PLP To Host Appreciation Party On February 9

February 5, 2013

The Progressive Labour Party invites its members, supporters, and the wider community to it’s “Thank You Party”.

The Party said, “This event, to be held at the Bermuda Industrial Union, on Saturday, February 9th, from 6pm til midnight, will be an opportunity to meet and mingle with the current Party Leadership, Members of Parliament, Party Officers and the general membership.”


“It is to show appreciation to those many individuals that worked for and with the Party during the last general election campaign, as well as during the past 50 years of the Party’s existence.”

“We thought it would be appropriate to have an event to show our gratitude and appreciation to the many workers who advocated for and on behalf of the Progressive Labour Party. We have dedicated, committed and amazing supporters, and this is one way of saying thank you”, stated Party Leader, Marc Bean.

Admission is free and there will be free food to enjoy.

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  1. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    it is with regret that I have to inform you that

    Beyonce won’t be appearing!

  2. Family Man says:

    Still looking to party.

  3. Luis Suarez says:

    ” …..Rest of Bermuda to stay in for the year after the PLP bankrupted us”

    Seriously are you a political party or a frat house?

  4. Black gurl says:

    Nice sexist flyer too. Acceptable in the 80s.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Will this be anything like the ‘victory’ party held last Dec 17th?

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      yup,green dress and dark skin

      • Lisa says:

        I assume you preferred the blue, red and WHITE party???

        • Ray Lewis says:

          I prefer anything to these clowns. The PLP…ah, it feels like a bad dream.

  6. Time Passages says:

    It might be more appropriate to call it a Wake rather than a Party.


  7. “Unwaivering” is not a word. I assume you meant “unwavering”.


    The English Language

  8. It's all about costs says:

    It’s only to use up the booze they couldn’t return after their preemptive “we’ve won the election none party!”

    Don’t be fooled!

  9. Bermy Gooner says:

    Good for the PLP.

    They admit to needing to reconnect (to the electorate)and that is apparently what they are attempting to do here.

    No need to criticize simply for the sake of doing so…

    • Glenn Hoddle says:

      Like your football team the best day behind you. The last 10 years are gonna take some forgetting! I’ll start when I can find a full time job. Ewart, Paula, Arsene…COYS

  10. Billy Mays says:

    How juvenile! A cheesy, misspelled, sexist flyer promoting a party for a lost election, rather than using those funds to do something constructive for the electorate. Typical of the plp approach; “hey! We gots us some moneys! Let’s have a big blow out party and drink it all away wiff our friends!”
    Good riddance, children.

    • Lisa says:

      You mean like prior to the election when OBA held a “dinner” for single moms and their children?? Offering to pick them up and buy the children gifts; the menu consisting of mac and cheese and chicken….hmmmm. You mean like that???

  11. sweet black says:

    If it not your party then don’t come if you have nothing nice to say well say nothing if MY party wants to say THANK-YOU then they can any way the want. Don’t watch the PLP watch your own snakes in grass

    • Ballotelli says:

      I’ll criticize who I like thanks. Your party stinks, to celebrate that speaks volumes. Come on, let’s be honest, your name says it all, you voted for them cos you are black, just as your parents did. But they made a holy mess of Bermuda, shocking and incompetent government. Maybe next time you’ll vote on performance, not something trivial like skin color.

      • Duh says:

        How do you know how their parents voted? You are making pure assumptions. In case you didn’t notice, obviously a lot of black people voted for the OBA so stop the negative, racist comments and the stereotyping. By the way, it’s “UNholy” mess, not holy mess, “BECAUSE”, not cos. You are clearly an uneducated fool, how about that!!!

  12. LMMFAO says:

    Its the year of the snake – the oba snakes

  13. SMH says:

    @ Ballotelli, Whats wrong with celebrating and showing appreciation for the ones that did support them? And how do you know who their parents voted for? You sound so ignorant!! If your an OBa supporter, why are you even wasting your time commenting? You aint going anyway!

  14. Pamela Butterfield says:

    Tonight Will be a Great Night! A Night for Real People strong People Honest People Dedicated Loyal People Fearless People! Soldiers & Soldierettes Standing Strong in Harmony and Unity! Don’t answer or worry Don’t Entertain the Haters! No One knows where they Put their X I know where I Put Mine it was on PLP! And will stay with on PLP! If there not a Part of The Solution that’s their Problem! We Got Work to Do! And it Shall be Done! The Father Knows of Our Battle its Not Ours its The Lord! Don’t let Satan distract or Disturb what we’ve Got To Do! See You’ll All Tonight! Tell The Flip flops bye Bye Bird! We don’t Need your Light Switches! We Got People for that’s for the People! Rise Up! Stand Tall let’s Unite Tonight! We Only Just begun! No matter who’s the Government some People just haven’t learned the Government don’t Own you nothing! Your responsible for Oneself! Sponges are for absorbing liquid! Not People! PLP Keep your Head To the Sky! Stand firm Stand Strong! United we shall Conquer! Some people want everything done for them let them Cry! Were Up Town Babies we continue to Work on a better Bermuda for All Our People! PLP Amen Sure Sure