Pole Struck By Lightning, Bridge Gets ‘Stuck’

July 23, 2012

[Updated – At approximately 11.30am today [July 23] an insulator on a utility pole was struck by lightning, causing the Swing Bridge in St George’s to become stuck and a massive traffic jam to form on both sides. BELCO responded and quickly fixed the issue, with the bridge re-opening at approximately 12.30pm]

There is a massive traffic jam at the Swing Bridge in St George’s this afternoon, with the bridge appearing to be ‘stuck’.

As of 12.15pm there are severe traffic delays; traffic is backed up along Ferry Reach on Kindly Field Road and on the St George’s side, traffic is backed up past the junction of Ferry Road.

Motorbikes and pedestrians were being allowed to cross the bridge, and some bus passengers could be seen getting off the bus and making their way across the bridge on foot.

Update 12.34pm: The bridge has just re-opened to traffic, after being closed for approximately one hour. Unofficial reports indicate it was some form of an electrical problem that caused the bridge to become stuck. We will update with official information as able.

Update 1.01pm: BELCO confirm that an insulator on a utility pole was struck by lightning; and the repair is now complete.

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  1. Just Wondering says:

    This seems to happen alot. Wouldn’t is be easier just to close the bridge and weld it permently shut then have the boats take the long way around? Weird that it never seems to get stuck in the closed position.

    • Brosive says:

      Of course the bridge wouldn’t get stuck when it’s closed. less than 1% of it’s process is happening when the bridge is closed. more than 99% of it’s process is happening when it’s open. You got less than a 1% chance of it being stuck in the closed position.

    • Eastern says:


      “Wouldn’t is be easier just to close the bridge and weld it permently shut then have the boats take the long way around?”

      What a stupid comment!!

      Maybe we should just blow up the bridge and keep all the stupid people out of St. George!!!

  2. Concerned says:

    Well hopefully no one has an emergency on the St Georges side while they are trying to figure this out!

  3. Bermuda Refugee says:

    YOU SEE! 1.2 billion in infrastructure! stuck like the cog in the wheel….

    • Somebody's Momma says:

      Maybe next time you will wait and see what the problem is before placing blame.

      • Nobody's Poppa says:

        i agree…Bermuda Refugee is surely jesting similar to a “Sausage Plate”, if you know what I mean.

      • Bermuda Refugee says:

        Yes, I was a little quick on the pull! lol

        But! One would think; “HM? the only bridge in and out of St. George’s…How can we make sure that it is operational at all times!?”

        Now, i’m not a genius (or maybe i am), but a lightning rod generally mitigates these issues? a simple…metal rod attached to a ground wire?

    • Average Bermudian Male says:

      Jerome, you can’t be serious?

  4. Bermuda Refugee says:

    Next thing you know, Somerset Bridge is going to be stuck!

    • Gremlin says:

      Somerset Bridge is definitely stuck in the closed position. When was the last time you ever heard of it being opened?

      • Bermuda Refugee says:

        *slow clap* Thank you

        • Average Bermudian Male says:

          Fool, it is permanently closed for a reason.

          • Bermuda Refugee says:

            Only because lightning may result in it being stuck open; then no one could get from Somerset….;)

  5. Sandgrownan says:

    Good job the qlq invested over a billion dollars in infrastructure eh?

  6. Dat Islander Cat says:

    Redundant power would be nice, but how often does the bridge get stuck for this reason? Usually it’s been mechanical, not a result of lightning. Half of you lot probably don’t even live or work down east and never cross the bridge. And no, we are not going to have the bridge welded shut. Go choke yourself.

    • Honestly says:

      Agreed! Why complain. It’s a one off thing that happens. Get a life and stop complaining!

  7. Rard says:

    I have never heard of a swing brige anywhere in the world that hasn’t gotten stuck at some point.

  8. Concerned says:

    Careful you lot – next thing you know they will have a bridge like the one out to the causeway – very low maintenance – how many have noticed the area’s they spent all of that money putting down (anti-skid sections – red) and it came up just as soon as the ink dried on the cheque. Complete waste of money as per usual, wonder who they consulted on that job?

  9. Law & Order says:

    When are you negative people going to take a break! The bridge being stuck had to do with a lightening strike. Be thankful Belco managed to fix the problem in a timely manner – thanks Belco!

    To the negative people…go get a life!

  10. Nuffy Engineers says:

    I have always been under the impression that this bridge had a manual override of some sort for the purpose of operation as a result of a power failure while opening/closing. As the only way in and out of St. Georges I would have also expected that at least a standby generator would be part of the installation. Bernews – can you confirm if there is any form of redundancy at The Swing Bridge?

    • Billy Bye says:

      I understand it was the locking mechanism under the bridge which is electric that caused the delay after the lightning strike and power failure.

      They could have pulled the arms up but the center section was not locked back into place after it had opened for a boat. It was a matter of safety.

  11. lets get serious! says:

    too many swingers on this island anyway !

  12. Opressed says:

    Careful or they’ll spend $100+ million on a new bridge like the one at the end of the causeway.

  13. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    LMAO!!! All of these comments are hilarious. You cannot find these responses anywhere and on any stage. Bravo!!! You made my day Bermuda.

  14. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    I blame de plp.
    I blame de plp for everytink!

    secretly I think Kenny Bascombe gave a 6 pack to the bridge guy to keep tourists in St Georges

  15. The Defender says:

    Speaking of stuck. When are they going to fix the other bridge close to the arrival terminal at the airport?

  16. Red Bean Soup says:

    I don’t mind getn stuck in St G anytime. Leave de bridge open!!!

  17. Purple says:

    That’s St George’s trying to keep the cup!! Might happen again next week!!!