Daniels, Rabain, Ming Sworn In As PLP Senators

December 27, 2012

[Update: Diallo Rabain, Renee Ming and Marc Daniels have been appointed as Senators, Opposition Leader Marc Bean has been sworn in, and the Shadow Cabinet has been announced. Video added]

Opposition Leader Marc Bean and the three Progressive Labour Party Senators will be sworn in at 11.30am this morning [Dec 27] at Government House.

At the PLP Special Delegates Conference on Dec. 21, Mr. Bean defeated Terry Lister for the Leadership position, which became open due to the resignation of Paula Cox following her defeat at the polls.

The Senate consists of eleven members appointed by the Governor. Five are appointed on the advice of the Premier, three on the advice of the Opposition Leader, and the final three are Independent Senators appointed at the Governor’s discretion.

The PLP were able to appoint five Senators as the ruling party, which will now decrease to three. Two of the five PLP Senators [David Burt & Kim Wilson] won seats in the election, while Senators Jonathan Smith, Diallo Rabain and Vince Ingham all unsuccessfully contested various constituencies.

The Government has appointed two of their five Senators at this time, with both Michael Fahy and Nalton Brangman being sworn in as both Senators and Cabinet Ministers. The three Independent Senators are Carol Anne Bassett, Joan Dillas-Wright and James Jardine.

It is not known at this time who the three Opposition Senators will be, however we will update as able.

Update 11.33am: Opposition Leader Marc Bean was sworn in by Acting Governor David Arkley

The only one of the former Senators to be re-appointed is Diallo Rabain who will serve as the Opposition Senate Leader. He is joined in the Senate by political newcomers Renee Ming and Marc Daniels.

Marc Daniels — a well known defense lawyer — is a Managing Director at Charter Chambers, while Renee Ming contested C#2 St George’s West in the recent election losing by only 4 votes to the OBA’s Nandi Davis.

Update 12.25pm: Senator Rabain will serve as Shadow Minister of Environment & Planning and will be the Senate Spokesman for Public Works, Community/Cultural Development, and Education.

Senator Renee Ming will be the Shadow Minister responsible for the Municipalities, and the Senate Spokesperson for Health & Seniors, Finance, and Economic Development.

Senator Marc Daniels will be the Senate Spokesperson for the Attorney General and Legal Affairs, Home Affairs, Public Safety, and Tourism & Transport.

The full list of Shadow Ministries is below:

  • Attorney General & Legal Affairs – Kim Wilson
  • Finance – David Burt
  • Education – Walton Brown
  • Home Affairs – Walter Roban
  • Public Safety – Michael Scott
  • Public Works – Derrick Burgess
  • Economic & Social Development – Glenn Blakeney
  • Health & Seniors – Zane DeSilva
  • Community & Cultural Development – Michael Weeks
  • Tourism – Wayne Furbert
  • Transport – Lawrence Scott
  • Environment & Planning – Senator Diallo Rabain
  • Municipalities – Senator Renee Ming

Update 12.52pm: Video of the Swearing In Ceremony below

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  1. J Starling says:

    The suspense! I hope that Jonathan Smith is reappointed a Senator for the PLP, and Diallo Rabain as well. I would also like to see at least one female Senator, and think that Renee Ming, who ran in #2, would be an excellent Senator.

    • J Starling says:

      Well, I got two out of three right! I had figured Mr Daniels would be a good choice, but likely too busy with his legal practice right now (as his partner is the OBA’s Attorney General now).

      Congratulations to all three!

      Now, who will be the remaining OBA Senators? Jeff Baron and Andrew Simmons?

      • swing voter says:

        yup both guys deserve senate seats…Baron should have been given National Security, Simons is another bright guy that deserves to sit at the table

    • OZ says:

      Although the new Government is still quite fresh, I do not understand the Education appointment which had to have been promised prior to the election! I would love to hear the Premier justify this to the country as Education is too important to mess up!

  2. Course Correction says:

    Interesting and best of luck to them but they (plp) are no longer Government (thank God). Priority of headline should be given to the Government of the day.

    • Bernews says:

      With all due respect, of course the headline for a story about Opposition Senators is about the Opposition. If not, the headline would make no sense lol…

      We have always covered the activities of both the Government and Opposition no matter who was in power, and will continue to.

      We just cover whatever is happening on the day whether it be politics, crime, sports, accidents, or community events and the “priority headlines” goes by time posted….latest on top.

      • Yng Black Mind says:


        It is reported in the article that the three Independent Sentors are:

        Carol Anne Bassett, Joan Dillas-Wright and James Jardine

        Are these new appointments? Or does the Governor still have to appoint new senators for the new parliamentary session?

        Thanks for the info!

        Yng Black Mind

        • Bernews says:

          Sorry to not have been clear – those aren’t new appointments, they are the existing Independent Senators. To our knowledge the Governor does not have to appoint new Independent Senators for the session.

          • J Starling says:

            I think that, technically speaking, the Governor needs to either re-appoint them, or to appoint new Independent Senators. The Senate, along with the rest of parliament (the Senate comprising one half of parliament) was dissolved with the election writ, so all the Senators were dismissed at that time.

            There are at least two people (who I cannot name as they’re not ‘public’ individuals at the moment) who I think would make excellent Independent Senators. And I also think that it would be good to have some of the Independent candidates that ran in the general election considered too.

            But I think at least one of the existing Independent Senators should be re-appointed, for the sake of continuity at least.

            • Out of flight says:

              The independents stay and just get sworn back in. It is a done deal almost till they want to go.

    • Hmmmmm says:

      So even when doing nothing your Government should make headlines? And so it begins….. They’re still fighting over Cabinet posts, what makes you think they’re ready to name Senators?

      • haha says:

        Weird huh? That poster thinks that Bernews isn’t giving priority to the ‘government’. The government hasn’t done anything today but I’m sure if they had it would be posted. Just shows peoples’ strange biases.

        I also agree with the OBA senate posts. They have named Brangman and Fahy, but where are the other 3? My predictions are Jeff Baron, Andrew Simons and Alexis Swan – but I wouldn’t be surprised if Donte Hunt, Anthony Francis, Gaylynne Cannonier or even Louise Jackson got up in there. Or even Ray Charlton who almost took out Michael Scott. I also hear there is trouble in the ranks as some who were promised Ministries have been overlooked – namely Mr Bascome who gave up being Mayor of St Geo and now finds himself as a backbencher. I also hear that Glen Smith is disappointed after knocking out the Premier, he has received no reward. Also word on the street is Jeanne Atherden expected something but was overlooked in favor of Leah Scott. It will all be verrry interesting to see how Premier Cannonier manages expectations – both internal and external.

        • pebblebeach says:

          @haha says

          You seem to hear a lot…you must eat a lot of spinich…

        • Dark Knight says:

          What about the old BDA guys like Branco who’ve been working behind the scenes since the beginning. I hope the Premier remembers these competent future leaders who have worked hard to put him there.

  3. Craig looby says:

    Party politics is still a scam

    • Independnets did run says:

      Yes Craig, I agree. We had qualified Independent candidates and the country chose to vote party? Did you?

  4. Will says:

    best of luck. Lets hope they can light a fire under the PLPs ass and kick them into gear for the betterment of all citizens of Bermuda.

    • no confidence says:

      They will be back because half of Bermuda has no confidence in the OBA/UBP government. They will look after their own only.

    • OZ says:

      This post makes no sense! IT no longer matters who people voted for the OBA is the Government of everone not just the people who voted for them.

  5. one eye open says:

    good choices, congrats guys

  6. haha says:

    I like!

  7. Island Empress says:

    Great news! PLP once again a strong opposition! Moving Bermuda Forward

  8. CBA says:

    Lol plp obviously trying to get their young voters back by appointing young senators.

    • haha says:

      PLP has always had young senators representing – back in the day Jennifer smith was a young senator – the youngest at the time. Under Dr Brown, Davida Morris was selected. Under Premier Cox – David Burt and Diallo Rabain. And now we see Marc Bean’s selections. Very good choices.

  9. haha says:

    I can’t wait for Premier Cannonier to have a press conference and get a tough question…no storming out this time!

    • BDAboy says:

      He can just say “no plantation questions” and ignore them…like the previous government did.

  10. GOD 1st says:

    @ haha when are you going to face reality? Mr cannonier is wise and you are acting foolish.

  11. argosy says:

    Burt, Finance – LOL!!

  12. Renee Webb says:

    Congrats to Mark, and the Senators. A new dawn for the PLP as the old guard is slowing but surely fading into twilight as younger politicians take over. Well done.

    Craig appointed to many of the UBP old guard to the Cabinet. This will cause in fighting for sure. He would be wise to give the remaining Senate posts to the younger breed as well. Jeff, Andrew and Gaylynne or Alexis.

    • argosy says:

      With respect, Ms. Webb, the Senate’s role is NOT to prevent in-fighting amongst either the Government’s or Opposition’s MPs.

      Far from it. That’s the problem with BDA. We appear to have lost the plot……

    • Staying focus says:

      Well said Renee Webb. But the interesting fact is that why is he taking so long to name the others, so there is some unrest amongst the ubpoba camp, let time tell real story.

    • Love it! says:

      Just stirring the pot because you lost your cushy consulting gig Renee? You could not have looked more bitter on VSB on election night if you tried!

      • OZ says:

        It is people like you who continue to encourage the divide amongst the people and you blame politics!

        • BDAboy says:

          “people like you”? you mean Eva Hodgson? or any of the other PLP members who have done nothing but increase the racial divide?

      • Action not words....duh! says:

        I watched the election coverage on ZBM not VSB and Renee Webb was very professional as were the other moderators. So stop hitting the “HATE” button.

    • Out of flight says:

      Rene you often led the racist attacks in the house and now you talk of peace. Thank God we don’t have you on the payroll. And what advice did you provide for all of that money. why didn’t you tell the Premier to call the election earlier. Then she would have won against a disorganized opposition. Oh she said she had Principles. Well one must have been to hire useless experts like yourself. Get loss. You are responsible for the way the govt was behaving and you used your mouth in the House to perpetuate division.

  13. Out of flight says:

    The Senate should not be used for young advocates or candidates to start. They should be back in the pasture making a name for themselves by doing and NOT just talking (The Senate). 3 bad choices. What an awful start. His vision was cloudy.

    • Umjussayin says:

      @out of flight; several of the current OBA ministers are fresh and new. They have no previous governmental/ministerial experience and are approaching the task with passion and enthusiasm. The same can be said for the PLP senate appointments; fresh, new and keen! If you read their backgrounds you will see what they have done in terms of service. What more could a country ask for! Public service isn’t for everyone and for those who choose to do it, well done. I commend them all for what they are doing.

      Advice to out of flight; take a flight and get a life.

      • Out of flight says:

        Nice words but you are loss. Go back to biting your nails.

  14. Vote for Me says:

    All of the appointments will be interesting.

    It will only be a matter of time for OBA to ‘spill out’. I vote Kenny Bascome for the first spill out. He had the audacity to offer himself for 3 ministerial posts – Tourism, Youth and Sport and Social Services (I think). You bet he will be sorely disappointed to ‘lose his voice’. He had the ability to speak at will as Mayor and now he has been muzzled!!

    It will also be interesting to watch the OBA evolve since as another poster put it, it seems as though some of the ‘deserving original BDA supporters’ have been left out in the cold. Let’s see how long it takes for them to start demanding to be warmed up!!

    • Staying focus says:

      The only one from the BDA that seems to have really benefited fromt his oba thing is Craig, so there may be some fall out, once the honeymoon period is over. After all many seek power. The worst appiontment is Nalton Brangman. This is not good. He can never walk in his father shoes. He got problems, big problems.

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Nalton has netted many headers from outside the box .

  15. Balanced Facts says:

    The Opposition Leader has made good choices, time for the old guard in both camps to be put out to pasture! The PLP/ Wayne and Zane UBP may not evolve into another party but they are clearly a House divided despite all the “we are family” nonsense, after a few terms in Opposition they may be ready to form a Government, especially with most of the UBP lot sent packing…I wonder if Vince Ingam was a secret agent!

  16. Vote for Me says:

    Alexis Swan for Senate… I think not after her disastrous showing against Lawrence Scott.

    Cannonier lost a real opportunity to appoint a PLP person as Senator and Mininister to fulfil his legislative reform election promise.

    • Pembroke swings says:

      @vote for me
      I see ms swan as having a future in politics, but Mr premier should pay heed to her performance that night. It may just be unfair to her right now to give her such a high profile post. A senator’s role is complex and they really really need to know the ins and outs of the issuers at hand.

      I’m tired of rewarding political players with important posts that they are too often not competent for. And maybe ms Swan is not quite ready yet. She’s still young! She needs to keep at it and remain a vocal advocate for her constituency, and for key issues for the government!

      But I ask Mr Premier to appoint very sharp and competent senators. Remember he can pick any bermudian and given our current economic woes, I argue Bermuda needs the best – and not more of the political rewards we saw with with the plp.

      Even some of the losing candidates, such as Mr. Baron and Mr Simons would fit the bill as far as I’m concerned!

  17. tidbit says:

    The legacy of the PLP continues? Must have a spouse of foreign orgin in order to be leader. Hope he has better vision for the PLP than he has/had for Somerset Bridge Club. Now he selects one of his wife’s boss to be a Senator. Favortism is started already. The “Spoil System” is alive and well in Bermuda.

    Craig congrats, but you better do a clean sweep of that Permanent Secretary crew, or it will be a short OBA Government. I need not tell you who is the leader(former speech writer) of the PS. They might apply for the Principleship of Berkley now, never can tell.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Tidbit, you people make me laugh. Alexis becomes a candidate because she works for gibbons, and Pettingill is the boss/head of chambers, so I guess that’s a conflict also! Smh. Somerset bridge? Sounds like someone from that area that I bet, has never ever done anything in that community or any community. All 3 senators are quality choices, Marc Bean is a good leader, and had made a good decision. The Oba rightly should be concerned. And try leaving his wife out of this! Lest we mention the inter-locking directorships and business links the Oba spouses are involved in…….

    • Staying focus says:

      tidbit………..sounds like you are not aware of how the Civil servants operate, or the role of Ministers have with them. go get some education on that one. Maybe you will learn more. Craig is clueless and just a figurehead. I am sad to know he is allowing himself to be in such a bad position. But time will tell, and you will see, so do not believe me.

  18. seriously? says:

    Mr Bean has appointed his wife’s boss to be a Senator when he didnt have enough PLP confidence votes within his constituency to win a bi-election!! Ironic how her call to the bar is featured in the press same day as Mr Daniels appointment as Senator or is it?? I agree with “Out of Flight” bad choice there for sure!

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      You sound like a typical Terry Lister supporter, well, family. Haha!

  19. Questioning why? says:

    Why would our Premier NOT consider appointing Andrew Simons or Jeff Baron to the senate? They are our future leaders who have displayed the integrity, hard work, commitment, ability and sacrifice we Bermudians are so desperate to have as our voice. They can not be pushed aside now that the election is over. Their presence in Pembroke connected with the disillusioned and apathetic youth. We need them!

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Both of them are thoughtful and intelligent people. They would be great choices.

  20. Vulpes says:

    Is this really the best that the PLP can offer up? What with Beano elected as leader and now this lot, something very odd must be going on behind the scenes. Surely Kim Wilson or Zane DeSilva have more to offer as Premiers in waiting. Surely the likes of Dale Butler, Jonathan Smith, Neville Tyrell would be more appropriate in the Senate.

    Just a personal theory – the Old Hands may be steering clear knowing that all that happened may shortly be exposed.

  21. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    @ Vote for Me: Where were you? Mr. Cannonier made an offer to the PLP which was refused – rightly or wrongly. He at least has been trying to fulfil his election promise. I appreciate his efforts.
    I don’t expect perfection but, so far, he’s doing alright in my book. For those who say there are too many ex-UBP appointees in the Cabinet, I say that in a time of exigency, Mr. Cannonier has appointed the best, most experienced people for our immediate needs. If the country had not been left in a state of emergency, there might have been time and opportunity for less experienced heads to be appointed so they could gain on-the-job experience. Bermuda cannot afford that luxury at this time. To my knowledge, all reasonable OBA members understand this, despite the obvious attempts to manufacture strife and division that, sadly, are still in evidence on this and other threads.

    • Staying focus says:

      Craig is not doing anything right. He is merely a figurehead, taking directions from others, such as Mr Richards and your real leader Mr Dunkely, so stop it Sly Hayward and smell the roses. After all the cabinet is all UBP folks, same ministers. What is it you do not get. Only blind folks choose to not get it now. Guess you are colorblind and blind vision as well.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        I can tell by your name that grammar is not your strong point. And from your post I can see you’re still living in the past. The election is over. There is no reason to keep lying.

        • Staying focus says:

          Mad Dawg. I can tell your mad, I can tell by your comment your in denial, but only time will reveal the truth. You will live to swallow your words, as you feed on false belief system. The reality is that there are all ubp folks taking over a Ministry. They all gain something, but the others did not. SO yes if one does not know there is some unhappiness with in the oba camp, they are just hoping not, but not facing the truth of it all. Hey lets give it a few months, as power has a way of bringing out the devil in some folks.

          • BDAboy says:

            staying focus, I can tell by your post that you were educated under the previous government. It’s embarrassing.

            • Staying focus says:

              @BDAboy…..Embarrassing is having a apprentices as our leader, so it looks like your being educated by a inexperience figure-head. Your position is weak if you can only act like your an English teacher of 101.

    • Victor says:

      Pastor, I’m with you. And perhaps too, it is time to untaint the UBP brand and recognise the deep foresight with which they governed and the amazing prosperity this brought to the country – only to be squandered by new money charlatans such as EFB. I hope one day we will Sir Henry Tucker Street, formerly Front St.

      • Victor says:

        Also, just a hint – watch KEMH, I think that might be where Ewart’s comeuppance begins.

  22. Time for Revolution says:

    Experience, youth and energy

  23. welldone says:

    I notice the OBA blog crew is coming out in full force. They must be a little intimidated by the PLP’s new leader and his team. So they are now resorting to personal attacks against Mr Bean’s wife. Is this the new way of politics as the OBA have espoused? It will be very interesting to see who the OBA selects as their 3 senators in addition to Brangman and Fahy.

    • Victor says:

      You are joking?

    • Staying focus says:

      @ Welldone, The change OBA promoted, was only an election ploy, and some fell for it. But real Change I have yet to see, their fans are not really showing it or demonstrating it. This is the same old folks, I think your right, PLP has a strong team, and it is going to be a tough ride in the HOuse on the hill for OBA, it going to ne tough for OBA to grant most of their so called election promises. This is why many are shaking in their shoes, that they are not even comfortable wearing as of yet. This will be an interesting time in Bermuda Politics, oba folks are on needles now.

  24. the same says:

    the plp should never get to rule bermuda…they have left us with too much of devastation and destruction..our econ.is a total mess,jobs are scare,crime is high,ppl have to migrate to England for safety and place to live,our roads are not safe,our shops are closing like flies,our tourism is down by tenfold,our IB is uncertain,our lives will never be the same again with such overwhelming hardships…this is a nighmare what they did to us..

  25. Wilson says:

    Someone commented that the new PLP senators do not have experience. Are you aware of all that Senator Rabain has initiated and supported? Everything does not need to be or get reported. He is not so ‘green’ and inexperienced. He obviously has potential to continue. Even Bob said he would like to sit down with him and have talks. Perhaps he realizes that in their area, people voted party and not candidate. I like Mr. Tyrell but in my opinion I feel that he does not have the strong personality to deal with being in that position. He needs to be tougher. What I am saying is just because one is older does not automatically mean more experienced, especially if someone younger has accomplished more.

  26. stop blaming PLP says:

    I wonder if anyone else has noticed the WHOLE WORLD is in recession. PLP did not create this..lost of job etc

    Its a trickle down effect from the bigs boys that were stealing starting with Enron and the others.

    UBP was in power for 30yrs talk about the bad they done. Had us in bondage for years

    I’m listening

    • Mad Dawg says:

      You are so clueless.

      The whole world is NOT in recession. The USA and Canada, for example, have not been in recession for over three years, while Bermuda’s economy has been plummeting.

      It did not start with Enron. Enron was relatively minor and had nothing at all to do with what happened to the evonomy since 2007.

    • Vulpes says:

      Nonsense. From the outset PLP governance was marked by extraordinary corruption, both petty but more important large and serious too. Indeed, that is why many folks did not vote or voted OBA – so that the truth will come out. Furthermore, as far as I can tell, the sole remaining sectarian party in Bermuda is the PLP, and I am not at all sure that the UBP even in its heyday was ever as racist as the PLP inner core.

    • BDAboy says:

      “Had us in bondage for years”

      who owned you?

  27. tomtom says:

    the plp will always be the divider among the ppl of this island…unless they see the BIG PICTURE OF DIVERSITY..they need to connect with the world FIRST…

  28. Pilot001 says:

    OBA won by default, PLP will be back. I will just sit back and watch the movie it’s going to be interesting. People are now grumbling about the new leaders, you should have gotten off your butts and voted and UBP wouldn’t be back in the house. Lesson learned.

  29. Pilot001 says:

    To all you haters out there, stop hating on Simone Bean.