Video/Photos: Minister & NSC Chairman ‘Dive Off’

May 30, 2013

Minister of Community and Cultural Affairs Wayne Scott and Chairman of the National Sports Center Trustees Sean Tucker met up today [May 30] for their “diving challenge” at the new pool.

Last month Minister Scott challenged the Chairman to join him in christening the pool by diving off the platform.

Mr Tucker accepted the challenge but insisted that there be rules. “You can’t hold your nose when you jump off and your eyes have to be open,” said Mr Tucker. Both agreed there would be no footers or belly-busters.

Going by their own stated rules as discussed last month, it appears Mr Tucker “disqualified” himself as he jumped feet first. The Minister did perform an actual dive so it would appear he “won” by default.

That was not the end of the “competition”, as the Minister — who has an extensive athletic background and is a 3-time winner of the May 24th cycling race — decided to go to a higher level and dive again.

The pool recently opened on the site of the Bermuda National Sports Centre on in Devonshire. It is open to the public from 7am until 7pm Monday to Saturday and 7am until 5pm on Sundays during the summer months, with daily fees running from $15, for adults, to $8 for children.

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  1. lol says:

    Who goes in a pool with a shirt!!!

  2. micro says:

    That whole facility was very poorly designed…

  3. Future says:

    Well at least they are having fun. Let’s not even talk about the cost and the disconnect with those paying the bill.

  4. Common Sense says:

    Havn’t visiting the new facility yet, but I for one am delighted that we now have a swimming and diving pool at out National Stadium. It has taken many years to develop our National Sports Centre, which is and should be an ongoing project and I always love visiting there to watch our best athletes performing, whatever their sport. We have a fantastic swimming programme in Bermuda and punch way above our weight so it’s great to finally have a national pool to be proud of.

    Just occasionaly we need to stop the bitching and politicking and appreciate the fact that we are very fortunate to live in Bermuda.

    Congrats also to Sean Tucker and Minister Wayne Scott for coming up with a unique way of gaining maximum publicity for the new facility at minimum cost!

  5. Django unchained says:

    @ lol, you are nothing short of a hater. Who cares if they have a shirt on or not. The point is their enjoying themselves.

  6. Bermuda Male says:

    I would’ve like to seen him do a Spanish point special and then end with a pretty boy….

    • John says:

      Can you describe or explain what these manoeuvres look like please?

  7. SMH says:

    @lol, Really??? You are worrying about whether these guys have their shirt on or not. Three words, GET A LIFE!!!!!!

  8. Yajokinbuh says:

    Where’s Katura?