Ferry Out Of Service, Forces Cancellations

August 14, 2012

Due to the “Bermudian” being out of service, there have been some ferry cancellations for today.

A Government spokesperson said: “The following Sea Express Ferry services have been suspended today as a result of the Bermudian being out of service: Dockyard: 10:30 a.m. & 1:15 p.m. | Hamilton: 12:30 p.m. & 2:00 p.m.”

The condition of the ferries has been the subject of discussion recently, with Transport Minister Walter Roban saying: “Ferries have become such a successful and popular component of the transportation service that the vessels and associated infrastructure have been pushed beyond what they were designed for.

“To ensure we offered as comprehensive service to as many people as possible the ferries have been running at full steam for several years. This obviously takes a toll.

“As a result of this extended use, the ferries do break down from time to time but we have a very professional team of well trained Bermudian engineers and mechanics who are dealing with these challenges.”

Minister Roban also said that public criticism by the Opposition about the ferry service is “nothing more than an attempt to score cheap political points without offering any solutions.”

Shadow Transport Minister Pat Gordon Pamplin responded saying ““With reference to the Minister’s statement, he acknowledges that the ferries have been over-used and under-maintained, yet he has the temerity to accuse the Opposition of scoring cheap political points.

“He asks for solutions. We regret that the Minister and the government are bereft of ideas but, in this instance we offer the obvious solution – allocate the money to fix the ferries!”

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  1. Typo says:

    should it be 1:15pm and 12:30pm & 2:00pm instead of am?

    • Bernews says:

      Sorry about that, that’s what the Government statement said at first, they issued an amendment soon after….

      • swing voter says:

        C’mon Roban, the service is soooooooo sucessful its reach its breaking point? Dat ain’t workin Walter

  2. Mistake? says:

    Did you mean pm for the 1:15, 12:30 & 2:00 ferry times?

  3. Well says:

    “… and associated infrastructure have been pushed beyond what they were designed for.” – BS, its called improper maintenance and misuse of money exacerbating the improper maintenance schedule or lack of one I should say.

    “we have a very professional team of well trained Bermudian engineers and mechanics who are dealing with these challenges.” really? you do huh? wonder why they’re always breaking down or have basic things like the air conditioning out-of-order for several months…

  4. Soooo says:

    “nothing more than an attempt to score cheap political points without offering any solutions.”

    The solution is simple…. Maintain the ferries and buses!!! These ferries and buses operate an a schedule that includes “downtime” this, time is when maintenance should take place.. In the case of the ferries 10PM to 6AM but NO you’ll never see anyone doing maintenance at that hour!! Union would never allow it….

  5. Edmund Renound says:

    worth commenting?? proof of the government’s incompetence is in the pudding. It speaks for itself.

  6. Victor says:

    Approx 4,000 plus cruise visitors once again stuck in Dockyard on a rainy day…Feel The Love. Great planning guys – looks like the left hand has no idea what the right one is doing.

    • I agree with most comments, but @ Victor, these cruise visitors are not stuck in Dockyard. They leave today and thanks to the rain, they are in the mall shopping!!

      • Victor says:

        Explorer leaves at 16.00 and Dawn at 17.00 which with a proper ferry/bus service there is plenty of time for excursions outside of Dockyard. As for the shopping mall in Dockyard – apart from three or four serious businesses (that includes the ice cream store), it’s a joke…seriously. Of course that was always EFB’s master plan to destroy Hamilton as a world class shopping destination…which is why we now have a bank in what was formerly a world famous shop bringing in many millions of tourist dollars every year, probably about 100 times more than those pathetic shops in Dockyard bring in each year.

  7. Zombie Apolcalypse says:

    Why is it that whenever I drive down East Broadway there are 3 new ferries parked doing nothing?

    The fact is the government has no foresight. Therefore no there is no advanced planning into things like preventative maintenance. There are also no funds for repairs. That’s why there are 50+ buses out of service.

    • Soooo says:

      @Zombie Apolcalypse… they are waiting for tires (sorry I mean parts)… I was on the Tempest yesterday morning.. The engines started to overheat coming through Two Rock so they limp to the dock from there… Worst part was that they were already late because the big ferry that was scheduled on that route broke down as well…

      • yourPointis? says:

        @Soooo Get you facts Straight before coming on bernews making a damn fool of yourself.. The Tempest has been OUT OF SERVICE for the Past few weeks.. an there has been noo Reports of any boat overheating.. So do your self a favor sit back an let the Department do their job, Unless you want to go on down there and join them.

        • Soooo says:

          yourPointis?… Join them… I think Government sould outsource the entire maintenance with a proper Service Level Agreements to people that can do the job.

          You are correct Tempest is out of service allong with Georgia, Corona, Deliverance, Patience, Bermudian (and I believe the Serenity) it was Venturilla on Monday morning… So we have 5 out of 12 ferries running and of those 5, 3 have issues..

        • Zombie Apolcalypse says:

          Oh I see. So the wonderful well-qualified Bermudian mechanics with all their vast resources have not been able to Tempest going for weeks now. It’s been ‘Out Of Service’ for over a month.

          So why is Roban giving us this nonsense about how they ‘break down from time to time’, but don’t worry because the cheerful and highly motivated mechanics have them up and running again in no time?

          • navin Johnson says:

            because his voting support base will buy anything he says…..

  8. longtail says:

    Good thing the ferries do not run on tyres or they would ALL be out of service!!!

  9. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    This problem started with the brain cell who had the idea of putting both mega-ships at one end of the island, with just 2 restaurants, a man made beach, and only one road out. Bermuda continues to make silly decisions, then wonders why it has painted itself into a corner. In the upcoming months, Bermuda will probably make yet another silly decision and vote the same fools back in again.

    You do it to yourselves!!!!

    • street wise says:

      FYI, there are FOUR restaurants in DY, plus a hot dog stand and ice cream shop.

      The one road out is not an issue… unless there is an accident which ties up traffic. But that happens all over the Island.

      • street wise says:

        The man-made “beach” in DY is sickening because it is actually built over an old dump! I am told that the waters around the “beach” are polluted with old car parts, lead acid batteries, and whatnot.

        They make a fortune, as hundreds of tourists daily do not know what they are getting into until they actually pay the $10.00 entrance fee (!) and go in!! They go there because it is the closest “beach” to the ships.

        It’s really a rip-off IMHO. Many passengers leave disgusted, not realizing at first that the place was NOT a real Bermuda beach.

        IMHO visitors are being misled about that operation…..

  10. More Confused says:

    The solution is simple. If the ferries have proven over the years to be so successful, then why haven’t more been bought? That would allow a full timetable to be maintained while ferries are in for servicing. I don’t know the numbers but if 5 are needed to maintain the timetable have at least 2 spare.

    As we all know though, there’s no money for new ferries, let alone proper maintenance. Too much wasted on questionable activities, parties and incompetence to put it politely. So much for budgeting, planning and good governance.

  11. betty Rech says:

    the ferry service is soooooooooooo un reliable the poor tourist are always so confused.

    When is Bermuda ever going to get it right!!!!!!

  12. Kidding me? says:

    Last night, the 5:30 ferry that was to travel to Watford Bridge, then Cavello, also had the responsibility of taking the Rockaway passengers. Not only was there very limited seating but the air conditioning was not working ?!?!? It took an hour to travel from Hamilton to Rockaway to Cavello and then to Watford. Are you kidding me? When you finish work at 5 and get home at 6:30pm, that is not called a fast ferry, that is call a waste of time….just like the people running the ship (if you can call it that)?!!?

    • Zombie Apolcalypse says:

      As long as every government Minister’s limos have their a/c running that’s all they care about.

  13. Young Bermudian says:

    This island is going to the pieces. I’m tired of hearing about issues like this. Had enough man.

    The government needs to get cracking. We gave you change. & right about now , its time for another CHANGE.

    GET IT TOGETHER PLP if you can’t do things right GET CRACKING.


  14. Good thing they don’t run an airline

  15. InSideInformation says:

    This is nothing more than P!SS POOR PLANNING…..!! I know for a fact as I have friends that work for M&P that they do not have PM (preventive maintenance program). Their program is purely REACTIVE, or as they say “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”..
    Not sure if this has already been made public, but anyway..
    Minister Roban where are the 2 engines M&P sent abroad to be professionally rebuilt/reconditioned? That’s right they shipped away 2 very expensive engines maybe worth hundreds of thousands to be rebuilt and LOST THEM… Ya just out right lost them… Where in the hell could they have gone.. Maybe your well trained engineers put the wrong address on the box..????
    I have heard all kinds of horror stories from engines being run without oil in the sump or boats being run with broken cooling water pumps, to operators ramming the ferry into the dock causing serious damage to the haul and dock. Too the out right disrespect the employees show their supervisors..
    I’m surprised one hasn’t sunk full of passengers and caused a tragedy yet..
    What a joke the ferry service is.

    • Family Man says:

      That’s too funny …. lost the engines. Maybe they were being sent back by mail and the shipper put the wrong postal code on the box. The Post Office returned then to the sender.

      Or maybe a certain individual found he needed a couple of new engines for his boat in St. Kitt’s?

    • Guy Carri says:

      OOOOOOhhhh ya! You opened up a can of worms on this one. I believe you. I’d like Roban to spin his bs on this topic. Everyone’s gone quiet about those engines. Pa and there isn’t even enough mula to buy replacements…hell probably not even to fix them!

  16. Sara says:

    “Ferries have become such a successful and popular component of the transportation service that the vessels and associated infrastructure have been pushed beyond what they were designed for.” But, but, but we have invested hundreds of millions in infrastructure… Oops for got about transportation and roads didn’t ya? What a crock of shite.

  17. Bermudian says:

    Um excuse me…didn’t the Ministry of Transport push the issue of public transportation to reduce traffic congestion in Hamilton and now the Minister is saying that because its so “popular” they’re being pushed beyond what they’re designed for. I’m so tired of their excuses….I can’t wait for the “not so Progessive” Govt. to change. I’d respect them if they said..we messed up…ww mismanaged YOUR money and can’t afford to fix them.

  18. trix says:

    Bring in the “Wildcat.”

  19. Shaking the Head says:

    Minister Roban was explaining recently that the ferries are running into problems because the sea is salty. Solution? Run the sea water through the desalination plant on North Shore and put it back as fresh water. Problem solved. Now where do I send my $160,000 Consultants Fee to get paid?

  20. Family Man says:

    The ferries have become SO popular that they’ve had to reduce service on the Pink route, the Rockaway ferries and the St. George’s service due to a “lack of riders”.

    Who are we to believe, this month’s plp statement or last month’s plp statement?

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Wasn’t it last month when he said they’re getting rusty because it’s humid here?

  21. Octavia says:

    I have an old ferry schedule from back when we had just the three mono-hull ferries on the Somerset route (Sea Venture, Deliverance and Patience). We had more trips per day, to more stops (including Boaz island and Somerset Bridge) and more frequently. The current schedule does less with six boats that break down more often.