Digicel Donates $25,000 To Beyond Rugby

February 28, 2013

Digicel Bermuda has donated $25,000 to the Beyond Rugby Bermuda initiative, to help establish the Digicel Bermuda Middle School Rugby League.

Beyond Rugby Bermuda is the Bermuda chapter of Beyond Sport, a global organization helping to develop projects that create positive social change through sport. Locally, Beyond Rugby Bermuda is a partnership between Family Centre and the Bermuda Rugby Football Union. It is intended to engage youth who are considered to be ‘at risk’ through guidance from nurturing adults, physical fitness, self-discipline and access to both academic and emotional support services.

John Layfield, Beyond Rugby Liaison, commented, “Digicel has been one of Beyond Rugby’s biggest supporters in helping Island youth make good decisions, and this sponsorship continues our combined commitment to give these great young people better options.”

Noting the success of the first year of the Beyond Rugby Bermuda initiative, the organizers saw the potential value of hosting a structured league, allowing teams to play against one another regularly. This league would help players from diverse schools to know and respect each other in a safe environment.

“Digicel’s support will enable more young people across the island to play rugby,” stated Patrick Calow, Bermuda Rugby Football Union Development Officer. “This will not only allow for the development of better rugby players in Bermuda but we also hope it will create an environment where young people embrace the core values of rugby – ‘Respect, Sportsmanship, Discipline, Teamwork and Enjoyment’ – both on and off the field.”

The Digicel Bermuda Middle School Rugby League comprises six middle school teams from the following schools: Dellwood Middle School, Warwick Academy, T. N. Tatem Middle School, Saltus Grammar School, Sandys Secondary Middle School, Whitney Institute Middle School and Somersfield Academy.

“I cannot stress this enough,” stated Digicel Bermuda CEO, Wayne Caines, “It is critical for our boys and young men to know one another, to play together, to develop friendships with each other. This is a key component in strengthening our community and Digicel is proud to be a part of this initiative.”

Teams will bond with one another over pizza after each game, enabling the children to form friendships across socioeconomic backgrounds. Transportation support will be provided to ensure players will get home safely after each game.

Martha Dismont, Family Centre Executive Director, stated, “Digicel has made it possible for the momentum of our Beyond Rugby Bermuda programme to begin reaching a broader community of youth. The Digicel Bermuda Middle School Rugby League will be an oasis of fun, support and strength for young people. It has the potential to unite youth and neighborhoods around a positive message and healthy, wholesome competition.”

For more information on Beyond Rugby Bermuda, please visit www.beyondrugbybermuda.com.

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  1. Well Done says:

    Good job, Digicel. It’s refreshing to see positive things like this for our youth. I couldn’t help but laugh to see Mr. Caines horsing around with the kids. Sometimes, as adults, we have to come down to a child’s level for them to feel the impact. I do hope that Digicel and other sponsors take an active role in this programme. Their work is not done by just writing a cheque. But as Mr. Caines eluded, you have to nurture a seed. So once again, well done.

  2. Reality Check says:

    Congratulations to Beyond Rugby and THAN YOU to Digicel.

    This is a fantastic program for Bermuda’s youth. I applaud both of you on rolling up your sleeves and helping the Bermuda community.

    This is a clear example of giving back to make Bermuda a better place.

    Digicel is a foreign owned company operating here providing world class services to the Island while training and employing Bermudians in a relevant global industry–AND providing cash to much needed social programs–thank you Digicel.

    John Layfield is an American who happened to visit our shores, fell in love with Bermuda and her people and because he could–chose to try to help make a difference and he has.

    On behalf of Bermuda–thanks to both of you.

    For those that continue to complain and criticize the importance of foreign investment, international business and ex pat participation on this Island. Please stop, get the facts and consider them before speaking.

    This is a fine example of the value of our international partners–this makes Bermuda a better place.

    Again well done and thank you very much for making a difference in our community!!!!

  3. Watcher says:

    Brilliant news Beyond Rugby is an amazing program for our children and all of the kids involved should be commended. Keep up the great work Digicel, Mr. Layfield, Mr. Calow and all the other volunteers who are making such a difference in our childrens lives

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    Digicel is an excellent example of a good corporate citizen, and Mr. Caines and his team deserve much credit! Well done!

  5. bigcat says:

    They ship all their profits and support overseas so it is nice that they leave some of it here.

  6. wearing a bra says:

    Only STAND TO PEE sports get money around here. Blasted…..what about female sports. Do the females need to go out and starts gangs and shooting people before anyone starts to donate towards them. These double standards have to stop. Don’t say no one has asked….cause I’ve seen grown arse women packing groceries for their BERMUDA team to travel.
    Corporate citizens……hmph – let’s see who sponsors the next female sport.

    • Ruth Moran says:

      Beyond Rugby Bermuda has young girls participating in their program.Not enough yet to have girls teams. But one day I am sure there will be more girls involved.
      My daughter is one of them and comes home every Monday and Wednesday
      excited about what they did on the field. Let me state, her homework is done, extra work in the core subjects Math, English and Science is offered every Monday and Wednesday. They are fed and brought straight to their door steps at the end of the night. This program is an amazing
      opportunity for these young people to build their confidence,work ethic and increase their grades in school. It is a win win all round. Thank you Digicel and John Layfield. A Happy Mom.