PLP Leader Calls On Premier To Fire Pettingill

June 20, 2013

marc bean bermuda PLPOpposition Leader Marc Bean has called upon Premier Craig Cannonier to fire Attorney General Mark Pettingill, and said that  ”failure to act can only be interpreted as supporting the “intolerant beliefs and incompetent performance of AG Pettingill.”

The Opposition Leader said the “performance to date of the Attorney General has been wholly unacceptable,” saying he “potentially breached” proper hiring practices,  gave “incorrect legal advice” to a Minister, “failed to advise” the Premier that he would breach the code of conduct by accepting private jet travel, and spoke in “derogatory terms about the faith of many law abiding citizens in Bermuda.”

Mr Bean said, “The OBA’s term in office has been plagued with questions, controversy and coverup, with a significant portion centered around the Attorney General, Mark Pettingill.

“In his latest controversy, the Attorney General in an anti-religious tirade referred to members of the Christian community as ‘Kool Aid drinkers,’ described them as, ‘aren’t prepared to have any critical thought,’ and demanded that they, ‘get up and leave and go somewhere else.’ These statements are vile and indefensible and the AG should do the right thing and resign immediately,” continued Mr Bean.

“The Premier’s failure to address the matter – deeming that the Attorney General was speaking privately, now calls into question Premier Cannonier’s judgement. Once again, the Premier has run and hid from the responsibility of disciplining one of his Ministers.”

“The Premier’s attempt to downplay and duck responsibility for the AG’s anti-Christian tirade is yet another example of his inadequacies as a leader,” said Mr Bean. “Under the Westminster System a Cabinet Minister is bound by collective responsibility and isn’t permitted to speak as an individual.

“The Premier should know this, the AG should know this and Bermuda deserves better. We call on the Premier to stand up, take control of his Cabinet and fire Mr. Marc Pettingill,” continued Mr Bean. “ Failure to act can only be interpreted in one way; supporting the intolerant beliefs and incompetent performance of AG Pettingill.”

The full statement from Opposition Leader Marc Bean is below:

The OBA’s term in office has been plagued with questions, controversy and coverup, with a significant portion centered around the Attorney General, Mark Pettingill.

In his latest controversy, the Attorney General in an anti-religious tirade referred to members of the Christian community as “Kool Aid drinkers,” described them as, “aren’t prepared to have any critical thought,” and demanded that they, “get up and leave and go somewhere else.” These statements are vile and indefensible and the AG should do the right thing and resign immediately.

The performance to date of the Attorney General has been wholly unacceptable. Over the first six months as the Bermuda’s leading legal figure he has:

  • Refused to answer questions and potentially breached proper hiring practices when hiring a former colleague as his new personal assistant in the Attorney General’s chambers;
  • Gave incorrect legal advice to the Minister of Tourism and Transport by claiming that the Minister had the power to hear appeals on seniors unable to meet the OBA’s higher vehicle licensing fee
  • Failed to advise the Premier that he would breach the code of conduct by accepting travel on a private jet and a free vacation to discuss government business
  • Spoke in derogatory terms about the faith of many law abiding citizens in Bermuda

The Premier’s failure to address the matter – deeming that the Attorney General was speaking privately, now calls into question Premier Cannonier’s judgement. Once again, the Premier has run and hid from the responsibility of disciplining one of his Ministers.

The Premier found it necessary to distance himself from the AG’s vile and disgusting remarks, yet lacked the courage and integrity to send a clear message that intolerance, religious bigotry and contempt for Bermudians, have no place in the ranks of the OBA.

The Premier’s attempt to downplay and duck responsibility for the AG’s anti-Christian tirade is yet another example of his inadequacies as a leader. Under the Westminster System a Cabinet Minister is bound by collective responsibility and isn’t permitted to speak as an individual.

The Premier should know this, the AG should know this and Bermuda deserves better. We call on the Premier to stand up, take control of his Cabinet and fire Mr. Marc Pettingill. Failure to act can only be interpreted in one way; supporting the intolerant beliefs and incompetent performance of AG Pettingill.

Update 5.21pm: Mr Pettingill has apologized over this matter. You can read/listen to his apology here.

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    WOW ;-)

    • CBA says:

      LOL I know. The PLP is just so desperate. They milk every story now. First jet gate now this. LOL pathetic

      • Mazumbo says:

        What is pathetic is people are selective in being critical. If PLP did this OBA/ubp supporters would have been having a fit.

        • Totally agree and I hope people remember we are talking about politicians here, so I don’t agree with Mr. Beans comments about Mr. Pettingill should be fired, because if you fired every politician for the dumb remarks they make, we would not have any politicians.

          Every politician at some point or the other makes dumb comments that land them in hot water, it is no different from some of the asinine bloggers on here, some times they make comments that are good and other times just plain stupidity. so for the record I don’t exclude myself because we are all human.

        • Truthbetold says:

          So true Mazumbo! Yes CBA they do milk stories, but this one deserves milking. AG has forgotten were he had started and where he came from. He should be the one to leave the island if he doesn’t like whats going on. And everybody knows who drank Kool-Aid….sounds kind off racist to me. You can make all the excuses for him you want.

          • Voice of A Victim says:

            How is that Racist??? The reference has to do with the Jim Jones mass suicide in Guyana – a man who convinced his followers to drink grape flavored koolaid laced with potassium cyanide. There were black and white believers!

            One lasting legacy of the Jonestown tragedy is the saying, “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.” This has come to mean, “Don’t trust any group you find to be a little on the kooky side.” or “Whatever they tell you, don’t believe it too strongly”.

            • Bermuda Male says:

              Didn’t you know anything that the PLP disagrees within because its racist.

              Every the black Premier.

          • Mike Hind says:

            The PLP themselves, in an official and anonymous posting billed solely as “PLP”, on their Facebook page, have used this phrase.

    • truthfully says:

      In his latest controversy, the Attorney General in an anti-religious tirade referred to members of the Christian community as ‘Kool Aid drinkers,’ described them as, ‘aren’t prepared to have any critical thought,’ and demanded that they, ‘get up and leave and go somewhere else.’

      Only one word can describe the Attorney General Pettingill leadership….”Abysmal”. I just cant believe the lack of leadership at that level. Where is the integrity?

      I am a OBA supporter and I still cannot agree to those statements. Wrong is wrong the end. I voted for change not “Reverse Discrimination” against Christians.

      • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

        Reverse discrimination? So you admit that you Christians discriminate!! You said it, not us….

        • Now I see why you call your self dark side of the moon, careful what you label yourself. Words have power and you might just find what the dark side of the moon really is.

          • Jim says:

            Ahh. The PLP threats have started!!!!

            • For the record I speak for me and not any party,O.B.A or P.L.P,BUT WHAT ELSE CAN YOU EXPECT FROM A PERSON WITH THE NAME LIKE YOURS.

      • Rich says:

        The AG never referred to members of the christian community as kool aid drinkers. He was referring to a certain subset of fundamentalists who seek to legislate from the Bible. Inartful? Perhaps. But please, read the actual words used before judging him and not just the press release given by the PLP.

  2. Think First says:

    His statements aren’t worth being fired over, but surely a consequence should be administered and PUBLICLY at that!!!!!!

    • Seriously.... says:

      I may agree with you on that. But the fact that the premier didn’t rebuke him publicly or at least got the minister to walk back his remarks or apologise shows a very bad lack of leadership.

      Something needs to be done, Minsiters cannot just say if you disagree with me, “please get up and leave and go somewhere else”.

      Do we live in a democracy or a dictatorship!

      • .am says:

        It’s worth noting that his selective quoting removed all context. Didn’t MP say something along the lines of ‘if you’re going to base your homophobia on text from a book [then you need to go somewhere else]‘? Which is different from telling people simply to leave just because, is it not?

      • Truthbetold says:

        I agree the Premier should have reacted differently, for the sake of all people. Lack of leadership I agree. The AG admits that the Premier did not make him apologize, so has he confronted him at all? That should have been done immediately.

        • Voice of A Victim says:

          Make him apologize? If you make someone apologize – is ith then considered sincere? He has apologized on his own it seems.

  3. Soldier says:

    Man Marc go somewhere with that. PLP messed up a million times. I used to be PLP, never will I be AGAIN. I hope they will never ever lead this country, EVER EVER AGAIN. We christians are kOOL AID DRINKERS, SO WHATS THE POINT. You are bored and you need to just go dude…. Hide under Horseshoe Bay sand for the season. Just damn. Go

    • Seriously.... says:

      You’ll never be PLP again until Mark Pettingil tells you to get up and leave..

      Let people tell you what you can say and what you can’t and see how far we as a country go backwards.

      This man was WAAAAY out of ORDER and the fact that the premier just says “he was speaking his mind” and doesn’t say “he doesn’t support it” speaks volumes as to the character of both of them.

      • Voice of A Victim says:

        Brown, Webb, Furbert, Burch, were way out of order many, many , many times and when did they apologize exactly? What does that say about their character?

    • Mazumbo says:

      Quite frankly I do”nt think any of you critics can walk in Marc”s shoes. A very intelligent soldier of de soil fighting for the rights of de people, sorry to say but he”s gonna be athorn in ya side for years to come.

      • Truthbetold says:

        Well said Mazumbo, at least he speaks up for the people, with no fear. He is not a robot like some of the others!

  4. Verbal Kint says:

    Spice Hill, Spring Benny. Marc Bean is the one who needs to resign.

    • Impressive says:

      possibly, but that sorry excuse for a premier needs to fire himself.. Premier Cannonier is an embarrassment to the people of this island, he lacks strength, he can’t make a statement directly, without it being filtered by a press secretary.

      • sonso says:

        lol coming after how many years of Paulas mumbo jumbo speeches??

        • Seriously.... says:

          And she is no longer premier. I think you answered your own question.

      • Verbal Kint says:

        What’s that got to do with Marc Bean?

  5. boston baked bean says:

    So apparently freedom of speech only applied to the PLP but is not tolerated from the OBA ? Give it a rest, Marc. Mr. Pettingill is entitled to his opinion and is free to speak it. We all got pretty tired of listening to everything that came out of the mouths of the PLP too — and frankly, most of it was extremely offensive to most right-thinking people.

    • Seriously.... says:

      OK, great. Did the PLP tell you if you don’t agree to: “please get up and leave and go somewhere else”

      I think you are missing the point. How can you be for free speech, but they tell people who excercise their right to that same free speech to, “please get up and leave and go somewhere else”.

      The issue isn’t what he said about religion. OBA will own those remarks for a long time, the issue is that he told people that don’t agree with the OBA should leave the country!

      • Bermuda Male says:

        No they just called you house negroes or rednecks and hung up on you if you confirmed you were white (a la Burch).

        • Seriously.... says:

          Is Burch currently a minister of the government?

          • sonso says:

            dont you have some files to be filing up in Gov Administration Building?

        • justsayin says:

          How can you compare one MP that used the term redneck and house negro to another MP that completely discredited an entire religion especially since Christianity is the majority on this island.

          Basically, he discredited the very people that voted for the him an the OBA. What a slap in the face.

          • Bermuda Male says:

            So racist rhetoric is fine in your eyes, but rebuking intolerant people who seeks to deny basic human rights is wrong?

            Interesting outlook, but not surprising from known bigots;)

      • Shelta says:

        What if their free speech is used to promote discrimination? Personally, I wish that people who want a church state should go and live in one.

  6. Seriously.... says:

    Damn straight. I still can’t get over the fact that this guy stood up and said that religious people that disagree should: “please get up and leave and go somewhere else”.

    Does he not read the Constitution, we have freedom of religion ans expression. This guy has no right to be saying crap like that. He should done the honourable thing and resigned.

    Craig, you either support the statement of your Minister or you don’t. If you support them, good on you, but if you don’t; the proper thing to do is to fire him!

    • Shelta says:

      Yes, freedom of expression and religion are rights, and so too is freedom from discrimination based upon sexual orientation.
      So to those groups that want their rights respected in the first case so they can continue to abuse the rights of others in the second case is a bit rich and they clearly have no respect for the constitution.

    • Keep standing on principle “Seriously” it is very refreshing.

  7. Leave religion out of morality says:

    His comments about religion are not extreme or unusual. Richard Dawkins has been saying the same for years. Organised religion is a con that has been perpetrated for centuries.

    Personally I find religion offensive, especially christianity, as I am told that I must believe in something that is frankly rather daft or I will rot in eternal damnation…

    • Seriously.... says:

      I don’t think poeple have an issue about his comments on religion. I think you are missing the point.

      The issues is that he said peopel that don’t agree with him on religious basis should “get up and leave and go somewhere else”

      That’s the problem. You can find whatever you like offensive, but we ahe a constitution that guarantees freedom of religion, association, and expression. To tell people that don’t agree with you to “get up and leave and go somewhere else” is disgusting! And I hope you wouldn’t do that.

      The Attourney General of the Country shouldn’t be saying that either.

      • Mike Hind says:

        I BELIEVE that what he was saying was: if you use religion to discriminate, we don’t want you here.

        Still an asinine thing to say, but more understandable.

      • Pastor Syl says:

        Actually, if I remember correctly, what he said was, and I do not quote but state what I understood him to mean, that there are places where people who believe that discrimination based on sexual orientation is right and proper would feel more at home. Since many who believe that way were predicting doom and destruction for the island if the amendment was passed, I am surprised the airport wasn’t crowded with those same folks trying to leave the island to escape God’s wrath. Uganda would have welcomed them, I am sure.

  8. Some guy says:

    If Mark Pettingill had suggested that people who use religion to justify racist views should leave the island, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    • jt says:

      Perfect analogy.

    • Seriously.... says:

      Too bad for you, that is not what he said.

    • What a most riduculous comment! Of course we would! Particularly if Mark had attempted to justify racists statements about blacks concerning slavery. Can you imagine the response. So please don’t suggest that this context is causing the incredible backlash.

      • Some guy says:

        i think you got the wrong end of the stick.

  9. Cole00Cash says:

    In his latest controversy, the Attorney General in an anti-religious tirade referred to members of the Christian community as ‘Kool Aid drinkers,’ described them as, ‘aren’t prepared to have any critical thought,’ and demanded that they, ‘get up and leave and go somewhere else.’

    Pretty sure that these are being cherry picked and taken out of context or paraphrased.

  10. Bermudian says:

    He’ll fire Pettingill right after you fire all of your MP’s who have disrespected so many over the years. Do you remember the words …’we had to deceive you’ or ‘you can’t turn a ho into a housewife’. Remember those words Marc Bean??? I didn’t hear you ask for a public apology then and if I’m correct those words came out of the PLP leader at the time and a PLP MP. You cannot run a Country the same way you run a church and you shouldn’t bring religion into EVERY aspect of governance. He has his beliefs and he chose to speak up…good for him.

    • Seriously.... says:

      Missing the point. He can talk about religion all he wants. He can’t say those who disagree with him based on religion can “get up and leave and go somewhere else”

      This isn’t a religious argument. This is about rights guaranteed under the constitution.

      • markus says:

        And gay people don’t have this right. How is it ok for religious people to tell gays what to do, but Pettingill can’t tell religious people what to do (or where to go)?

      • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

        Didn’t Marc Bean say that if gay people want they can get their own house and have rainbow parties or some stupid homophobic crap…. Isn’t that the same as “they can get and and leave and go somewhere else” when it comes to somewhere to live

    • Argosy says:

      What about “I cannot call him (another Honorable Member) a Racist Dog because he’s not a dog.”

      Bean’s showing himself to be the fool he is – as if we didn’t already know!

  11. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    much better idea,fire the plp.

  12. Devils Advocate says:

    This is the definition of a political circus, what are they not talking about that is the ? is it unemployment? Is it the fact that university graduates might as well stay wherever they are, crime is still out of control and getting worse, Bermuda is still in a recession and there have been no radical changes to fix it, Wages are stagnant, Government is insolvent, we can’t afford to fix our ferries, It seem to me this island has become a international business paradise and everyone else can leave or starve.

    • Seriously.... says:

      I agree, especially Christians, “get up and leave and go somewhere else”

      • R@s cl@d says:

        What happened to christian forgiveness ?

  13. jt says:

    He didn’t call half the population demonic – fire yourself.

  14. Heathen Sinner says:

    And we the people of Bermuda call on you Mr Bean to go away!
    The PLP never said anything in the House that UBP or OBA found offensive?! Come on man give it up. Stop trying to use power you do not have.
    It truely amazes me how anybody in the PLP can use the words “incompetent performance” Wow…just wow.

  15. Unbelievable says:

    But Michael Scott said the same thing, Marc.

    You gonna ask him to apologize or resign from the PLP?

    Wait! You also said some of the similar things too. Do we need to look at the Hansard?

    PLP= Double Standards.

    • Seriously.... says:

      Michael Scott said to people who don’t agree to “get up and leave and go somewhere else”

      I don’t think so. Try again!

      • Unbelievable says:

        True Michael Scott did not say that but he said everything else just like the AG did. Religion was responsible for so many atrocities in the past. I’m not saying the AG is right but there people out here, including PLP voters, who agree with him.

        Yup you’re cherry picking. The PLP have also said that about racists in the past. “Leave the country!”

        Even Marc Bean opened with the same thoughts. Come on, mate. You know it’s true. Check the record. It’s there.

        Hey OBA, watch out. The PLP are desperately trying to destabilize you. You’re making a bunch of rookie mistakes so get your stuff together!

  16. Bermuda Male says:

    Well at least we all now that the downright racist and derogatory comments made by several PLP MPs and Senators is the collective view of the PLP and not just the views of one individual(s).

    Always felt that mentality was rife throughout the Party.

    Thanks Mr. Bean for confirming that the views of such hate filled people are actually reflective of the Party itself.

    Also, who were the PLP dissenters (I.e. the ones who voted in favor of the HR amendment) speaking in behalf of? Thought individual thought was prohibited under our form of Government.

    • What does racists remarks from PLP Parliamentarians have to do with Pettingale’s comments? Seems to me you are attempting to throw up a smoke screen to protect your boy.

      • Bermuda Male says:

        Seems like you are simply another racist protecting your fellow PLP racists.

        But not surprising. Par for the course really.

  17. Think First says:

    I don’t agree or disagree with the statements made by Mark Pettingill, but I do feel that for someone in his position should be mindful, tactful and responsible for their choice of words!!! OBA will try to do damage control as anyone would, but I’m sorry to say, Mark showed his true self and I’m sure the rest of the OBA clan will as well (eventually)….JUST as the PLP did!!!

    We as a community mustn’t lay down for being disrespected (and I’m saying this as someone who does not completely agree with religious doctrine) just because we “don’t want PLP to be in a leading position again”!!!!! Stop cowering and defending wrong when wrong is commited because you feel someway about someone else!!! Like it or not we have the OBA for the next 4 years and the need to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their actions, because the OBA are collectively leading this country!!!

    Mark was and is wrong….not for having an opinion but for voicing it in a very demeaning manner… the saying goes, “its not what you say, its HOW you say it”

  18. waitasecond says:

    I am not sure he has done enough to be fired outright but you have to question his appointment in the first place. If the AG has to be an MP or Senator then we are always limited to the relatively few who just happen to be lawyers. We were fortunate with Kim Wilson but not so with the others. We need to make this a non-political appointment so we have wider choice and so this is not just a reward posting. It is concerning that the current AG appears to have been unaware of Bermuda’s and US rules pertaining to ministerial conduct and bribery (I would love to know what he did to satisfy himself before stepping on the private jet) or the part of Bermuda’s constitution dealing with free speech. Mr Pettingill’s best hope would be to apologize for his gaffs, for embarrasing the Premier and promise to do better.

  19. Miguelito says:

    Get a life, Marc. What a numbskull bunch of rubbish you’re spewing…Think back to the days of DREB and the PLP for a moment before you spout off, bye.

  20. Terry says:

    Irony of all this is that he is still associated with Ewart Brown.
    Food for thought.

    • frank says:

      now here we go again attacking dr.ewart brown, the man had vision and he was never ever afraid to tell it like it realy was that’s why the old boys were afraid of him that’s right take a good look at the the oba it is the same old ubp with a few more black people but the black people don’t call no shots they are told what to do when that minister cut off the water up dockyard the black health minister said nothing.

      • Bermuda Male says:

        Blah blah frank. Get a new shtick you old racist bigot of a fool.

  21. Bermyman says:

    I would love to get Col. Burch’s take on this. Talk about a conflict of interest in more ways than one! :)

    Bean, yet again you are blowing things way out of proportion. Because someone does not agree with the way certain Christians discriminate then he should be fired- definition of discrimination right there. We all must agree with the church or we should be fired!

  22. JD says:

    I really do love this faux outrage, it takes me back to grammar school.

    So as I interpret it Mr Pettingill’s point (admittedly delivered pretty ham fistedly) was that any person who would use language in the bible as a justification to discriminate against other human beings should leave and go someplace else.

    This is a controversial stance? Really?

    This is what I would call a controversial stance:

    “Slavery was established by decree of Almighty God…it is sanctioned in the Bible, in both Testaments, from Genesis to Revelation…it has existed in all ages, has been found among the people of the highest civilization, and in nations of the highest proficiency in the arts” Jefferson Davis, President, Confederate States of America

    A great example of someone using the bible as a justification to discriminate against others. So answer me this – if you had been around in the 1800s would you have invited Jefferson over for dinner or encouraged him to go someplace else?

    Interpret the bible and form opinions however you want this is a free society. However, once you use these opinions as a basis to discriminate against another human being, like Jefferson Davis did, then in my opinion you have crossed a line. This sort of behavior has no place in a modern secular society, and you should be punished for it under the law. If you don’t like that then maybe you should consider Uganda.

    • JD you are missing the whole point. Of course it was wrong for the racist Jefferson to mis-use the Bible to try and justify that most diabolical institution.

      However, to equate suppport for slavery with a belief that homosexuality is wrong is idiotic. Furthermore, as has been pointed out, Pettingale’s error was inviting those who disagree with him to leave. That was disrespectful.

      • JD says:

        Sorry please explain to me how using the bible to justify denying equal rights is wrong if you are talking about one group of human beings, but not another. I really would love to hear that one.

        My point is that you can believe that slavery is right or homosexuality wrong based on the bible / Koran / what daddy taught me, but the point at which you use this belief to discriminate against another human being should not be allowed under the law.

        Mark stated that people who use the bible as a justification for discrimination should consider leaving; he didn’t state that if you don’t like gays you should go.

        Who is missing the point?

      • Building a better Bermuda says:

        He didn’t invite those who disagreed with him personally to leave, he said that those who believe in maintaining a system of discrimination should leave. And as well they should, as a democratic society, we are trying to build a society of equality. That means you have the equal right to succeed or fail on your own merits and demerits, and that the law protects all with that equal opportunity. We all have our right to our beliefs, but none of us has the right to use those beliefs to discriminate and segregate others in this country. Those that think they can should leave, because such backwards actions will not be welcomed here under the law.

        Mr Bean’s latet posturing is nothing more than the PLP old tricks of deceiving the people with words, to try and make themselves looks like saints for whenever the next election may be. They like to make it look like he is leading, but you can be assured he isn’t writing his own speeches. It is fun to watch the difference is language and style present when he is actually talking for himself and when he is given his statement to read.

    • jsmith says:

      Very well said, JD. Although I don’t agree with how Mr Pettingill delivered his views, your point really puts things into perspective.

  23. GMW says:

    The parties of Bermuda play you all like puppets. It’s down right shameful.

  24. Car Battery says:

    It seems the PLP ran out of race cards so now they are going to use religion cards. Just as pathetic, just as offensive except that race actually exists.

    God is imaginary and is used to control people – exactly what PLP is doing as a matter of fact.

  25. Triangle Drifter says:

    Somebody give Marc Bean a private jet ride to the middle of
    Nebraska somewhere. Maybe he will find some straw to grasp at there plus he can make all the ignorant noise he wants. Nobody will hear him.

    • Mazumbo says:

      Give him a private jet he is intelligent enough to fly it. Keep on talking Marc the next generation of warriors need a down to earth radical leader.

  26. mangrove tree says:

    Mr Petingills message is spot on.

    The vitriolic Ad hominem ranting of Bermudas own “Christian Taleban ” only serve to show how ignorant, backward , and brainwashed parts of our society are .

    I wonder how many of these comments are from a small number of individuals posting under differant names for political reasons ?

  27. Bermuda Boy says:

    BEAN I wish someone would fire you!!!

  28. d.o. says:

    Bean and party. You are really showing your political child like symptoms of late. You will grasp at ANY straw no matter what to attempt to accomplish nothing but stay in the public eye. Do you stop and think how foolish and lame some of your latest attempts have been? If you are being guided or advised by someone, or some organization, they are leading you down the garden path.

  29. yes says:

    yawnnnnn plp now wants to call people out really wow yawwwwwwwn

  30. Makai Dickerson says:

    PLP Leader Marc Bean was spot on in this press release. The AG was WRONG for making those comments and given his track record so far he should be fired. That man does far more harm then good and is not the person whom should hold that seat. PCC is proving to be the “cult” Minister Richards said he was, he clearly does not have what it take to lead. PLP Leader Marc Bean leads from the front and knows what he is doing, PCC couldn’t hold a match to him. That’s what you all know and hate. The OBA is proving to be the party against the people, their days at the wheel are numbered. Trust and believe that things like this will not be tolerated and they will be challenged at every attempt they make to go against the people. Party Leader Bean is the man to lead the way. Speak all the negativity you want against him but the people can see clearly. All you blog hounds that do nothing but post on blogs every single day to spite the PLP will fail in your attempts to promote hate against him and the PLP. You are weak and all you have is a computer and a pin name to fight with. Nobody fears you or your words, you are meaningless.

    • Bermyman says:

      “Colt” Minister

      They are in government for another 4+ years so get used to it, plenty of days at the wheel remaining.

    • Verbal Kint says:

      He can lead the way by explaining his planning decisions.

    • JD says:

      I just love it when someone tells me what I know.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      You are meaningless too, Makai. A joke in fact.

      • Makai Dickerson says:

        @Sandy Bottom: Yeah, but you know its me that made my statement. Better to be a joke then a soft coward like you hiding behind a pin name.

        • Bermuda Male says:


          How do you feel about the numerous racist and intolerant remarks made by numerous PLPers?

          Never mind as it was you that created sexist an racist cartoons during the election.

        • Shelta says:

          Is this the same Makai that is demanding someone be fired for stating their opinion that discrimination be not allowed that fought stepping back from politics after hiding his own drug possession charge?

        • R@s cl@d says:

          Don’t get all gangster on us Makai , and it’s pen name, not pin name .

  31. Common Sense says:

    Much of the sentiments expressed by Mr. Pettingill are spot on because we have folks in our community who hide their bigotry behind their extremist political views. He was absolutely right to condemn such bigotry, but his choice of words was not the best and a simple apology to those in our Christian community who may have views about gay rights but who support equality for all would be a sensible course of action by Mr. Pettingill.

    However, it should be borne in mind that we have had many politicians in a previous Government who have made very bigoted statements and I fail to recall a single apology from any of them.

  32. Y-Gurl says:

    Come on Marc, did anyone get fired for the idiotic and racist “social engineering” comments?

  33. Just asking says:

    Will Marc Bean call for himself to be fired for his comments and refusal to acknowledge a request from the Rainbow Alliance for a explanation?

    • Verbal Kint says:

      He won’t explain anything. He feels he doesn’t have to. The voters need to prove him wrong, when they get the chance. By the way, I think Pettingill was wrong when he told people to get up and leave. But I don’t expect better than that from him. The OBA will rue the day they got in bed with Pettingill and David Dodwell.

  34. Billy Mays says:

    Typical idiocy from the plp morons, and red meat for their brainless minions. Taking partial comments out of context is just what the mindless supporters of the party of hate want to hear.
    Pettingill said “…(those who) feel that strongly about this on some religious basis that are entirely homophobic, please get up and leave and go somewhere else.” He didn’t say all religious people are homophobic. He said he’d prefer that homophobes leave, as do most thinking people. They’d be quite comfortable in Afghanistan, with so many like-minded folk.

  35. Jim says:

    This too shall pass…

  36. Honestly? After all the trash talk that comes from the PLP and scandals there you have the audacity to say remarks like that Mr. Bean? Shouldn’t you be providing the public with that drug test anyways? We are still waiting

  37. pilot011 says:

    All right Makai preach it, The bloggers come on everyday and trash anyone who is not OBA.

  38. god1st says:

    O.B.A AKA 1 term government.

  39. Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

    Pettingill was wrong. He must understand that while his choice of words, and attitude may be appropriate in a court of law, they should not be used by the Attorney General. However,he has apologised and we must move on to more important matters.

    On another matter,”Under the Westminster System a Cabinet Minister is bound by collective responsibility and isn’t permitted to speak as an individual”. (From Mark Bean)
    Does this mean former Minister David A Burch was speaking for the entire Cabinet/ PLP government, when he referred to someone as a house n****r?

    See how stupid this saga can get—time to move on people!

  40. Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

    typo—Marc Bean

  41. Bullseye says:

    Again the Opposition is desperately trying to build doubt in the Government so they have a platform for the next election which will be yet again criticising the other side. They did a bad job, and left a mess, yet they don’t want to help – they just want to plant another billboard they can call back on to say how bad Government is. THIS has nothing to do with making the lives of Bermudians better other than freeing people from persecution from those who would judge them! The PLP is against that in this specific case. Another anti-OBA billboard has gone up. and the next time they find a flea on the dog’s back they will put up another one and they will blame the dog they starved again. This is all an effort for power to the PLP. Not power to Bermuda.
    It is funny to me how pre-election everyone said Cannonier was going to be tossed right after the election and although he is a nice guy he has been fooled by these white tricksters. I’d bet right now that Craig is going to outlast Marc Bean.

  42. Building a better Bermuda says:

    The PLP PR department must have a document to work by that says ‘use as strong a negative term as possible when talking about the OBA and as often as possible’. Vile, intolerant, bigotry, incompetent. Every statement I have heard come out of the PLP since their loss has been worded specifically to paint the OBA as the worst thing for Bermuda and the PLP as are one hope, irregardless of the facts of history. If Mr Bean thinks that Minister Pettingill’s were vile, then I can only imagine how former Minister Burch’s public declaration that black UBP supporters were ‘house n!&&#>$’ would be rated. And that is but 1 of the PLP members many inappropriate expressions of free speech that exceeds the AG’s own.

    Minister Pettingill’s remarks were inappropriate for a member of government in any position, but other than the Koolaid remark, I found what he said to be quite accurate reflection of the die hard religious community that infects the Christian community on this island. The loudest outcry about his statements seems to be coming from the same segment that believes they have the right to discriminate against people simply because they don’t share their lifestyle. He did not say that the Christian community should leave, just those who believe that they have the right to discriminate, segregate and deny basic human right to others in a democracy, because an ancient text tell’s them they can. The great wisdom that can be found in this ancient text is obviously missed and unfortunately dwarfed by those who think it should be a law and history book and use it as a tool to justify their own prejudices and social inadequacies.

    Minister Pettingll, your remarks were indeed inappropriately spoken, given your position, thank you for your apology, now can you please avoid any further distraction and get on with revising and fixing the many laws the PLP’s brilliant AG’s put in place, like the drunk driving offense.

  43. noah says:

    mp is getting too dictatorial and condesending…if he wants his private ‘caligula’ and want to be the new nero..he shoul a Christian country…And if he wants to alter thousand old doctrine he full of crap!

  44. primodial says:

    the ag is offensive to all christians…fire him..he should know tact..he is a disgusting lawyer..the man needs to show respect and sensitivity..plain and simple.

    • d.o. says:

      so do you head your own words about respect

  45. 1minute says:

    He never said Christians were homophobic… The lines with the “leave and go somewhere else.” are below. He is telling those whose religious doctrines that are homophobic to leave and go somewhere else. Not all Christians are homophobic, most Christians I know aren’t, but there are those who are. People need to be more tolerant of people that are different to themself. There is too much hate on this little island and unless we do something to fix it, we will implode on ourselves

    “And so maybe now they will come home, what a wonderful thought, what wonderful thought. And I hope for every one that does we have one homophobe that leaves and goes somewhere else.

    “So all the ones that feel that strongly about this on some religious basis that are entirely homophobic, please get up and leave and go somewhere else.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      That’s right. One of the most reprehensible things about this episode was the deliberate and cynical mis-characterisation of his comments by the PLP.

  46. Raymond Ray says:

    There hasn’t been any other “Party” more blatantly bias towards others in recent times than the Progressive Labour Party and you say “fire” Min.Mark Pettingill.
    Get real bie’,and on with the job you’d being voted in to do rather than “stirring the pot” (in-sighting more problems).

  47. God Grant Me The Serenity says:

    Now just you wait one cotton pickin’ moment. How dare you put Dr Brown in the same league? One is senior. He has such huge balls he can barely walk!!! The man was brilliantly dangerous. He got what he wanted at all times. And say what you may he got things done. How he got them done is a matter of difference. Marc Bean – his walk, his vibes, his extra social actives alone tells you he has such tiny little balls so much so it looks like he is running but he is really walking. He might try to be a Dr Brown junior but he ain’t got what it takes. Not by a long shot. He can never be half the man Dr Brown is. But I see he is trying real hard. Scared of heights but claims to be an airplane pilot. Much easier to be a politician eh? Well so he thinks. By the way exactly happened at Ships’ Hill and 5 Star Island. Two different activities but same outcome. Marc you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.

  48. God 1st says:

    The AG along with the rest of the gangsters in that organization will be removed as the government at the next general election.

    The OBA /ubp are forever plotting the demise of the black race.