Bermuda Under/18 Cricket Team Defeat USA

July 10, 2012

Bermuda romped to victory in their 2012 ICC Americas Under 18 Match in Florida, defeating the USA. Bermuda Captain Joshua Gilbert elected to bat first, and Bermuda scored 199/9 in their allotted 50 overs.

Tre Manders was the top scorer he was out in the 42nd over after scoring 88, he was dropped on 9, Alex Dore was run out on 39 and Shaquille Jones added 25.

In reply the United States were bowled all out for 84, their captain Taylor predicted before the tournament that he would score a century in all four of his teams matches went for a quick fire 26, only Amarnauth Persaud was the other batsman in double figures as Bermuda won by 115 runs.

Joshua Gilbert returned figures of 9-3-17-4, Kwasi James claimed 3 wickets, while Christian Gibbons grabbed two wickets. Final score Bermuda 199/9 United States 84

Post game interview with USA Coach Mumtaz Yusuf:

Bermuda’s Innings

..00 William White c Krish Goel b Randall Wilson
..25 Shaquille Jones st Steven Taylor b Zahib Tariq
..88 Tre Manders c Arsh Buch b Krish Goel
..00 Onias Bascome c Krish Goel b Zahib Tariq
..39 Alex Dore Run Out
..06 Joshua Gilbert c Zahib Tariq b Ryan Persaud
..01 Kwaisi James st Steven Taylor b Ryan Persaud
..08 Delray Rawlins Run Out
..06 Christian Gibbons LBW Ryan Persaud
..01 Jordan Smith Not Out
..02 Damieko James Not Out
..23 Extras
199 Total for 9 Wicket after 50 overs

Fall of Wicket: 1-8 (White), 2-65 (Jones), 3-65 (Bascome), 4-169 (Manders), 5-173 (Dore), 6-175 (Glbert), 7-175 (James), 8-191 (Gibbons), 9-196 (Rawlins)

United States Innings

..26 Steven Taylor c Alex Dore b Christian Gibbons
..05 Shakeel Ahmad c Delray Rawlins b Christian Gibbons
..17 Amarnauth Persaud b Kwaisi James
..03 Vibhav Altekar c Onias Bascome b Joshua Gilbert
..06 Randall Wilson LBW Joshua Gilbert
..00 Krish Goel Run Out
..00 Zahib Tariq c Delray Rawlins b Joshua Gilbert
..02 Roshan Varadarajan Not Out
..00 Dave Parikh b Joshua Gilbert
..01 Arsh Buch LBW Kwasi James
..00 Ryan Persaud LBW Kwasi James
..20 Extras
..84 Total All Out Wickets after 21.5 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-39 (Taylor), 2-52 (Ahmed), 3-67 (Ama-rnauth), 4-74 (Wilson), 5-77 (Goel), 6-77 (Altekar), 7-77 (Tariq), 8-83 (Parikh), 9-84 (Buch), 10-84 (Persaud)

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  1. Roger Sherratt says:

    What a phenominal win for our Bermuda team. Congratulations to all concerned.

  2. INVESTMENT TIME!! says:

    This is where Bermuda NEEDS to invest its money when it comes to sports! In the youth! When these guys are under 18 we can still groom them! The proof is in the pudding! And this does not only apply to cricket either!