Jamaicans Celebrate 50 Years Of Independence

August 7, 2012

Jamaicans in Bermuda and all over the world yesterday [Aug 6] observed the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence from British rule.

Celebrations were compounded as during this same time period Jamaican sprinters are again dominating the Olympics, with Usain Bolt winning the gold medal in the men’s 100m, with his fellow Jamaican Yohan Blake winning silver. In addition, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce won the gold medal in the women’s 100m, with Veronica Campbell-Brown taking the bronze.

Jamaicans in Bermuda celebrating independence:

The Jamaica Observer reported that Jamaicans dressed in their black, green and gold in various styles, flocked to national events in the nation’s two cities as well as parish capitals and town squares yesterday to celebrate the country’s 50th anniversary of Independence.

The Jamaica 50 Grand Gala — the main Independence event — saw thousands crammed into the National Stadium where they were treated to the country’s rich culture.

The Jamaican Association’s documentary on the impact Jamaicans have had on Bermuda:

The Jamaican Association of Bermuda hosted a gala and dinner celebrating 50 years of Jamaica’s independence on July 21st at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess. Jamaica attained full independence in 1962.

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  1. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    I’m I wrong to wonder why people from a independent country would willingly put themselves right back under a jurisdiction ruled by a colonial power ? Please make me understand ? I could only imagine the struggle it took to break free of Britian by the freedom fighters of Jamaica .

    • CT says:

      M.P….you have every right to wonder but let me expalin something to you. Persons leaving their home (independent countries)to work somewhere else do so for personal reasons. The country they choose to work in independence is irrelevant in that decision as long as the persons personal reasons for going there to work are met.

      • 1minute says:

        Yes, but don’t run around saying how wonderful your country is. If it is that wonderful, why leave?

        • richard says:

          Really why do Bermudian leave when they have they we run around bragging how we are the fifth richest in the world are people are the most friendly in the world most the most beautiful in the world? when you answer that you have just answer your own question 1Minute Says.

        • Somebody's Momma says:

          Do you say the same thing to Americans as well or do you just enjoy July 4th celebrations.

  2. swing voter says:

    why don’t you just shuddup….but you can tell me where those cuties hang out on weekends ;-)

  3. Father God, nothing is hidden from you! says:

    Congrats, this was a wonderful piece presented by the Jamaican Association.
    Jamaicans from as far back as I can remember (40 years) have played a vital part in the development of Bermuda and while they have had their challenges on the island they are a people that are unified and have taught Bermudians alot about endurance and persistance.

    Nuff Respect and truly ONE LOVE!

  4. mixitup says:

    Respect and Happy Independence Day Jamaica!

  5. For the life of US says:

    Did independence bring what jamaicans expected?
    Was it right timing or wrong thing?
    Look at it now…is it any better off or is it worse?
    Do they know what they are celebrating or is it just fashion?
    Why dont they go back and build the country…most will not be missed!

  6. breadren says:

    Okay so most countries are independent, are they better? worse? It doesn’t matter because it is irreversable so makes no sense to get too excited every day,month, year,decade, half century ect..Are the people of that country just happy to be happy or are they rubbing it in our face.. We are not an independent country so why are we worrying about other countries that are, unless we intend to learn from them..

    • K.S. says:

      Not rubbing it in your face at all breadren, we are generally just a happy people and will use ANY excuse for a celebration and 50 years of independence topped by us wracking up nearly all the medals in our main events in the 2012 Olympics thus far with more on the way is a WHOLE lot to celebrate. We worked hard to get where we are and we deserve to celebrate our achievements so if you don’t like it just turn a blind eye till it pass. We might not be as rich as some other countries and like most of the rest of this world struggling in this economy but 3 years ago, without nearly as much to celebrate we were ranked the third happiest nation in the world!

      We are Jamaicans and like we do everything else when we decide fi happy we just go haad an done!

      • Proud Jamaican says:

        And to add to that KS. At least we recognise the day for what it is and celebrate its true meaning. Bermuda had a two day holiday and if you ask any of them what the holiday was the response is Cup Match. Two day of cricket, getting drunk, gambling and dressing up to be seen. Just to educate you a bit those two day are Emanicapation day and Somners day which is something to celebrate but since yall dont have a culture and so dependent it just went right ova uhnuh head. So when you see wi a celebrate at home and abroad dont get jealous because we proud of we country we culture and we flag! BLACK GREEN and GOLD to di worleeeeee. ONE LOVE!

      • breadren says:

        K.S. Dont get it twisted, I am personally not against your happiness and Jamaicans in general(i have relatives) I am speaking about the coverage we give in Bermuda to other countries and quite frankly I am not interested in your kind of independence that chases you away from your hometown to get money, leaving behind children, parents, wives, all for the almighty $$$$ , so I am not jealous, more like not interested.. I have bigger fish to fry in Bermuda without the constant disruptions of other nationality trying to get on my stage..So live your pimpas paradise, enjoy what you have but my people need to understand it does little to enhance our advancments in the world putting constant spotlight on others without even describing the benefits of the anniversary or even what improvements have been made for so many poor there who are trying to even dye their skins to be white,or killing people out of jealousy!! because they cannot stand themselves.. I don’t need that independence thank you.. but do enjoy!!

  7. Cindy S. says:

    Congratulations to my Jamaican Family, Friends and Colleagues. 50 is a very special birthday for Jamaica. I lived in Jamaica on the 25th anniversary and can only imagine the fabulous celebrations taking place in Jamaica. Celebrate and be continued proud of Jamaicans at home and abroad accomplishments. Best wishes to my dear family friends Hazel, Shurnett, Joan and Winston and our sincere thanks to you all for all you do to maintain our Caribbean heritage.

    Nuff Respect, always, walk good!

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Jamaica hasn’t been truly independent for the last 40yrs. The I.M.F owns Jamaica … All of it .

  8. This is what 50 years of independence did for Jamaican.

    1 Jamaican dollar(JMD) =0.01 Bermuda dollars (for those of you that didn’t do well in maths.)
    100 Jamaican dollars(JMD)= 1.12 Bermuda dollar. (yes one dollar and 12 cents).
    If we let our debt get out of hand anymore thats what your Bermuda dollar will look like. ( 1 bermuda dollar = 1 U.S. dollar) or 100 Bermuda dollars = 100 U.S. dollars. And yes that is why you have Jamaicans working in Bermuda no ands ifs or buts the MIGHTY dollar.

    • Maria Jacobc says:

      For real.

    • Proud Jamaican says:

      Thats why any nation work here. The Might dollar Bermuda has nothing else to offer but that!!!

      • cha! says:

        proudjamaican- Why don’t you go to the U.S. because we don’t own the almighty dollar we are on par with it… There is more space in America, if you can get through (visa and all), then tell me what you also think we have to offer in Bermuda besides the money, once you find out how difficult it is to navigate that system. Ungrateful b@$T@rd!!!

  9. Future says:

    It is great to see people aspire to higher things but the sober question begs: In what sense is Jamaica independent?

    Or put another way, there is a long list of things Jamaica is dependent on others for:
    Spiritual systems (euro-centric)
    Political systems (euro-centric)
    Massive loans (world bank and imf, aka European money)
    Financial systems (local money propped up by debt)
    Food (imports are massive, hard to imagine but true. Western cornflake and cow’s milk aspirations rather than plaintain and sweet potatoe? )

    Need we go on? They have their own flag and immense potential but let’s be honest, independence in word but not deed.

    Rise up JA!

  10. By futures criteria the US is not independent.
    Go JA

  11. Go Usain Bolt you are rich in your country now. Olympic metals are worth £450 (GBP).
    You own 3 from 2008. 3 x 450 = £1350.00
    1 from the 100m in 2012,
    you will win 200m and i am not sure if you are doing the 4 x 100m. If all goes well
    you will have 6 gold metals = £2700.00 or $4383.39 cents or 376,710.82 Jamaican dollars. GOOOOOOOOOOO Bolt

  12. Here is the BIG question all PLP members want answered, How are you going to take from the rich and give to the poor. De-value of currency as Jamaica did when they went independant. LOTS of DEBT. All Bermudians will be poor white or black, green or yellow. The rich already have taken there money out of this country you can’t hurt them. So if you want your ALMIGHTY dollar to stay strong vote them out. we are doomed. Time for an election before its to late.

  13. SNP says:

    Just a few Jamaicans who have contributed immensely to the Bermudian community:

    Victor Scott – Educator – Victor Scott School
    Winston Laylor – Educator – Berkley institute
    George Dacosta – Founding Headmaster – Berkley Institute
    Mrs Edna Scott – Educator
    Ivan Cunningham – Educator
    Charles Smith – President, Bermuda Union of Teachers
    Professor Roy Wright – Dean, Bermuda College
    Hon Justice Norma Wade-Miller, Senior Puisne Judge
    Patricia Harvey – Barrister and Attorney
    Dr. Wesley Miller – ENT, Head and Neck Surgery
    Rev. Dr. John Stanley Duncan – Theologian
    Seymour Barclay – Construction Industry
    Attride-Stirling family – Business / Law firm

    The Pharmaceutical Industry
    The Cosmetology Industry
    The Construction Industry
    The Medical Fraternity – Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Physio Therapists, etc
    Accounting Firms
    Reinsurance Firms
    Fashion Houses
    House Keeping

    ….and the list goes on….One Love and Respect…We lickle but we Talawah (Small but Mighty)!!

    • Making sense... says:

      …don’t forget the ganja, guns and violence.

    • taliho says:

      lets acknowldege some made more of a contribution whilst others benefitted from our generousity and were paid handsomely for all work.. as for contributions can you give a general idea of how each gave without receiving something for rendered service.Also in some categories the contribution meant a Bermudian was disenfranchised.Today 2012, what have we benefitted from since we are not in such an advantage to the many that prospered in the tiny Island of Bermuda. How many gave international recognition to this tiny island in the middle of nowhere, who assisted so many in gaining a better standard of living for them and family members elsewhere. A little thanks to the host country would go a long way.

  14. JamudiCan says:

    PLP Must GO—M.P.Mount—Shut the hell up!!!
    You bad minded people…come on here to tongue lash Jamaicans on this special day.
    You need to get a life u fools!
    PLP Must Go: you dummy-1.12BMD is 100JMD…Not 12cents…maybe u shout go do some maths…
    You can’t compare Bermuda to Jamaica…Period.
    You think just because your dollar is higher that makes you better than Jamaican…
    Your materialistic mentallity will be your down fall…mark my words!
    There is a lot more to a country that the value of its dollar.

    Jamaica is rising and will continue to…check your own backyard before you stick ur nose in ours.
    Freekin HATERS!!!
    People like you that hold people back.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Preach that crap to the people of Tivoli Gardens . The dead were left to rot in the streets . Before the soldjie let the people dem family get them de rass dog eat off them … FACT . I was dere Inna Jamaica them times ..FACT .

      • richard says:

        so was I and those are not all the facts. lol peace playa play on.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      1.00 JMD = 0.0112638 USD
      Jamaican Dollar ↔ US Dollar
      1 JMD = 0.0112638 USD 1 USD = 88.7800 JMD

  15. Leaveamessage says:

    M.P.Mountbatten JP and PLP must go, what’s you point exactly???? PLP must go, check your facts before you come I public putting up wrong figures. The exchange rates are nowhere near what you have posted. And as I said, even if they are, what’s your point exactly???

  16. JamudiCan you can’t read either LOOK i said one dollar and 12 cents. Don’t believe me go to http://coinmill.com/JMD_USD.html. Truth hurts ???? your Jamaican dollar is worthless on the global market.

  17. walls says:

    Was in Jamaica with the regiment, a few of the local JDF guys mentioned they wished independence never happened. I guess when you live there it’s more of a burden.

    Those who have left and do well in Bermuda and other countries or are high up in society in Jamaica are well enough off to not be affected negatively by what independence did to the economy.

    At the end of the day it’s irreverible, so not much choice but to look at it from a “proud” standpoint and cheer on!!

  18. Kno dat says:

    See I can’t understand the celebration because
    I really can’t see what good
    independence did for Jamaica??

  19. Who Cares says:

    Wouldnt it be better if you celebrated in your own INDEPENDENT country. Im just saying.

  20. jermy says:

    congrats ja,

    talented people, you have bob marley,,, you have the fastest man an woman in the world you have stonelove and killamanjaro u have hundreds of djs an singers,and
    the best food

  21. tom says:

    congrats ja,,,
    such talented people,,, you have bob marley, you have the fastest man and woman in the world you have great sounds like stonelove and killamanjaro ,you have the best food
    even the elder people look fit and strong, bermuda is no comparison to jamaica,no were near,,,

    • Who Cares says:

      All those great things about Jamaica. But you still find reason not to live there. Wow. It surely says alot about your country when the natives only want to be associated from a distance. Bermuda my island, my hertiage, my home. I wouldnt want live anywhere else but here.

      Congrats on your Independence. So glad Bermuda is not independent.

      • CANBEANYWHERE says:

        I am a proud Canadian, and instead of thinking of it as a negative to “Leave” your country…think of it as an honour someone wants to “Come” to a/your country. I will always be Canadian, despite everyone thinking I want to be Bermudian as I am married to one.
        I will never give up my Canadian citizenship, never. My home country has made me the worldly person I am today and am thankful.
        My initial plan had been to move on to the next country before meeting my wonderful Bermudian husband. Maybe someday we can travel the world….for now we experiencing this bermudaful place. Thank you for that.
        I can’t speak on the independence issue, it is not mine to speak to.
        I left my home country to experience the world and be open minded/learn about my fellow man and the great WORLD we live in.
        One love, well done Bolt, nice way to bring your country together!

      • tom says:

        im from jersey/ but who cares

        • CANBEANYWHERE says:

          Sorry, was really responding to who cares….but have American first cousins, aunts…have a nice day…

  22. SexyBlacque says:

    Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.

  23. SNP says:

    NEWS FLASH: BHB Confirm Dr Victor Scott: Interim Chief Of Staff



    • nwat! says:

      What tremendous good11 when his scholars are screwing up Bermuda today!The students have no idea who he is/was and what relevance does a name have in todays world..really can it fix our school system..Please specify what good did he do that we are benefitting from today.I went to Central by the way.

  24. SNP says:




  25. RAATID says:

    Really? These comments just prove that if you give anyone a soapbox you can expect to hear aything.

    M.P.Mountbatten JP, PLP MUST GO, For the life of US and 1minute, a simple question for you……How does it feel to have the internet to be the ONLY safe outlet left for you and those like you to spout your racist and insulting drivel?

    Safe and hidden from those you insult, without having to fear the righteous anger you deserve.

    I’ve checked and haven’t seen you post similar ideas about the Canada Day and July 4th celebrations, why do you suppose that is?

    Ohh please don’t answer, let my opinon of you be judged by what you have already written. I know you will come back with sh$t like:

    I was just trying to be funny or Can you take a joke?

    Keep it up tunti!

  26. tom says:

    my vacation spot too,

    bda nice place to make money,,,but thats it, we all know that,,but it use to be a nice place to live but not so much now, its a little to small to and i think that causes peer pressure in the kids here,,,,well most of them i think,,,, ask around how many kids that were able to go abroad to school, if they want to come back here to live,,,why would they? for what?

    just my thoughts

    ps, [rap music] is killing your sons slowly but surely and should be banned , sounds silly? ok

  27. Friend says:

    Bermudians just don’t get it. The concept of having pride in something that’s bigger than wealth and status. Having a culture, pride in one’s self and respect for your country isn’t dimished by the country not being wealthy by your standards. And them being here does not take away from that. The wealth of your country is not measured by how many citizens carry LV bags. Their economic state came from risks that they took at a time when forign powers were not on their side. At one time the JA dollar was worth more than the US dollar.

    Congrats on ur 50 JA, looking foward to a bright future down the road from you.

  28. interesting says:

    Very sad that we as a country could not take an opporutnity to congratulate jamaica for reaching 50 years of indpendance. Yes they have struggles. Indpendance is a time to reflect and to be thankful. For someone to say that they should go home and celebrate in their own country is sad? Do we say that to Americans on Fourth of July when over thousands celebrated in Bermuda on Harbor nighst, Did we say that to Candadians when hundreds celebrated at Warwick long bay July 1st. the truth is, Bermuda has a long history with Jamaica, many do not care to look at the positive and simply focus on the negative.

    mature natinoalist recognized the importance of celebrating nationhood. Bermudaians (we) need to open our minds and our hearts to others. We send our children overseas to be educated and to get work experience, I pray to the good God above that people in those countries do not treat or think about them like we do of forgeiners. There are hundreds of Bermudians presently in Jamaica in high school, or University.
    We must be careful because one day the same people you are turning your nose up to may be the very same people you may need.

    To the people of Jamica there is still a group of Bermudians who believe because they have a strong dollar (perceived) there could not be anything of benefit they can learn from a lesser nation.

    Well not all Bermudians believe that, there of some of us, who actually value regional and international relationships, there are some of us who do not believe that the only thing one can value is money.

    we can learn from jamaica about : Hard work, dedication, national pride, cultural diversity, love, entertainment, fun, and creativity.

    Bermuda is my home I love it but it is clear “we” suffer from cultural low self esteem. We are threatened by anyone particularly, regionally who may even for one day get more light that Bermuda. Bermuda is not the center of the Universe. We are a part of a whole.

  29. SNP says:

    Jamaicans have lots more to celebrate as today, their athletes won a Silver and a Bronze in the Olympics.

    Congratulations Jamaica, God Bless and One Luv….Everytime!.

    As Jamaicans would say ..” Di Ting Tun Up!”

  30. Winnie Dread says:

    Dem aggo tied fi si wi face….unno kno di rest. The contributions of most including and seemingly specifically Jamaicans will be innored especially from people who for the most part ended up in Bermuda not via a direct route ie Africa to Bermuda but via stops in the Caribbean St Kitts,Nevis,Barbados,St.Vincent, even Jamaica oh my plus others. So now after 2 or more generations they are no longer of the West Indies or even Africa they are Bermudians totally ignoring their roots. Jamaicans and people of Jamaican heritage will continue to play thier part in helping to shape Bermuda and this wider world and there is nothing anyone of you can do about it. One more Marley quote berore I sign off “If you know your history then you will know where you are coming from, then you wouldn’t have to ask me who the hell do I think I am” So regard less of who hates or have ill feelings, just check the first line.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      When your own Bruce Golding was killing indiscriminately the people of Tivoli and throwing the body into MayPen Cemetery I didn’t hear not one of you Proud Jamaicans crying foul , or running back home to help your country man and now you want to sing Bob Marley .I tell ya , You swap black dog fe Monkey .. you stay day and remember what the words of the Emperor said and Marley sang “WAR” . Go back and give a helping hand to YOUR COUNTRY MAN , they need you . We don’t . Thank you . And I say it with Love …

  31. Winnie Dred says:

    As I said before MP whatever and thoes of your ilk Jamaicans have been here as long as you, and can’t and won’t be ignored, you will be forever living with hate and bitterness in your heart. If you have not gotten it by now no one can rain on Jamaica’s parade. For every ounce of hate you spew we return you a ton of genuine love, your words speak very loud showing your corrupted mind, too late my friend,too late cyaan do a ting bout wi. Oh btw I guess you were born at the KEMH, so was I (wink).

  32. SNP says:

    The folks are bitter…..very bitter black people…..

  33. Y-Gurl says:

    Jamaica has turned into the predicted 3rd worl poverty srticken country that was the prediction all these years ago, its people cant go any where and the currency isnt worth the paper its printed on…Go Independence!!

  34. 50YRS wasted says:

    I can tell you real. Jamaicans living in J’ca: are not celebrating only, those living in places like Bermuda,Bahamas and Barbados. All three countries are having tremendous problems with Jamaicans. Barbados is also an Independent nation if you really want to pound your chest about pride and Independence.Look at the Bajans today The proudest people in the Caribbean and have no gold medals. Jamaicans where an still are the original haters in the Caribbean It all started in 1962,referring to many islands as smallies and insignificant.words they still use today A blow to human development. No No No. Sir.The pride of Bermuda The Bahamas and Barbados has nothing to do with gold medals or Independence .By the way the bajans are 46yrs and first world what have you done.