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October 14, 2012

The proportion of post-secondary graduates reached an all-time high in 2010, as the Island’s working population aged 25 to 64 years continues to progress towards achieving a higher level of education according to a new analytical census brief.

The brief, titled “Education: Springboard to Employment and Higher Earnings” was released today [PDF]. The brief has examined the progress in educational attainment between 2000 and 2010 and has explored differences in occupations and earnings based on the highest academic qualification achieved.

Based on the 2010 Census of Population and Housing, the proportion of the population aged 25 to 64 years old with post-secondary education was a record 52%, compared with 50% a decade earlier. The majority of these graduates completed at least a bachelor’s degree.

Nearly half or 47% of non-Bermudians have completed a university degree compared to 25% of Bermudians. The higher percentage of non-Bermudian degree holders reflects directly the recruitment of workers from overseas to fill positions at the professional, senior official and managerial levels.

As education levels increase, median income from main job rises. Persons who possess a university degree and work as senior officials or managers earned the highest median income of $117,866. In contrast, service and sales workers with no academic certificates earned the least at $36,703.

Unemployment rates were highest for people with no academic certificates and lowest for persons holding degrees.

The full 16-page report [PDF here] is below:

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  1. swingingfrom the chandeliers!! says:

    when are demographics going to improve situation.. we lack the basic knowledge and will to supply every breathing person a right to live from basic necessities of food shelter clothing.. we have not gotten the basics right yet!!while the stats may suggest where we are how will we accomplish the goal of understanding that Bermudians are under the constitution entitled to a right to pursue comforts and needs within their enviroment without prejudice whether the intellectual capacity is up to whoevers standard is irrelevent!! after all what is i.q. based on and what does it proves if i am not smart as some kid in illinois U.S.A.?with all the degrees in Bermuda today, which is more than any other decade, we have the most people out of work and more foreign input than we can shake a stick pray tell why the need for demographics if we cannot provide the country with a proper standard of living available to all regardless of intellectual status..

  2. Future says:

    Black people need to get it together. While every other group is talking unity/colour blindness in the public domain, they practise self supporting in the private domain. A black person needs a doctorate to earn as much a white person with a Master’s degree? With a Master’s degree this same black person earns 10% less than a white person with a Bachelor’s degree? Same thing for gender and bermudian vs. nn-bermudian.

    If you are a white, male, non-Bermudian, you got it made!

    See page 9, table 3. Nothing new but a reminder of the futility of not knowing the REAL rules of the game. By my cal a this would make the 404th year in a row Black people have gotten pimped wholesale. Get it together and stop waiting for someone to do right by you.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      “If you are a white, male, non-Bermudian, you got it made!”

      I wish this was true but alas…………….


    • 21 Questions says:

      This is one of the dumbest race card comments I have ever read…you can’t be serious

  3. Pete Tong says:

    No one is entitled to a job. Though many of the natives would not concur. Their is obvious a huge gulf in the academically qualified based on the demographics. Maybe the locals should spend more time reading and educating themselves and they may find that they progress better in the job market.

    • Spanky says:

      “Their”… really ?? Please take your own advice.

      • Bermy says:


      • Free says:

        Pete Tong is a troll. I’m convinced he’s very lonely and has probably been turned down by many, many women, mainly Bermudian women as he seems to especially despise Bermudians. He’s always mad about something.

    • swingingfrom the chandeliers!! says:

      @peter tong–I am entitled to a job in my country according to my constitutional rights and besides as a human being like any human being.Who doesn’t understand will feel cos, I will take my rights if they are not given..and it is a given that I am entitled to pursue my interest as far as job, food, shelter ect. IN MY OWN COUNTRY!!so bite your tongue if you don’t know my rights!

      • Pete Tong says:

        Your not entitled to jack if you have a brain like a colander.

        • Free says:

          With all the spelling and grammar errors you make maybe you should go read a book instead of trolling the Bernews comment section.

        • swingingfrom the chandeliers!! says:

          @peter tong—-and you know something about a brain…

      • Hahahaha says:

        1. You don’t have a constitution, and 2. You’re not entitled to anything but the opportunity to earn. Rest is up to you.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Do you have constituntionla right to employment?

        Genuinely interesed, can you cite where in the constitution it says that?

        • swingingfrom the chandeliers!! says:

          I hereby declare as a Bermudian that I am entitled to seek and find employment in my own country as a condition of birthright and humanity…hows that!!!!And further am entitled to choose first before any non-Bermudian, to have food, shelter, clothing ect…..CAN YOU READ this constitution!!

      • Moojun says:

        Actually, we are not ‘entitled to a job’ under our ‘constitutional rights’. I suggest you get to know your rights by reading the Bermuda constitution and then you can copy and paste the part that you seem to think entitles you to a job. Link is given below:

        I certainly understand your frustrations, but if a job were a constitutional right then don’t you think the thousands of unemployed Bermudians would have collectively sued the Government by now?

        • swingingfrom the chandeliers!! says:

          stay tuned..when the rest of the people realize they have born rights watch out!!

      • Portia says:

        Swinging – no, actually, there is nothing in the Bermuda Constitution Order 1968 which states that you or any other Bermudian are “entitled” to a job. Our immigration laws provide for the hiring of Bermudians over non-Bermudians, IF a Bermudian is suitably qualified to do the job. What that means is that companies are not compelled to hire a Bermudian who does not meet the requirements of a particular position.

        The onus is on us, as Bermudians, to ensure that we have the necessary skills and education to market ourselves to employers and remain competitive in the job market. There are opportunities all around to do just that, us if we choose to take them. We need to educate our children, and our ourselves, if we want to get ahead. No one else can do this for us.

        • swingingfrom the chandeliers!! says:

          @ Portia–you interpolate your way and I will interpret mine! I have , that right and ability and stick by my statement of entitlement..try going to China,Turkey,Asia,Arabs and Americans and ask them who comes first and has entitlement, by virtue of being in this condition from birthright sodon’t try to tell me how to interpret what I know as fact. Do not appear naive either..

    • mixitup says:

      Yes Pete Tong.. I will personally sign you up for English 101.. LOL What a Moron!

  4. swingingfrom the chandeliers!! says:

    thanks spanky! hahahahalol….

  5. Ganja Mon says:

    if Pete tong thinks that these damn asians deserve a job over a Bermudian, he has another thing coming!

    • Family Man says:

      Ganja Mon,
      When you refer to “these damn asians” do you mean the ones working as doctors, nurses, accountants, or lawyers because there aren’t enough qualified Bermudians, or do you mean the ones working 10 hour days doing jobs Bermudians find too taxing since they’d rather sit off and smoke a spliff.

      • Free says:

        So you are fighting prejudice and ignorance with prejudice and ignorance? Oh and also stereotyping. Good one. Do you happen to be one of those Bermudians too lazy who would rather sit off and smoke? Or does that stereotype apply to all Bermudians – except you?

  6. Vote for Me says:

    @ Pete Tong
    Your post is clearly based on ignorance.

    In the first instance, any human is entitled to a job in their home country. If not, how do you propose for them to provide for their basic needs of food, shelter and safety without resorting to criminal activity? To add, each resident should be able to get a job that allows them to live in their own economy.

    What is trus is that individuals should be properly trained for the jobs that are available and required. In the Bermuda context, it is unfortunate that our current state relates to historic immigration policies. If we look at the start of IB in Bernmuda since 1985 or so, Bermuda made the mistake of not ensuring that IB paid more then lip service to affording Bermudians proper opportunities.

    Rather than simply giving work permits with a ‘promise to train Bermudians’ the cost of work permits should have been tied to the length of work permits with significant reductions when Bermudians were gainfully employed.

    If we are honest, the initial policy was doomed to fail. How could we relly expect a non Bermudian to train a Bermudian which would result in the non Bermudian have to leave Bermuda. Again, if we are honest, many of th enon Bermudinas came to Bermuda and were able to significantly improve their economic status – far beyond any level they would have hoped for at home!!

    Your post indicates you are a guest worker and your experience in the work place may be different from qualified Bermudians. Nevertheless, you can be assured that there are many Bermudians (Black, White and Portugese and other) with real stories of discrimination. The lingering disappointment is the real reason for discontent and some negative connations about IB.

    You would also be well informed to note that Bermudians are generally well qualified from an academic perspective and from accredited universities. Unfortunately, however, in some instances managers have been able to craft specific ads for their prefered candidates and their HR Managers have not acted in a professional manner to properly vet the ads. Again, the Immigration Dept. is replete with examples of this practice.

    Many others are better qualified to comment more on this subject and I will leave it to them to do so.

    My challenge to you, if you are in a position to do so is to find a qualified Bermudian to genuinely mentor. Are you that altruistic? Can you also indicate the degee to which your economic status has improved since being in Bermuda and how willing you would be for a Bermudian to take over your role?

    • Sandgrownan says:


    • Pete Tong says:

      If a bermudian could do my job, they would have been hired by now. After all the employer has to place an advert in the paper in the first instance. Second of all, I am British and this is a British owned Island ( I assume that you also have a British passport ) so I ain’t no colombian. You could easily come to my Island and enjoy the benefits so I am entitled to come to this island under the queens throne. You need to laugh at these local rabel rousers who run about with there 2 passports thinking that they should be entitled to go to the uk and soak up the benefits but the Brits are not permitted.

  7. Family Man says:

    I couldn’t even bother reading past your first sentence. Nobody is “entitled” to a job. Not even in Bermuda. Although you’d never know it by the attitude.

    • swingingfrom the chandeliers!! says:

      and you have the nerve to call yourself family do you expect to support your family without rights @$$hole! would you like to revert back before the constitution and see who has entitlement?

  8. Outsider looking in says:

    First of all, let me clarify, I am not Bermudian. I am appalled at the fact that so many companies, especially Bermudian companies, hire so many foreign workers citing that they can’t find qualified Bermudians to do the job. Seriously, on a island with so many qualified, educated locals, why is there a need to bring in so many foreign workers when there are locals, ready, willing and able to do the job? If that isn’t bad enough, the trend is moving to now calling these foreign workers “consultants”. I haven’t yet quite figured out how they bypass the immigration policy when some so called “consultants” actually oversee locals. Do these companies not realize, or don’t care, that the so called consultants are even more detrimental to the local economy as they contribute nothing. The locals that do manage to obtain a job in their field are continuously discredited by the foreign worker. Why???? Isn’t it obvious? If there is a qualified local, the foreign worker can’t justify their position. Why is it that locals that are harassed don’t speak up? Fear.

    Instead of fighting each other, stand together as Bermudians. Political party affiliation and race is a way of divide and conquer. Where do Bermudians go that can’t find work? You just can’t migrate somewhere. How do you think the foreign businesses will look at Bermuda when it has a nation full of unemployed people where violence becomes the norm? Stand together, stand strong and speak up.

    Yes there will always be a need for certain qualified individuals that may not be local. That is obvious. Please don’t tell me accountants, bank employees and the like fall into that category.

  9. Onion says:

    Bermuda is a nation of accountants, administrators, attorneys, bankers and toursim professionals. Why the need to bring in foreign workers to fill these jobs is so high is something I can’t understand. Anyone who works in the industry knows that foreign CAs or CPAs make horrible managers. In fact, CAs and CPAs don’t have management as part of the training for their designation, so it’s no wonder their management skills are bad. Every once in a while you will get an accountant that can manage staff but for the most part, bean counters can’t manage. Why so much credence is given to them is a mystery. Auditing is important but auditors don’t have the training to grow business or interpret legislation, so we should not be putting this in their hands. They just don’t know how.

    I would encourage Bermudians to go the extra mile and get that designation in whatever field you’re working in. However, be prepared to have the standards change when we do. How many juristictions require 10 years post qualification experience to fill a job? I would bet that Bermuda is the only one. Work permits have ruined the job market here because the HR people are designing the job descriptions to fit the resume of the individual they want in any given post for the sole purpose of getting that work permit. It’s the sad reality of the island we live in. Bermuda has outsourced prosperity to Canada.