Girl Punches, Runs Away From Sex Offender

January 28, 2013

47-year-old Dwayne David Beach this morning [Jan 28] pleaded guilty to the sexual assault of a 16 year old schoolgirl, with the Court hearing the teenager managed to run away after punching the man — who was on probation for another sex offence when this incident occurred.

The Court heard the incident happened in Devonshire earlier this month, and involved the man grabbing the teenage girl and forcing a kiss on her while attempting to fondle her. She broke free, punched him and ran away, making her way home.

She then told her mother, who called the police. Beach was arrested, identified by the teenager, and then admitted the offence.

Beach has prior convictions of this nature having been convicted of sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl in 2010. He was released from this sentence in Dec. 2011 and was still on probation.

Magistrate Warner remanded him into custody and sent the matter to Supreme Court for sentencing saying that, in his view, the five year maximum was insufficient to deal with Beach – whom the Magistrate described as a “predator.”

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  1. For real says:

    Good brave girl!

  2. Yng Black Mind says:

    If the Magistrate can describe him as a ” predator”, HOW THE HELL WOULD THEY RELEASE HIM?

    The court system is a joke in this country – - there needs to be serious consequences for offenders of abuse/assault of a sexual nature – period.

    Yng Black Mind

    • The Dark Knight 2 says:

      Yng Black Mind, please tell the reading public were you got the notion that the Magistrate set this person free, cause as I read the article it stated that he was remanded into custody.

      • Yng Black Mind says:

        @The Dark Knight 2:

        The “they” that I am referring to is the court system, not the Magistrate in the current case. As stated in the article,

        “Beach has prior convictions of this nature having been convicted of sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl in 2010. He was released from this sentence in Dec. 2011 and was still on probation.”

        They – the probation board, i.e. the system of law, released him back into the community for him to commit this new offense.

        Point made.

        Yng Black Mind

        • DC says:

          Yng Black Mind, to clarify, he had completed his custodial sentence and was in his probation stage which was imposed during the initial sentencing. He is monitored by a Probation Officer. When I say monitored it does not mean that someone is with him 24/7 but he must report on a regular basis and he would have been followed up with while in the community. There is no probation board. I think you might be confused with the Parole Board.

          • Booze cruise says:

            I’m with yng black mind on this one ‘ HOW THE HELL WOULD THEY RELEASE HIM’

          • Yng Black Mind says:

            Thanks for the correction – the Parole Board was the group to which I was referring.

            Yng Black Mind

          • Judge Dredd says:

            The bottom line is that rapists should not ever see the light of day until they become Daisys.

          • BermudaGirl says:

            WHY are YOU defending this scum? Hhmmm???!

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      I agree with you . The police lock them up, and the courts seem to let them walk with suspended sentances or give them minimal sentencing!

      I pedophoile or rapist in jail can never harm another wjile in jail.

      Magistrates, start slamming down the hammer and sentance these rapists, pedophiles, drug pushers, killers and other scum buckets to some serius time.

      • Hope says:

        This is a bunch of B.S. he should b lock up longer -_-

  3. Ann says:

    Lock his A$$ up !

  4. swing voter says:

    First twin doin nonsense in broad daylight on front street now shilly doin a pack….wats wrong with you point bies?

  5. Get Real says:

    Good for the teenager, first for punching the idiot and secondly, for telling her mother! Lock the fool up FOR A VERY LONG TIME…he’s BAD NEWS AND HAS BEEN GIVEN MANY CHANCES!!!

  6. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Castrate this b@$t@rd!

  7. Cisco says:

    Good for you girl,more people need to practice self defense.

  8. craig looby says:

    gps ankle bracelet for life for all sex offenders…..politicians protect these ppl…..Time to march on govt house to bring focus of the uk to the continued failures of bermuda politicians to fix the failing systems of government that is now resulting in advanced and rapid social decay….aka gun violence….and repeating miscarrages of justice via the justice system…..bda is promoting vigilante / street justice…amy time one of these guys touch my children they will loose their hands

    • Jury says:

      If any of these guys touch my children they will lose their D#@ks.

  9. jay_bermuda says:


  10. Lets Hope says:

    In 2010 he had a prior conviction of this nature. What the HELL was he doing out of prison!! As a young girl I was sexually assaulted. Like her I was able to get away from my attacker. But he went onto rape 2 other young girls who knows of the countless others. The scares I still carry 44 years later. These animals should never be let out.

  11. Tired of th BS says:

    To the teenage girl..

    You where brave and did the right thing.

  12. Ticked off says:

    He’s been annoying pervert for years . . . He’s a short ugly lil guy! Feel sorry for his mum, who is lovely, for having such a nasty son! Hope the new parole board will have no sympathy for sexual offenders & the court locks this disgusting pervert up for years too!

  13. Mimi says:

    That SOB is known for trying to get at young girls. Glad the young girl struck him and told her mom. He needs to go to jail for along time and a big “S.O.” (sex offender)tattooed on his forehead so all can see it. Lord help me if he tried to trouble my girls. I would not be on BERNEWS making a comment or it would read. “I am going to jail because I just beat and castrated a sex offender.” Courts please make the right decision and lock him away.

  14. Esther Young says:

    Castration!! and a BIG tattoo on his forehead that says ” I am a rapist PIG”

  15. ABM says:

    Whats funny is that when Beachy was released before, they had him taking drug tests up the yinyang every week. BUT, the reason he was convicted before was the fact that he was drunk with alchohol. Now this happens again, drunk on that liquid again. He should have bee nforced to stop drinking. Bet you he gets time again, but when he gets out he’ll still be allowed to drink but will be tested for drungs again! Stupid is as stupid does.

  16. Jango. says:

    Freeze dry his testicles and make him wear them as a pendant.

  17. dah says:

    For me there are not enough angry words in the english vocabulary to describe how annoyed I am that he is not in jail from years ago!

  18. Joonya says:

    Take his @ss down to the stocks in St Georges Square, gather all the 16 year old girls and put down multiple barrels of stones for their ammunition.

  19. Islander says:

    His name and picture placed in all liquor stores – think is, somebody else is probably buying it for him – soooo how do you stop that not noly for this guy but anybody else

    Older men are buying liquor for middle/high school students – how do you stop that – this is how – no liquor to be sold between 3:00 and 7pm anywhere on this Island.

  20. Fruity says:

    Shame on him – DISGUSTING! Glad she was brave and wish she could’ve did more harm

  21. Fruity says:

    Should blast his picture for those who don’t know him! Very disturbing!

  22. bermuda boy says:

    Why do they keep letting this annoying pervert out. Does he have to attack a judges daughter before he goes up for a loooong time? Just wondering.

  23. Judge & Jury says:

    To the 14 year old girl. Thank you for being so brave to report the incident. I applaud you for coming forward and telling someone about it. This would help others to come forward instead on feeling ashamed and remaining silent.

    Hopefully a new Parole Board would not be letting perverts like Mr. Beach out of jail too soon. Again Bermudas Laws need to change. These perverts need to be in jail for longer sentences.

  24. jussaying says:

    good job young girl for doing the right thing. be sure to spread the word to your friends so that they know what to do if this happens to them. there are a lot of old creeps out there so stay safe!

  25. ella says:

    OMG: This is the same pervert that tried something with my twin nieces. They told their mom who in return told her boyfriend and when he saw him – BEAT HIS ARSE. Obviously that beating was not enough cause he has did it again. PERVERTED Biotch!!

    • bermuda boy says:

      I like the beat his arse part, but if it was also reported to police he might have been given a longer sentence. Just sayin.

    • Hope says:

      The police should of cut his hands of so that freak can’t touch young girls.

      • Hope says:

        WTF what is the police waiting 4? Till u rapes and kill a little girl kill that short f$%.

  26. One Love says:


  27. Ty says:

    Well done, young lady… Your parents and all of Bda are very proud of you. I’m still smiling.

    Too bad he did not fall to the ground then you could have given him a couple of swift kicks to the cahoonas until they busted in his pants.

    And to those that don’t know him… he is probably the ugliest thing since Shrek….. He would have trouble getting a pet to fall in love with him.

    • Mimi says:

      @ Ty – Agree. FOMCLOL (FELL OF MY CHAIR LAUGHING OUT LOUD) at your statement swift kicks to the cahoonas and the pet falling in love part. You have made my day.

      Sounds like some hot boiled sticky rice is in order for those cahoonas. The old timers know what I am talking about.

    • Mayan says:

      @Ty: I know this is a serious topic but I cracked up at your comment-especially the last two sentences.

      Lock this perv in a cell with Bubba and let him see what it feels like…

  28. Free says:

    Probation? Bermuda’s judicial system at it again! JAIL THEM FOR LIFE! Sex offenders CANNOT be rehabilitated. Women in Bermuda should be allowed to carry pepper spray! Times have changed! Why don’t these silly gang members shoot freaks like this.

  29. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    My previous comment got lost.
    Very proud of you, young lady, for fighting back and for reporting the attack!
    Every potentially vulnerable person would benefit from learning self-defense – children (both boys and girls), women and the elderly. At the very least, public awareness of simple things like the use of a full size umbrella thrust into the chest or stomach, or a walker plunked down on the instep, breath spray in the eyes, or keeping a shrill whistle around the neck and using it. Most predators seek what they consider to be easy victims. They don’t want noise or a fight.

    @ Beachy: you are a fine advertisement for the Prison Sex Offenders Program…NOT! I don’t think castration would work for you. Maybe a lobotomy…

    Bernews: Where is a picture?

    • Bernews says:

      As far as a picture, please recall the new Court building makes it impossible to get a photo when someone is remanded as they are taken away inside the building.

      They never appear outside, and we can’t take photos inside so our hands are tied.

      It’s only if defendants get and make bail, or appear in Supreme can we get photos these days. He has been kicked to Supreme for sentencing, so we will stake out the Court that day and hopefully get a photo…

  30. Observer says:

    I know him, his got large eyes!! He was he first local the police experimented their taser gun on!

  31. Disgusting says:

    This is the same man that used to follow me around everywhere when I was 14/15. I would see him walking home from the bustop after school…mornings outside the aquarium when I used to be a Junior volunteer…it’s like he used to stalk me. He used to do work for my dad. He never got a chance to touch me though because I ended up telling my parents before it got that far. When my dad found out, he punched him in his face a couple of times. I’m 22 now and haven’t seen him since. I’ll always remember him as the ugly bug eyed man that used to follow me. He needs to be locked up away from young girls for good. :(

    • animal lover says:

      Beachy is a disgusting piece of flesh. Small with big bug eyes. He’s always been a nuisance to young and older women. Pain in the A$$ he is. So proud of this teen to punch him. Good for you.
      Proud of you ‘disgusting’ for telling your parents before it was too late.
      Lock him up and throw away the key please.

      • It's Only Me says:

        He looks like Squidward from SpongeBob…Google it and compare.

  32. Who wrote the report? says:

    Molesters and sexual predators, like leopards, never change their spots….

    Good for you, young lady!

  33. Judge Dredd says:

    Hang that Beach!

  34. CC says:

    They should be the ones wearing ankle bracelets/GPS trackers. Disgusting creatures; give them life like murderers, taking people’s innocence. The parties need to discuss bigger issues in that room instead of arguing like idiots and changing building names (schools).

  35. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    He .. is a dirty thing that can’t be cleaned .

  36. Bigga Bwoi says:

    It’s ashame many of us aren’t the judges that this lil rat would have to stand in front of, because sometimes, the people’s justice is the better justice. Beach’s justice would be sweet if a big 300lb man assaulted and raped him every day to remind him of what it feels like to treat these women and young girls the way he does/did. Because of this fool’s action on this young girl, who knows, most likely she’ll be scard for life. Let’s pray that this time he gets what he deserves.

  37. Xman says:

    [1] Cat & nine tails
    [2] Castration
    [3] 20 years in jail

    I’m sure after this there isn’t going to be to many people doing this nonsense.

  38. Winnie Dread says:

    Judicial system needs overall, Judges and judgements needs to be looked at.

  39. good thing she managed to escape.

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