Holiday Harness Pony Racing Schedule

December 23, 2012

The Bermuda Driving Horse & Pony Club will be hosting harness pony racing action over the holiday period at the National Equestrian Center on Vesey Street.

On Boxing Day, Wednesday [Dec 26], post time at the track is noon for the Boxing Day Stakes. In the event of inclement weather, Saturday [Dec 29] has been set as a rain date.

For those able to rise from their late night of celebrations, the New Year’s Day Stakes races will see a start time of 1.00pm at the Equestrian Center. Saturday [Jan 5] has been scheduled as the rain date in the event racing is cancelled due to weather.

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  1. Ayisha says:

    This is a silly and cruel sport. How is a little race pony supposed to overtake with a carriage like that and the jockey… I could understand it a little bit more without the carriage and young kids racing on it’s back… But forcing a little pony to tow a grown man in a carriage while racing and trying to take over another carriage all while baring the brunt of a whip is extremely cruel and dam right dumb.

    • mike's shadow says:

      I suppose you may look at any sport as being unnecessary. I think that you really don’t understand harness racing, but I invite you to come to the track on a race day and talk to any of our members so that you can be enlightened. Much to your disbelief, these ponies love to run and the sulky and harness is as light as possible and balanced so that very little weight is on the pony itself. I am one of the drivers that you can come to at anytime.