Woolridge, Swan & Baron Appointed To Senate

December 28, 2012

[Update: Lynne Woolridge, Alexis Swan and Jeff Baron have been appointed as Government Senators. Video added]

There will be another swearing in of Senators at Government House at 11am this morning [Dec 28]. Thus far the Opposition Progressive Labour Party has appointed all three of their Senators [Diallo Rabain, Renee Ming and Marc Daniels], and the ruling One Bermuda Alliance has appointed two of their five Senators [Michael Fahy and Nalton Brangman]. It is not known at this time who will be appointed, however we will update as able.

Update 11.10am: Lynne Woolridge, Alexis Swan, and Jeff Baron have been appointed as Government Senators.

Mr Baron, a former police officer and UN peacekeeper, contested C#21 Pembroke South East in the recent general election gaining 40.75% of the vote.

Ms Swan ran in C#24 Warwick South East in the General Election, gaining 45.85% of the vote. Ms Woolridge is an executive at the Argus Group, and has been working behind the scenes with the One Bermuda Alliance.

L-R: Alexis Swan, Premier Cannonier, Governor George Fergusson,  Lynne Woolridge, Jeff Baron

Update 12.37pm: Video of the Swearing In Ceremony below

Update 2.09pm: Senator Baron will have responsibility for Public Safety & Legal Affairs, Senator Swan will have responsibility for Environment, Planning, Community & Cultural Development and Senator Woolridge will have responsibility for Health, Seniors & Public Works.

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  1. Pembroke swings says:

    Baron is a good call and we know nothing about Woolridge, but I will repeat what I said about Ms Swan yesterday on this site:
    I see ms swan as having a future in politics, but Mr premier should have pay heed to her performance that night of her debate with Lawrence Scott. She simply did not appear to know the issues in enough depth.

    . It may just be unfair to her right now to give her such a high profile post. A senator’s role is complex and they really really need to know the ins and outs of the issuers at hand.

    I’m tired of rewarding political players with important posts that they are too often not competent for. And maybe ms Swan is not quite ready yet. She’s still young! She needs to keep at it and remain a vocal advocate for her constituency, and for key issues for the government!

    But I ask Mr Premier to appoint very sharp and competent senators. Remember he can pick any bermudian and given our current economic woes, I argue Bermuda needs the best – and not more of the political rewards we saw with with the plp.

    We need to know why ms Woolridge and ms Swan are the best of all Bermudians for these posts!

    Even some of the losing candidates, such as Mr Simons- I remember how clearly he explained the issues with future care- would fit the bill as far as I’m concerned!

    • swing voter says:

      yeah Gerald Simons boi is pretty sharp….I think there are two more senate picks to be made, I’m sure the Cannon is taking consultation on choices

      • haha says:

        Nope – the OBA has 5 Senate choices. They already announced Nalton Brangman and Michael Fahy. So today’s selections complete their lineup.

      • citi zen says:

        He already has Brangman & Fahy

    • frank says:

      how can ms swan and mr baron be government appointed senaters when they both are known members of the oba and they both were candidates in the election is this graig way of stacking the deck what the hell is this are we stupid this can’t happen and the governor should know better i am going to say this once this is damm damm wrong and you all know it stop the sh===t before the sh==t starts is this a new secret plan so much for moving forward

      • Limey says:

        You are an idiot, of course the OBA govt should appoint OBA members to be their senators, these are not the three independent senators which are neutral and picked by the governor alone

        • Balanced Facts says:

          Seriously though Frank, you shouldn’t start mouthing off when you clearly have no clue how the system worlks, good thing about pseudonyms , no one can actually identify you for being idiotic!

      • Bill says:

        @Frank: it’s quite apparent that you have no clue about the Senate and how it works.

    • alicia says:

      I know Senator Woolridge and with her experience and commitment I know that she is a strong asset to the team. She brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the table.

    • Poetic Justice says:

      Not to rubbish your point but two previous appointments stand out one in particular being Mrs Furbert of the PLP. Listening to her in the senate was torture. She displayed such poor diction when speaking and her signature refrain of “you know what I am saying” had been used so often it has little to no relevance to me anymore. The position of Senator has little power in regards to legislation other than to pass it (rubber stamp) or turn it back for one year that’s all. Most arguments at this level are moot as once passed to the senate it can only be set back a year and on the second reading will become law.

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        Hopefully all 7 (not counting Diallo Rabain as he is not a new senator) of the new senators will speak with better “diction” than I did while in the senate. I will guarantee you one thing, none of them, and I’m including all 11 senators, have the political background that I bought to the table, in spite of my “diction”.

        By the way, all of the government senators will be mostly reading from prepared statements as I did.

        You are certainly displaying your ignorance when it comes to parliamentary protocol.

        • Webster says:

          Lavern, you and Cromwell were the worst senators we have ever had !!!! what political background did you bring to the table ? and as you said your diction sucks….

        • Victor says:

          And you were modest too Mrs. Furbert.

        • Cleancut says:

          Alexis!!! someone is calling you stupid!

      • Webster says:

        Poetic, it was indeed torture listening to lavern, every other word from her mouth was ” Um Um” and and you know” de talk show callers said “”the only avenue she has now to spew her anger is on the “peoples Show ” which I and others hope will soon come to an end !!!! Bermuda needs to pull together…. and stop the hate that this show promotes…… thank the lord for Gina Spence she is so positive and gives us all hope, and lord we sure need it.

    • Staying focus says:

      @Pembroke Swings, I must say I agree with your position on this one as well. I think you have made some valid points. I also believe that this is the trend within the OBA, as Mr Cannioner is also a novices as well. So we have an Apprentices as Premier of Bermuda, this I can not understand. We voted in someone that lacks such knowledge and know how in the political circles. SO he therefore is nothing more than a figurehead. Well hopefully in good time, all will be revealed.

      • Webster says:

        Staying focus…was doc Brown a novice? and how do you think he obtained all of his wealth ?as you said in good time all will be revealed !!!!!!!!!

    • Rich families says:

      Hey if Nandi Pandi can be an MP why the heck not Swan?

  2. I genuinely look forward to working with you newly appointed Senators, and engaging in debate with the rest of the OBA team of Senators in the next legislative session. Well done and congratulations to you all. I hope that we can all serve to uplift the People in our current roles.

    • frank says:

      and i don’t trust you oba mole

      • Balanced Facts says:

        Frank, between your acumen on how the system of Government works and your allegation that Daniels is a “OBA mole” you really are showing yourself to be at the shallow end of the PLP intellect pool…paddling around with the Furberts and the other single digit I.Q’s!

    • Senate says:

      Marc you are the only newly appointed senator I can or would listen to! Brangman proved to be an opportunist and Fahy we know is an opportunist. Jonathan Smith will probably rejoin the UBP/OBA as his brothers will show him how they can now roll back in the dough.

  3. J Starling says:

    I can understand Mr Baron and Ms Swan, but, while Ms Woolridge may well be an excellent Senator, I am disappointed that the OBA have sidelined some quality candidates they ran in the election.

    I’m thinking here of someone like Mr Andrew Simmons or Mr Terry Hodgson. If they were good enough to be candidates, then they should be the first choice for these Senate positions. It just seems like a bit of a slap in the face to them.


    • haha says:

      Terry Hodgson is not ready for this position. Have you even heard anything from him since his rollout? Nope! Not a word.

    • Interesting! says:

      Let’s be honest Donte Hunte, Fahy, Mark P and Shawn Crockwell were the original ubp boys that jump ship to form the bda. They made a choice to change first, with that said all 4 should have been given either a Minister or Senate position. Without that move the ubp would have never formed into the OBA. Craig or (We) as he speaks forgot about Donte.

      • Staying focus says:

        @ Interesting, Glad you picked up on that point. Hey there is unrest in the OBA camp, the only person that benefited from this holly union was Mr Craig, an apprentice leader and Premier. There is no justice for the other 4, so it is likey time will reveal the real story. There is restlessness with in the house of the OBA, it will peak at some time, as everything has to go full circle.

      • No Confidence says:

        read my lips O B A is the NEW U B P. No mind set, ran the same campaign in 07 only in 12 worldwide economy made more blacks poorer and they stayed at home and did not vote.

    • Staying focus says:

      Hey J Starling, I think there is more disappiontment to come, there is also some unrest within the OBA camp over these appiontments. Some were promised a golden apple, but only got green peas. Hang on and listen.

    • Webster says:

      Starling, Woolridge works for Argus,check out her resume !!!!! what better person than her to be in the senate ? and we have the best person in Pamplin to be in charge of our health care….these two brilliant ladies will get us back on track.
      Jay, give it up and be a part of the O.B.A. or just dissapear.

  4. Jim Jones says:

    How come they got the real gov and the PLP got some next breddrin?

  5. More Reality says:

    Andrew has a real job at a Class 4 Insurer, he should not waste any more time on Bermuda politics

    • Alicia says:

      All of the other oba politicians also have real jobs, none more important than the other. Being involved in politics for many has more to do with giving back to society and making a difference rather then getting a job.

  6. Dark Knight says:

    Good call on Mr. Baron, but I would have preferred to see Mr. Simons or Mr. Branco who both are very qualified to be in the Senate.

    • I would suggest that Mr. Branco stick with IT, he does not seem “to interact with people all that well at times”….

      • Dark Knight says:

        He’s direct, but gets things done. That’s what we need around here.

        • say it like it is. says:

          and that’s exactly what everyone said about Ewart Brown and look what happened!

          • Michael Branco says:

            lol! yikes, not sure I want to be compared to Ewart. :)

            @Norff – sorry if I’ve crossed swords with you in the past. I’ll work on my people skills ;)

            Congrats to Jeff, Alexis & Lynne, look forward to seeing your great work in the Senate.

      • Staying focus says:

        @ Norff Rock Cakes; I agree with you on this one for a change. He is not a people person, and only has good looks, but guess that was the qualification that Craig was looking for. Oh and it gets worst, Nalton Brangman for Education, he has more challenges than Big Bird.

        • Dark Knight says:

          @Staying focus: Are you referring to Baron or Branco? Baron got the seat. Agreed, Brangman will be interesting.

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      No Premier has ever, or will ever, select persons for the Senate who will be acceptable to everyone!

      Having said that,I would have preferred to have Andrew Simons appointed. But we are not in the Premiers chair and therefore are not privy to all factors in the equation. Hopefully Simons will be selected for another post compatible with his obvious skills.

      Time to move on!

  7. Yng Black Mind says:

    These are very interesting appointments . . . Mr. Baron was an obvious choice; however, the two ladies were not. While I won’t debate their personal qualifications, it makes you wonder what they will be bringing to the Senate Chambers?

    The Premier has every right to chooose whom he sees fit, but I have to ask – - what happened to K Bascome, N Davis, A Simons, or G Smith? All of these persons listed above performed well above the expectations in their respective areas, some of which did the unthinkable (Smith and Davis).

    However, with all that stated, I will continue to sit and watch how this all pans out – - – it will be very interesting – very interesting indeed (insert maniacal laugh here).

    Yng Black Mind
    (those who know understand)

    • haha says:

      Kenny bascome, Nandi Davis and glenn smith cannot be senators as they are MPs. You cannot be both.

      Andrew Simons would have been a good call.

      Alexis is not ready for primetime regardless how eager she may be. Jeff is good but needs to be a little less intense. Don’t know much about Ms Woolridge. Would have preferred michael branco or andrew simons.

      • Out of flight says:

        ALexis will read her speeches and then be told she cant do them all. In front of a camera she will continue to mix a and b and leave us with c….confused. She was clearly not ready. But who knows what goes on there when we heard what happened with Mr. Smith in the Premier’s district. Did he really give gifts to people who still did not realize they could take them and mark x for Premier Cox.
        Anyway Alexis will get her year and be pushed out “due to business reasons”. Another tag along Senator with a very very limited picture of what needs to be done. Where is Charlton. He makes a lot of sense and worked hard. Guess he did not have enough gifts.

        • haha says:

          Wow! Did Smith really buy his votes?

          • Staying focus says:

            HA HA they tell me he did, as well as dunkley. But thats how it is now, power at any price.

      • Yng Black Mind says:

        I stand corrected – thank you sir/madame.

      • No Confidence says:

        Got to keep it black.

    • Limey says:

      Do you even understand how the Westminster system works?? MPs can’t be senators, two different houses!

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      As usual, young black mind, you’re out of touch with reality.

  8. M.R. says:

    Think you guys need to step back and consider that maybe Mr. Cannonier did ask others to be in the Senate but they couldn’t or didn’t want to be. For some being an MP is enough. Remember Patrice Minors turned down a Ministry position at the last election? (or was it with Paula? Can’t remember.)

    Anyway, let’s keep the cynicism to a minimum. The jury is still out on the OBA anyway but they will be the most scrutinised Govt ever.

  9. Congratulations to all 3 new Senators. Excellent choices. Mrs Woolridge (nee Harford) a graduate of Warwick Academy (1972); I know is a very well educated and capable lady with many years of top level insurance business experience in and outside of Bermuda. I hope that Andrew Simons, Terry Hodgson, Anthony Francis and Nick Kempe keep working their constituencies & in the meantime and become very involved in Govt. Boards such as BLDC, WEDCO, Education, Environment, Tourism,etc..

    • K Bascome, G Smith & N Davis are all ELECTED members of the House of Assembly so they CANNOT be Senators as well…

    • alicia says:

      Finally someone who knows about the great work that Senator Woolridge does and her history.

      Premier Cannonier must have had some hard choices to make as all options to him were excellent candidates for this position, which they will be used in other areas, but I know that the three that he did choose will excell in their positions.

  10. WEST END says:

    What about Ray Charlton!

    He has been working hard in the West End and exposed the problems with the Pier, Lefroy House and how WEDCO overlooked Habitat For Humainty in favour of a “for profit” Public/Private partnership.

    He also helped us to get 42 acres of land back from Tuckers Point!

    Why has he been overlooked!

    • Charlton will probably go on WEDCO Board so he can work to sort out things out there…

      • swing voter says:

        yup Charlton for WEDCO Chairman

        • WEST END says:

          Now your talking! That makes sense now! Hope that is what they are thinking!

      • WEST END says:

        Norff, I hope you are right!
        That area has been neglected for a long time. I am not sure if WEDCO knows the meaning of preventative maintenance.

  11. Lynne Woolridge (nee Harford), BSc, FLMI, FALU, HIA
    Senior Vice President, BF&M Life Insurance Company Limited
    A graduate of Warwick Academy, Lynne earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Guelph in Ontario Canada. She is a Fellow of the Life Management Institute and the Academy of Life Underwriting, and holds the Health Insurance Association designation. Lynne is a current director of the Insurance Association of the Caribbean, a member of the Executive Council of the Canadian Reinsurance Conference, and a member of the Canadian Institute of Underwriters and the Institute of Caribbean Home Office Underwriters
    Lynne spent 20 years with Swiss Re Life and Health Canada/Mercantile & General Reinsurance and was Director, Underwriting and Chief Underwriter for Canada & Caribbean prior to becoming Vice President, Sales for Swiss Re with responsibility for Bermuda, Bahamas, and the Caribbean. She joined BF&M as Senior Vice President of the Life Insurance Company in 2007.
    Lynne is married and enjoys reading, travel and golf in her spare time.

    • citi zen says:

      Thanks for that Bio.

      She has MAD Skills. I say yes

    • Interesting! says:

      Hi Lynne Woolridge.

    • say it like it is. says:

      Good maybe she can get us some cheap Health Insurance then, cause Zanie boy sure couldn;t,

  12. lifeblood says:


  13. Umjussayin says:

    @Jim Jones

    It was no disrespect to the PLP, the Governor only returned last night and for personal reasons the PLP Leader needed to have his selections done yesterday. The Governor is a position not necessarily a person. Hope that helps!

  14. Guess Who says:

    What is the Bio of Jeff Baron? Please enlighten us. Being a Police Officer is not enough. How long was he there? His Front Street incident while in Training School does not count as the other trainee was did not receive the same pardon. Lynne is well qualified and educated.

    • AJ says:

      Jeffrey Baron is the National Security Spokesperson for the One Bermuda Alliance and represented the OBA in the Pembroke South East Constituency. Jeff is a Bermuda-born specialist in crime prevention with more than a decade of experience and a Masters Degree in Criminology.
      Jeff has served as a Sergeant in the Bermuda Police Service, directed all security operations for Rosewood Tucker’s Point and led a tactical response team on a multiyear United Nations peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. He is the first and only Bermudian to be deployed as a Field Officer for the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations.
      In January 2011, after earning his Masters degree in Criminology, Jeff presented a strategic crime reduction paper to the Horton Committee ‘Joint Parliamentary Select Committee’ on gang violence. Jeff’s valuable contributions on this nationally important issue have made him a trusted and authoritative voice on National Security policies in Bermuda.
      Jeff recently graduated from the ‘Senior Executives in National Security’ program held at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

      • It is so amazing when it all looks good on paper,giving someones so called credentials and that is not to be-little Mr Barrons service to the community but please dont make such a long list of good deeds that have no back bone when it comes to the wrap sheet of the Islands criminals and the criminality of their deeds that go undetected.

        If Mr Barron is as good as his profile,I look forward to our boarders being so safe that no more guns will get into our shores and no more ammunittion will get on our Island to fill the already weapons that are here.Mr Barron has a lot to contribute and has contributed to our community but he dont have what it takes to stand against that which really is controlling our shores.

        I have much hope and praise for anyone who stands in the face of adversity but anyone who thinks Mr Barron is a key element to solving our woes is very un-wise and I say that based on having watched enough of the political wrangling from all sides talk stupidity when it comes to the real issue of gang violence and drug importation into these shores.

        Rev. Leroy Bean and others have come out publicly and put themselves forth to help solve some of our ills in this regard but I believe there are others and they are more suited then Mr Barron or Rev Bean. all of the colleges and universites and the courses they offer never prepare anyone for the true life out here on the streets.

        A rat can trap a rat and only those who have lived in the rat race can understand the true rat culture, to expand a little further,the biggest rat is the fat rat that sits on their a$$ eating cheese while the smaller rats go about chasing the damn cheese.

        • Jim Jones says:

          Santucci – nothing you have said makes any sense. And I heard you were a total deviant.

        • loveone says:

          you make no sense. and if you read AJs long list of Mr Barons credentials you would see that Jeff has not only been on the Front Lines of the Bermuda Police Service but also served in the field of war torn Kosovo. of course he doenst have all the answers but he is well qualified and passionate about his country.

    • Soooo says:

      A little Google…

      Bermuda Police 1995-2006 Attained the rank of Sgt.
      United Nations 2006-2007 Field Security Officer
      United Nations 2007-2008 Tactical Advisor, Peackeeping Operations
      Tuckers Point 2009- Now Director of Security

      Masters Degree in Criminoloy from University of Leicester and has recently completed a National Security training program at Harvard University

      • To add insult to injury, how many unsolved crimes do we have that have occurred from 1995 to present and I am talking byond just gang violence and gun crimes.this is not an attack against Mr Barron but a warning that do not set the man up to be what he is not.

        I am quite familiar with many high ranking officers in the former C.I.D division dating back as far as the 70′s and deemed to be the best in their field and for the sake of legalities I will not name them but they were are so called un-sung heros and knocked in the doors of many homes and help to make many drug bust.

        Some of whom was a household name that criminals were afraid of but some of these very same nasty folk were also the greatest drug dealers of our time and some are now deceased and other retired living off of the evil deeds they once engaged in,so my question or comment really is,if that was then when the drug trade was in its stage of being on the lower scale of the economy but now it is the economy just second to interbational business,how much more have become corrupt and why dont we see arrest from a larger amount of money,movers and shakers.

        Why is the drugs and guns always labelled at the young black male and they are always singled out and every now and then we throw a white face in the mix so it dont seem bias.Mr Barron may seem good to help crack down on our wanna be drug lords but I will applaud him an others when we see real sharks taken under.

    • Jim Jones says:

      what front street incident? Jeff is a straight up ninja.

  15. Time Will Tell says:

    Congratulations to Ms. Swan and Ms. Woolridge on their Senate appointments. I trust they will be quick studies and learn their roles with haste.

    Jeff Baron was an obvious and excellent pick. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into the Senate from a policing standpoint. Having worked with Jeff ‘closely’ I can speak to his character and his genuine care for others. The OBA have a rising star, but the PLP have someone who will work with them in a bipartisan way. Congrats, Bengalicus!!

  16. Out of flight says:

    Nice qualifications but what has she done in the community? That aspect seems to be lost. so the way to the top is to lie low and wait for the opportunity to be handed to you. and that is why the community has problems. We need more people on the ground working and not waiting to be handed the prize at the end of the day.

    • haha says:

      Most of their candidates have limited community experience. They were selected for other reasons. We will see their lack of connection to the community soon.

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        @ haha: “They were selected for other reasons.” Just taking a guess, many of the candidates were selected for their knowledge and experience, talents and areas of expertise, with a view to how best to correct the mess that has been left. There is a lot of work to be done to turn this country around, and a lot of impatient people who criticise every move while expecting miracles.

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      @ Out of Flight: “so the way to the top is to lie low and wait for the opportunity to be handed to you. and that is why the community has problems.”

      How about asking the question and getting an answer before jumping to such mean and nasty conclusions about someone you clearly don’t know anything about. Many people work quietly, behind the scenes, doing much for our community without needing or wanting to have their contributions made public. Some people do what they do without a need or desire for public acclaim (which is not to say that all those who are publicly acclaimed only do it for the publicity – not at all).

      If more people spent their time looking for the good in others instead of assuming the worst, we might all be in a better place.

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        I’m surprised you weren’t selected Pastor Syl. You have the academic qualifications as well as the community experience. I think you would have been an excellent choice for the senate, especially when one takes into consideration your family history. Maybe you were not young enough.

        • Cleancut says:

          Or maybe your shot at reading the script in the senate Pastor, may also not be up to scratch.

  17. Eastern says:

    When will the independent senators be announced?

    Kim Swan’s good showing in St. George West (Constituency #2) which was better than any Independant Canditate should place him in good standing for a seat in the Senate as an independant. No?

    • Out of flight says:

      A new Governor. He won’t make any changes. Bermuda is too nice a diplomatic prize to mess up or be controversial. You should have heard how the last Governor’s wife hated to leave as this was pure paradise for her. Hence why many former governors have chosen to stay on in a private capacity to enjoy what we don’t appreciate and what we take for granted.

    • Balanced Facts says:

      Absolutely “NO”!

  18. Action not words....duh! says:

    Jeffrey C Baron

    Security and Risk Management Consultant and current Director of Security at Tuckers Point Club, Bermuda.

    A former Sergeant and founding director of the Foundation, Jeff joined the BPS in 1995 and worked in various departments of the Service until he became an instructor in the Specialist Operations Unit. Jeff was recruited by the United Nations in 2006 and completed two missions as a field agent for the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo, where he was a weapons and defensive tactics instructor. Upon completing his UN service, Jeff received the ‘United Nations Medal for Peace’.

    Before leaving for his UN contract Jeff was a ‘Big Brother’ for Bermuda’s BBBS organization and mentored his ‘little’ for eight years. Jeff is now the proud father of his baby boy, Jackson Drew Baron, and hopes Jackson becomes a devoted Boston Red Sox fan, like his dad.

    Wouldn’t he would be a sure in for Minister of Public Safety?

    • alicia says:

      I think he’s too inexperienced still for a minister spot – give him some time to figure out the ropes of the new job….

    • Interesting! says:

      This is another position, Dunkley should have never been given this. Jeffrey Baron has the experience we need for Minister of Public Safety.

  19. Questioning why? says:

    Jeff Baron is an excellent choice and cares so deeply for the folks in Pembroke. Yet, I have to share my dismay about the glaring absence of the rising star in Bermuda politics. Where is Andrew Simons? Does our Premier, and the OBA party, not realize how badly we all need him to play an instrumental role to get Bermuda back on track? All of us can not afford for him to become disillusioned, discouraged or weary of party politics and walk away. Again I ask: Where is Andrew Simons!?

    • Tom D says:

      You seriously don’t have a clue. Andrew Simons??? Really? He ain’t nobody special. Not to mention, placing him in the Senate won’t get better on track…

  20. GOD 1st says:

    @ dthtoo I am sure you have more misinformation dthtoo,it is only a matter of time before you show up and lie.congrats to Jeff,Alexis,Lynne

  21. Victor says:

    At least their clothes are properly tailored, unlike the picture a few articles down of their PLP colleagues. Seriously – Compare

    • Elston says:

      Who cares.

      • Victor says:

        I do. The only natural resource this country has is it’s people so we better look the part – just remember the World owes us nothing and does not care about us.

  22. haha says:

    What I find interesting is there has been a lot of commentary over the years of Col Burch holding a very important Ministry but being unelected. Now the constitution requires that at least one minister come from the senate so that is not an issue. But I wonder why there has been little comment on the Education ministry being awarded to Nalton Brangman.

    • Hmmmmm says:

      Prepare to see more revisions of history like this. You’re spot on. Just like running on a platform of cutting government spending and then appointing a Cabinet of 13. And the best the editorial of a certain Paper can do is say ” so far so good”.The revolution will not be televised.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        The PLP were masters of revisions of history.

        At least the OBA has actually reduced the cost of each MP and Minister. All the PLP ever did was increase what they paid themselves.

    • Interesting! says:

      The truth is everyone was punking out when it came to selecting Minister of Education. Everyone was worried about screwing it up even more then the PLP. Come election time the MP who held this Ministry would be a sitting duck. That’s the only reason Mr. Brangman was awarded a seat at the table.

      • Staying focus says:

        No one in the OBA wanted the Ministry of Education. It is a ministry that most MPs would run from, as it can be difficult to make real changes quickly. Change and results will not come quickly in Education. But I am most disappionted in the person they selected. Nalton Brangman has real issues, and I am not sure he is mentally stable to hold on to such a powerhouse Ministry that will take long time before the real benefits of change can be revealed. I think Dame Smith was on the right track and did well with it. Lets see how this OBA does, it is one to watch closely, as they have picked a real problematic person and the weakest link to run such an important ministry. Oh the plot thicken and ticken.

        • welldone says:

          Wow! I would hope that this is not the case as the new Minister of education needs to hit the ground running. I do believe that Dame Jennifr was on the right track. It will be interesting to see how things progress.

  23. Vote for Me says:

    The various OBA Parliamentary appointments are interesting. As in a previous post, it is surprising to see 13 Ministers since even one less Minister would have saved more $$ than the proposed 10% reduction in Ministers salaries. Note that the Ministers posts are separate from MPs posts.

    We never know who was asked to serve as Senators on either side and declined. Thus we need to wait and see how both teams perform. Bermuda needs the best and brightest to secure our future.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      But they’re part time, not full time. So there goes your theory.

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        Do you know that for a fact? What is the difference between the salary for part-time ministers and full time ministers? Also, what is the salary for Junior Ministers?

        • Family Man says:

          Since we’re on the topic, what are the salaries for the BIU executive staff Laverne?

  24. Vulpes says:

    If you want to see where real power lies, watch the roll out of Government Boards, especially immigration and planning.

  25. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Congratulations to the new Senators, all of you (even those not yet named)! I wish you all the best.

    Since I am practising speaking what I want, and not what I don’t want, I will envision/speak into existence smooth sailing, amiable collaboration, impeccable communication, well-thought-out decision making, and a successful, satisfied, happy, even joyous community.
    I admit saying it still feels a bit Pollyanna-ish, but just as I know that affirmations work even when one doesn’t believe them, I will affirm that my vision for our island can and will come to pass if we, each one, speak it(and act accordingly). I am open to joining with others who may have other positive desires for our community. “When two or more…”

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      Why would a pastor only want “smooth sialing, amiable collaboration, impeccable communication, well-thought-out decision making, and a sucessful, satisfied, happy and joyous community” only when a certain political party is in power. I would think that a “pastor” would want that for the people of a community, no matter which political party is in power. Something is seriously wrong with your thinking Pastor Syl, and it’s not about “pollyanna.” Maybe if you have that affirmation 14 years ago, Bermuda would not have recorded another murder on Christmas Eve.

      Did you not want “postive desires” for our community prior to December 17, 2012?

      • Family Man says:

        Everybody does Laverne but its people like you that thwart those desires at every opportunity.

      • Staying focus says:

        @LaVerne Furbert,

        I stop listening to the so call Pastor Syl, she does not speak like a woman of God, As God would never think or act as she does. She is questionable at best. But in the Bible, they say some will profess to be a child of God, but really are not I am really disappionted in her, overall calling herself a woman of God. He will deal with her in good time, as God has a way of working. She must ask her self why did she not work to ensure peace in Bermuda, regardless of whom the government is, if she really cared for BDA or believe in the words of God. I pray God would reach her soul and wash her anew.

        • BDAboy says:

          “I stop listening to the so call Pastor Syl, she does not speak like a woman of God, As God would never think or act as she does. ”

          Are you kidding me? You know what god thinks? I believe you’re mentally unstable.

        • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

          Thank you, Staying Focus. I can use all the prayers I can get.

          “She must ask her self why did she not work to ensure peace in Bermuda.”
          Your assumptions are vast, since you have no idea what my efforts to ensure peace might consist of. Thankfully, I don’t have to answer to you or LaVerne, but only to my God, who sees what I do, what I think and what is within my heart.

      • Jim Jones says:

        holy sh!t. ThaNerve Brainfart just blamed a blogger for the Christmas Day murder.

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        And you’re back, LaVerne!! Ah well. The twist and spin begins again. Only you could interpret my present good wishes as excluding the past. I would like to ignore your bitterness but I know there are folks who actually listen to you, and I would hate for them to think there is any validity in what you say.

        Since it isn’t fair to you, given the personality you display, to expect that you could or would extrapolate from my oft-repeated statement over the past few years that I pray daily for the leaders of my country and for you personally, that I meant I was praying for all those things (smooth sailing, amiable collaboration, impeccable communication, well-thought-out decision making, and a successful, satisfied, happy, even joyous community) to come to pass, along with the honesty and transparency that I bemoaned the lack of.
        I despaired because it seemed my prayers were not heard, but God, whose Infinite Wisdom surpasses all our puny efforts, answered with a change of government.

        “Maybe if you have (sic)that affirmation 14 years ago, Bermuda would not have recorded another murder on Christmas Eve.” Maybe if we ALL had even seen the need for that affirmation 14 years ago, we might not have recorded any murders at all. Sadly, 14 years ago, when we all danced in the streets, we had no inkling Bermuda would change so drastically…at least I didn’t. Maybe you knew better.

  26. welldone says:

    Alexis – environment and planning? I can’t wait to hear this. And community and cultural development? That should be interesting especially with her views on race.

  27. Hopeful Observer says:

    I agree that Jeff Baron and Andrew Simons (although unsuccessful)were good and obvious choices. Very different individuals but articulate, thinking and smart. Their weakness was experienced but I have no doubt that they will prove to be quick learners and successful. Alexis Swan on the other hand is more hype than substance and her performance in the debate certainly exposed that. If the Premier wanted to appoint a women then Toni Daniels, a previous senator should have been an option over Ms Swan. Lynn Wooldridge is certainly far more accomplished and better educated than Ms Swan although she like Mr. Brangman popped up from nowhere, the jury is still out on those two.

    Here is a thought, what about Jon Brunson? That guy seems to have been overlooked, why I don’t know. When you look at all the candidates and what they bring to the table he easily fall into the top teir of options. He has a social conscious that has had an impact on the lives of Bermudians, he certainly has the experienced and always performed well in his Shadow Portfolios.

    I would have thought that the Premier would have wanted to pull together the best team possible, however his decisions so far make me wonder. This is not a dress rehearsal, so my advice to the Premier …. for what it is worth, is don’t treat it like one. There is far too much at riskHopeful; the people deserve the best the OBA have to offer to ensure a better Bermuda.

    • Staying focus says:

      Folks do not be fooled by this long list of academic credentials. Credentials do not always reveal persons true capabilities. The job market has become more cautious at just zooming in on individual academic credentials, as the individual was still unable to produce.

      Nevertheless, If Jeff has so much, why is it that the oba did nothing to stop gang violence, and still have not, please do not give me that lame excuse they were not the govt than, oh what a way to escape the truth.

      A long list of achievements, anyone can have, but sometimes lack the ability to actually put things into action. It may read well, but the individual may lack the key ability to actually implement or show real works for their list of credentials. Some folks often with a long list of credentials lack the ability to take theory and make it applicable. This is the real issue with many of the Oba Senators that was selected. Oh folks look beyond the long list of achievements.

      • Bullseye says:

        14 years of downhill you are ok with, yet in 14 days you make judgement on the new people.

        It is as if you don’t even want them to do a good job as you have written them off already.

    • Interesting! says:

      Jon Bronson is not one of the smart ones and plus it would be to many ubp in the new oba party.

  28. Hopeful Observer says:

    Interesting! – You obviously don’t know him. But it still does not change the fact that questionable decisions have been made; there were better choices.

    Break out of the OBA/UBP mind set and start think about what is best for the Bermuda.

  29. Full moon in Paradise says:

    congratulations to all appointees.
    Staying in Focus….I agree with your sentiments regarding the ability of Mr. Brangman to strategically manage and produce results whereby students achieve at all levels and quality teaching is evident. Dame Jennifer did an outstanding job in her second term as Education minister and quite frankly,I am sorry to see her go. Dedication,commitment,passion,integrity,vision and knowledge are ‘ must haves’ for anyone assuming this role. all egos need to be left at the door.

    I hope that any successor will be guided by common sense and build upon the foundation laid. Too much chopping and changing ‘just because’ is baseless. Be guided by your desire to improve the country and not to feed an ego.

    Thanks,Dame Jennifer, for a job well done!

  30. Wondering.... says:

    What about John Barritt? He gave up his seat for Mr Cannonier and stood as interim leader while the OBA got themselves organized…surely he should have been appointed senator? He would have also made a great attorney general…why is he never mentioned when people talk about sacrifices for the OBA?