Photos/Video: Premier Hosts Cup Match Reception

July 31, 2012

Premier Paula Cox hosted the traditional pre Cup Match reception for this year’s teams at Camden last night [July 30]. The Annual Cup Match Classic is set to get underway on Thursday August 2nd at the Somerset Cricket Club.

The Premier told the invited guests that politics takes a back seat over Cup Match while we celebrate. She also confessed to being a Somerset supporter saying “this issue of being neutral is for the birds” and noting that its okay to be neutral at other times however over Cup Match its time to show her colours.

Minister of Youth, Families and Sports Glenn Blakeney noted that is he “conflicted” as he is a Somerset supporter, however his son is playing for St George’s. “I like the Premier am a Somerset supporter – but when my son Glenn bats for St. George’s I will be for them/him while he is at the wicket,” he said.

The Somerset Cricket Club Team will be captained by Jekon Edness, and will include Malachi Jones, Janeiro Tucker, Chris Douglas, Kamau Leverock, Greg Maybury, Tre Manders, Derek Brangman, Stephen Outerbridge, Terryn Fray and Jacobi Robinson. The Reserves are Marcus Johnson, Shaquille Jones and Justin Corday.

The St. George’s Cricket Club Team will be captained by Lionel Cann with his tea mates including Rodney Trott, Delyone Borden, Glenn Blakeney, Allan Douglas, Kyle Hodsoll, Justin Pitcher, Stefan Kelly, Treadwell Gibbons, Jason Anderson and Fiqre Crockwell. The Reserves are Onias Bascome, Lateef Trott and Delray Rawlins.

Somerset Cricket Club President Alfred Maybury, St George’s Cricket Club President Neil Paynter, politicians from both sides of the isle, former Cup Match players, 2011 Miss Teen Bermuda, the Miss Teen Bermuda contestants, the Top Model finalists and numerous friends and family were also in attendance.

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  1. Pembroke resident says:

    The young lady with the short hair cut for the Miss Teen contest stands out head over heels again. She is very elegant, carries herself well, talks maturely and has great personality – appears to have the total package.
    Well done to all the young girls you looked fabulous and represented yourselves well – keep up the good work Terry and Bettina in grooming our young ladies.
    The tall young lady in the beige dress who is one that will represent Bermuda as a top model is stunning as well.
    To the cricketers may the best team win – go Somerset

  2. interesting says:

    were are all the white people, if it where reversed all of the PLP supporters would be saying were is the diversity.

    So the question is even though this is cupmatch, why dont white people get invited to these events. Also, the same people come to all of these events. Is there a list that the Protocol office has, and they just roll out the same old “pun not intended” faces at all of these government/plp events?



    • Independent says:

      You assume that they were not invited. Maybe they were invited and just didn’t show up or were not able to make it. I saw OBA and UBP MP’s there but am not privy to entire guest list.

  3. Sunshine says:

    @plp forlife thats just wrong. Cupmatch is a Bermuda holiday and all races should be invited not just blacks. Shame on you!