Police Operation In East End, Five Arrests Made

March 27, 2012

Police were seen earlier today [Mar.27] searching both land and water in the East End. A police spokesperson confirmed that police were conducting an “operation” in the East End, and that divers have recovered property from area waters and that five arrests have been made so far.

Officers could be seen patrolling on land in the region of the BIOS station in Ferry Reach using a sniffer dog, while police divers were seen in the area by Swing Bridge in St George’s.

A police spokesperson said, “Officers from the Public Protection Department including the K9 Unit and the Underwater Search & Recovery Team are conducting an operation at the east end of the Island.

“Police divers have recovered property from area waters and five arrests have been made so far. No further information will be given at this time as inquiries are ongoing.”

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  1. Winnie says:

    Keep up the pressure guys, great job.

  2. amen says:

    Wow great proactive police work. Well I’ll be.

  3. Rick Rock says:

    Great to see this.

  4. Justdiy says:

    Thats something good to c

  5. Moto says:

    Fantastic – proactive policing at its best. Keep the pressure on these guys

  6. The Hell!! says:

    Obviously working on information received witch I hope they will admit to

    • Ryan says:

      … does that really matter? Why must they admit to receiving information? Don’t police offers work off information for any operation?

      I don’t care who the police received such information from. The arrests were made, and they should be commended.

  7. Yayo says:

    Why was the five arrested? Why are they in the water? Wa r they searching for?

  8. Frank Talk says:

    Dudes could have snorkled that…and how about the diver who thought it was a good idea to put his fins on BEFORE walking over the rocks….


    • Sean Soares says:

      Good for you and your witty comment…..hopefully that self gratitude back pat made you feel better, while you continue to contribute to society.

      I for one am glad they are out there.

    • will says:

      penguins can do it

    • Fed Up Bermudian says:

      Snorkeling means you have to come up for air. Scuba makes sense here because you can stay focused and not worry as much about your breathing! And as for the fins- um, well here- what if there was broken glass or other debris there? I’d have worn mine, too. So freaking snarky, why don’t you join the force and show them how it’s done? SMH at some of the assinine potshots people like you take. Glad they’re doing some good police work. You should be too. Give some thanks once in a while instead.

      • Bermudadude says:

        “not worry as much about your breathing”


        • Legal Reasons? says:


          You are so wrong, the initial post is correct.

          Go back to school!

          When in doubt, just keep quiet. Else you display your ignorance to the world.

        • enough says:

          I love things like this. Classic.
          So, so dumb.

  9. grammar specialist says:

    The hell should learn his/her grammar. Should b which, not witch. N d only reason the cops recovered anything is because they saw it thrown. Had they not, they would have never known