Car Overturns, Woman Arrested For DUI

January 6, 2013

A 45-year-old Devonshire woman was arrested on suspicion of impaired driving after an accident early on Sunday morning [Jan 6] which saw her car overturn on Middle Road in Devonshire.

A police spokesperson said: “Around 1:50am on Sunday, January 6th police officers on mobile patrol along Middle Road in Devonshire near the junction with Orange Valley Road encountered an overturned car.

“The driver, a 45 year old Devonshire woman, sustained minor injuries and was arrested on suspicion of impaired driving. The car was extensively damaged. Inquiries into this collision are ongoing and a court appearance for the driver is anticipated in due course.”

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  1. Awake says:

    Where’s the picture? Let’s see what happens when a drunk idot overturns a car!

    • swing voter says:

      ya put har drunk azz in the St. George town square stocks for 3 days. Don’t forget the box of rotten fruit and veggies for target practice

  2. we are blessed says:

    Seems like the majority of these single vehicle accidents happen at a particular time, especially after midnight. People will just never learn, blaming the roads, the poles, the sidewalks

  3. Xman says:

    She left feelin nice – they tell me!
    But not so nice now -

    This how it ads up :
    (1) Police DUI record
    (2) has to be humiliated in Court
    (3) pay a big Fine $$$$$$$$$$ – more than the bar bill!
    (4) disqualified drivers license 2 years
    (5) insurance payment increase by 80% infact you could get cut off.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    (6) no car or expensive Car repaires and reconditioning $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    (7) people is going to talk down on you
    (8) no personal transportation – for a long time

    Not worth it

    But there is a flip side to it
    (1) another drunk driver is off the road
    (2) Govt will get $money from the fine
    (3) Govt will get another Bus passenger

  4. i gotta be me says:

    As my Grandmother used to say, “Nothing good ever happens after midnight”.