Boxing: Perozzi vs Nelson Fight Ends In Draw

October 13, 2012

[Updated] Crowds of people have packed the Fairmont Southampton for tonight’s [Oct 13] ‘All or Nothing’ boxing and kickboxing bouts, which will see some of Bermuda’s finest fighters taking on international talent.

The top fight of the night will be between Bermuda’s world champion Teresa Perozzi and undefeated American Tori “Sho Nuff” Nelson, with both fighters battling for the WBA World Middleweight Title and the WBC World Middleweight Title.

A number of other fights will take place, with one of the island’s top kickboxers — Sentwali Woolridge — fighting Canada’s Daniel Kechego, while up and coming fighter Nikki Bascome will take on Justin Garant of Canada.

The lineup for tonight’s matches is below:

Update 11.56pm: The main fight is just now underway, with Bermuda’s Teresa Perozzi being escorted by the Gombeys into the ring. Quick video below, with full [higher quality] video to come later.

Update 12.17am: The fight continues…getting close to the end

Update 12.31am: The Teresa Perozzi vs Tori “Sho Nuff” Nelson fight ended in a draw. Ms Perozzi retains her World Championship belt.

The full results, multiple photo galleries and videos have been added. All our coverage of the event can be found here.

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  1. Observer says:

    Thanks for the update – will there be more during the fight?

  2. Keith says:

    Are there any more updates on the Tori Nelson fight?

  3. Kathy Ward says:

    The next best result to a win!
    Two great competitors.

  4. JR says:

    Great sportsmanship by two great opponents–

  5. Jonathan D Smith says:

    Amazing to see Teresa Perozzi in action tonight against a very strong and tenacious American fighter. A 10 round fight. One judge (the Bermudian judge) had Perozzi win 97-93 I think it was; both other judges had it 95-95 so it ended in a draw.

  6. Any news on Jeron gunness kickboxing fight

  7. proud bermudian says:

    I personally think Teresa won out right, her technique from foot work, delivery and movement was wayy better

    • Big Picture says:

      I was so impressed by the quality of the fighting. There were no losers last night. Every one of these fighters gave 101%!!! Perozzi was definitely prepared! Hats off to her and all the fighters, their family, their trainers, the promoters, the sponsors and all of those individuals that gave up their own time and money to give us all something to be proud of!

  8. Shit Happens says:

    Well done Tori should have kick her bot though!!!

  9. swingingfrom the chandeliers!! says:

    Congratulations Theresa, you broke her record and still retained your belt..mission accomplished!!

  10. Annaliese Tucker says:

    Well done Teresa on retaining your title! ” Proud to be a Bermudian”

    • Solo says:

      Sorry 2 see the look on Tori Nelson face when Teresa was able 2 retain her title. From 1 boxer 2 the next Nelson deserved the win. Always proud 2 b bermudian but I’m not blind

  11. OZ says:

    Um with you there! I was rooting for Teresa and this was the best I have seen her fight but I thought Nelson was the aggressor for most of the fight and landed more solid blows. richmond should have his eyesight checked.LOL

  12. Maria Jacobs says:

    Guess you don’t believe that it was not a draw as you have seen fit not to allow my posts. Check with an authority like maybe Teresa or one of the officials. I will accept your apology after you do.

    • Bernews says:

      LOL! With all due respect, we will never apologize for accurate reporting. It was a draw, and that information came directly from the officials.