Shooting In Spanish Point, No Injuries

July 10, 2012

[Updated] At just past 11pm this evening [July 10] there was a shooting in a residential area of Spanish Point. No one was injured, however an 86-year-old lady who was in the house that was shot at was taken to hospital via ambulance after being shaken up by the incident.

There were multiple police officers outside a residence in the Seagull Lane area investigating the incident, and police were also positioned at the junction of North Shore Road by Admiralty House. The police forensic support unit arrived on the scene at approximately 11:45pm.

Police confirmed that an 86-year-old woman that was present in the house when the incident took place had “an overcoming” and was transported to King Edward Memorial Hospital via ambulance.

She was not injured in the incident, however was taken for medical care in an “abundance of caution,” a police spokesperson said.

Police also said that they received reports that a bike traveled down Seagull Lane and one gun shot was fired in the direction of the house, however stated the investigation is still in the early stage.

Unofficial sources indicate that a young man was sitting outside of the residence, when the bike pulled up with two men on it, stopped, with one of the suspects firing a gun as the intended target ran off.

Asked if the incident was gang related, Police Spokesperson Dwayne Caines said that it would “safe to assume” it may be gang related.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Serious Crime Unit directly on 247-1340. Alternatively, persons with information can call the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477

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  1. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Frankly Scarlett,I don’t give a damn!

    (Gone With The Wind).

  2. WOW says:

    Bermuda “The Island Of Devils!”

  3. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    These fools don’t know if they wanna be killers , gorrilla’s or godzilla’s . Suppose to be Nana’s golden years …

  4. JB says:

    January 2010 police surround house on Seagull Lane seeking man in connection with a firearms incident….hmmmm is this the same man now being shot at?

    • Come Correct says:

      Well he’s already been shot in his a$s,very well could be.

    • Sarah says:

      They are always round Seagull Lane… remove those idiots they are ruining the area for residents who WORK LEGALLY for a living.

  5. JL says:

    Wonder who lives there. ‘Royalty’ perhaps?

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Not “Him” this time………

  6. xfiles says:

    This happens all the time in similar third world countries.

    • Brosive says:

      I would retract that statement if I were you. Don’t want people thinking you’re stupid now. I’m pretty sure you’re not, but that is one ignorant comment.

      • Will says:

        your’e right, he should have said neighbourhood not country…

  7. Prayerful says:

    We really need to do something about these “two men on a bike”. They are getting away with murder!

  8. stupid shit! says:

    Some of u people really just sit up waiting 4 news so u can make nasty comments. Who does that? Like get a fukin life. Maybe they should start tracing computers n smartphones n targeting you a$#holes. It is more than just a war goin on in bda so I hope u pple makin ya nasty comments neva have one of ya love ones shot at or killed. And this article has no name attached 2 it so I don’t see how u can comment bout “shot in the a#s b4″ sounds like u one of those that run wif second hand info or u know something. Plz do something better with ya life! And remember u never know if something like this will happen 2 ya daddy,brother,cousin,nephew or Son.

  9. CHEE KUMS BI says:

    HEY BYE!! I LIVE IN THIS AREA and let me tell you guys something there is nothing worse than hearing a gunshot go off and thinking that a stray bullet may have entered your home or your parents home or a neighbour, This is a constant reality that we are faced with and it is hitting home more and more every day. Although we are not caught up in gang violence the actions of those who shoot can very easy kill an innocent child, man or woman in their sleep, un beknown to the evil that is going on in the dark.
    How do we protect our house, our families?? gun fire goes off and all we can do is duck in our own house hoping and praying that the fools dont come our way or shoot our way????
    People are riddled with fear while these gangsters rome with superior technology(a gun) and cause fear in our hoods. And all we can do is hope an pray that they dont come our way???
    We as innocent LAW ABIDING CITIZENS NEED PROTECTION! Police protection is great but i would feel a hell of alot better if i had a 45 semi auto matic inorder to deal with whatever trouble rolls up in my neighbourhood looking to scare us.
    I can bet you 1000000% if these guys knew that other people have the ability to carry a weapon and fire it they would not be so hasty to ride up in a hood and open fire.
    In a world where a man has super powers and others dont then that man is superior and untouchable and would be feared…..but in a world where everybody has super powers then no one is untouchable and everyone is on equal footing.

    JUST MY THOUGHTS AFTER HEARING THE SHOT RING OFF LAST NIGHT…..ONE SHOT…..BANG!!!!!then all you hear is a bike ride off ever so comfortable, not speeding, just ride off like he just delivered a pizza, which is followed by loud frantic screams and crying by a female which sounds just like a distraught mother or a grandmother and a child is crying, people are peeking out of their window in fear, to scared to even call 911 in fear that a connection could bring a gun man to their door steps,
    no one goes to the scene where a person may or may not be dead, we just stay in our houses looking towards the screams and hoping that the police would hurry up and show, hearts is pounding, will the gun men return, fear is set in, did the gun men hit their target or did they shoot the old lady thats screaming…what do i do.. fear over rides the right thing to do, courage keeps telling you to do something, loved ones tells you to stay back dont go……… this the life we are used this what we should get use to……smh..cheekums bi

    • Oh no says:

      It is crazy. Must have been horrible last night. Thoughts and prayers are with all affected by these selfless people that dont care for themselves or anyone else. smh gee

    • Waiting for the worst says:

      i call for the legalization for responsible members of the public to be able to carry a firearm…. if these jokers know they might encounter someone else with just as much force as they intend to impose they might think twice… The police only seem to be the clean-up crew as the show up after a shooting… thier guns they wear only seem to be there to protect them and not the rest of us…

    • Daisy says:

      I totally understand where you are coming from. I’ve had two shootings (one a murder)in my neighbourhood and I’m scared to come outside at night. Every time I see a guy on a bike come off my hill I get nervous. We shouldn’t have to live like this…in constant fear. These idiots don’t realize that what they are doing affects more than the people they are shooting at.

  10. Oh no says:

    Oh dear hope she is ok soon. All this needs to stop. gosh poor lady.

  11. Angela says:

    change our song from Bermuda is another world to we are in the same world

  12. Bird says:

    I live close by to this road. The person they were shooting at has been in trouble all his life along with his brothers. I think the police need to take a heavy hand approach to these gangs, and show them who is boss.stop being whimps police man.

  13. Kojo says:

    We live right across the street from this incident. Luckily, we were house sitting in Somerset when this went on. Can anyone suggest an area in Bermuda where this type of thing DOESN’T occur?

    • BDA BOY says:

      Yea, Tuckers Town where I live! Aint gotta worry about a dam thing out here. I even leave my door unlocked!

      • Can I move out there? Any vacant apartments or what about a some property for sale, just a portion of your land. Im brown skin though

        • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

          always one that wants to play the race card,every time,never fails, any subject!
          how PATHETIC!

    • Dis APPOINTED says:

      The airport?

    • dbx says:


  14. second says:

    How is the elderly lady occupant of the house doing? My prayers are with her. I can’t imagine her fear!

  15. DKR says:

    *police had his house surrounded, that is. And he got *shot in his azz. Sorry for de typo lol!