Richards: Government Are ‘Master Flip Floppers’

July 31, 2012

After the PLP accused Shadow Finance Minister Bob Richards of a “flip flop” following his comments about the Cayman Islands, Mr Richards said “it’s rich of them to be accusing anyone of flip-flopping given their own appalling record in this area.”

These flurry of words come after news that the Cayman will impose a 10% tax foreign workers earning over $20,000 per year, which Cayman Premier McKeeva Bush said he did not want to do but he had no choice because the UK was demanding a sustainable budget.

Mr Richards pointed out that Finance Minister Paula Cox has presided over an 800% increase in Government debt since 2004/05, and said that Bermuda “should take heed of what is happening in Cayman Islands, where its Government is being compelled by the UK to raise taxes because of excessive debt.”

In response the PLP said: “Flip! Flop! It was only a few weeks ago that Bob Richards was lauding the Cayman Islands saying how great their economic model is and noting that they were getting everything right.”

Last night Mr Richards said: “The Government continues to shoot the messenger and distort his words. Today they called me a flip flopper for saying a Cayman tax increase caused by its huge debt situation should be a warning to Bermuda.

“There was no flip flop. I was pointing out a concern we should all have, given the huge increase in our own Government’s debt situation in recent years.

“But it’s rich of them to be accusing anyone of flip-flopping given their own appalling record in this area. They are, in fact, master flip floppers themselves.

“Here is a list of flip flops that immediately come to mind:

  • “Payroll tax reversal
  • Airport duty reversal
  • Spouses of Bermudians ability to purchase a home reversal
  • Watering down term limits
  • Free day care reversal
  • FutureCare backtracks
  • Sale of real estate to non Bermudians reversal
  • Extending the stay time for visiting sailors.

“By flip flopping, the Government is reversing policies they themselves put in place and defended,” said Mr Richards. “This causes them serious embarrassment and discomfort, and so they work overtime to besmirch and distort what others say in order to divert attention from their record

“That record is one that has weakened Bermuda, with more people out of work, more people feeling less safe and more people concerned about the Island’s future prosperity. It’s time we had a government that talks straight with the people.

“And on that score I have a constructive observation to make for the Government: The more you distort, the more you mislead, the more negative you get, the more people get turned off. Bermudians are smart. They can read politicians well. They know spin and distortion when they see it,” concluded Mr Richards.

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  1. welldone says:

    Haha. Mr Richards sounds very defensive.

  2. Justin says:

    The PLP walked right into the trap! Check mate! LOL

  3. Please stop it! says:

    Bob stop before you sink the ship. Stop playing Crown & Anchor. You F up. Take the loss like a man. Bermudians will forget about this over the holiday.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Which part of his statement is factually incorrect? Did the PLP reverse those policy decisions or not?

      Oh, and can i have my land license money back?

      • Here is you're answer says:

        Which answer is correct?

        The PLP is a black party.

        The UBP/OBA are useing black people.

        Blacks will not vote for a white leader or white MPs.

        • Sandgrownan says:

          And Bermuda will forever be f$&ked.

        • Come Correct says:

          And when you cant afford shoes don’t cry about it :)

        • Soooo says:

          Typical… get proven wrong and it’s all about race…. sounds just like a PLP government…

        • Argosy says:

          After you have burned it down, you will finally be free, right?

          Yes, free, and the proud owner of a pile of ash. And THAT’s your answer?


  4. LOL says:

    Who’s the biggest flip flopper? Mr. and Mrs. Richards said if the PLP won in 1998 they would leave the island…. hence some 14 years later he’s still here blowing off hot air.

    • Claudio says:

      No they didnt.. that is a myth. Tell me exactly when and where in 1998 they said that.

      Im not even a fan of the OBA and it amazes me how childish and backwards some supporters can be. the man never flipped flop… he made an observation – Do you dispute any of the examples he gave?

      • BTS says:

        Ask all his friends, they will tell you. Bob and Pearline did say they were going to leave island if PLP got into power. They said it in public and private.

  5. J Starling says:

    Man, I’m just so disillusioned with our politicians. They sound like five-year olds here. Both parties suck at the moment.

    ‘You’re a flip-flopper’

    ‘No, you’re the flip-flopper’

    ‘Oh yeah, well you’re the biggest flip-flopper of them all’

    ‘Am not!’

    ‘Are too!’

    ‘Takes one to know one!’


    Both of them need a time-out and their allowances confiscated. Pack of nonsense, both of them.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Stick to the facts my littel faux socilalist…stick to the facts….did the PLP repeal the list of legislation?
      We’re Bob’s two statement mutually exclusive?

      Think about your answers.

      • ABM says:

        Defend defend defend defend instead of just being honest and truthful.

        • 32n64w says:

          You’re right. Sounds exactly like PLP mantra.

        • Sandgrownan says:

          You answer the question then.

          Have the PLP reversed each of those pieces of legislation? I think you’ll find the answer is yes.

          Do Bob’s two statements contradict each other? If you are honest, you know they don’t.

      • J Starling says:

        My dear little zealot, my comment didn’t even address the facts. It was just an observation, or a lament, on my part about the infantile back and forth of our politicians. The PLP’s retort was childish, and the OBA’s retort is childish. They’re all unworthy of my vote and respect at this moment.

  6. ABM says:

    I think both the PLP and the OBA are FLIP FLOPPERS!!! Proof is in their choice of words. PLP goes back on what they say, and the OBA pretends they didn’t say what they said. It all makes me laugh because both parties are flip flopping! Say what you want, but some Bermudians see right through both parties schemes and lies.

  7. Herbalist says:

    This man needs to chill out. Who is the real leader of these 3 parties Craig or Bob. Paula or Brown. Bob go light one up and enjoy the holiday boy. puff puff stop blowing dem smoke up your a$$.

  8. RUFKM says:

    Bob, Its cup match. Give it a rest!

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Trying to silence dissent? Sorry, Cup Match or no Cup Match, the PLP need to be called on every incident of corruption and incompetence. And that’s a full time job.

      • Concerned says:

        Agreed – seems the ones complaining about Mr. Richard’s are the ones who need the time out and the spanking and when you are finished you can go and place COX/BROWN in the corner you come out of.

        Truth is Truth – now about Cup Match – St. George’s all de vey Bie!

        • Spankin says:

          Spank Bob for with his own flip flops. He deserves a good good spanking for misleading the public saying he was going to leave Bermuda if and when the PLP got power and now just blowing smoke to gain power for his obaupber.

  9. Brosive says:

    Don’t forget about free tuition at the Bermuda College reversal.

    • Soooo says:

      and the FREE bus and ferry rides….. Oh sorry, that was just a promice..

  10. navin Johnson says:

    The shorter list might be what has the PLP not flip flopped on? don’t say corruption that was too easy….or lining their own pockets…another easy one…

  11. Fooled Again says:

    I always thought Bob Richards was a flip-flopper. Seems any thing he says now contradicts something he siad before… seems like another OBA screw up. First Dunkley doesn’t apologize for the whole civil servant insurance row and now E.T. Bob Richards is comparing his flip flopperism with that of the government. The OBA have to grow some balls (or should i call it Testicular Fortitude) man up and admit they got it wrong. The PLP have to do nothing but let the OBA make a fool of themselves and blow their chances to win this next election. I bet you al thought they were a great party when they kept quiet and allowed the PLP to make their mistakes. Now the old UBP guard cant help themselves and have to blurt out like Turrets sufferer. I wonder what all you white supremists who post on this site daily are going to do when the PLP win this election…..let me see.. you cant close any more of your stores.. cause theyre mostly black owned now, You cant increase parking and taxes in Hamilton… thats a black administration now.. ummm i know… you can all hold your heads and cry in disbelief like you did last time… Royal Gazette have some pretty good pics that should remind you how to do it right…

    • Sandgrownan says:

      It’s a pretty sad indictment that you drag this down to race, again. Bob Richards has merely pointed out the hypocrisy of the PLP statement. There’s not an opinion stated, just some obvious facts. Bob is being factually correct whether or not you like it.

      The PLP are failures. They have done Bermuda a great diservice from which we may not recover and to continue to vote based on race to get “back at the man” is idiotic. Seeing this as a victory is stupid.

    • Come Correct says:

      Please back anything you said up with facts or wipe the dribble away from you lip. I really love how the pleasure of your racist hatred has to come at the expense of an entire island nation. Behind the chemical shed with you now, a waste of 75cents and some good copper but this island would be better without people like you, and I’m referring to your mentality not your color.