National Academy Program Re-Launching

September 26, 2012

The Bermuda Football Association have announced the re-launch of the National Academy program for the 2012-2013 seasonal year. Training will resume the week of October 1st, 2012 at the BFA field. The full schedule will be made available after tonight’s parent/player meeting to be held at Dellwood Middle School starting at 6.00pm.

A BFA spokesperson said, “The National Academy Program has undergone some restructure and reorganization. The program will continue to serve as a place to identify and develop our elite players in preparation for placement opportunities in Collegiate and Prep School athletic programs and for selection to Bermuda National teams.”

Some highlights put forward by the Bermuda Football Association on the National Academy program for the upcoming year include:

Staffing Changes:

  • Scott Morton and Maurice Lowe have decided to take a rest from active duty with the NA program for this year.
  • Larry Smith, Aaron Denkins, Maceo Dill have returned as staff coaches for the 2012-2013 year.
  • Additions to staff will include: Richard Todd, Andrew Bascome, Dennis Brown, Phillip Burgess, Don Vickers, Naquita Robinson, Shawnette Perott, Vinzie Zuill,
  • GK Trainers have been added to staff: Ray Gladsford, Jay Smith, Steve Gould
  • Additional staffing appointments are pending

Increase in the number of Academy Teams:

  • The NA will continue to offer 7 age groupings for the boys from 2001-1995 birth years
  • The NA will increase to 3 age groupings for the girls: 2000s, 1998s, 1996s

Change to Weekly Training Schedules:

  • The NA teams will now have one (1) weekly scheduled practice for the boys and two (2) weekly practices for the girls
  • The purpose of the change in frequency of weekly practices for the boys is to enable players to have a better balance between academics, club and school athletics in addition to the NA training.
  • The girls’ will remain at twice weekly due to the later start date for their league play and to help accelerate the development and growth of the women’s’ and girls’ game on the island.

Addition of monthly mini-camps:

  • Off-sets the reduction of weekly training for the boys and allows for more focused intensive training periods to better prepare team for tournaments and event.
  • Provides a regular games schedule
  • These mini-camps will include a Friday evening session, a Saturday morning session, and a Saturday afternoon games session.
  • Youth League schedules will be coordinated to allow for players to be free from club games for assigned weekends.

Addition of School Break Camps:

  • The National Academy is seeking to conduct training camps during the designated school breaks for all NA players.
  • This will further enhance the training and development of players

Inclusion of Specialized Goal Keeper Training Sessions:

  • Goal Keeper trainers added to the staff will conduct a weekly session of specialized GK training. These sessions will be open to all youth players from clubs and schools to help enhance the development of proper techniques for players from the grass roots level.
  • Provides the option of GK Training for clubs unable to offer this for their players’ development

A planned Calendar of Events and Tournaments

  • To include domestic and International Travel
  • All age groups will have the option of an overseas training or competitions event.
  • Travel will involve shared expense by parents, fundraising and corporate donations
  • Addresses the issue with the ration of games to training for the National Academy
  • Ensure our players are receiving the exposure and experience
  • Provides feed back to the coaches on the level of play for players and teams.

New In-take of Players:

  • Tryouts for the boys’ 2001 intake have been announced
  • Tryouts for the girls’ intake will be announced shortly
  • Increased placement of NA players in overseas programs will allow for the inclusion of additional players to the program, benefiting more players and increasing the player pool.

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