Photos: UK MP Visits School, Police, Museum

April 27, 2013

Yesterday [Apr 26] British MP Mark Simmonds — who has the responsibility for Overseas Territories in the UK — visited CedarBridge Academy, Somerset Police Station and the National Museum of Bermuda.

While at CedarBridge discussed the purpose of his visit to Bermuda, his Ministerial roles and responsibilities, the priorities of the Foreign Commonwealth Office, and possible opportunities for attracting inward investment in Bermuda.

UK Minister Mark Simmonds Visits Youth Parliamentarians at CedarBridge Academy, Bermuda April 26 2013-6

He also took questions from students in the audience – many of which were members of the Bermuda Youth Parliament. He was accompanied by Governor George Fergusson and the Minister of Education Nalton Brangman.

Following his visit to CedarBridge, Minister Simmonds visited Somerset Police Station where he met senior Police Officers and senior command staff including Inspector Mark Telemaque, Sergeant Ryan Leera and Chief Inspector Steve Donnelly.

Visit to Somerset Police Station

Minister Simmonds also visited the National Museum of Bermuda where he called on Director of the National Museum, Dr. Edward Harris and met with the Minister of Tourism and Transport Shawn Crockwell to get a feel for this major cultural heritage museum of Bermuda and have a sense of Bermuda history and what it has to offer.

Prior to going to CedarBridge, Mr Simmonds met with the Governor, Premier Craig Cannonier and Finance Minister Bob Richards to discuss how they can work together for the benefit of Bermuda, with ideas including holding a Bermuda Trade and Investment Conference in the UK. Mr Simmonds arrived in Bermuda on Thursday, making his first visit to the island.

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  1. A Civil Servant says:

    How wonderful to see positive images of our young people. Thanks Bernews!

  2. hat says:

    Why doesn’t the officer on the far left not have a hat on?

    • LOL! hey Hat i guess same reason the other two up the back does not have any on also??depends on who you are i guess??

  3. Django unchained says:

    The officer on the left looks unprofessional and should not have been allowed to be in the picture. I hope when the Commissioner of Police sees this he will give that inexperienced officer some well needed advice.

  4. whichonesarenotliketheothers says:

    Maybe the other two withot hats who look familiar like high ranking cops can write the one on the left up.

  5. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    the Comm.
    of Police should have had his hat on!