Premier Cox: ‘Proud Of Our Candidate Team’

November 29, 2012

[Updated with video] Speaking on the 36 PLP candidates who were nominated this morning [Nov 29] Premier Paula Cox said: “I’m so proud of our team of qualified candidates who are in touch with their communities. We have a team of caring people who love our island and our people.

“I’m so proud to stand strong with candidates like Renee Ming from Constituency #2. Renee is St. George’s born and bred. She has a long history of serving the community and I would be honoured to serve with her in the next government.

Premier Cox continued: “I’m excited to be joined by rising stars like Diallo Rabain from Constituency #7, Lawrence Scott from Constituency #24 and David Burt from Constituency #18. They have energy, ideas and passion to move our country forward. We saw that passion and commitment from Mr. Scott earlier this week when he put in a stellar debate performance.

“We have veterans like our Deputy Leader Derrick Burgess in Constituency #5, Wayne Furbert in Constituency #6, Dale Butler in Constituency #25 and Glenn Blakeney in Constituency #13. These seasoned leaders care deeply about their communities and have spent countless hours with their constituents working to make their lives a little bit better.

“We have experienced newcomers like Stephen Todd in Constituency #30, Vince Ingham in Constituency #19 and Vance Campbell in Constituency #9. Vance, Vince and Stephen have a wealth of private sector experience and knowledge that we hope to leverage in the next government to improve the efficiency of government and make sure that we can continue to deliver for all Bermudians. Walton Brown is a measured a thoughtful leader. He’s got the kind of independent streak that will serve his constituents well in #17.

“There are so many others that deserve recognition. Dame Jennifer Smith, an anchor in St. George’s and a pillar of the community for Constituency #1. Pastor Leroy Bean who has such a deep passion for people and a commitment to social justice in Constituency #4. Lovitta Foggo (Constituency #3), a leader with love for St. David’s coursing through her veins.

“Neville Tyrrell, our calm, cool and collected force who will defeat Bob Richards in Constituency #11. And, of course, I’m looking forward to our veterans in the west Dennis Lister (Constituency #35), Michael Scott (Constituency #36), Terry Lister (Constituency #33) and Kim Wilson (Constituency #34) returning. I’m also pleased to announce that Anthony Richardson will be returning as our candidate in Constituency #12.

“I have so many more candidates that I’d love to talk about, but, there is only so much space and so much time! So, I’ll conclude by saying that when voters go to the polls on Election Day, know that you are choosing between two candidates and we encourage you to pick the candidate that cares most about your constituency and who will most ably be able to serve you in the House of Assembly,” concluded Premier Cox.

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  1. Proud of Team says:

    The Premier was so proud of her team that she took a minibus to the event in style whilst the candidates walked a cohesive team would have walked the quartermile journey from Alaska Hall to Hamilton Church

    Not to worry special delegates conference here we come Terry, Kim, Colonel, Zane, Derrick please decide who will take the number 1 and number 2 spots so that we can get on with running a country as its full time to turn OFF the days of our lives stories which have been recontinued from the 2003 discontinuation of the Dame Show

    Proud to be standing strong

    • I'm really independent says:

      You sound really independent there. Well done OBA Plant. Stick to the issues.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        The issues. Can we hear what the PLP is going to do about debt and unemployment then?

    • Webster says:

      to our new governor are you paying attention to what is going on ? or are you like the rest of our former govenors… and just cast a blind eye .

    • Cleancut says:

      Col. Burch is looking down and saying to himself, “let me get this crap over with so i can get down to my Bidness!

    • Felix says:

      Number one and two spots, the obvious choice is Zane DeSilva with Derrik Burgess as his deputy! There is no one else!

  2. haha says:

    Yeah right – I’m sure you are a plp supporter.

  3. swing voter says:

    3 things will happen after Dec 17th.

    (1) The sun will come up
    (2) Life will continue
    (3) A new government will be planning how to repair the damaged economy

    • Lady says:

      New government, yea maybe in another 5 years. PLP has got this won.

      • swing voter says:

        If I’m right and you’re wrong, let’s do lunch ;-)

      • non partisan says:

        regardless of who gets in, there will be a new government

      • Webster says:

        Lady,you will be the looser if the P.L.P. win this one.

    • Um Um Like says:

      Only until Dec 21st…

      After that the world will end, so who cares whether the PLP gets back in!?

  4. HardTalk says:

    I am sensing a repeat performance of the 2003 political ‘we had to deceive you’ coup if the PLP survive the election process. There is no plan and the voters are being asked to buy into ‘Standing Strong’ on a foundation that is in ruins. When I vote, I want to know who I am voting for not who will be ousted from office via backroom dirty deeds and scheming. Who is really in control of the PLP? What is the secret plan if they scrape through another election?

  5. Liars says:

    it kills me about the blatant use of the Mini bus that is NOT a government vehicle!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You did not expect her to walk the distance from Alaska Hall among the unwashed did you?

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Let us not forget the unwashed who live in Fairylands and Could wash but choose not to .

  6. Hamilton Commuter says:

    Why did this procession need a Police motorcycle escort? Is this an appropriate use of police resources?

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      You have to pay for a police escort correct?


    • plp all the way says:

      police escort is required by law you clown !!!

  7. BDA says:

    BYE BYE!!!!

  8. 32n64w says:

    Reminded me of lemmings … marching off a fiscal cliff.

  9. Um Um Like says:

    “Qualified candidates”? More like qualified gangstas.

  10. More Confused says:

    Looks like a kindergarten outing where the teachers carry signs so the children know where to go and line up.

  11. Awesome says:

    But I can een sell my condo. Can een give it away!

  12. Bullseye says:

    It’s funny. The middle sign is partially covered by the first, and a hand and it almost looks like it says “DIE PLP” at the top.

  13. bermy drew says:

    Mr. Blakeney has spent countless hours? I have lived in constituency 13 for over four years and I am yet to see him or anything in my mailbox to say that he is interested in my views! Chances of me seeing him before election time is slim!!!

    • Mad Dawg says:

      It’s a bit like the ‘countless’ numbers of people they’ve trained. It just indicates they can’t count beyond 30.

  14. unreal says:

    We all have to remember a few basic facts;

    1) As human beings we are all inherently selfish. We will all make decisions based on what’s best for us and our families; what’s best for Bermuda will be secondary. Example: a land owner, landlord or business owner is more likely to vote OBA because they are concerned about declining land/house values, declining rental incomes and declining sales (should they own a business). On the other hand a person currently renting or looking to buy a home or start a business will see a benefit to declining rental rates and housing costs. Therefore they are more likely to stick with the present government.
    2) Voting based solely on race is an unfortunate reality. Trying to sway a persons vote choice in this regard is an excercise in futility, so don’t waste your breath.
    3) No matter what way you slice it, goverment will have to slash spending by a very large margin to get our debt under control. It makes no difference who is in power. It has to be done regardless.

    Unfortunately the possible effects of selfish and short-term thinking and racially charged voting will lead Bermuda into further decline. This will be bad news for all citizens in the long run and everybody will suffer.

    Vote wisely

    • Judge Dredd says:

      The research has shown that blacks have always voted across party lines while whites have voted as a solid block for ONE PARTY. So take your “#2″ bovine excrement somewhere else and don’t dare try to level that accusation at the black population. That is chicanery and subterfuge. The facts don’t lie.

      • Ringmaster says:

        The PLP have not provided any reason for non blacks to join/vote for them except in 1998. When you can still have the likes of John Gibbons, followed by Wayne Furbert post such garbage on Facebook, copying the same genetic disposition viewpoint as Walter Roban shows the true colours of the PLP. Why didn’t Paula Cox make any reference to her token whites in her praise of her candidates rollout today? Ashamed or doesn’t want to know?
        Says it all really.
        Vote the PLP back in on December 17, but don’t complain when Bermuda collapses shortly after.

  15. Let's Have at It says:

    Indeed. Vote wisely.

  16. joe says:

    Looks like another BIU march somewhere. Too bad you guys just haven’t moved forward, and yes a lot of older folks will vote PLP, but many wont any more. Seems you are losing that black edge….just not cutting it anymore in a failing economy where really what is at stake are the jobs for the boys and the free handouts to the union, etc. Once in opposition again it will give you guys time to rethink, ditch some of your 1960s image and move into the 21st century. Hard move, but it has to happen.