BCB Premier Cricket Division Weekend Results

July 15, 2013

A number of cricket games took place this past weekend, with Southampton Rangers, St. David’s Cricket Club, Bailey’s Bay, Flatt’s Victoria, Devonshire Recreation Club and Cleveland County all recording wins.

Southampton Rangers Win by 143 Runs: Southampton Rangers 236 St. George’s Cricket Club 93

At the Wellington Oval, Southampton Rangers scored 236 all out, with captain Dion Stovell the top scorer on 81, Janeiro Tucker added 45. Ben Phipps was the pick of the St. George’s Cricket Club bowlers returning figures of 4-0-23-3.

In reply the St. George’s Cricket Club were bowled all out for 93, Jonathan Denbroke was the top scorer with 35, while Derrick Brangman returned bowling figures of 3.3-0-23-2 and Dwayne Leverock bowled 2-0-23-2.

St. David’s Cricket Club Win by 3 Wickets: Somerset Cricket Club 137 St. David’s Cricket Club 140/7

At Lord’s in St. David’s, the host won the toss and sent visiting Somerset Cricket Club to bat, they were bowled all out for 137, with captain Jekon Edness the top scorer with 47 not out. Justin Pitcher returned figures of 10-1-35-4 to lead the St. David’s Cricket Club bowling attack.

In reply St. David’s Cricket Club scored 140/7, with Laren Marshall the top scorer on 35 not out, Justin Corday was the pick of the Somerset Cricket Club bowlers with figures of 10-2-25-5.

Bailey’s Bay Win by 6 Wickets: Western Stars 111 Bailey’s Bay 115/4

At the St. John’s Field, Western Stars were bowled all out for 111 in 34.3 overs, Clay Darrell was the top scorer with 25, while Burton Outerbridge bowled 10-1-37-4 for Bailey’s Bay.

In reply Bailey’s Bay scored 115/4, captain Stephen Outerbridge was the top scorer with 47 not out, while Rohan Davis had figures of 2-1-10-1 for Western Stars.

Flatt’s Victoria Win by 3 Wickets: Warwick Workmen’s 100 Flatt’s Victoria 101/7

At the Southampton Oval, Warwick Workmen’s were bowled all out for 100, Lionel Cann was the top scorer with 41, while Chris Daley grabbed 3 wickets for Flatt’s Victoria.

In reply Kevin Hurdle scored 56 not out as Flatt’s Victoria scored 101/7, Dejon Benjamin grabbed 4 wickets for Warwick, while Kani Darrell grabbed the other 3.

Devonshire Recreation Club Win by 143 Runs: Devonshire Recreation Club 260 PHC 117

At the PHC Stadium, the hosts won the toss and sent the Devonshire Recreation Club to bat were they scored 260 all out, captain Steven Bremar was the top scorer with 64, while Keishon Smith added 50, Shea Jennings was the pick of the PHC bowlers with figures of 8-0-52-5 and Kevin Showers bowled 7-0-32-3.

In reply Khiry Furbert scored 26 as PHC were all out for 117. Ellsworth bean and Cal Waldron both scored 17. Shawn DeGraff bowled 6-0-20-6 to lead the Devonshire Recreation Club, while Lamont Brangman bowled 7-1-25-2.

Cleveland County Win by 22 Runs D/L: Cleveland County 210 Revised to 139 Willow Cuts 117/5

Cleveland County batted first at the White Hill Field scoring 210, Chris Douglas was the top scorer with 65, while Allan Douglas Jr. added 51. Malachi Jones was the pick of the Willow Cuts bowlers with figures of 7-2-37-3.

In their reply Willow Cuts after 31 overs were 94/4 when the rain came and they lost 17 overs, when play was about to resume it was analyzed through the Duckworth/Lewis method that Willow Cuts would need to make 45 runs in two overs. They only managed 22 runs in the two overs scoring 117, Deunte Darrell was the top scorer with 45, while Dexter Basden added 37. Damali Bell returned figures of 6-0-20-2 to lead Cleveland County to victory.

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  1. Enforcer says:

    These lopsided games are ridiculous. It’s doing absolutely nothing for the game.