Photos: Top Model Winners Enjoy Bermuda Trip

August 9, 2012

The 2012 Top Model Worldwide winner Tarmar Awobotu and Top Model UK Editorial winner Aaliyah Ditchburn have both been experiencing a seven day vacation in Bermuda of the Cup Match weekend filled with activities and sightseeing.

A spokesperson said, “After an exciting build up of several months following the Top Model Worldwide 2012 competition in February, Grand Finals winner Ms. Tarmar Awobotu has finally arrived from South Africa for her seven day vacation sponsored by the Bermuda Department of Tourism.

“Accompanied by Top Model UK Editorial winner, Ms. Aaliyah Ditchburn from Manchester, England the Top Model winners are staying at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess over what has been a fun-packed and lively Cup Match holiday weekend.

“Organized by Daisy’s boutique owner Dawn Zuill and sponsored by the Department of Tourism, the Grand Prize Trip to Bermuda aims to showcase the best of the Island on a world scale.

“After arriving in Bermuda on Tuesday evening, and following a welcome reception in their honor at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess on Wednesday evening, the ladies have been kept busy with an event-filled week of sun, sight-seeing, beaches, celebrations, and even a $1,000 shopping spree at Daisy’s.

“With the added atmosphere of the Cup Match holiday, Grand Prize Winner Tarmar was thrilled to have experienced what Bermuda had on offer over the past week and despite family and friends concerns of her being “lost in the Triangle” she is “really excited to be visiting Bermuda and meeting the people”.

“Both Tarmar and Aaliyah would also like to thank the Bermuda Department of Tourism for generously sponsoring their prize trip, with a special thanks to the Fairmont Hamilton Princess for their support and sponsored accommodation.”

- Photos courtesy of Daisy’s

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  1. BdaLuvin says:

    Bermuda Department of Tourism aka Tax payers paid for this trip?

  2. Concerned Bermudian says:

    I agree BdaLuvin – waste of money. These girls wont return (or if they do, not anytime soon! They look way too young to be taking more ‘trips to Bermuda’ out of their own pockets!). Tourism needs to WAKE UP and start spending their budget more wisely!!!!!!!

  3. coonerybuffonery says:

    Don’t you all realize that the Department of Tourism is now a travelling minstrel show! LOL

  4. Nathan says:

    Can you people that commented negatively really not see the practical sense for TOP MODEL winners to visit Bermuda at our cost. Think about it. These women are in magazines and tv shows all over the world and have a fan base far larger than the entire poupulation of Bermuda. If they visit here others will also and if they enjoy the trip, they will give Bermuda free advertising for life. Let’s count the cost of Bermuda tourism hiring a marketing agency and promotor versus the cost of this trip. It was a great initiative and intellegent business descision. Stop opposing things just for the sake of being critical instead of looking at things with a critical eye.

    • Dwayne says:

      Thank you Nathan Finally a voice of reason

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      Um, Bermudians are too small minded to understand this…

    • Really says:

      Nathan, if Top Model was such a big deal as you make out. I’m sure they would have more than 2000 likes on their facebook page. They are nothing more than a small company with a website, trying to get off the ground in the modeling industry. When the two main sponsors of their 2012 event were Bermuda Tourism and Daisy’s in front street, it makes you wonder. Bermuda got taken for a ride on this one.