime rates but this is because of their high conservativeness. Just like the saying goes there are no half way crooks there are no half way laws to stop crooks. Its either give up everything or allow everything that doesn’t physically harm anyone but yourself.

  40. Dee says:

    Do we really want to go down that path? Where will it end if we start banning everyday items that people use to commit crimes that have an otherwise legitimate use? Someone breaks into your house but they can’t lift a fingerprint…lets ban gloves. Someone breaks into your house using a crowbar…lets ban crowbars. I remember ‘back in the day’ the favourite weapon of choice during street fights was crash helmets…I have an idea…lets ban helmets!!! The list could go on and on!! I totally agree with you that its time to get more radical but I strongly believe that it should happen when they catch these monsters. No more cushy sentences…it would be wonderful if we could be like Saudi Arabia and excecute them one time….that would take care of the problem once and for all and no prisoners to feed (and would send a strong message to anybody even contemplating committing a crime!). Anybody helping or covering up for these thugs should have their butt hauled before the court too! However where we disagree is where I,as a law abiding citizen, has to give up my civil liberties in order for it to happen…

  41. Winnie says:

    Once again banning dark visors won’t stop or even deter thoes bent on doing evil, if so why not ban bikes, oops I forget guns are banned in Bermy also. Btw show the whole video, looks like a female to me.

  42. know yur place says:

    All u ppl saying it a girl, yur stuipd read what it say and listen to what they said on the news it was a male, so what that tell u the lady told the police it was a male why because the person spoke…u all just love to chat and don’t read shit get a life!!!!!! Just happen it not one of yur relative.

  43. Dee says:

    @ know yur place…You have the nerve to call people STUPID and you can’t even SPELL the word!!! Judging from the grammar of your post I doubt it was a typo…your language and use of profanity indicates to me you’re nothing but an illiterate, low life thug!!!

  44. Dee says:

    @ know yur place…By the way…the word “yur” has an “o” in it. If you’re not too smart then use a dictionary before you start writing….save the mumbo jumbo for when you chat with YOUR friends that understand YOUR gutter language!!!

  45. GoldDimond says:

    This robber is so dumb. This @ss has a helmet and a coat that he obviously doesn’t wear every day. So that means he must have spent money on a new helmet, coat, a gun and probably sneakers to do a small time robbery. He probably robbed the liquor store so he could buy alcohol and get drunk because I’m sure he didn’t do it to pay bills. He spent all that money just to get a couple of dollars. These guys are doing this just to do it not because they’re struggling.