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November 22, 2012

Bermuda Hospitality Institute will host its Annual Student Roundtable Discussion & Networking Event on Tuesday, December 18th from 5:00pm – 8:00pm at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

This year a new program feature specifically for parents has been added. “Interest in hospitality careers among students who are seeking higher education continues to grow and this event is designed to share a realistic overview of the range and diversity of industry opportunities available” said Karla Lacey, BHI CEO.

Recognizing the importance of a solid support network for students to be successful both during the course of their studies and as they embark on their career prompted BHI to include a focus on parents as well. “This generation actively looks to their parents for guidance and advice when it comes to major life choices, including career and employment decisions,” said Ms. Lacey.

“It’s incumbent upon us, as an industry, to ensure parents also have the information necessary to help their kids get the most out of their education investment.”

In addition to the Student Roundtables, there will be panel discussions for parents featuring Hospitality industry H/R and management professionals, and young people who have chosen to pursue a career in the industry. Parents will have the opportunity to learn first-hand the challenges and rewards that potentially await their student in one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

“This is a unique opportunity for parents, who are key influencers, to have a meaningful face-to-face discussion with those at the top of their field, and to learn how education and experience can result in a career that can provide so much more than just a ‘job,” said Ms. Lacey.

Open to graduating high school students, college students and their parents, the event is by ‘Invitation Only’. An invitation may be secured by contacting BHI via website (www.BHI.bm), email (info@bhi.bm) or by phoning 295-5049.

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  1. Real Time says:

    Anyone who’s child is interested in this industry should take all the opportunities available. I just starting my schooling in Brussels, Belgium doing International Hospitality Management,and all of my teachers give us first hand experiences from there own careers. Also if your really enjoy it you can move up the ladder at fast rate within different hotel brand/groups.