PLP Criticize OBA’s First 100 Days In Government

March 26, 2013

[Updated with videos] Thursday marks the first 100 days of the OBA’s term as government, and the PLP is concerned at “how so quickly things have seen to have gone astray,” Opposition Leader Marc Bean said this afternoon [Mar 26].

Mr Bean said in 100 days of the OBA there have been eight OBA promises broken, citing what he said were the promises to suspend term limits for two years, reduce spending and the debt, cut the travel budget, decrease the size of cabinet, not hire consultants, and lower health care costs.

Opposition Leader Marc Bean’s statement:

He also said the promise to immediately cut Minister’s salaries was delayed for 3 months and the promise that “privatization is not part of our plan” has been broken, with the SAGE Commission now “tasked with identifying which parts of government will be privatized.”

Shadow Minister Of Home Affairs Water Roban’s statement:

Also speaking today was Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban, who said the OBA “in their first 100 days have repeatedly demonstrated a lack of commitment to Bermudians, repeatedly insulted our people and made radical, reckless changes to our immigration policies.”

Mr Roban said the OBA “attempted to relegate our children to second class citizenship by irresponsibly considering allowing the children of expats to work without a work permit.”

Mr Bean & Mr Roban respond to media questions:

He said the OBA “viciously placed profits over people” by allowing BELCO to raise their rates, “ruthlessly targeted our seniors” by raising vehicle licensing fees, “callously slashed” college scholarships, and “maliciously refused” to provide tax relief to Bermudian workers while easing the taxes on their business friends.

Mr Bean’s full statement follows below:

Thursday marks the first 100 days of The OBA’s term as government. During this period we have been very concerned at how so quickly, things have seen to have gone astray.

Governing Bermuda requires vision, sober reflection and humility. Attempting to govern without any or all of these elements creates mistrust, dissatisfaction and hinders our country from moving forward together.

The OBA made many promises to Bermudians, some promises we may not have agreed with, but promises that the people expect to be fulfilled.

It has been said that sometimes people don’t understand the promises they are making when they are making them. They are promises made with every intention of being filled, but in the absence of vision and experience, goes unkept.

Whether the OBA was naïve in making these promises or attempted to mislead us, it remains for the people to decide. Let us not forget, that our word is our honour and this applies to all of us, even the OBA.

  1. The OBA’s promise to suspend term limits for two years has been broken
  2. The OBA’s promise to reduce spending and reduce the debt has been broken with spending skyrocketing, the deficit escalating and the debt ceiling pushed to 2.5 Billion Dollars
  3. The OBA’s promise to cut the travel budget has been broken
  4. The OBA’s promise to decrease the size of cabinet has been broken
  5. The OBA’s promise not to hire consultants has been broken
  6. The OBA’s Promise to lower the cost of health care has been broken, with them raising health care rates by 20%. This will cost families at a minimum $1,300 more a year and seniors $2,600 more a year.
  7. The OBA’s promise to immediately cut Minister’s salaries was delayed for 3 months while they pocketed the full salary with part time Ministers pocketing FULL salaries while still holding down their jobs in the private sector.
  8. The OBA’s promise that “privatization is not part of our plan,” has been broken with their SAGE Commission now tasked with identifying which parts of government will be privatized.

100 Days of The OBA…. 8 OBA Promises Broken

While The OBA has been busily breaking their promises, The PLP has been renewing our promise as a Party with new leadership, new vision and a new direction.

We have been renewing our promise as a Party that recognizes our mistakes, acknowledges our mistakes and learns from our mistakes. We have been renewing our promise as a movement that stands strong for Bermudians.

We have been in the community, humbly listening and receiving guidance from our people

We have been engaged in somber reflection on how we can use our experience and abilities to better serve our people as an effective Opposition and Government in Waiting

We have maintained our commitment to support the OBA when they operate in the best interest of our people, backing 5 out of 7 bills that the OBA has brought to Parliament.

When we opposed the OBA’s plan to increase the financial burden on seniors by raising their vehicle licensing fees, we were opposing in the best interest of our seniors.

When we opposed Children of guest workers gaining employment we opposed in the best interest of young Bermudians.

We have rejected the idea that we must oppose for the sake of opposing by supporting the OBA where possible, providing suggestions where possible and standing firm for Bermudians when necessary.

We believe that the OBA still has an opportunity to move our people forward if they will humble themselves, reflect and adjust their approach towards governing our people.


Mr Roban’s full statement follows below:

The OBA in their first 100 days have repeatedly demonstrated a lack of commitment to Bermudians, repeatedly insulted our people and made radical, reckless changes to our immigration policies.

The OBA trashed term limits without toughening immigration laws and policies to protect job opportunities for qualified, hard working Bermudians

The OBA trashed term limits replacing it with a dubious waiver document that offers no credible guarantee that Bermudian citizenship will not be demanded and received by the thousands of non-Bermudians on work permits in or soon to be in Bermuda

The OBA attempted to relegate our children to second class citizenship by irresponsibly considering allowing the children of expats to work without a work permit

The OBA viciously placed profits over people by allowing BELCO to raise their rates driving up their profits, driving up your power bill and hurting countless Bermudians in the process

The OBA ruthlessly targeted our seniors, raising vehicle licensing fees and creating an additional financial burden on those who can least afford it

The OBA callously slashed college scholarships, creating another obstacle to our people gaining the qualifications needed to compete in our economy

The OBA maliciously refused to provide tax relief to Bermudian workers while easing the taxes on their business friends

The OBA recklessly abandoned the PLP’s policy of protecting Bermudian land for Bermudians, opening up opportunities for fronting and for land to be lost to generations of Bermudians yet unborn

The OBA have referred to Bermudians as xenophobic requiring weeks of anger and a march on Parliament before being forced to apologize

The OBA have refused to stand up for Bermudians… They have stood ON Bermudians


Update 5.54pm: The Premier has responded, his full comments can be read here.

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  1. Sandgrownan says:

    Jesus, did someone buy him a thesaurus for Christmas?

    • Django will be unchained says:

      The real deal is all you OBA closet %$#@ think you won the election by a land slide. You only won because the majority PLP supporters did not come out strong to vote. Yes we wasn’t happy with the PLP but selecting a white government was the last resort. So have a coke and a smile be happy. This will be a fast 4 years. Wait and see. Keep riding on the high horse like the Lone Ranger.

      • Jason Smith says:

        Seems to me that the OBA is a much better representation of Bermuda’s demographics.

        But once again the PLP and their supporters show why so many view them as the Party of Hate.

        Can you please explain to me the zeal in wanting a Party that did so much damage to our island back into power? Does the fact that there is now more than one token whitey in power hurt your precious psyche so much that you would much rather have a Party that just about destroyed Bermuda’s economic and social fabric simply because they are predominantly your color.

        There is a word for such a disgusting attitude that you have displayed. It is racism.

        • here's a thought.... says:

          thank you you nailed it. django’s word are nothing but a pile of racist crap. sad, but true.

          • weedy says:

            The reality is regardless if you like Django or not, he is correct. I supported the OBA but the PLP have done a great job in highlighting the fact that OBA in their 100 days in office have failed to keep their election promises as promoted. They also have fallen away from being Transparent as they told me on the door step. Have I been hoodwinked to believe that I could trust they would do things differently? We must stop this thing of not willing to hold any political party accountable, regardless of our political affiliations. This is a good press conference, and nothing in it can be disputed as a lie by the OBA, and this is the facts.

            • Bermuda Male says:


              I still haven’t seen anywhere where the SAGE commission was commissioned with privatizing any Government service. I also don’t remember the OBA stating that they would not use consultants at all. And also the wage cut comes I to effect next week, while the PLPs proposed wage cut never came into effect and thus was ultimately a lie on their part.

              But whatever mate. Hope you guys get your wish that the party who oversaw the demise of Bermuda while enriching a few lucky insiders on the backs of taxpayers gets back into power. I really do.

              • Seriously.... says:

                Hey, read the act


                “the SAGE
                Commission shall …..(e) identify activities that can be privatised or outsourced;”

                Just because the PLP said it – doesn’t mean its not true. Wake up, pay attention and stop buying into the OBA spin

                • weedy says:

                  I do not know where you are getting your info, but the SAGE commission will make cut backs in Government as well as look into what services can best be privatized. Believe it, as I have it from a good source. THE OBA is using the SAGE to help keep some blood off their hands. Also OBA who promised to be transparent forgot to tell you they also brought in someone to look at what Educators do, make an assessment and make more cuts. Some one in the know. This is why I am disappointed in this govt I voted for, lack of transparency and honest.

            • Mad Dawg says:

              You “supported the OBA”? Liar.

              • Roger says:

                PLP = Idiots

                • Banish says:


                  Are the PLP serious? Joke Government, will take years to clean up, how dare you!!

                  Try winning votes because you are innovative, smart and relevant. Not just because you are majority black and you mostly win. That’s why you got lazy.

                  Craig, good for you, you are doing great.

        • More BS says:

          Ask the OBA why they have to place a black puppet as the leader when we all know he’s the #1 dumb bunny in the group. You have whites in the OBA that are smarter then this man, yet you still are afraid to place a smart white leader as the head of the old UBP. So who is the real racist party here. Call a spade a spade.

          • Bermuda Male says:

            It’s your internal racism that makes you believe the Premier is simply a puppet. He was voted in by the membership and not placed in the position as you would like to insinuate.

            So yes you and the above posters are simply more PLP racists. Simple and plain. Just calling a spade a spade.

            • Laura says:

              I’m an OBA supporter and I cant wait to see a white leader back in power.

              • Story Teller says:

                No you’re not

              • Concerned says:

                Stop lying!

              • Truth is killin' me... says:

                Laura…stop lying and causing sh!t.

              • cba says:

                Laura is very clearly a PLP distractor trying to incite emotion. It’s very important that these people are called out when they arise.

            • Seriously.... says:

              Craig may not be a puppet, but he’s certainly way in over his head.

              He can’t even string together a sentence… all he says is “Get Bermuder back to work” an “The urgency of now”

              He needs to retire and go preach on Saturdays.

          • Mad Dawg says:

            So how many smart white men are in the PLP leadership?

            (Note, I said smart. So no trying to sneak in Zane and Smiffy).

          • Diasporta says:

            @MoreBS…you really have issues and are disrespectful to all right thinking people. Unfortunately, people like you are the problem with the PLP. And by “people like you” I mean idiotic, racist, selfish, narrow minded, power hungry, militant individuals. Unfortunately for the PLP, they never condemn or make examples of the hate filled supports and members. So, how can I ever feel welcome in my country with a PLP government.

            As long as the leader of the OBA is smarter than people that think the way you do, we are miles ahead!

            • johnny says:

              @Disporta why you calling someone racist for stating the facts?

          • Rockfish#2 says:

            @ More BS,

            Just wondering,
            Is Marc Bean the smartest person in the PLP?

      • Confused Expat says:

        Not a big one for politics, but when I look at the Cabinet I see faces from all races. Why are they a white party?

        • Diasporta says:

          They aren’t , but the PLP have campaigned this way for years! They know that if they separate the country into black and white and people vote that way , they will win.

          The problem for them is most people see right thru this now, and Bermuda is becoming a very mixed society so the black and white lines is growing thinner.

        • Seriously.... says:

          Look at their voters and then you’ll have the answer to the questions. 97% of whites vote for the UBP/OBA. They have the demographic on lock! Don’t even have to work for it.

          • Mad Dawg says:

            How do you know that? Do you know how all white people and all bkack people voted? After the election plenty of people of all races were cheering. Yes, cheering.

            • johnny says:

              A lot of people that voted OBA are not happy with how things are turning out.

              • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

                @ Johnny: and a lot of people that voted OBA are very happy with the changes the OBA are attempting to put through, despite all the rhetoric,negativity and the everlasting spin. Even some people that voted PLP are happy. They recognize how close to the edge we have been, and do not want Bermuda to fall off.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Race card. You fail.

      • RawOnion says:

        The fact that the PLP sheeple didn’t come out to vote should tell you everything you need to know about the PLP and what they did not bother to know about the OBA. I for one will never vote PLP again and us OBA supporters know how to read and understand numbers, we know we didn’t win by a landslide. And since you want to call the OBA a white government, I’LL TAKE THIS WHITE GOVERNMENT OVER A SORRY BLACK GOVERNMENT ANY DAY.

        • BlackOnion says:

          Wow you white sheep have grown some balls since December, but remember to stay in power you have to continue to kiss all the black Bermudian A$$. I can tell you, I’m enjoying it, so kiss on.

        • Seriously.... says:

          A little self hate maybe?

          Those who know how to read numbers? A little angry maybe?

      • ... says:

        “You only won because the majority PLP supporters did not come out strong to vote.”

        Thats because PLP is WEAK! No longer solid.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Bear in mind Django that the PLP only ever won 3% more of the popular vote to get in in ’98 and stay in ’till ’12 , so they were never in by a ‘landslide’ either.
        And that’s before you consider that their supporter turnout was solid back then.

        Kinda like Obama in the US. He’s not in by any landslide either.
        Basically we’re as divided as the US between our two parties and their choice of president.

        Nope, no landslides anywhere.

        • johnny says:

          whats funny is the oba supporters think of themselves as democrats, but the politicians think of themselves as republicans. Lol, people don’t even know who they voted for.

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            I may not know who I voted for but I know who and what I voted against.
            The only Republicans around here is definitely the PLP though their actions and speeches (especially when it applies to racial matters). All one has to do is read their stanch supporters comments, their party chairman’s comments, and listen to their rally speeches. look though Bernews, the newspapersand any pro PLP blog with the exception of J Starlings. They say they just want a level playing field and that equality does not mean that we have to get along. That in itself shows the inner workings of their mind set, couple that with the silence from those within their ranks that know in their hearts that they don’t feel that way towards white people whom by the way are just as “real Bermudians” as you can get then the pro PLP bloggers whining about how OBA supporters can talk about their “fellow Bermudians” right after they had just completely insulted their fellow Bermudians. Please as stated before much change is required for the PLP to become a viable representative of Bermuda as a whole and Marc Bean whom I do respect is leading them right down the same garden path as his predecessors. Very unfortunate.

            LOL does the PLP even accurately depict the demographics of Bermuda? If not why not? Anyone in your party ever truly asked that question or does that rock the core beliefs that they might just might also be espousing the racial beliefs that they say they are fighting against.

  2. here's a thought.... says:

    what ev er. bla bla bla. marc bean is an angry man with a good vocabulary. yawn. we’re in this mess because of people just like him. hopefully it’s not too late, and we can pull ourselves out of it. but it WILL take work from ALL of us, so enough with the divisive language mr bean. drop it. and get on board. we need all hands on deck.

    • Taking back my vote says:

      Where is Louise Jackson who barked at the licensing for seniors, barked so much so that she was banded from Lefroy House and now she’s silent and her seat inheritor is also silent. These people really did hoodwink us into voting for them. They are not living up to their promises too early in the game.

      • Jason Smith says:

        What does licensing fees have to do with being banned from Lefroy House? Does your hate allow you to even thin a little bit rationally?

      • Me says:

        She isn’t the only on ein that party that advocated in favor of this

      • johnny says:

        i was thinking the same thing.

  3. More Confused says:

    The PLP said this without giggling?

    Governing Bermuda requires vision, sober reflection and humility. Attempting to govern without any or all of these elements creates mistrust, dissatisfaction and hinders our country from moving forward together.

    Is today April 1st?

  4. Jason Smith says:

    “Governing Bermuda requires vision, sober reflection and humility. Attempting to govern without any or all of these elements creates mistrust, dissatisfaction and hinders our country from moving forward together.”

    Exactly why the PLP isn’t in power anymore…

  5. cba says:

    Riggghhttttt because the plp are so good at leading the country and keeping their promises? Get real plp. You’re just making youselfs look dumb

  6. cba says:

    Note also mr roban’s use of words to try to incite emotion from people. It didnt work with their “secret report” but they’re still trying thr same old nonsense. You would think they woukd try something new after their loss

  7. Fed Up says:

    You want the OBA to fix what the PLP made a mess of in 100 days. Well in the first 100 days of the PLP ‘s tenure it was albout spending money on new cars for the ministers etc etc. Mr. Bean please get off your soap box and stop trying to iknstigate, we are passed that okay.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      And giving them selves a raise in DR B’s first 100…………………


  8. What a joke says:

    71 working days plp!! All of go back, useless bunch of pricks!

  9. Sandgrownan says:

    Still no apology from the PLP I notice.

  10. Bermudaboi says:

    Lot of trash talk dressed up in fancy language is all that is. The PLP are all fur coat and no knickers! Bean loves to put forth a classy high and mighty act but underneath…he is just spewing more garbage from PLP style rhetoric. bermuda is no worse now 100 days after election. And it’s been 100 days. It’s not even been a dang year. OBA is still having to review the massive load of mess left to them by the PLP! When they took power from The UBP they had FAR LESS mess to clean and a SURPLUS in government funds. PLP likes to boast they are like Obama? No you are like Bush. He took what Clinton left and screwed it up and Obama is left to clean the mess. And I say this as someone who leans more republican in terms of usa politics. But I have no issue acknowledging Bush screwed things royally and Obama was tasked to clean it up.

    • johnny says:

      It was actually the Ubp that started this mess. When they neglected tourism to focus on IB it all started to go downhill. With the loss of tourism many jobs were lost. Couple that with steep price rises in goods and services that came with International Business and their mega bucks (sorry none for the average bermudian), and many Bermudians were suddenly in a bad place financially. So bermudians could no longer afford to have a seasonal job (at the hotels) and Bermudians could not hold down any significant jobs in the IB sector (no experience). So the PLP decided to do something a little different – actually invest in the PEOPLE of BERMUDA, something the UBP never done. Yes Bermuda had money, but the people were not benefitting from that money. So the IB crooks worldwide have crippled the world economy, by stealing all of the money, and thats why we are stuck with the huge debt. Granted the PLP could have done things different, But the OBA’s plan is to take us back the time of UBP – Bermuda has money, but bermudians ain’t got s#@!.

      • Jason Smith says:

        2 out 3 IB employees are Bermudian. So I would say that manyhave benefitted from their presence.

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        johnny, your narrative is very sophisticated. Are you sure you’re not really called Zane?

  11. Truth says:

    This is a misguided attack on policy changes that are necessary. Nobody cares about electioneering (especially after an election). We need leadership. I wish the OBA well with the changes and I encourage them to make more bold changes to support the growth of Bermuda. The one misstep with the children of expats not being required to have work permits has been rectified before it even came into effect. Well done on that correction.

    We need ideas and leadership now more than ever.

    • weedy says:

      The reality is regardless if you like the Press conference or not, the PLP are correct, and standing up as a strong Opposition. I read many of the comments, and feel that OBA supporters are being dishonest, and failing to hold the OBA accountable. I was told that the OBA would be accountable and that all will hold them to their promises, but these comments suggest other wise, why be so unfair?

      I supported the OBA but the PLP have done a great job in highlighting the fact that OBA in their 100 days in office have failed to keep their election promises as promoted. They also have fallen away from being Transparent as they told me on the door step. Have I been hoodwinked to believe that I could trust they would do things differently? We must stop this thing of not willing to hold any political party accountable, regardless of our political affiliations. This is a good press conference, and nothing in it can be disputed as a lie by the OBA, and this is the facts. Do I continue to trust the OBA when in fact they have not carried out their election promises, and fail to be transparent. Those of you who want to have a blind eye or deaf ears to OBA that is your choice, but I want things to change, and this is not what I was promised by the OBA, so I will hold them accountable regardless. Well done PLP, I must give credit where it is due.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        No, it’s disingenuous bullsh$t

      • Mad Dawg says:

        Did or did not BELCO raise its rates under the PLP?

        Yes or no?

        • kicking the dawg says:

          Mr. Bean stood up to Belco…last time I checked a few powerful OBA backers are the major shareholders of BELCO…..So get a life coward @mad dawg and @sand…u guys offer nothing of substance…if you think I am lying…go ask Grant Gibbons and JW how much shares they own….

          • Mad Dawg says:

            So the PLP did increase rates. You didn’t admit it, but they did, several times.

            • More Confused says:

              If rates haven’t been increased under the PLP, why am I paying many times more for the same amount of electricity in 2012 than I was in 2000 (ignoring the fuel surcharge)?

  12. Joe says:

    Maybe the PLP thought that the new government could erase in just 100 days the mess they inherited, which the PLP accumulated over 14 years ….
    Its going to take a lot longer now we can see exactly what a dire situation the finances have been left in.

  13. 14 Years + 100 Days says:

    I thought the PLP was going to legalise weed and strive for independence, as their Party Constitution says.

    14 years + 100 days and still nothing from the PLP on these two important issues.

    PLP Standing Strong for their Friends and Family, One contract at a time.

    When your internal post election report is finished make sure you share it with your supporters so they can understand why they support the PLP all talk no action

    14 years + 100 Days

    • J Starling says:

      Technically, the PLP were not silent on these two issues.

      They commissioned the Bermuda Independence Commission, and the modernisation of the constituency boundaries should also be seen as part of the PLP’s movement on the issue of Independence (one reason they called for abstaining from the 1995 vote was because they argued the constituencies needed fixed first).

      And as for marijuana, the PLP’s 2012 election platform called for a move towards its reclassification, with a general support for decriminalisation (the OBA has also echoed this since their election, at least in the form of their Attorney General).

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        Ah yes. During its 14 years in power, on these items the PLP ‘commissioned a Commission’, and made a promise to do something in the future.

        Yes, that’s exactly how the PLP ‘did’ things.
        Lots of empty activity and promises.

  14. Truth (Original) says:

    ….so in 100 days, the OBA were supposed to “reduce spending and the debt, cut the travel budget, decrease the size of cabinet, not hire consultants, and lower health care costs.”

    I don’t think that the PLP believe that this statement is reasonable. If they do, then they should be prepared to be in opposition for a while. If they don’t believe it then they are playing politics and they should be prepared to be in opposition for a while. The people are tired of this petty, unreasonable nonsense.

    Stick to the facts PLP, you made a good call on the children of expats. However, you just gave up whatever ground you made on that point because it is surrounded with all of this other nonsensical drivel.

  15. Ganja Mon says:

    Who the f**k is OUR people…..WE are all ONE people.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Thank you Ganja Man thank you…..


  16. nuffin but da truth says:

    SHUT UP plp.we dont care what you think.
    you are FINISHED..
    now,is there any part of that you lot dont understand,cus I can be a lot more blunt if you like so you do understand!

  17. What a joke says:

    “He said the OBA “viciously placed profits over people” by allowing BELCO to raise their rates”


  18. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    I remember David Allen promising to “fix the tourism industry within the first 100 days of PLP government”.

    I remember Ewart promising 400,000 tourist air arrivals per year by 2008.

    I remember the PLP promising free public transport for all.

    I remember the PLP promising, several times, that ‘ground would be broken’ on the Park Hyatt by November 2011.

    I remember Furbert promising “from his mother’s wound” that the building of a hotel in Hamilton would be commenced by the end of 2012.

    I remember Premier Cox telling us the economy was rebounding, in 2012. And “mother’s wound” Furbert telling us the air arrivals were “improving”.

    I remember Jonathan Smith taking credit for the PLP “reducing crime”.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Don’t go asking plantation questions about what promises the PLP broke. There won’t be any answers….

  19. Hey says:

    Prove your adjectives Robain, you can’t ! Made up lies to insight hate…. Stop doing the Devils work PLP !

  20. Lets Hope says:

    This would be so hilarious if it were not for the fact that the PLP has left us on the verge of bankruptcy.

    Sorry PLP you have no right to criticize anyone!

    • Taking back my vote says:

      they way they are going, we will be bankrup before yearend.

  21. Kim Smith says:

    Of course they do~! Unfortunately I wouldn’t have expected anything more?

  22. Concerned says:

    Please bermuda, don’t let these haters lead us again for a very long time. Just look and listen to them and see the hate. This hate was felt by many and that is why Bermuda is in the mess it is in. You need people like Ms Wilson or Mr Michael Scott to lead the party. They are humble, intellegent and can be trusted by the people who create jobs. I will never vote for them again. Look at Mr Mark Bean verses the present Premier we have, what a difference. Sorry, I just don’t trust you people anymore, we have been left in a big hole that I don’t see us getting out for the next 20 to 25 years. You have left us paying 72 cents out of every dollor earned to go dirrectly to the civil service salaries, leaving 28 cents of every dollor to go to pay for everything else. Yes you people in the PLP and me for voting you in are to blame for the mess and mismanagement. Sorry, you won’t get my vote for a very long time!!!

  23. Here we go again!!PLP trying to always play the race card?14 years as government now they have an answer for all!!Using words like PROMISE and NAIVE!!where you not NAIVE to over spend?and build up a debt that future generations will be paying off??PROMISES when you was in government fair and equal job contracts for all ,not for just the PLP faithful and back room deals!!secret trust companies ie Police building etc..So give me a break when you say in 100days PLP is concerned!! in reality it will take at least 4 to 5 years to turn this sinking ship around..You cannot have 14 years of take take take..Every time i see you playing polo-tricks,, i know the circus has come to town..

  24. Verbal Kint says:

    Hey, Marc. What’s up with Spice Hill Farm? Who owns it and why did you overturn a planning ruling on it?

    • hahahahaha says:

      ask oba minister recall they are in charge.

      • Verbal Kint says:

        Easier to ask Marc. He’s the one who did the deed. Besides, he should answer to why he did.

    • Jason Smith says:

      Maybe it is the same people who Mr. Roban issued to SDOs on his last day as Minister of Environment and then stepped down due to his family and friends back scratching attempt.

  25. navin johnson says:

    The Cheech and Elmer Fudd Show

    • Hey navin johnson! me and my boys here are cracking up about your comment!!glad we are not the only ones who thinks he sounds like elmer fudd??thought it was something in the water..

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Him and Chris Furbert could have an Elmer Fudd soundalike competition.

    • weedy says:

      Comments from OBA supporters like the above make me regret voting OBA. After all the PLP are holding the OBA Accountable, like we all should be doing, regardless of our political affiliation. I am re-thinking now, if I voted for the correct party, that has failed so far to live up to its election promises, and folks that are supporting the wrong doing of such a government, when we in fact wanted a change in the way politics is done. The OBA seem to have waver from doing politics different, and this is most disappointing to me.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        You didn’t vote OBA. Grow up.

      • here's a thought.... says:

        oh wait – they are holding the oba accountable but they couldn’t hold themselves accountable for putting us IN this mess – give me a break. pulllleeeezzze. if you know so much, get out there and make some changes for this island yourself – stop sitting around waiting for others to do it for you.

      • Concerned says:

        stop lying, you never voted oba, it is only 90 days and you are stating this. nothing can be proven in 90 days, that is why you could not have voted oba!

  26. MPP says:

    The fact that these men are reading these statements with a straight face is comical.

    “100 Days of The OBA…. 8 OBA Promises Broken”

    Deficit skyrocketing?

    Seriously, guys?

    • MPP says:

      Sorry – spending skyrocketing… but still.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        Don’t you mean spending reducing? But still….

  27. weedy says:

    Well said Mr Mark Bean. An objective view does seem to indicate that the OBA have failed to keep their pre-election promises. This is somewhat disturbing to me and my family, as we expected them to do politics differently. This is far from doing things different. The most recent things done by OBA have impacted upon those that are least able to afford it, and our dearest Seniors. I think the OBA have fallen away in a big way from their election promises.

  28. Pastor Syl says:

    The saddest part is that there are people who will believe what these ‘gentlemen’ say, accepting it hook, line, and sinker. I am so tired of it. They are just relentless and show no remorse.

    • sure. says:

      huh? as if what they present to the public is untrue? we’ve seen and heard it with our own ears and eyes…why do you defend the OBA. call a spade a spade.

    • weedy says:

      REV Syl, as a Pastor and one whom calls themselves a child of the Lord, why are you not being honest? Why are you allowing yourself not to hold the current government accountable, regardless of your deep love for the OBA. I have voted for them, but I am not blind, and deaf, I will hold them accountable like they told me too, when they knocked on my door. What is wrong with you? The truth be told they have fallen down big time, and still continue to do so. At least be honest in your comments, and I would begin to respect you as child of God.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        Hi Betty. Getting killed over at RG, so thought you’d come here for a while?

        • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

          Hi Mad Dawg! You recognized her/him/it too? Very distinctive writing style, isn’t it?!?

  29. Opressed says:

    The PLP/Biu criticizing anything is amazing. They live in glass mansions that we paid for.

  30. Did he do it? says:

    I was glad as hell that they broke the Term Limit policy as it shouldn’t have been in place from the start! Also, who’s to say that all those people that stayed home would have actually come out and voted for PLP ?

  31. Just a thought says:

    This man is ridiculous….100 days to probably try to see the real damage done and the real mountain of debt… did he listen to col Burch who had some decency in acknowledgeing that they had lost the plot? I guess he needs to have some platform to spew out his venom and justify his status as opposition leader. Instead of your ridiculous dialogue why don’t you come to the wicket and try to offer some solutions to the mess you made and some assistance to those in need whom you denied?

  32. spare me says:

    Small minded people always make the issue about race. Broadminded people talk about the issues at hand. Marc Bean has got some nads to go on tv about promises broken. Really?! The previous govt couldnt formulate a strategic planor make decisions that needed to be made. Shall we start a new list Marc?

  33. Really says:

    Nobody cares as long as the PLP are out of power ,they left Bermuda broke the OBA don’t have a magic wand

  34. Huson says:

    Did anybody expect the PLP to say anything different? It’s called being the opposition. They have to oppose everything just because… They can also use the next four years to deflect the errors of the last 14 and they’ve already started.

  35. Douglas says:

    Pathetic, just pathetic! If you don’t have anything positive to say, just stay quiet. The PLP had their chance, its time to give a new government theirs. 3+ months is nothing. Wow, the PLP are so transparent. If they were this transparent while in government, perhaps they would still be the government of the day.

  36. Alvin Williams says:

    probably the greatest disappointment for die hard OBA supporters is that
    this anti-Bermudian OBA government did not get a so-called political honey moon period, but that is thier own fault. I remember when the PLP was first elected the government. They got thier political honey moon; allmost to a fault. so much so that for a time it’s own political supporters began to have what I called a crisis of expectation; as the new PLP government took a long time to put in policies that it’s political supporters expected them to do. I am not surprise that the anti-Bermudian OBA government has acted the way that it has now that they are the government. they ran away from any real debate on what they were going to do if they became the government. Led by thier leader who ran away from a press conference. Even former MP John Barritt who gave up his seat for the new political leader has express disappointment; but than if you engage in a machiavellian ploy to win an
    election which in the end produces political mediocrity; than perhaps you should except the consequence of your folly.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Wow Alvin, that’s a pretty idiotic assessment, even by your usual standards. FFS, I don’t know where to begin “anti Bermudian OBA”….really? That’s pretty f$cking stupid.

    • Mad Dawg says:


      Alvin, they’re fixing the sh1t crap unholy mess left behind by you lot. What did you leave? Heritage Wharf is a dusaster. The ferries are a disaster. Education is absolute crap. There is no money, just a huge debt for us and the next 3 generations to pay off. There is permanent structural unemployment. Bermudians are killing each other.

      You have a nerve calling someone else anti-Bermudian, when you defend the worst and most anti-Bermudian party this country has ever seen.

  37. Bermudian says:

    Go away PLP and take your negativity and toxic vibes with you. This island does not need your advice, we had 14 years of that, which didn’t work. Do the Bermudian people a favor and let the OBA do what they have to do to get this island back on track.

  38. god1st says:

    The behaviour being displayed by the O.B.A isn’t alarming at all.

  39. weedy says:

    Bermudian, I seldom write comments on the blogs. I voted OBA, but I must say that my observations and reading of the blogs, indicate that you have got it wrong. The most negativity and toxic vibes often comes from the OBA supporters and die-harts. I was not happy about that as I am a supporter, and it makes me feel bad. But the reality is the bias and disrespectful comments and feelings come from a certain sector of our population, and I have beg the Premier to talk to his MPs and supporters about it. So far nothing has happen to deal with this toxic vibes from the OBA towards others that do not support the party.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Um, Betty, you have made that mistake before. The phrase is not “die-harts”.

      Get back to RG Betty.

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      @ Betty Trump (alias Weedy): You really should listen when people tell you that you have made an error in spelling. “die-hart” gives you away, not to mention other phraseology that is uniquely yours. Give it a rest. I don’t read anything you write as BT. I will be ignoring Weedy too. BTW Your respect isn’t necessary to my life and well-being. I answer to only One.

  40. Bermudican says:

    It is good to see that the PLP is now anti Sniveling…
    And have set a new focus upon lame a$$ excuses …
    It may be a step forward ,…

  41. jt says:

    PLP – still a joke.

  42. Bermuda Boy says:

    Failing grade….. PLP GIVE ME A BREAK, you were, are and always will be a joke!!

  43. Mike says:

    The PLP talking about broken promises. The broke the country. PATHETIC LOOSER PARTY.

  44. Crazy Lady says:

    This is what’s wrong with bermuda. Everything has to be black or white. U all need to grow the F@ck up. First of all we should all be working together for our country. Childish bunch u all are!!!

  45. Verbal Kint says:

    Mr. Bean. Spice Hill, explanation please.

  46. god1st says:

    @ Django will be unchained I agree with you ,as i absatained from voting but will surely be voting for the PLP at the next genral election.

  47. bir says:


  48. navin johnson says:

    in a late breaking news Bulletin Marc Bean has retracted all criticisms of the OBA’s first 100 days upon hearing that Mark Pettingill is proposing legislation to legalize weed….

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      @ Navin Johnson: It isn’t nice to make people guffaw at work! Bad boy!!