Premier, Renee Ming Extend Debate Challenge

November 28, 2012

Premier Paula Cox reiterated her willingness to engage OBA Leader Craig Cannonier in a debate, while PLP candidate Renee Ming has also challenged her opponent Nandi Davis to a debate.

“I’m ready, willing and able to discuss the pertinent issues of the day with Mr. Cannonier,” noted Premier Paula Cox. “Our party has stood strong for Bermudians during the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression.

“We passed the landmark FutureCare initiative that helps our seniors with affordable doctor’s visits and prescription drugs after a lifetime of hard work. We passed DayCare to help our working families. And, we are the ones who passed the EEZ which provides Bermudian owned businesses in the areas that need it most support.

“I’m looking forward to talking about our Ten Point Plan for Growth that includes the introduction of Job Corps Bermuda, the One Stop Career Center and the revitalisation of the Hamilton Waterfront. I’m looking forward to discussing the issues of the day in front of the entire country,” the Premier concluded.

In addition, PLP candidate for Constituency #2 Renee Ming noted, “I saw a video of last week’s OBA press conference and it raised concerns with me. St. George’s needs an effective advocate for our community that is from our community and understands our unique culture, heritage and challenges.

“I have a wealth of experience working in the community. I grew up here. And, I know that our people deserve the best possible representation. That’s why today I’m challenging Nandi Davis to sit down and debate.

“As for the venue, we have approached Gary Moreno and he would be willing to host such an event. I do hope that we can schedule this debate in short order. I look forward to discussing the issues with Ms. Davis. Former UBP leader, Kim Swan is welcome to participate as well.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Lets hope she is also willing to discuss $1.5b debt, $300,000 per day servicing of that debt, how she plans to pay it down, where hundreds of millions have disappeared to, why the PLP has been through so many education Ministers in such a short time, why, why, why etc.

    I’ll leave the list open for others to expand on. There is enough to keep them busy all day.

    • Plato says:

      Shots Fired will the OBA fire back?

    • Sajanta West says:

      The Independent candidates needs to be included in the debates. Why are they being excluded when presently they are the best candidates. They can get things done without towing the party line skirt.

      • street wise says:

        That is very unlikely… Independents are essentially powerless without Party backing. A vote for an Independent is a vote for the plp.

        Vote wisely.

    • C2 voter says:

      We elected the right candidate 5 years ago and he has NEVER disappointed us. We will be voting in C2 for Mr. Swan. His number is listed in the phone book, we call and he answers. The advert in yesterdays’ paper was right on, Integrity, honesty and Experience. He fits the bill. The others have no parliamentary experience.

      • Portia says:

        Mr. Swan certainly has the experience; but, with all his passion, he is limited in what he can do. Though dedicated, he alone has been unable to get the hotel started in St. George’s, or a new pier built, or cruise ships (the smaller ones) there on a regular basis, or to help the buisnesses that are struggling in the town. That’s why, as another C2 constituent, I don’t think I can vote for him. But it would be interesting to see him in the debate.

      • navin johnson says:

        and he would be a voice crying in the wilderness to be heard

  2. Sandgrownan says:


  3. JT says:

    Let’s have it…and let’s use accurate/truthful information.

    Given that this election is all about the economy I trust Finance Minister Cox will be eager to debate Mr. Richards.

  4. Small fry says:

    And you put this country into a huge debt ($1.5B and counting daily)and you chased Internatioanl Business and tourist out of here creating unprecedented unemployment, 4 years of declining GDP, flip-flopped all over the place on foreigners owning property here. Allowed companies like Bank of Bermuda, BELCO, Argus, BF&M to be 100% sold to foreigners which will put more of our land and businesses in the hands of foreigners. You paid $80K to a PLP candidate to write a report that was never written and you ordered him to pay back the money & he didn’t. You said you were only a “cog in the wheel”.. You have no clue, no hope, no vision, no ideas, no common sense, no plan, no money, no more All you do is use scare tactics and negative ads. Qatar govt. must be shuddering looking at your election ads… God help us if you are re-elected…

  5. Small fry says:

    By the way your 10 point plan is NOT a plan. It is simply a set of lofty goals. Nowhere do you describe HOW you are going to ACHIEVE these lofty goals.. I suspect more of how we had to deceive you, so you would vote for us as those other guys might actually cause us NOT to have our fanacy cars, trips, big salaries and expense accounts anymore…

  6. Joonya says:

    Why?? So we can listen to her spin her way out of $1.5 BILLION?
    No Thanks.

  7. Please Leave Politics says:

    Renee is passionate and is from St. George. She would probably be a great advocate for the St. George community. However, I still can’t support the PLP, especially with the likes of Rolfe, the Kernel, Zane, Burgess, and the rest lurking in the background. They’re keeping their mouths shut for now, but as soon as the the PLP win the election… 2007 here we come: House N$%#a, I don’t care what you think, we had to deceive you, you never thought you would answer to the sons of slaves, muppets, go home foreigners, return to the plantation, etc… the PLP will use Renee and all her passion to win the seat, and then she will be marginalized just like the rest of the sane and rational people of the PLP like Dale Butler and many others.

    • st.geo says:

      I agree.

    • Lost at the finish line says:

      @pleaseleavepolitics….. Yes Renee would mop the floor with Nandi in a debate as would PC vs CC… Also you mentioned the other candidates that you say are laying in wait and it actually made me think of the other side with Dunkley, Gibbons, Bob, Crockwell, etc who hasn’t said much during this cycle. They stand to gain a lot but mums the word. I believe Craig, Nandi, Alexis, Francis…… Are window dressing to make the OBA more appealing. Most have no chance in hell of winning their respective seats….

      • small fry says:

        Who’s going to debate Makai Dickerson up at Westgate?

      • More with less says:

        The huge difference with the latter group is that they played no part in bankrupting this country. Big big big difference. The debt is the elephant in the room that many PLP supporters are trying to pretend isn’t that bad. Good luck with that.

    • Um Um Like says:

      I think you forgot one: people that look like me

  8. Ride says:


    May you setup a live webcast (video) of these debates if they happen. I cancelled cable a while ago and don’t get reasonable reception with the rabbit-ears.


  9. i gotta be me says:

    Shouldn’t Paula be debating her opposite, Bob Richards, as Finance?

    • Who Will Craig Debate? says:

      So, who would this leave Craig to debate? Does he even hold a shadow ministerial portfolio or do Grant, Dunkley and the REAL powers within the OBA not trust Craig with the issues.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        I tell you man listening to the OBA speak is so annoying because the people sound so disingenuous, no heart. I’m not even trying to be mean just go to you tube and listen to Craig Can-o-”Nair”…………..makes my hair fall off.

  10. Vote for Me says:

    Let’s hope these debates are held. I am more interested in a debate with MPs Cox and Cannonier than the other candidates, however. Some of the other candidates should have been involved in debates earlier in the process.

    After all the hype, it would be good to hear the Premier give an account of the PLPs stewardship over the past 14 years and plans for the future. It would be equally good to have Cannonier ‘put some meat on the bones’ of the OBA plans and identify how the OBA is genuinely different from the UBP.

    I note that Gary Moreno has been approached, which is good since he seems to be one of the few investigative journalists on the island. He often gets news scoops and pulls no punches when questioning Ministers or the Opposition.

    To make it a more fullsome debate, there would need to be an opportunity for unscripted questions from the audience. At a minimum, if Gary hosts, other broadcasters or news personalities should participate.

    To be neutral, they should perhaps use Berkeley and have it broadcast using CiTV facilities.

    • small fry says:

      Debate should be held at the Grand Atlantic so everyone can see the view from all the empty units. Gary Moreno, there’s a great example of a neutral moderator. May I suggest president of the Senate Carol Bassett at City Hall (Earl Cameron) theatre…

  11. JT says:

    You wouldn’t be able to understand 1/2 of the Premiers thesauras babble anyway – which is what will make her a great debater – sadly.

  12. Nanny Pat says:

    I am all for this in civilized countries where they understand the true meaning of a debate. However, in Bermuda, this will be 100% spin and flowery fancy talk where I guarantee several “big words” will be used incorrectly. Why can’t we just say what we want to say and not put lace doilies all over everything totally convoluting the meaning. If we were to limit these debates to mere facts and no flowers, I suspect we’ll be able to hear crickets and tree frogs.

    Great intention, but it won’t work here and she knows it. Probably why she was so eager to volunteer. We will be laughable to any other country listening. Sad. Pathetic.

    • Plato says:

      I got some rope if you find a tree

      • Rosy Hill says:

        @ Plato- not funny or necessary. Please express your views without being threatening. That is what gets us in an ugly place to start with. Does it not occur to you that persons of color would be offended by this reference? I know I am offended.

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          Please, we can interpret things in many ways but let’s be real here. Plato is referring to the saying “Give them enough rope they will hang themselves” Plato can come back and clarify for us, please. Yes many offensive things have been and will be said form both sides and to everyone. You placing your interpretation to what was written is what is telling for me so as a follow up did you find wand Mr. J Gibbons (PLP) typed to another on Facebook offensive or Mr. Furbert on facebook to a first time voter offensive, or Mr. Christopher acting as the press officer for the PLP stating the whites had a genetic predisposition”, of Mr. Burgess in the house …. the examples are to numerous must I continue or is the point made. According to you logic mentioning a rope, tree, nooses, hanging is as bad as the n word even though many people of many races have been hung for various crimes in history. So do you find the continual reference to the KKK when talking about white Bermudians in PLP press releases offensive I assure you it is.

          LOL as I have said life is about perspective please be rational and do not just scan for key words. If you want to be offended you will find a reason to be no matter what had has been said no doubt you probably took offense to what I’ve typed too.?

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      Let’s face it. Cox can TALK her way out of anything, and would no doubt out talk Cannonier. After all, she is a lawyer.
      Lest we forget, the best TALKER in recent political history was none other than Brown, but where/what did it get us? Furthermore she is/was his disciple.

      What she needs to do is call a press conference and answer the tough questions regarding how our money was spent since she inherited the Finance Ministry!

      • Spot the Cog competition says:

        She is a lawyer and is absolutely clueless with financial matters. Explains alot doesn’t it.

  13. Um Um Like says:

    “Our party has stood strong for Bermudians during the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression.”


    If anyone actually believes this cogwash they should check themselves into MAWI

  14. Bermyman says:

    I think Bob and Paula would be better on a debate regarding the economy.

    Craig and Paula would also be good, but I doubt as both are party leaders that they would drill down on specifics. We would hear a whole lot of generic slogans like ‘standing strong’ and ‘a better way’, 10 point plan etc. No nitty gritty.

    Debates are good but at the same time they are rarely specific when leaders go at it. A whole lot of spin and election speak.

    I vote for Paula and Bob. The economy and finance are the biggest issue right now for the Island.

  15. pebblebeach says:

    Who wants to hear more Cogwash…I certainly do not and don’t plan listen to any debate or vote for her even though she is in my constituency…I just want to know who were the beneficiaries of the Trust that was paid millions and millions of dollars to build the Dame Lois Brown Evans building.

    That alone will keep me from ever voting for her given she signed of giving 30% of the contract to a Trust…as a taxpayer we deserve to know who were the beneficiaries of the Trust…

    That is my one pet peeve among a series on financial blunders she signed off to the point of amassing $1.5B in debt.

    Only in Bermuda could a Government get away with such “in your face” blatancy.

    • street wise says:

      “…as a taxpayer we deserve to know who were the beneficiaries of the Trust…”

      You don’t need much imagination to figure that one out….

  16. Its all about the Cuteness says:

    Dear Madam Premier and Ms Ming,

    Nandi Davis is pretty she doesnt need to debate, nor does she need to win that seat as she is already in the good books of those who will take care of her for jumping on the OBA Sword.

    A lot like how the PLP have taken care of Mr Spliff!!

    Its all about the Cuteness

  17. John E. Thorne says:

    I look forward to a debate before the election however, if it ends up being like the U.S. Presidential debates then it will be a waste of time.

  18. argosy says:

    Tell them to get lost! There’s nothing to debate/diccuss.

    The PLP’s record for the past 14 years of “Government” speaks for itself.

  19. Bullseye says:

    I see no reason why this should not go forth. Craig has nothing to fear for he has the truth on his side. Cox has illusions of grandeur.

    Nandi has the courage to do it and I hope she does, but the years of life experience put her at a disadvantage. This does not mean however that she would not do well. The major strike against Renee Ming is that she is willing to support the PLP whilst it has torn the fabric of the island apart socially and fiscally. Bad performance should not be rewarded.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Incase you have not been checking it the truth is boring………………..


  20. navin johnson says:

    the PLP seem desperate to debate anyone…..

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      It allows them to point a finger at the opposition and their plan and doesn’t allow the reciprocal to happen with their record. If the OBA where smart not saying they aren’t but I would take them up and use it to attack their record in every question asked and then define their position if possible…….


  21. More with less says:

    This is off topic but I had to comment on the Pro-PLP puppet ad on the radio I heard just a couple of days ago. I have to say I would be highly offended if I were a PLP supporter.

  22. Vulpes says:

    Desperation time? There is no precedent in Bermuda for this sort of forum up to now, so why now. Let the Government’s policies speak for themselves, we do not need hyperbole.

  23. Clive Spate says:

    Will it be via satellite link as Madame Premier never seems to be in the country?

    I’m sure the Park Plaza in London would be able help. After all that’s where she’ll be next week hosting a reception for Bermudian students at the taxpayers expense.

  24. 2012 DEBATES says:

    Premier Cox vs. MP Craig Cannonier

    Renee Ming vs. Nandi Davis

    Makai Dickerson vs. Michael Dunkely

    Gaylene Cannonier vs. Kim Wilson

    Bob Richards vs. David Burt

    Bring it on Gary Moreno!! CNN Live


  25. 2012 DEBATES says:

    oh I forgotm Nandi is the fairest of them all, please bring her to the Debates in a limosine and give her advance written notice of all questions that will be asked at the debate so that the OBA Caucus and advisors can prepare the answers for her.

    Dont fret Nandi all you have to do is smile you are so cute OBA Caucus did the best thing selecting you as nothing is better than a cardboard cut out Barbi in times of distress

  26. Amazed says:

    That was not a debate the other night and I am not interested in anymore pretending. What we will get is lots of rehearsed talking points which prove nothing. We are not Americans and I dont wish to become one. I do not believe that an exchange between the two leaders will change anybody’s mind it is pure fiction made up by the media!

  27. No OBA says:

    OBA do not let Nandi go agaisnst Renee….she will get crushed.

  28. Our Childrens future is at stake here...... says:

    I fail to see why a debate between party leaders in Bermuda holds the same weight and importance which it does in the US. We do not have an Executive office (i.e. the President in the US – the Premier in Bermuda) which we each equally vote for… the PLP have approcximately 200 delegates who determine their leader; the OBA’s process for determining leadership embraces slightly more. If I do not live in the constituency for which Paula or Craig are candidates, why do I really want to hear either of them advocate their party’s views? I would much rather prefer to spend some quality time with all canididates in my constituency, to ascertain who deserves my vote. If I have to rely on either Paula or Craig to convince me, than the canidiates in my constituency are failures in my opinion. Bermuda does not require nationally televised debates; it simply needs candidates with integrity to knock on all doors and inform their electorate of how they will work diligently and relentlessly to improve the opoprtunities for all Bermudians. If you are such a candidate, you are always welcome in my home.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Your argument is self defeating. You may not live in PREMIER Paula Cox’s constituency but if you live in Bermuda and in the real world you know that this election and practically all previous elections are about parties so knock it off. You UBP/OBAers don’t hurl your insults at one party member you direct your trumpets at the entire partay. The symphony you are playing is that the PLP has mismanaged the Country’s money and caused the economic crisis around the world, which, if only the OBA were in charge we would have been vaccinated against. Premier Cox is not only the chief representative of the governing party but also the finance minister. Who better to insert the syringe containing the antidote to your infectious political balderdash? Oooh I see….you don’t want anyone to stand and answer for the rhetoric of the OBA. You want to pass the butter and protect the bread. You’re damn right our children’s future is at stake here. The future you want for my children is to be your children’s subordinates. OBA will ensure that tragic fate. PLP, PLP Thank God Almighty I’m voting PLP !

  29. Judge Dredd says:

    Aaaaaaaahahahaha is so funny to hear how the tones change when a debate is mentioned. POBUBA (UBP/OBA) fans are shaking now because deep down somewhere in their desolate minds there is yet a wise old voice who knows the bankruptcy of their rabid mantras. Mr Craig Canno-t-come-nier has no passion and speaks like the real bosses ventriloquist puppet. It’s very telling that their supporters have no faith in them and intuitively know that they will get trampled by the light of day, utilized to mop the marble floors of truth. Well no more blogs and punching bag performances, get in the ring with someone who will actually have an intelligible response to your delusions. Hahaha Yay Paula!

  30. MJ says:

    “A fool and his money are soon parted”
    So, PLP, where is the money ?

    • S.O.L. says:

      Well U.B.P., O.B.A…..why was some many documents shredded when P.L.P won power in 1998…….How much $$$$$ went missing that we don’t no about….?????

      • MJ says:

        “some many” ?…. “don’t know about”………so I guess you are brainwashed or pure speculation. Lets deal with FACTS. PLP have us so deep in debt that generations will suffer. Dr Evil has achieved his dream to bring this country to it’s knees.