Photos: ‘For Now By Sail On’ Store Opens

December 22, 2012

A new store — ‘For Now By Sail On’ — has opened in the Washington Mall, located where All Wrapped Up used to be. The first Sail On first opened in 1985, and since then has grown and expanded locations. This is the third new store to open in the Washington Mall in recent weeks, following after Guilty Pleasures and Atlantic Jewellery.

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  1. dthtoo/ says:

    Well, just as I had suspected – business closures in the lead up to the General Election were nothing but a CONSPIRACY to discredit the BPLP. Several people held the same belief. Those businesses that closed will re-open under different names. Your deception worked for some. But, remember, what goes around comes around.

    To see your enemy and know him is part of the complete education of man. Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

    To my people: Get your minds right, money right, lives right, build businesses, patronize our own and become self-sufficient/prosperous just like during the era of segregation in Bermuda. Truly, the white man’s ice isn’t colder than the Black man’s ice.

  2. A Ratteray Pryse says:

    @dthtoo Business closures are a reality that reflect the economic situation in which we find ourselves. There is no conspiracy and your comments are enormously unhelpful in getting Bermudians to understand our dire financial circumstances. If you don’t have enough customers to purchase your goods or services, you close. If you do, you stay open or even expand. All Wrapped Up did not have enough customers; Sail On does. It’s almost that simple; though, of course, many factors contribute to the business decisions owners must make. Business closures in the lead up to the general election weren’t done to make the PLP government look bad; they were done because there is only so much red ink a business owner can suck up. Conspiracy? Really? Clearly you are not and never have been a business owner.